Allister, J. Rose - Disowned Cowboys [Lone Wolves of Shay Falls] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) (7 page)

BOOK: Allister, J. Rose - Disowned Cowboys [Lone Wolves of Shay Falls] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
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He let out a moan. “Shit, I always knew it would be like this,” he said. “But I never dreamed it would be now.”

Her palm slid down along the taut, lean muscles of his abdomen, snaking down to find the hard flesh her hand ached to hold. His cock jumped at her touch, the velvety, veined surface impossibly hard under the satiny feel of his skin. Her fingers teased along its length, dipping beneath to where his balls were tensed up close to his body.

“I’m going to explode if you keep teasin’ me like that, darlin’,” he said. “Grab my cock. Hard.”

His bold words moved her to action, and she gripped his shaft in her fist. “Yeah, that’s it. Feel how bad I want you.”

The harder she squeezed, the more it throbbed and pulsed in her hand. “Roll over to me,” he said. “Push that hot cunt against it like you want to get fucked.”

Her pulse raced at his raw, vile language. God, if he only knew how bad she wanted him to fuck her.

Before she could make a move, Kyle reached between them and grabbed the hand she still had wrapped around Dillon’s dick. “Don’t lose yourself too deep in the moment,” he said. “Stay calm enough to be ready to back off when I tell you to. Understand?”

She nodded, and he released his grip at the same time she did. Dillon rolled her toward him, and she took hold of his hip to steady herself while she pressed the front of her jeans to his hardness. The pressure of his stiff rod on her clit shot her pleasure skyward, and with a shameless moan, she wriggled her hips closer.

“That’s right,” Dillon said through clenched teeth. “Don’t hold back, love. Work yourself against me.”

She desperately wanted to lose control but wondered how she could obey that wish and Kyle’s instruction at the same time. Every motion of Kyle’s hips pressed Dillon into her harder, so that she was joined to the rhythm of their fucking. Her nails dug into Dillon’s hip, and Kyle’s hand slid over hers while the two of them bucked against the man in their center. Sweat broke out over her forehead as her eyes found Kyle’s, and she knew hers must look as glazed as his did while her motions coaxed an urgent need from her clit.

Dillon yanked up the sweater she wore, then pushed aside a flimsy bra cup to expose her breast. She shuddered at the first flick of his tongue over her nipple, her entire body tightening with a sudden and unyielding need to explode.

“Come for me,” he said against her breast. “Fuck your clit against my cock until you make yourself come.”

“Damn, with you two goin’ on like that I can’t last any longer,” Kyle ground out.

Dillon sucked her nipple into his mouth as another crack of thunder split the sky. Her mind blanked as she stiffened up, rubbing her pussy against him frantically as climax finally, unbelievably overtook her. She knew the shouts of animal pleasure rebounding along the cave walls were her own, and the growls growing more insistent and less human were the men’s. But little other conscious thought could penetrate her waves of ecstasy.

Finally, Kyle’s hand shoving at her shoulder brought her back enough for her vision to clear—and see the telltale ripple of flesh and his jaw elongating. “Back off, Aimee,” he said, his voice distorting as rapidly as his features. “Now.”

She rolled away from the pair, pushing up on all fours when she was several feet away. Dillon was still human, but his eyes were blazing with erotic fire as Kyle gripped his purpled cock and jerked the shaft up and down hard in his fist. Both men cried out together, and white fluid pumped out of the head of Dillon’s cock. Aimee watched, unable to move, as Kyle’s dropped jaw sprouted jagged, white teeth. He bent over Dillon, and she tried to warn him just before those fangs sank into the other man’s shoulder.

With a gasp, she stared as the bite unraveled the last bit of the men’s control. Dillon’s face contorted in a blend of pain and ecstasy she couldn’t quite distinguish, then began to unhinge and morph just as Kyle’s had. Both were still gripped in climax while their bodies flickered, then dropped away into wolf form with Kyle’s teeth still embedded in Dillon’s furry shoulder.

Aimee stayed on hands and knees while she scrambled farther away. The fading pulses of orgasm continued to throb through her clit as she kept her gaze focused on the animals. Their flanks heaved in sync with exertion, and soft, long growls rumbled from their throats. Both pairs of yellow eyes were trained on Aimee as the planet righted itself again. A hush gradually fell between them.

The black wolf pulled away and got to its feet, and Aimee stiffened. Kyle was the first to shift back, rising to his feet like a god to offer her the first full-on, unhindered view of a splendidly naked man she’d ever seen. Her eyes took in every inch, starting with the mussed locks of blond hair hanging over his forehead, partly obscuring his pale, blue-gold eyes and the scar he hadn’t seemed eager for her to touch. The exquisite sculpt of his chest and abdominal muscles was next, moving in and out with the hypnotic rhythm of his breaths. His cock still stood partially erect and pulsing in aftermath, much the way her clit was. His balls were large and hung down smoothly against the hairy, muscular legs that spanned an appreciable distance to the ground.

His arms flexed as he moved around the gray wolf and came toward her. Her eyes kept shifting to the dick that swayed and bobbed with his every step.

“You okay?” he asked, leaning down to push a lock of her hair back from her face. “I didn’t think you’d get out of the way there for a moment.”

She nodded. “I’m sorry. Guess I didn’t hear you there for a moment.”

“You were a little busy.”

A flush of heat spread through her cheeks.

“That’s puttin’ it mild,” came a voice behind them.

Aimee leaned around Kyle to see that Dillon was once again back. She smiled at his smoldering, cocky expression, but it wavered when their eyes met. “I’m sorry I couldn’t control the shift, darlin’. Hope I didn’t scare you.”

She shook her head, but a dark cloud of realization settled over her. She pushed up to her feet. “So you guys turn into wolves any time you, well, do that?”

Dillon, still chained, sat up with a sexy laugh. “Don’t sound so disappointed. Kyle only shifted because I did. We don’t indulge in sex across species. As for me, well, it’s only the full moon shifts that I can’t control.”

“But he’s learnin’ how,” Kyle added, wandering close to the tunnel where he had first shifted.

“Thanks to Kyle,” Dillon said. “He’s been helpin’ me.”

“Hasn’t taken too long, which surprised me in light of how fully his former pack gave over to its power. In just three cycles, Dillon was able to shift back tonight. He’s already got a fair control over the wanin’ full moon, too.”

“Waning moon?” Aimee brushed dirt off the back of her pants.

Kyle grabbed his jeans off the ground and stepped into them. “There are three nights in a full moon phase—the night before, the night of, and the night after. Our kind refers to these as the waxin’ low moon, the high full moon, and the wanin’ low moon.”

“The high full moon has the greatest pull,” Dillon added. “It’s the hardest to resist. So tomorrow night will be the hardest of the three. The final night is easiest.”

“Because the moon is already waning by then?” she asked.

Kyle nodded. “Exactly.” He zipped up his fly and turned to Dillon. “Guess I’m with you tonight, all things considered.”

“You can’t stay,” Dillon replied. “You’d be missed.”

The other man shrugged. “It’s not like I can take either of you along, and I don’t think leavin’ you two alone here tonight would be a smart thing.”

Dillon tugged on his neck collar. “I
chained up. I got no choice but to behave.”

“Bein’ chained up and behavin’ are two very different things.” Kyle glanced up at Aimee, whose gaze was bouncing between them while she wondered what was going on. “As we just saw demonstrated.”

“You’re leaving?” she asked, wishing she didn’t sound quite so desperate. “Weren’t you planning to stay here with him?”

She saw Kyle’s hesitation, and he flicked a glance to Dillon.

“Kyle helps me when he can,” Dillon said. “On full moons, he chains me up in here and helps me work on my control for a spell. He brings me food to sate my huntin’ needs and does what he can to sate other needs.” The glimmer in his eyes made it clear to what needs he was referring, and she swallowed. “That helps keep me calmer. Hopefully I will have total control in a few months and won’t need to be restrained durin’ full moons at all.”

“Won’t be that long, based on how fast he’s catchin’ on,” Kyle said.

She blinked. “So you’re only with him three nights a month to get him chained up, fed, and, uh, calm?”

The men glanced at one another. “Not exactly,” Kyle said. “Life for us is a bit complicated.”

Aimee laughed. “You guys turn into wolves and live in caves. I already figured things are complicated.”

“I don’t live here all the time,” Dillon said. “This is recent. Kyle doesn’t live here at all.” He shot the other man a weighted glance. “And he should get goin’ before his complications complicate themselves even more.”

“I don’t get it,” Aimee said. “Where’s Kyle supposed to be?” An ugly thought crossed her mind, and she turned to him. “Don’t tell me you’re married and sneaking around?”

Dillon snorted. “Oh, it’s worse than that.”

She shot Dillon a harsh look. “What could be worse than that?”

He held her stare under narrowed brows. “Besides your mate gettin’ engaged to someone else, you mean?”

“I’m not engaged,” she shot back. “Yet.” The words reminded her of the item abandoned on the cave floor, and her eyes shot wide. She spun around to search the ground.

“Damn right, you’re not.”

She bent over and scanned the dirt near the tunnel. “And I’m not your mate, either.”

He smiled at her. “We’ll see about that.”

“That still doesn’t answer my question. Why isn’t Kyle supposed to be here?”

Kyle sighed. “I’m in another pack, Aimee. They don’t know about Dillon.”

“And they’d be pissed as a hellcat in Sunday school if they found out he’s my alpha,” Dillon said.

She paused and turned back to the men. “Alpha? You mean the head of a pack?”

“That’s right,” Kyle said. “Dillon has acknowledged me as his alpha. Trouble is I’m still under the rule of another alpha myself.”

“How does that work, exactly?” she asked.

“It doesn’t. Dillon’s keepin’ a low profile until we can figure things out.”

“Among other reasons,” Dillon added.

“Can’t you just become part of the other pack?”

He glanced at the ground. “That’s a long story.”

She shrugged and resumed looking for her ring, which turned up a few feet away. “I’m not going anywhere tonight,” she said, rubbing dirt off the gem that Dillon’s saliva had caked onto the surface. She slipped it back onto her finger, ignoring the twinge of irony that struck her at seeing the pristine diamond’s sullied appearance. “Which one of you wants to tell the tale?”

The men looked at one another. “It’s okay for you to leave,” Dillon said to Kyle. “You need to get back.”

Kyle looked warily between the other two. “I don’t think leavin’ is a good idea.”

“Neither is you gettin’ caught.”

More thunder shook the cave. Dillon raised his head to stare at the ceiling. “Damn, that storm ain’t showin’ no sign of lettin’ up, is it?”

Kyle flashed an unexpected smile. “Exactly. That gives me an idea.”

He unzipped the jeans he’d barely put back on, then pushed them over his hips and let them drop back to the ground. Aimee’s eyes went straight to his manhood.

BOOK: Allister, J. Rose - Disowned Cowboys [Lone Wolves of Shay Falls] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
2.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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