Amanda Scott - [Border Trilogy Two 02]

BOOK: Amanda Scott - [Border Trilogy Two 02]
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The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

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First eBook Edition: September 2008

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“4½ Stars! TOP PICK! Not only do her characters leap off the pages, the historical events do too. This is more than entertainment and romance; this is historical romance as it was meant to be.”

—Romantic Times BOOKreviews Magazine

“4½ Hearts! A very enjoyable read that is rich in history . . . Ms. Scott’s next book will be another must-read.”


“5 Stars! Amanda Scott has possibly written the best historical in ages! . . . There was not a part of this story that was not enjoyable . . . the best book to come along in a long time.”


“A journey you won’t want to miss! Scott’s gift is her ability to create people you want to know. No matter the conflict or the story line, you’re always drawn to the people.
Border Wedding
, the first novel in a new trilogy, is no exception. Another winner!”


“Wonderful . . . full of adventure and history . . . Scott is obviously well-versed on life in the fourteenth century, and she brings her knowledge to the page . . . an excellent story for both the romance reader and the history buff. I’m anxious to read others by Scott in the future.”

—Midwest Book Review

“Don’t miss this beautiful historic tale.”


“A fun, light read . . . Scott’s vivid attention to details makes you feel as if you are indeed visiting Scotland each and every time you pick up her delightful book.”


“A winner . . . Few authors do medieval romances as consistently excellent as Amanda Scott’s . . . brings to life the late fourteenth century.”


“Well-written narrative and dialogue . . . exciting plot . . .
Border Wedding
proves great stories of Scotland don’t only arise out of the Highlands.”



“4 Stars! An exhilarating novel . . . with a lively love story . . . Scott brings the memorable characters from her previous novels together in an exciting adventure romance.”

Romantic Times BOOKreviews Magazine

“Passionate and breathtaking . . . Amanda Scott’s
King of Storms
keeps the tension moving as she continues her powerful saga of the Macleod sisters.”


“A terrific tale starring two interesting lead characters who fight, fuss, and fall in love . . . Rich in history and romance, fans will enjoy the search for the Templar treasure and the Stone of Scone.”

Midwest Book Review

“An engaging tale with well-written characters, and a wonderful plot that will keep readers turning pages . . . Fans of historical romances will be delighted with
King of Storms


“Enjoyable . . . moves at a fast pace . . . It was difficult to put the book down.”


“Intrigue and danger . . . Readers will enjoy the adventures and sweet romance.”


“Enchanting . . . a thrilling adventure . . . a
read . . .
King of Storms
is a page-turner. A sensual, action-packed romance sure to satisfy every heart. Combine this with a battle of wits, a test of strength, faith, and honor, and you have one great read.”



“An enjoyable book for a quiet evening at home. If you are a fan of historical romance with a touch of suspense, you don’t want to miss this book.”


“Filled with tension, deceptions, and newly awakened passions. Scott gets better and better.”



“Terrific . . . with an exhilarating climax. Scott is at the top of her game with this deep historical tale.”

Midwest Book Review

“Enjoyable . . . The premise of Scott’s adventure romance is strong.”

Romantic Times BOOKreviews Magazine

“A page-turner . . . her characters are a joy to read.
Lady’s Choice
is sure to delight medieval historical fans.”

Romance Reviews Today

“Plenty of suspense and action and a delightful developing love story . . . Another excellent story from Scott.”




Romantic Times BOOKreviews Magazine

“RITA Award-winning Scott has a flair for colorful, convincing characterization.”

Publishers Weekly

“Exhilarating . . . fabulous . . . action-packed . . . Fans of fast-paced historical tales . . . will want to read Amanda Scott’s latest.”

Midwest Book Review

“Amanda Scott is a phenomenal writer . . . I am not sure if perfection can be improved upon, but that is exactly what she has done in her latest offering.”



“Ms. Scott’s diverse, marvelous, unforgettable characters in this intricate plot provide hours of pure pleasure.”


“Scott pits her strong characters against one another and fate. She delves into their motivations, bringing insight into them and the thrilling era in which they live.”

Romantic Times BOOKreviews Magazine

“Amanda Scott writes great tales.”


“Ms. Scott’s storytelling is amazing . . . a captivating tale of intrigue . . . This is a definite keeper.”



“Fast-moving, exciting, and soaring to heights of excellence, this one is a winner.”


“Delightful historical starring two fabulously intelligent lead characters . . . Grips the audience from the onset and never [lets] go.”

Affaire de Coeur

“Perfect for readers who enjoy romances with a rich sense of history.”


“A fabulous medieval Scottish romance.”

Midwest Book Review

“A marvelously rendered portrait of medieval Scotland, terrific characters, and a dynamic story.”

Romantic Times BOOKreviews Magazine


Border Wedding

King Of Storms

Knight’S Treasure

Lady’S Choice

Prince Of Danger

Lord Of The Isles

Highland Princess

The Secret Clan: Reiver’S Bride

The Secret Clan: Highland Bride

The Secret Clan: Hidden Heiress

The Secret Clan: Abducted Heiress

Border Fire

Border Storm

Border Bride

Highland Fling

Highland Secrets

Highland Treasure

Highland Spirits

The Bawdy Bride

Dangerous Illusions

Dangerous Angels

Dangerous Games

Dangerous Lady

The Rose At Twilight

To Julie and Pat for all you have given to each other. And to Tanner, just for being Tanner.

Author’s Note

or readers who appreciate some basic information straightaway, I include the following definitions and pronunciation guide:

Buccleuch = Buck LOO (or, as my resident phonics purist insists, Buh-CLOO)

Hawick = HOYK

“Himself,” where it appears capitalized in this book, refers to Buccleuch. (Note: It could also refer to Douglas if spoken by his adherents. In general, when such a reference is made, the speaker is referring to the chief of his clan or kindred.)

Scone Abbey = Scoon Abbey

Sir John Edmonstone of that Ilk = Sir John Edmonstone of Edmonstone

The Douglas = the Earl of Douglas


Dunfermline Abbey, Scotland, 1389

e had been watching her most of the day.

In such a vast, merry crowd as the one gathered along the snow-covered shore of Loch Fitty, north of Dunfermline Abbey and its nearby royal palace, it was easy for him to watch the lass without drawing attention to himself.

At a rough guess, nearly a thousand people had come to enjoy the festivities preceding a Yuletide wedding in the abbey of the Earl of Douglas’s eldest son to Margaret Stewart, daughter of the heir to Scotland’s throne.

The lass he watched wore a long, hooded cloak of sable-trimmed, claret-colored velvet over a violet-and-black-striped silk skirt and bodice. He noted that a few dark tendrils had escaped the colorful beaded netting that confined her hair. And when she snatched up her skirts to leap out of the way of a snowball, he saw sable-trimmed winter boots that covered her legs to her knees.

She had drawn his gaze from the first moment he saw her. But had anyone asked why, he’d have had trouble explaining. He might have said that her figure, rosy cheeks, and wide grin reminded him of his mother. But surely, no man felt drawn to a woman because of a slight, doubtless wholly imagined, maternal resemblance. In his view, a man simply responded to an attraction. He did not try to explain it.

Although the lass’s figure was rounder and more buxom than fashion decreed, he thought she looked as if she’d be a cozy armful, the kind of woman with whom a man could find comfort. She was clearly merry and fun-loving, and although many might condemn her present lack of dignity, he did not.

Winter-crisp air or rouge had turned her full lips as red as her cheeks. Her dark eyes sparkled as she laughed, then ducked another snowball that someone had hurled and scooped up one of her own to fling back.

BOOK: Amanda Scott - [Border Trilogy Two 02]
3.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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