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An Inconvenient Trilogy (60 page)

BOOK: An Inconvenient Trilogy
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About the Author

Audrey Harrison has always wanted to write, or live in the Regency period, but life, work and problems with time travel stopped her. Anyway, circumstances change and the dream began! (Well, maybe not the travel back to the Regency period, but I would not admit to that anyway, would I?)

The Complicated Earl and the Reluctant Earl have proved really popular and the modern take on a regency novel, A Very Modern Lord has also done really well.

When writing An Inconvenient Ward, it was going to be a stand-alone book, but as the story progressed, so did the sub stories. There is now a trilogy to the series, An Inconvenient Ward, An Inconvenient Wife and An Inconvenient Companion. Each book can be read alone, but I hope that readers enjoy finding out about the other characters in the stories.

If you enjoy the books, please would you take the time to write a review on Amazon? Reviews are vital for an author who is just starting out, although I admit to bad ones being crushing. Selfishly, I want readers to love my characters just as much as I do!

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BOOK: An Inconvenient Trilogy
3.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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