Read Anything for the Man of the House: Ten Brats who Learn how to Behave Online

Authors: Scarlett Skyes

Tags: #brother sister, #breeding, #rough sex, #virgin, #schoolgirl, #creampie, #bareback, #barely legal, #daddy daughter, #pseudoincest

Anything for the Man of the House: Ten Brats who Learn how to Behave (6 page)

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He’s the same at work, I know,
so it’s not so weird. But I’m afraid if I take a sip, he’s going to
punish me once Samantha’s gone.

“So why are you home with the
girls so soon, Mr. Cartwright?” Samantha asks brazenly, leaning
upon one arm, with her ample chest thrust out as she sips more of
the red wine, showing none of my reservations.

My daddy, however, seems so calm
about it all, shrugging his shoulders as he reclines and makes
himself comfortable.

“Lovely day, and I’m the boss…
so I called it an early day. I’ve got that luxury. I just don’t
exercise it often,” he says with a confident smile. “Besides, any
time now, my little girl is going to be heading off, and I’ll be
left all alone here. Might as well make the most of what time we
have left, no sweetie?” he says, smiling right at me, then tilting
his chin in my direction. “Go on, drink up.”

I’m all nerves, but I know
better than to disobey a direct order, and I take a mouthful, still
covering my chest. I glance at Samantha, my brows raised as I try
to draw her attention to my still practically bared breasts with a
questioning expression, but she just giggles.

“Ohh, the boss?” she says to my
father, and I don’t know where this sensation of jealousy is coming
from, but it’s coming in strong and is making me really
uncomfortable on top of my toplessness.

“Mmhmm,” he says before casually
taking a sip of his own wine, looking over to Samantha. “My
Blaire’s never told you about what I do before?” he asks, shooting
me one of his dashing, half-smiles, that so woo the ladies. I know
he’s had numerous ones hitting on him since my mother died, but
he’s never so much as taken one out for a date that I’m aware

He’s pretty private, I know, and
I’m busy, but he’s the type of person who’d probably talk to me
about it. I assume anyways.

“I told her,” I say with a roll
of my eyes and Samantha gives me a little warning glare, but she
never heeded mine. Besides, I don’t know why, but it’s making me
angry seeing her flirt with him.

“She just wants to hear it from
you,” I add on.

Dad’s smile only grows and he
taps a ringed finger along his glass as he looks between us then
out over the swimming pool. He takes his time, sipping his wine
before looking on back.

“I broke away from my old
company years ago, started my own firm. More responsibility, more
control, more of the pay that comes in. Works for me, usually,” he
says. “Means I can do something like this, and take off in the
middle of the day to drink wine with two gorgeous ladies by the
pool, whenever I see fit.”

“Not that he ever does,” I say,
and I sound more sullen than expected. I take a sip of my drink
before turning my back on the two of them to hide the dark look on
my face. I down the rest of my wine, hoping it’ll make me feel less
terrible as I reach out and finally grab my bikini top.

“That’s so amazing, Mr.
Cartwright,” Samantha says, sounding so interested.

My father takes a generous
mouthful of his wine, and before I can get anywhere close to
putting my top back on, he gets up and sits down on my lounging
seat, placing his hand upon my calf and stroking my leg to my

“You’re right, my angel,” he
says so smoothly, “I should have taken my liberties more often.
It’s funny how you don’t realize that until it’s almost too late,”
he says, smiling from Samantha over to me, looking warm and loving
and… something else, I can’t quite place.

I’m breathing hard by this point
and I can’t see Samantha anymore, but I can smell my daddy’s
cologne, and the wine’s hitting me pretty hard. I haven’t eaten
anything all day.

I don’t know what to say, what
to do. It’s like I’m stunned in place.

His hand touches my warm,
sunbaked skin, and I shiver.

“It’s fine,” I manage.

“It’s fine to neglect such a
lovely lady?” he says, looking right at me with those intense,
green eyes of his, squeezing my leg a while as we lock gazes. Only
then does he slowly turn his attention back to Samantha. “It’s not
right for a man to neglect the most important woman in his life,
now is it Samantha?” he asks.

“No, Mr. Cartwright. A man
should tend to the women he cares for. First and last,” she says so
sultrily, such meaning to her words as she strokes her free hand
along her hip and down her thigh a little, drawing his gaze there
before he tears it away to smile back at me.

She’s making me really
flustered. Or maybe it’s the sun, and the wine, but I’m suddenly
feeling really dizzy, and I have to blink to clear my vision. It’s
all still spinning, and I drop my hands to the side of the chair,
gripping there for a moment as I take in deep breaths, oblivious to
my partial nudity, to the exposed tanned breasts and their pale,
pink nipples.

Daddy reaches out to me, and for
a brief, hazy moment I think he’s going to grab my exposed breasts,
but instead he cups my cheek, strokes his thumb along my skin, so
loving and tenderly. Like years ago when I was just a child.

“I really don’t want to see you
go, my sweet angel,” he says in that deep, dark voice of his, so
full of emotion. “I know it’s selfish, and a father’s supposed to
be happy about his girl going out into the world, but if I could
only convince you… I’d keep you here for all time. Whatever it
took,” he says, taking another sip of his wine before laying the
glass aside and looking to Samantha. “But then, I can’t expect my
girl to stay here with me while all her friends go off to college,
away from here, leaving her alone, can I Samantha?”

“Well it wouldn’t be fair,” she
says, though honestly, that burning jealousy that keeps growing
brighter is making me think that what she really thinks isn’t fair
is him being next to me. Touching me.

I just have to breathe, and I’m
trying to focus on him, but I can’t. My eyes flit over his
beautiful eyes, his full lips, locking there for a while before I
finally murmur, “I don’t feel good.”

Daddy looks at me, and I can see
the sympathy in his eyes even through the tipsy haze of the wine.
He leans forward, pressing his lips to my forehead in a tender

“Too much wine, sweetie? Sorry,
I should’ve known you were too good a girl, no experience with
alcohol,” he says, brushing back my blonde hair and looking at me
tenderly. “It’s a good thing you’ve got a friend like Samantha, who
doesn’t tempt you into doing things you shouldn’t then. Getting
mixed up with too many bad boys.”

Either it’s a pointed remark
because he overheard her earlier or not, I can’t tell.

“Oh, I’m the best, Mr.
Cartwright,” Samantha says, still trying to tempt him away, her
hand placed on his shoulder. “Seriously. Maybe little Blaire should
head up to bed and we can polish off the bottle together.”

There’s an anger in me and I’m
trying to ignore it as I push myself up. “Yea, I’ll just go,” I
say, and I don’t know what I want or hope to happen. I don’t want
Samantha to fuck my dad, though, I know that much. But I don’t want
him to fuck her, even more.

But much to my surprise, daddy
sweeps me off my feet — literally! — and picks me up into his
strong arms with such ease. He ignores Samantha entirely, with her
big tits, and casual charm, as he carries me over towards the

“You should probably head home
now, Samantha. I have to see to my girl now. I don’t think she’s
taking to the wine,” he says, smiling at me as he takes me to the

I know it’s relief that I’m
feeling in my chest though I don’t know why, not really. I suck in
my lower lip and decide to just not question it for the time being,
as I curl into his arms, the top of my bikini long forgotten.

As soon as we’re in the air
conditioned house I start to feel a little better, and I take a
gulp of cool air.

“This is so embarrassing.”

“No, it’s not, sweetie. Just
relax, it’ll be okay,” daddy assures me, never letting that
handsome smile fade from his face as he carries me up the stairs.
And passes my room, much to my surprise.

He instead takes me to his,
placing me upon that massive king sized bed of his, with its thick,
plush blankets, resting his knee upon the edge as he leans over me,
stroking my cheek.

“You’re just a very good girl,
that’s all,” he reassures.

I don’t realize it, but I start
to tremble when I’m separated from his bodily warmth, and he
notices it immediately. He leans in towards me, instead of bringing
the blanket up, and I hear Samantha slam the door on her way out.
She must be pissed, thinking I did this just to cockblock her.
Though really, dads are totally off limit to friends.

My daddy — mine, all mine —
sheds his jacket and tie, then presses in against me, warming me in
his big, strong arms, one draped right over my bare chest as he
strokes a hand over my hair and face.

“You’re the loveliest woman I’ve
ever seen, angel,” he says to me so sincerely, his deep voice so
ridden with emotion. “I’m glad it’s just us now because I’ve not
had nearly as much time with you as I crave.”

It’s been so long since he held
me like this, and I find myself to be putty in his hands. I melt
into him, my dizziness passing with the thick sense of warmth and
comfort I take in being held by him. His familiar scent surrounds
me, and his words soothe my frazzled nerves.

“Jeremy dumped me,” I blurt out
suddenly, and bite my lower lip in.

“I know,” he responds so
casually, concern for me thick in his voice before he leans in and
places a tender kiss along my temple. “You were too good for him by
far anyhow. Just a placeholder doormat until you were ready for a
real man,” he husks into my ear, squeezing his thick, bulging bicep
into me as he holds me securely. “A real man who will support and
care for you, for all your days. Keep you like the queen you
deserve to be.”

My smile started to spread,
those words so what I needed to hear as I dabbed a few melancholy
tears from the corner of my eyes.

“It’s not fair, though,” I say
gently, my brow furrowing, and I try to relax again. “Why’d he have
to do it just before graduation?”

“Oh sweetie,” he says, rubbing
his big, strong hand along my side, skirting the edge of my bare
breast on down to my hip and thigh, then back again. “He just
spared you from losing your virginity to a punk. A loser. Now you
can lose it to a real man, who deserves it,” he says, kissing my
cheek, then my neck. “You should lose it to a man who’s ready to
give you everything he has. Not just a teen’s forty-five seconds of
huffing and puffing.”

I laugh, but then his motions
register to my slow moving mind, and I have to blink. His mouth
feels so good as he brushes back my golden hair with his nose, his
warm breath spreading over my delicate neck. It was like an
electric shock going through me, and I started breathing

“Daddy?” I say, paying more
attention to the way his finger was tickling over my flesh,
skirting so close to my bikini line, then dangerously near the
curve of my breast.

And I’m not going to deny it
feels good. That it makes my skin prickle with need.

But I know it’s not right.

“I don’t want you to go away,
sweetie,” he says to me, his words so gravelly and needful as his
fingers come to the bow that’s tied at my hip, toying with it
lightly. “Not now. Not ever. The thought of you going has been
keeping me from working right… and I can do so much more for you.
Keep you taken care of. Give you everything you need,” he said,
that word ‘everything’, said with such poignancy as he tugged at
the bow, undoing it, letting my thong come loose.

I sat up, pushing my fingers
into the bed, and it was like everything came into high definition,
crystal clarity, and I didn’t know how to feel about it.

He’d just tugged open my
swimsuit, and I knew it wasn’t by accident. My daddy does nothing
by accident, and I’m breathing so fast and wishing that my nipples
weren’t so stiff from those teasing, tender touches he was doing.
I’m completely exposed, and my lips fall open.


He rises with me though, kissing
along my shoulder and neck as he peels back that little triangle
just a bit before letting my thong drop between my thighs. His hand
slides back up my side, cupping my petite breast, holding and
squeezing it as if it were not the tiny morsel it was, and were
instead some big tit that overshadowed Samantha’s.

“Stay with me, sweetie,” he says
in a husk, slowly pulling back to look into my blue eyes. “Let me
be your first. Your last. Your only. Daddy’ll take care of you like
those boys never could,” he pledges to me with such sincerity.

I can’t believe what’s
happening, and yet at the same time, I can. Suddenly I remember
those little ways he used to look at me, those private smiles with
the glint behind them. And I understood instantly the jealousy and
possessiveness I felt back at the poolside.

I look at him as his hand moves
to cup my face, and I know I’m bare before him, but I can’t help
but feel a little excited. Strange, scared... yet his words...

They tease at my greatest

Daddy’s kisses move closer
inwards until, at last, they reach the corner of my lips. And I
know daddy and I have exchanged what is dangerously close to a
real, adult kiss.

“Only daddy could know you so
well,” he husks, palming my breast and the stiff teat atop it,
squeezing and kneading it so tenderly. “College is such a bore. And
you’d only waste your time with horny college boys that are so
beneath you, my sweet. But if you stay… oh, if you stay…” he says,
taking a deep breath so his broad chest swells up as he moves to
hover over my lips, head tilted to the side. “I’ll make you so
happy. Get you anything you want.”

Then he closes the distance,
pressing his lips to mine, no pretense of it being a fatherly kiss.
It was passionate, romantic. Lustful.

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