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Rodeo Daddy: Book 3 in the Stubborn Texas Siblings Trilogy

BOOK: Rodeo Daddy: Book 3 in the Stubborn Texas Siblings Trilogy
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About the author

Faith is a full time author and stay at home wife and
mother. She fell in love with the romance genre at a very
early age and she’s been addicted to it ever since. She
published her first book in 2006 and is proud to have
published over 50 since then.

She loves to hear from her readers and can be emailed at
[email protected]
or you can add her on
Facebook. Her books can all be found at
or at

Her titles include

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Second Chances: Learning To Trust, Baby Mine and Texas


This book is dedicated to my dear friends Dana Apling and
Mandy Gold. I consider you both family and am proud to
name my two main female characters in the book after the
two of you. I love you!
Mandy is on the left, Dana is on the right

Stubborn Texas Siblings Trilogy
Book one in the trilogy you meet the oldest brother Eric
Schmidt – “Baby Mine”- available now.


Book two is Laurie Schmidt’s story. She is the middle child and
only girl in the family – “Texas Heat” - available now.


Book three is Jeff Schmidt’s story. He’s the youngest of the
siblings and the most stubborn among them - “Rodeo Daddy”

“You’re up, Schmidt,” a
cowboy called from the other side
of the crowded arena where Jeff had been flirting with
every pretty girl who would pay attention to him. The
buckle bunnies were his favorite part of being a famous
prize winning bull rider. When he’d first set out to join the
rodeo, he’d thought about the possibility of having women
throw themselves at him, but he hadn’t actually considered
that it might happen.

The better he’d gotten and the more awards he’d won, the
more beauties he had to choose from. Today he had twelve
of them practically ripping each other’s hair out trying to
get to him first. He gave them one of his heart-stopping
grins and tipped his Stetson to them. “Sorry ladies… That’s
my signal to alert me that I’m up next. Get yourselves a
good seat and wish me all the luck in the world. Yell nice
and loud for me… I might just win this one for ya’ll.”

There was no doubt in Jeff’s mind that he’d be able to ride
out his full eight seconds. The bull he’d drawn was one
he’d ridden his time out on twice before in his lucrative
rodeo career. The only thing in doubt was if he could put
on a show good enough to rack up the points necessary to
beat the cowboy that currently had the lead.
The fact that he was in his own home town and his brother
and his family were all sitting in the stands watching made
it that much more important to Jeff that he win this one.
Eric had said he was going to try to convince their sister,
Laurie to come out as well, but Jeff seriously doubted it.
She had just gotten back from a trip… with a surprise
husband in tow.

They’d known that Laurie was serious about Travis, and
the word marriage had come up, but both Jeff and Eric had
assumed that the engagement would be a long one after
they’d both pointed out how ludicrous it was for a woman
to marry a man she’d only known for a month. After the
argument that the three of them had gotten into, Jeff
seriously doubted their sister would be caught dead
anywhere near the arena today. It was probably just as well.
It was going to take some time for all of them to cool off
where the others were concerned.

He was next to the chute getting ready to jump onto the
surly bull when he spotted two women standing in the VIP
box. One was blonde sitting on the edge of her seat,
looking around at all of the sights, but the other was staring
at him with so much heat in her eyes, he could practically
feel it all the way where he was standing. She had long
flowing red hair… the color of a flame. Her body was slim
but with curves in all the right places. She was absolutely
ravishing. His hope for a meeting after a successful ride
grew and he jumped up to his spot on top of the bull,
wrapping the rope around his wrist and tying it down
before the beast leapt out of the gates.
Holding his other arm in the air, Jeff spurred the bull in the
sides to give the audience a good show. His attention was
focused on the bull that wanted him off his back until he
heard the sweet sound that signaled a complete ride, then
he untied his hand and leapt free, allowing a rodeo clown to
distract the bull while he made his exit from the arena.

Behind the gate, Jeff waited to hear his score and grinned
widely when he heard that it was high enough to land him
squarely in first place for the event. With determination in
his step, he turned and made a beeline for the sexy woman
he’d spotted in the stands. If he was reading her right, there
was a promise there for a very good time that night. No
other woman would do, because next to her, they were all
ugly ducklings.

Dana watched the sexy cowboy making his way over to her
and her breath got caught in her throat, threatening to choke
her. She looked over at her sister who had basically had to
guilt her into coming to the rodeo in the first place to see if
she’d noticed.

“Mandy…” she said nervously.
Her sister turned her head
and smiled. “Don’t tell me you’re still not happy about me
dragging you out here,” she said grumpily.

“No… I was just going to tell you I’m going to go to the
bathroom and then take a walk. I’ll find my own way home

“Are you feeling alright?” Mandy asked, putting her hand
on her forehead as if checking for a fever.
“I’m fine,” Dana said, knocking her hand away and looking
over the cowboy who was pushing his way through the
crowd very quickly. If she didn’t get away from her sister
pretty fast, Mandy would catch on to what she had decided
to do. If that happened, she’d never hear the end of it.

Dana was far from an impulsive woman and she’d never
seduced a man in her life, but one look at the incredible
hunk of a bull riding champion and she’d known she had to
have him. It surprised her, so it would shock the socks right
off her big sister if she found out.

“I gotta go…” she said quickly and ran towards the
bathrooms, hoping the cowboy would follow her. When she
got there, she spotted the trailers off to the side where the
cowboys that participated in the rodeo camped out and
headed that direction instead. She looked at the names on
the sides until she found the one she was looking for.

She traced the letters of his name on the side of the trailer
with the pad of her forefinger. “Jeff Schmidt” she said
sighing dreamily.

“That’s my name,” he said, walking up behind her and
leaning over her back, pushing her body tightly up against
the side of his trailer. “You have me at a bit of a loss,
beautiful… what’s your name?”

Her voice came out shaky when she finally found it a few
moments later. “Dana…” was all she could seem to say as
he bent his head and blew out a hot breath on the curve of
her neck.
“Can I take your presence at my trailer as a good sign,
baby?” he asked huskily before boldly licking the length of
that gorgeous swan like neck.

“Yes,” she whimpered as he pressed a very long erection
up against her rump and kissed the dip between her
shoulder and her neck.

“No regrets?” he asked, nudging her legs apart with his
knee so he could settle between them.

Unable to speak, Dana nodded her head and felt like she
was going to faint when he spun her around and picked her
up, hauling her into his trailer as if she weighed no more
than a sack of potatoes.

The sex was hot, fast and intense. By the time it was over,
Dana was addicted to Jeff’s brand of lovemaking and knew
she’d be back for more. After he’d fallen asleep, she swore
she’d look up his schedule and go to his next stop to see if
she could convince him to take her to his trailer again.
Then, she carefully climbed out of his bed; put her clothes
back on and crept out of his trailer without saying a word.

BOOK: Rodeo Daddy: Book 3 in the Stubborn Texas Siblings Trilogy
12.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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