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Authors: Trixie Yale

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At the Club

BOOK: At the Club
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At The Club
by Trixie Yale


Copyright 2012 Trixie Yale
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“Fuck….yeah.” Robyn moaned from the chair she
was in, looking down at the man on his knees before her. “Quinn,
you’re beautiful. I want that beautiful mouth on my cock.” Robyn
and her partner were currently the center of attention at the club
Bounce, a hybrid dungeon and swinger’s space in the heart of the
city. Robyn gripped Quinn’s hair and pulled him down on her hot
needy shaft.

It was far in the future, and genetic
manipulation had given everyone, among other things, the ability to
mix and match genitals as they pleased. Robyn had opted to grow
herself a penis; Quinn added a pussy to his body. Both had decided
to continue using the pronouns they were born with, though there
were some people who used newfangled gender neutral ones.

Not that any of that mattered at the moment.
Quinn was an excellent dick-sucker, and he was using his skills
expertly. Robyn was quietly groaning as his tongue lapped long on
the underside of her cock, and then flicked the tip of his tongue
right where the head met the shaft. He was going to draw this out
as long as possible, Robyn could tell. She wasn’t going to complain
though, as she gently caressed his hair. Quinn loved to suck cock
and was good at it because of that fact. Robyn was very lucky to
have him as a playmate tonight.

They had met the previous weekend, at Bounce
in fact. Robyn was there, looking for a good deep dicking. Quinn
was dressed in tight black leather pants and a leather vest that
showed of his muscular chest. He looked the epitome of a masculine
male, one that would give her the fuck she wanted. After a brief
period of discussing their personal preferences and some heavy
flirting, Robyn found herself naked and tied to a Saint Andrew’s
Cross, being flogged with a heavy cat-o-nine tails up and down her
back. It had been like a heavenly massage and she had just melted
against her restraints. It was only then, that Quinn had stopped
flogging her, inserted his dick into her extremely ready cunt, and
fucked her brains out. Afterwards they promised to meet again the
next week with a change in game plan this time. Quinn would be the
bottom, and Robyn would be the one to do the fucking.

Robyn came dressed for the part. She was
wearing a rubber cat suit with strategic holes cut to expose and
enhance her breasts, pussy, and cock. As well, Robyn wore
thigh-high latex boots with an extremely pointed heel. Quinn, like
Robyn the week before was wearing nothing but a leather collar.

It was something he wore proudly as he gently
put his hands on Robyn's legs to steady himself as he flicked his
tongue against the very tip of her head. He tasted her warm
pre-come and savored its slightly salty flavor. Quinn smeared that
lubrication all around the head, and then pulled Robyn's cock into
his mouth with powerful suction. His own cock was hard as well, but
Quinn ignored it in favor of enjoying the sensation in his mouth.
It was a nearly perfect cock, seven inches long and maybe two
inches wide and uncut to better protect the sensitivity. Her
foreskin had pulled all the way back though, so it wasn't
interfering Quinn at all. He slowly bobbed his head back and forth
along the shaft, occasionally pausing to play with the tip. Robyn
lacked testicles, and so Quinn couldn't play with those, but he was
quite content to give her oral pleasure as she sat in a gorgeous
leather chair.

Robyn was moaning very quietly, still holding
on to Quinn's thick hair. He was an amazing cocksucker, but she
wanted more. "Play with my clit." She ordered, and then gasped when
Quinn complied. Robyn was already beginning to feel the slightest
of exquisite pleasure tendrils creeping up from deep inside her
belly. She had noticed since getting her cock, that if both her
cock and pussy were played with, she would have wild, almost earth
shattering orgasms that would never fail to make her pass out. She
moaned, her hips bucking involuntarily, and then voluntarily as she
gripped Quinn's head. "Let me fuck your mouth. Keep playing with my

Quinn nodded, and practically melted when she
thrust in and out of his mouth. His fingers briefly lost, then
found her clit and he rubbed it in slow circles, then fast ones,
then varied the pressure until she moaned again. Tentatively, he
slipped his fingers into her dripping pussy, pushing them in and
moving them around a bit. She was tight inside, but Quinn already
knew that from the fucking he had given her last week.

Robyn gasped, and felt even more electric
tendrils centered on her groin. "Oh my god," Robyn moaned, "Keep
doing that." She bucked, fucking his mouth with almost wild abandon
for a few seconds more, and then relaxed. "And suck it. Suck my
hard cock." Robyn panted, her legs spread to allow Quinn to keep
with his ministrations.

"Yes Mistress." Quinn said spontaneously as
he did as he was ordered. With gusto, he licked and sucked, and

Robyn shuddered. "Oh, I'm your Mistress? I
like that." She groaned, the pressure now building intensely in her
cock and cunt. "You might make your Mistress come, I bet you like
that idea." Suddenly she yanked his head off her cock. "Say it. I
want to hear you beg me to let you make me come."

Quinn looked up at her with big brown eyes.
"Please, Mistress. Let me make you come." He begged in this soft
mewling way. It was a complete contrast to their first meeting,
where he never spoke gentler than an order. "I want to feel your
spunk hit my throat and make me swallow. I want you to scream my
name as you come around my fingers. Please, Mistress, will you do
that?" Quinn was rubbing her clit and licking her tip as best he

All throughout the dirty monologue, Robyn's
entire lower half was on fire, the pressure building and building.
But she was able to keep herself together, and stopped the powerful
orgasm from reaching its conclusion. "No." Robyn panted, slumping
back in her seat. She grinned at Quinn's crushed look. "I'm in
charge, remember?" Robyn drew Quinn's head closer, gently stroking
it. "But, maybe I'll do something good for you?" She looked around.
"Maybe I'll fuck you." Robyn hoped he would say yes. She was very
horny, and blue-balls would probably set in, even if there weren't
any balls to turn blue. "Turn around and get on all fours if that’s
what you want."

Quinn didn't have to be told twice.
Gracefully he turned around and got on his hands and knees. He
wiggled his ass at her, showing her both his heavy full balls, and
the vaginal slit behind them. "Please mistress? Will you fuck

Robyn got down on her knees as well, the need
to come subsiding just a little bit. It was there enough to focus
her attention on being a good top for Quinn. She eyeballed his
slit, and ran her finger along the outside to find his little
button. "Mm, I want to fuck that…but…" Robyn's finger danced up,
dipping in his pussy just a little to get some of his precious
juices. She then rubbed just the very outside of Quinn's pink
asshole. "This might be a lot more fun." Gently Robyn dipped her
fingertip just barely inside of him. "What do you say, my dear
slave?" Robyn's skin prickled delightfully at the title she gave

Quinn merely answered with a moan. His cock
was stiff, and his pussy was glinting with moisture in the lights
of the club.

Robyn leaned down, and brought her tongue
against Quinn's pussy. She lapped at it, enjoying the pleasantly
sweet taste. Her tongue slipped in just a little bit, smearing her
face with pre-come. Much as she wanted to continue, Robyn knew that
she had promised a particular order to things, and by god she was
going to deliver. She wanted Quinn to feel good. She wanted to make
Quinn feel good, like he had done for her the previous week.
Robyn's tongue traced a delicate path up, and lightly tickled the
puckered entrance.

Again, Quinn moaned. "Please, lick my asshole
Mistress. Make it ready for your huge cock." Quinn was a switch
through and through. Last week, he had been demanding Robyn take
his cock in her cunt and beg for an orgasm, and this week he was
begging her to fuck him like the bitch he felt to be right now.
"Please Mistress, I want you."

Who was Robyn to refuse such a polite
request? She slid the tip of her tongue past the strong muscles of
his anus, then pulled it back out again, licking all around it to
get his asshole nice and lubed up with her spit. Quinn's unique
scent was extremely strong right here, and Robyn couldn't help but
reach down to stroke her engorged and needy cock. In the back of
her mind, Robyn hoped that even after this they could continue to
see each other, if only to keep having wild nights like this. She
lapped around his asshole again, and suddenly spit onto it and
rubbed it around with her free hand. Robyn glanced at the audience
around her, as she stroked Quinn's entrance. Most were visibly
aroused even in the dim light of the club. A few were groping their
own partners, and at least one pair was on the floor and fucking on
it. An audience had gathered around them, too.

After she took stock, Robyn looked at the man
in front of her. He was still not ready for her cock yet, though
she was certainly ready to give it to him. Instead of that though,
Robyn bent down again and ran her tongue around his hole again, and
then moved down to take more advantage of his female parts. After
all, Robyn reasoned, if he was aroused there, then it would make
inserting things into his ass somewhat easier. Robyn also couldn't
help but admit to herself that she just really liked eating

Robyn lapped up the copious juices and gently
began to rub his clitoris, which for him was situated right where
his testicles met his body. More of his sweet nectar came out, and
Robyn greedily slurped it out. "Oh, my slave….you're so wonderful."
She slid her tongue into Quinn's slick, warm depths, and rapidly
flicked it in and out. Quinn's juices were smeared all over her
face, but she didn't care as she continued to stoke the tiny

Quinn slowly felt an orgasm building in his
pussy. Robyn was using her tongue and fingers in an expert fashion,
always varying what she was doing until he was moaning, telling her
that he was going to come. More accurately, he was begging for an

Robyn chuckled, and pulled her head back. Her
lips were glistening. "Hmm, well…I suppose I can grant you that."
She licked him again, rubbing his clit faster. "Because I don't
know if you're going to get another one." Robyn licked his slit,
and started furiously stroking.

Between the two stimulations, Quinn didn't
last long. And much to the delight of the crowd, he was a screamer.
Wave after wave of pleasure crashed through him. His entire body
was shuddering with pleasure, and best yet his cock twitched and
dripped with near orgasm himself. It felt like forever before Robyn
finally stopped actively making him come, and even when she pulled
back Quinn was panting and enjoying the pleasure for a good few
minutes after.

He was ready, Robyn finally decided and sat
up, pressing the head of her cock against his asshole. Slowly she
pushed in, not wanting to actually harm him. Robyn did not,
however, wait for him to get used to her girth. He was tight around
her, though pleasurably, so she wasn't worried that he wasn't used
to putting things in his ass. "Take it," she moaned. "Take all of
my cock." Robyn found herself buried all the way in him in short

Quinn was panting in pleasure and was
extremely full but loving it. The man felt currently a sense of
submission he hadn't felt in quite a long while. Quinn decided he
needed to speak. "Thank you." He murmured, and moved his hips to
try and get closer to her.

To contrast, Robyn felt very powerful, having
this man underneath her. She hissed slightly and moved back from
his hips. "Nuh-uh, I decide when you get more. Robyn then pushed
back so she was all the way inside again, and leaned over his back
to kiss it." But you're welcome, slave." She punctuated her speech
with a groan, because Quinn had squeezed his ass around her dick.
Robyn pulled back slowly, and then thrust in hard.

Quinn groaned and gasped as the tip of her
cock brushed against his prostate. It was like a jolt of lightning
through his body and even seemed to give him another tiny orgasm,
radiating from his clit. "Yes Mistress, fuck your slave." He
groaned with the desire to have his ass filled with her seed.

Robyn shuddered. She was beginning to feel
the tendrils of pleasure once again, and they were snaking
themselves upwards faster than they had been before. She wanted to
come, but at the same time wanted to draw out their coupling. Robyn
kept pumping, admiring the sheen of sweat on Quinn's back.
Impulsively, she reached around and stroked Quinn's cock, and then
marveled at how sensitive he was to her touch. When groped, Quinn
arched his hips forward rapidly, humping into Robyn's hand. With
this movement, he was squeezing his ass around her cock. She gasped
again, and pumped her own hips rapidly. Robyn moved her hand
opposite her hips; if her cock was in, her hand was away from his
cock, but if her cock was out, then her hand was wrapped firmly
around his cock. Rhythmically, she kept doing this for what seemed
like forever. It really wasn't but they were so aroused time seemed
to slow down.

BOOK: At the Club
8.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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