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At the Club (2 page)

BOOK: At the Club
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She was thrusting in and out, and Robyn's
breathing became ragged as she gave into her baser instinct to
implant her seed in a body, even if it wasn't in a fertile womb.
The pleasure-pain that came right before her orgasm peaked in her
groin causing her to cry out Quinn's name
It then crashed
down, and jets of hot come shot out as she slammed into his ass one
more time. She filled him up, and then some. Robyn's glistening
white fluid oozed out, dribbling down his pussy to land in a puddle
between their knees. They'd have to clean that up later, but Robyn
didn't much care. She was riding the good feelings of her

The man beneath her had been thrusting as
much as he could, his balls slowly rising as her cock banged inside
of him. It wouldn't be long before he came again, not with Robyn's
thrusting and then generous reach-around. Indeed that was the case.
Robyn's seed slammed into his prostate with a force he hadn't felt
in a long while, and as before Quinn screamed his own orgasm. His
balls drew up towards his body, and his dick throbbed, spewing his
own come all over the floor. Quinn was barely able to keep from
collapsing into a heap from the strength, but he spread his legs a
little more and managed to not pass out in his own fluids.

Robyn panted, staying inside Quinn until her
orgasm was over and her cock deflated a little bit. She slipped
out, gasping as the cool air touched her cock. She scooted back
just enough to lie against the chair they had first started out in.
"Quinn?" She said softly to the slightly disoriented man. "Come
here, Quinn." It was less an order than she had given most of the
evening. Robyn smiled a bit as he turned around and crawled to her
and lay against her chest. "Was that good?" She asked softly,
gently stroking his hair.

Quinn only nodded. He was shaky, but he felt
completely safe and cared for in the arms of this woman. After a
while, he dared speak. "Robyn, can we," he paused, suddenly feeling
shy over what he was going to ask. "Can we maybe get some coffee

Robyn blinked." Are you asking me out on a
date?" It wasn't totally absurd, she realized. They hadn't had much
time to get to know each other, aside from learning about sexual
preferences shortly before the act itself. And, considering her
thoughts from earlier, it was a wish come true.

The man shrugged a little. "Yeah, I guess I
am. I've really enjoyed the time we've spent fucking, and I'd like
to know you outside of the club."

"Makes sense." Robyn replied. "We should
absolutely get some coffee later." She spoke like it wasn't even
something she had to consider for long. Robyn smiled wickedly. "And
then maybe we can do other things, in private?"

Quinn laughed at this point. "Of course, that
went without saying." He looked over suddenly, and grinned. "Want
to watch them?" Quinn gestured at another couple who had taken
their place in the middle of the audience, shagging like

"Of course." Robyn responded similarly, and
hugged Quinn as she spoke. She had a feeling it would be the
beginning of something wonderful.

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BOOK: At the Club
2.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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