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Alisia rolled her eyes and slapped
Parker’s arm. “Gimmie a break.”

Yeah, yeah, the Major has a
sugar momma, wait till I tell everyone.” Parker smiled, and looked
around. “You’re so relaxed. Nice to see.”

Nice to feel, too. I highly
recommend it. Hey, if you and Kris get serious, maybe you two
should buy a tropical island and retire.”

Hmm, yeah, sounds good. I’d
have to loot a zombie-ridden city for a few years

Ah, right.” Alisia patted
Parker on the back, and went back to her bait kit. “Staying for

Parker took a sigh, and stood. “No
time, really. Next time maybe. Well, I guess this is goodbye,
Major.” He stared out across the sea.

Nah.” Alisia said, “Just so

TO: General Herbert Westmore

FROM: Ret. Major Alisia

RE: future threats

General Westmore,

I realize the need to show confidence
to the public now, and the victory over Coll/Erebus helps affirm
public confidence, but I wanted to assert to you that this is not
the time for relaxing about nanite threats.

The Erebus A.I. was not defeated by our
readiness, because we had very little in place for this kind of
threat. Erebus was defeated by his own mix of overconfidence and
the fact that victory was not his primary objective. He was trying
to have fun. I could list a dozen examples where he chose to have
fun or show off, when tactically he could have made much better
decisions. Coll was not a dumb person, and his A.I. self, as far as
we know, was just as smart.

Despite such presumed genius, Ms. Grier
and I were permitted to find the Tightpulse Generator. Instead of
being simply shot, we faced an elaborate, impressive, but
ultimately ineffective opponent. I can see no other reason for this
tactical lapse on the part of Erebus, other than his wanting to
have fun with us.

As grateful as I am to have survived,
it scares me terribly that he could have easily won if he really
wanted to, and had prepared appropriately.

Jonathan Coll may have been the first
to use nanites in such a horrific way, but it would be shortsighted
to assume he will be the last. Nanites have reached a level of
effectiveness that can’t be un-invented. I don’t know how we should
prepare for a dedicated nanite threat.

I would hate to see a day of immunizing
people with anti-nanite nanites, keeping ahead of hostile
technologies with regular updates, but even if such a measure would
be effective in preventing future zombies, that is only one way
that nanites could be used to catastrophic effect.

I don’t know what should be done. Right
now we are woefully unprepared. Some great minds played vital roles
in defeating Erebus. Please find more such minds. Encourage and
support them, while making sure none of them would become another
Erebus. General, I am scared.

Major (ret) Alisia Terone

BOOK: AZU-1: Lifehack
13.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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