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I kissed her forehead and cheeks softly. She
nuzzled against me, squirming until I lowered her down against my
breasts. She was making no bones about wanting to nurse. "Susan,
I’m going to take her back to my room to nurse for a bit.”

Well, of course, Tylar. You
go right ahead. I know using that breast pump has been a pain these
last couple of days. We’ve got a good supply in the refrigerator
going. Want me to bring some breakfast to your room?”

That'd be great, if it’s no
trouble. Give me a half an hour or so?”

Sure thing, sweetie. You go
on and spend time with your daughter. She misses her mama I can

I carried Preston back to our room and once
there, I switched the television on and climbed back into bed with
her, getting her situated. I took her tiny hand into mine, kissing
her little fingers, massaging them gently. She looked up at me and
smiled. Within a moment, she was back to nursing again. I missed
Trey. It felt strange to be in his room without him. Any second, I
expected him to come out from the bathroom, towel draped around his
hips, his hair damp from the shower. He was staying at Ray’s.
Tristan and Nigel were staying at Tess’s house with the

That had to be somewhat strange for Nigel I'd
have thought. Perhaps not. The two families had seemed to survive
the drama at Christmas with no lasting ill effects.

I laughed out loud when I thought about
family holidays at the Andrews’ house. Landon and Caroline? Nigel
and Tess? How weird was that going to be? Trey said we would avoid
those gatherings at all costs. He'd received no argument from me.
Lost in thought, I hadn’t noticed that Preston had stopped nursing.
I looked down to find her watching me intently. Her sapphire blue
eyes once again brought Trey to mind.

Do you miss Daddy?” I asked
her as if I fully expected an answer.

Well, I miss him, Preston.
But guess what? We'll see him this evening." I said to her. “And
guess what else? Preston has a brand new dress to wear this evening
when Mommy and Daddy get married. Everyone’s going to be looking at
Preston tonight, aren’t they?”

I was smiling down at her while talking. She
broke out in a big grin watching me, and then unceremoniously
burped. I snuggled down in the bed with her and both of us promptly
fell asleep.

When I awoke Preston was gone and my
breakfast tray was on the nightstand next to the bed. Susan had
taken possession of my daughter, once again. I ate some of the
fresh fruit and a muffin.

Gina and Denise arrived promptly at 2:00 p.m.
to get started on my wedding day toilette. I was bathed, shaved,
waxed and coifed. I'd been given a manicure and pedicure. Denise
had been nearly as pushy as Gina in preparing me for my walk down
the aisle. The day had passed in a flurry of activities. Before I
knew it, Gina and Denise were helping me into my wedding gown. My
gown was ivory. It was strapless with a sweetheart neckline and a
drop asymmetrical waistline. Below the waist the skirt fell into
soft scalloped layers made of taffeta and tulle. It had a chapel
length train. I was wearing a mantilla bridal veil in ivory with a
cut edge in an eighty-eight inch layered length.

As matron of honor, Gina was wearing a full
length, strapless mint green sheath; Denise as my bridesmaid was
wearing a matching down in light apricot. Our bouquets were ivory
colored roses and baby’s breath.

Susan knocked on the bedroom door just as
Gina and Denise had finished up affixing my veil. She had our

Oh my,” she said, her eyes
welling up, “you girls look so lovely. Tylar, I've never seen a
prettier bride in all of my life.” She gave me a motherly hug and
for the moment I felt a flicker of pain that my own mother had, for
whatever reason, never felt any love for me.

You look lovely, Susan,” I
replied. She was wearing a summer suit of pale yellow with matching
pumps. Something was missing though.

Where’s Preston?” I asked,
suddenly aware that I wasn't used to seeing Susan now without my
baby in her arms.

Oh, sweetie, Tess has her
downstairs. She was rocking her while I got ready. Let me go get
her before we leave.”

Gina and Denise exited with her as they were
going in a separate limo from the one that Ray, Susan, Clive and
I'd be taking. Susan returned momentarily with Preston cradled in
her arms. She'd fallen asleep for Tess, sucking her thumb. She was
dressed in a pale lavender ruffled dress with matching booties.
Susan had put a matching lavender bonnet on hear head that had silk
ribbons tied in a bow under her chin. She had a lavender receiving
blanket to match.

She looks precious, doesn’t
she?” I asked.

She reminds me so much of
Trey as a baby,” Susan crooned, rocking her gently in her arms, not
taking her eyes off of her. “Tylar,” Susan started, raising her
gaze from the baby to me. “In case I haven’t told you lately, Clive
and I love you like one of our own. We couldn’t have picked a
better wife for our son, a better mother to our grandbaby, and a
better daughter of our own. It would please us both if you called
us ‘mom’ and ‘dad,’ but we'll understand if you're not comfortable
with that.”

Oh Susan, I mean, Mom,
nothing would please me more.” I moved towards her, wrapping my
arms around her and the baby. She kissed my forehead raising her
hand to brush a tear that had rolled down my cheek. I was glad that
Gina had insisted on waterproof everything.

Our mother-daughter moment was interrupted
when Clive came to the door informing us our limo awaited. He took
the sleeping baby from Susan so that she could assist me by holding
my train while we made our exit to the waiting limousine.


I was facing Trey on the porch of the
colonial mansion at Le Vie Belle. Soft violin music was playing in
the background. Wedding guests were seated on the lawn. Tristan and
Ray stood off to the side of Trey. Gina and Denise stood off to the
side of me. At this moment there was only Trey and me. My hands
were placed in his. I stared up into his magnificent blue eyes as
he recited the vows he'd selected for me in his smooth and silky

I, Trey, choose you, Tylar,
to be my friend, my lover, the mother of my children and my wife.
I'll cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the
day before. I'll protect you from all harm; I'll trust you and
respect you. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love from this
day forward for as long as we both shall live.”

It was my turn and I swallowed nervously.
Trey had it all over me when it came to public speaking of any
kind. He was a litigator; he was comfortable in the spotlight. I
wasn’t. I felt him lightly squeeze my fingers and our eyes locked.
He smiled down at me, giving me a slight nod of encouragement
before I began.

I, Tylar, take you, Trey to
be my friend, my lover, the father of my children and my husband.
I'll be yours in times of plenty and in times of want; in times of
sickness and in times of health; in times of joy and in times of
sorrow. I love you with all of my heart. I promise to cherish and
respect you, to comfort and encourage you, and stay with you for
all eternity.”

Tristan stepped up to Trey’s side, handing
him my ring. Trey gently slid the wedding band onto my ring finger,
lifting my hand and brushing it with a kiss when he finished. Gina
stepped up to my side, handing me Trey’s wedding band. I slid it
onto his finger, gazing up into his eyes as he smiled down at

The minister spoke. “By the power vested in
me by the Commonwealth of Virginia, I now pronounce you husband and
wife. You may now kiss.”

Trey lowered his face to mine, his hand
tilting my chin upward to meet his kiss. I wrapped my arms around
his neck, pulling him closer as we kissed for the first time as
husband and wife. The minister interrupted our kiss with the
introduction. “Ladies and gentleman, I give you Mr. and Mrs. Trey

There was applause and shouting. I heard a
champagne cork pop in the distance. We were immediately surrounded
by family and friends, giving us congratulatory hugs and kisses.
Hand in hand, Trey and I made our way to the horse drawn carriage
that would take us over to the reception area on the other side of
the plantation. Susan handed Preston over to Trey once he'd settled
me into the carriage. He climbed in next to me, cradling the baby
against his chest. He looked magnificent in his tan tuxedo. The
flurry of activity had thrown her off schedule. Within moments
she'd quieted down against me. I looked up at Trey. He was watching
us his eyes full of love and warmth.

I love you,

I love you, Mrs. Sinclair,”
he replied, pulling me closer against him.

We had a sit down dinner followed by a
reception complete with live music and dancing. Susan had taken
full responsibility for Preston once we'd joined the reception. I
allowed myself a couple of glasses of champagne. It was exquisite.
Trey and I weren’t leaving for Tybee Island until the following
day. Our official wedding night was to be spent in the bridal suite
at the Marriott.

Trey had insisted on this and I suspected I
knew the reason. As long as we were at the house I'd want to have
Preston with us. He'd put his foot down. It was close to midnight
when our limo arrived. I kissed the baby goodnight as she slept in
Tristan’s arms. We were pelted with birdseed as we departed the
estate headed toward the hotel and our wedding night. I snuggled
against Trey in the limo; his arm was wrapped around me
possessively. I felt happier than I'd ever thought possible.

Our suite was lovely. Our luggage had been
dropped off earlier and was in our room when we got there. Trey
opened another bottle of champagne and we shared a glass as we
prepared for our bath.

Trey helped me out of my wedding gown. I'd
lost the final four pounds gained during my pregnancy. Thankfully,
I hadn’t gotten any stretch marks through the whole ordeal.

We lit candles in the bathroom and sank down
into our warm bubble bath together. I leaned back against Trey,
loving the feel of his hands as they massaged my skin with soapy
lather. He lifted me up, turning me around so that we were face to

Our lips met in a long, passionate kiss. His
tongue teased mine playfully. I laced my arms around his neck,
pulling him closer to me. I could feel his erection underneath me
and I wanted nothing more than to feel him inside of me once again.
I'd wondered if post-partum sex would be different. Trey lifted me
from him, taking my hand as we left the tub. I barely had time to
wrap a towel around myself when he lifted me and carried me to the

I’m not waiting one more
minute to bury myself into you,” he said, his voice husky. “Is your
diaphragm in place?”

I smiled and nodded. I knew Trey needed an
initial fuck before we got down to more creative lovemaking. I did
as well. He pulled the towel from me, gazing down at me with hunger
in his eyes. He was kneeling on the bed, his erection stood bold
and ready. His knee nudged my thighs apart and he lowered his face
to my sex, his tongue eagerly explored the soft folds beneath. He
inserted a finger inside of me; his thumb gently rolled the tip of
my clitoris back and forth.

You're wet already, baby,”
he said softly as I moaned and swiveled my hips in a circular
motion in response to his touch. He moved his face up to mine,
capturing my lips with his as he removed his fingers from my
womanhood. I felt him poised above me, his hand guiding his manhood
to the apex at the top of my thighs. In one swift movement he
buried himself inside of me. I gasped as he plunged in and out of
me. He placed his hands underneath my butt, raising me up to meet
him. My legs were wrapped around his hips, digging into his ass
pulling him in deeper with each thrust.

God, baby, I’ve missed this
so much,” he rasped, continuing his perfect flexing.

I was meeting him thrust for thrust, moaning
at the pleasure I felt, as he possessed my body again and again. I
felt the familiar warmth spreading at my core; the swelling of my
sweet spot as the head of Trey’s erection hit it again and again. I
moaned with pleasure. “Is that your spot, baby? Does that feel

God, yes! Please don’t
stop,” I gasped, my fingernails digging into his back.

Tylar, you feel so good.
You feel so fucking tight. I’m ready, baby.” Trey increased his
momentum as our pleasure spiraled to a peak together. I was at the
edge ready for a release I hadn’t felt for a while.

That’s my girl,” his voice
coaxed softly. “That’s my girl; come for me, baby.”

My orgasm exploded around us. I heard myself
moaning and crying out Trey’s name as my body found the wet release
it so desperately needed. Trey moaned with his release, gritting
his teeth as his manhood pumped his ejaculation into me again and

Oh, God,” I rasped, my body
tingled with the aftershock.

Oh baby!” Trey said, out of
breath as he collapsed against me.

We were both covered in sweat. He perched his
head on his elbow, gazing at me with eyes still dark with passion.
His fingers lightly traced my nipple, squeezing it gently. I was
always sensitive post-orgasm.

I felt him squeezing my nipple again causing
me to letdown. I knew what would happen if he did it again. I
waited to see if he would. He rolled my nipple around between his
thumb and forefinger, squeezing it again. This time a stream of
breast milk squirted out.

BOOK: Baby Love Lite
8.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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