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No, I’m just lying on the
bed with Preston. She just fell asleep. I’m watching Ellen. How's
your day going?”

Well sweetie, I’m going to
be a little late this evening. I wanted to let you know in case you
had dinner planned. We've a partner’s meeting at 6:00 p.m. so I
probably won’t be home until close to 7:30 p.m. Is that going to
screw anything up?”

I have Pilates at eight
o'clock with Gina, remember?”

Shit, that’s right. What
time does she pick you up?”

About a quarter till

Okay baby. I'll do my best
not to be any later than seven-thirty I promise.”

You better not be,” I
warned. “You want me back in shape, don’t you?”

I think you look great just
the way you are, right now.”

You’re just horny, Trey,” I

Speaking of which,” he

I see Dr. Addison next
week, Trey. He's to check me to make sure I’m healed before he
gives you the green light.”

Make sure he knows that my
balls are
will you?”

I giggled at this. He wasn't the martyr he
was making himself out to be. “I’ve been taking care of you, Mr.
Sinclair,” I replied, “Quite often, as a matter of fact.”

I know baby, and I love
what your mouth does for me but I miss . . . . Hold on . .

Someone must've entered Trey’s office as he
left the sentence hanging. I could hear a muffled conversation.

Sorry, Tylar,” he said.
“Tonya needed me to sign something. Where were we?”

I believe you were
complaining about blue balls?”

Oh, yeah, and you're
telling me they're likely to get bluer?”

Honey, Dr. Addison
initially said six weeks; it's only been four. He'll check my
stitches when I go in next week and we'll take it from

Will Preston be able to
start sleeping in her room by then?” he asked.

Oh God – is this the right time to discuss
the ‘family bed’?

Well, Trey, I sort of
thought it might be best if she stayed in our room as long as I’m

How long do you intend to
breast feed?”

I don’t know. I mean some
mother’s breast feed until the child reaches two years of

You're not fucking serious,

Why don’t we discuss this
later? I really need to get her into her bassinet and start dinner

We'll definitely discuss
this later,” he said, not hiding his irritation.

So, dinner will be waiting
when you get in this evening. I love you, Trey.”

Love you, too.”

I could tell he wasn't gonna be a happy
camper when I approached him about the ‘family bed’. I'd have to
carefully plan my strategy on that one. I gently picked Preston up
and kissed her cheeks softly. Her lashes were long and thick like
Trey’s. I placed her into the bassinet and pulled the blanket up to
her waist. I gazed down as she stretched and put her hand to her
face, her thumb finding its place in her mouth.

She'd started sucking her thumb in the
hospital. Trey'd been worried it would cause problems when her
teeth came in. Her pediatrician wasn't. We'd encouraged a pacifier
multiple times which she'd promptly spit back out in favor of her
thumb. Trey said that she was stubborn like me. It amused me that
all of the negative qualities she'd exhibited so far was attributed
to my genetic contribution.

I went to the kitchen to start making my
special meatloaf for dinner with scalloped potatoes. Thirty minutes
later, both the meatloaf and potatoes were in the oven set to bake
for one hour.

Seeing that Preston was still sleeping, I
took a quick shower. My long, leisurely bubble baths were history,
for now. Ten minutes later I dressed in capri pants and a tank top
to accommodate June’s warm and muggy weather. I packed my gym bag
for Pilates so it would be ready when Gina arrived.

When Trey walked through the door at five
minutes to seven that evening I had Preston in her plastic tub
bathing her on the kitchen counter. She'd learned to splash her
bath water quite well with those little arms of hers. I was getting
the bulk of it on my once dry clothing.

Hi, honey, just in time,” I
called out as he set his briefcase down.

He came up behind and wrapped his arms around
me nuzzling my neck. I still got goose bumps when his warm lips
touched me anywhere. I was supporting the baby’s head; a clean
towel was thrown over my shoulder.

Trey,” I said laughing,
maneuvering myself around him, “could you hold the towel so that I
can get her wrapped? I’m going to need to change my shirt before
Gina gets here.”

Sure baby,” he answered,
pulling the towel from my shoulder and coming around next to me. I
lifted Preston from the warm bath her little legs were kicking
water onto both of us. Trey placed the towel behind her, wrapping
it over each side of her as I lifted one hand and then the other so
we could properly swaddle her. He was becoming an expert at this.
Bundled up, I drew the baby against me as I leaned into Trey in
order to kiss him properly. Our lips met in a long, leisurely kiss.
I missed him when he was at work all day. It'd been different when
I was working at the firm with him. Even though our relationship
didn’t officially exist there, we would still see each other in
passing and occasionally for lunch.

Preston was squirming against me; I could
feel her rooting for my breast. I pulled back from Trey, lifting my
shirt up to give her access to what she wanted.

Mmmm,” I sighed wanting

Trey leaned down and kissed the top of her
head, greeting her as 'Bobbin'. He'd nicknamed her that because of
the way her head bobbed as a newborn. I glanced at the clock. I'd
ten minutes before Gina would be here. I asked Trey to warm up one
of the bottles in the fridge I'd prepared so he could finish
feeding her. In less than a minute, our daughter was safely
ensconced in her father’s arms finishing her dinner while I went
back to our room to change.

Trey would have to dress her when she
finished eating. He was still a bit nervous about that part
thinking she'd break. I'd assured him numerous times that she
wouldn't. Once I'd pulled a clean tee shirt on, I gathered up my
gym bag, along with a disposable diaper, cotton nightgown, booties
and a light receiving blanket for Preston.

Back in the living room, the doorman buzzed
that Gina was on her way up. I placed the receiving blanket over
Trey’s left shoulder so that when he burped the baby his Armani
jacket would be protected. Her tiny little fingers were clutching
and tugging at his long slender ones wrapped around the bottle. My
heart swelled watching father and daughter bond.

I let Gina in and she immediately wanted to
hold Preston before we left for Pilates. Trey grudgingly pulled the
bottle away from her, carefully cradling her head as Gina bent to
take her from him. Gina rocked her within her arms, swaying her
back and forth while talking to her.

Who's the prettiest baby in
Atlanta, huh, Preston? Is it you? Is it you? Aunt Gina thinks it
is. Aunt Gina thinks Preston's the most beautiful baby girl in the
whole world.”

It amused me how otherwise perfectly sane
adults would babble like idiots when a baby was around. Not that I
was immune to the same type of behavior. While Gina was busy
rocking and cradling Preston, I decided to fill Trey in on my
pre-departure instructions.

Trey, your dinner's warming
in the oven. Please diaper and dress the baby as soon as Gina hands
her back.”

Yes, Tylar,” he replied
acting like an exasperated husband, but smiling.

Now her swing's in your
study so if you've work to do keep her in there with

He nodded affirmatively. “I think I can
handle that, babe; I mean we did just fine last week,

Well, except for the
mustard explosion on our duvet, I guess so.”

The what?” Gina asked,
rocking back and forth with Preston.

Trey groaned knowing that I delighted in
sharing this story with whoever cared to listen.

Well, Trey thought it'd be
good for Preston to lay on our bed next to him while he channel
surfed so that she could thoroughly dry from her bath. He hadn’t
even diapered her yet. Unfortunately, he became so engrossed in
watching something on ESPN he forgot about her until he heard the
sound of our daughter passing gas. When he looked down to check, he
saw that she'd passed much more than gas on our lovely new

Oh, no!” Gina laughed

Oh, yes,” I said, nodding
my head.

Breastfed baby poop is the
color of mustard. You can imagine how that looked on our new
wheat-colored duvet.”

Way to go, counselor,” she

Trey rolled his eyes at her. I gave him a
kiss grabbing my gym bag. “I should be back before 9:30,” I said.
“You two have a good time.”

Gina raised Preston up to her face, giving
her a kiss on her dimpled cheek. “Look guys – she’s smiling at

Uh oh

Gina relinquished Preston to Trey, who lifted
her and placed her gently against his right shoulder just as she
projectile spit-up all over the lapel of his Armani suit

Oops,” Gina murmured,
apologetically. “Maybe I jostled her a little too much, just

Trey cocked an eyebrow at her. “You think,

Once out of earshot Gina was still laughing.
“Seriously Ty, he's adorable with her, I have to admit.”

I know,” I replied warmly.
“He's surpassed my expectations as a father. I mean, I knew that
he'd eventually get with the program, but right from the start he's
been a major help with the baby.”

We were in Gina’s car on the way to the gym
and she'd been quiet for the past few minutes. “Ian and I are off
birth control,” she stated quietly.

That's so great, Gina! I
hope you get pregnant quickly so that there isn’t too much of an
age difference between our babies.”

Wouldn’t that be so cool? I
want to breastfeed, too. You make it look so easy, Ty.”

It's easy,” I admitted.
“But more than that, it's just so special the way it makes you
feel. Did I tell you that I want to start

Sleep sharing? What's

I explained to Gina that many parents that
are breastfeeding their infants are now opting to have the "family
bed", which is where the mother, father, and baby all sleep
together. It's supposed to help with total family bonding as well
as benefit the infant promoting security and self-confidence.

So, the Hot Nazi is down
with that?”

Well, actually, I haven’t
discussed it with Trey, in any detail yet.”

Right,” she laughed. “You
be sure and let me know how that goes, alright?”

I think Trey will be on
board with it,” I lied.

I hate to state the obvious
here, girlfriend, but it looks like I have to. How in the hell are
you two supposed to have a sex life with a baby there in bed with
you all night long?”

I flushed knowing that this would be the same
argument I could expect from Trey when I approached him on it.

Gina,” I replied patiently,
“it enhances the specialness for couples as they find more creative
and spontaneous times and places in their schedules to accommodate
their lovemaking in private.”

I'd practically memorized this verbatim from
the information I'd found online relative to the ‘family bed’.

Gina replied. “I’m gonna go out on a limb here and
say that there isn’t going to be any ‘family bed’ in your house as
long as Trey is living there.”

She started snickering. I ignored her for the
moment fairly certain that she was right.

Pilates was brutal, but well worth it, when I
got home and weighed myself on the bathroom scale. I'd lost two
more pounds since last week. I had only four more pounds to go
until I'd be back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Trey was in our bedroom watching something on
ESPN. Preston was sleeping soundly in her bassinet next to our bed.
I crawled up on the bed next to Trey.

How'd she do for you?" I
asked him.

She was a perfect angel as
always,” he boasted gently tugging at my ponytail to draw my face
close to his. He kissed me warmly.

I’m going to grab a shower;
want to join me?” I asked. He gave me his dimpled grin. Within
moments we were soaping each other up in the shower, enjoying the
feel of our hands all over each other. We quickly towel dried
ourselves then made a beeline for the bed while we had this window
of opportunity before Preston would demand my attention once

We crawled beneath the sheets still damp from
our shower. Trey was on his back, his arm crooked beneath his head,
watching me as I traced his nipple with my tongue. I continued on a
southward path down his taut belly and below. My hands caressed his
hips and massaged his firm ass. I parted his thighs and crawled
between his legs and knelt, bending over to allow my damp hair to
caress his belly while I took his manhood into my mouth. I gently
flicked my tongue along the growing length of it.

BOOK: Baby Love Lite
6.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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