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Volume III


Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club, Book 5



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Book three of the Bash trilogy…


Will Angelica save herself, or will she have to be saved? Either way, knowing what Bud and Bash are capable of, do we want to know the repercussions?


Follow Bash, Angelica, and the rest of the MC for the exciting conclusion.


BDSM activities, intense kink, blazing hot ménage sex, smoldering couple’s sex, danger, intrigue, and more alpha werewolf bad-asses than you’d want to shake a stick at.


This is the final installment of a three-book story, with a happy ending and no cliffhangers.


Chapter One




The van pulled off pavement onto gravel, and I heard a slider gate opening, and then closing again once we were through. The van parked, the back doors opened, and I smelled a whole shitload of people I couldn’t see.

, now I
had to fight a whole helluva lot more than five guys if I was going to escape.

Footsteps crunched on the gravel, and then people stepped from the shadows and I smelled terror coming from the guys in the van.

Marlin’s voice
came through the beginning twilight, strong and dominant. He’d make a kick-ass wolf if he weren’t the enemy.

“Ya’ll know she’s off limits. I can’t let you bring this kind of heat down on us.”

“Dash gave the okay.”

warned you not to. Ya’ll want to bring the RTMC to our doorsteps when we’re divided? We can’t fight them off when we’re of the same mind! They’ll
us if we aren’t together!”

“We got her, no goin’ back now.”

“Yeah, there is. Hand her over to me without a fight, and my guys will escort you outta the gates. If you make me fight to get her back, you won’t walk out of here.”

One of the guys in the van muttered, “He got at least twenty people, we got five.”

“Yeah. We goin’ do this?”

“Fuck, she look like a
piece of ass.”

“Not worth takin’ a bullet for.”

Two of them sighed, and they jumped out of the back of the van almost together as the driver stepped out of the side. The final two exited out of the side panel door, and one of them said, “She all yours. Get her out and we’ll be on our way.”

Marlin and three other guys walked to the back of the van, and his guys turned their backs to me, acting as guards while Marlin bent to me and asked, “You okay?”

“I’ll live. Mind untying me?”

He pulled a large knife from his pocket, flung it open, and cut the ties around my wrists first, then my feet.

“Stick close to me until I give the all clear. Rescuing you like this has made me push forward on my coup earlier than I planned.” He touched my hip, felt for my gun, and met my gaze, his eyes dark. “Use it if things go to shit. My guys are wearin’ colors, try to miss us.”

“You expectin’ things to go to shit?” I used the same low tone, my mouth at his ear.

“No idea what’s gonna happen. I’ll do my best to get us out of this without a fight. Stick close and follow my lead.”

“Is it just the five who took me, or are there more here on Dash’s side?”

“More are on the way. It’s just the five, for now.”

He offered his hand, I accepted it, and let him help me out of the van. I dropped his hand once I was walking, though — I wanted to be able to get to my gun.

Two of the men who’d been guarding us fell in behind us, protecting our flank. The other went to my right while Marlin was to my left.

I was being used as a pawn. This wasn’t about me — they’d abducted me because I belong to my dad, and possibly because of my attachment to Bash, too. Marlin was protecting me for the same reason — because politically, it was his best move.

As we walked through the yard towards some cars, I went through the ramifications of this in my head. My dad would go ballistic, and people would die. Probably a lot of people. And that wasn’t even factoring in what Bash might do.

Or, I could handle it myself, and make sure the only people who died were the ones who took me. The five of them were standing off to the side, beside the van, all together. I had seven shots in my gun and another six in a mag on my left hip.

I used the wolf’s speed to draw as I turned, and I hit all five of them in the chest, one after another, before anyone had a chance to react. I had two shots left, and I saw one of them moving on the ground more than I liked, so I hit him again, and again, and then dropped the mag out of my gun so I could put another in, my weapon still aimed at the pile of bodies.

“Not interested in hurtin’ the rest of you,” I announced as I kept my eyes on the bodies. “These assholes were planning to rape me, and I just made sure they don’t get a second go at me.”

The men on the ground were all still, and I finally glanced around at the dozen or so men Marlin had brought. Several had pulled their guns, a few were pointed at me, but most were aimed towards my feet.

“I’m gonna keep my weapon out, if ya’ll don’t mind, but I see ya’ll as my rescuers and have no intention of using it on any of you.”

Someone walked to the men, leaned down, touched all five necks to feel for a pulse. When he stood, he shot two of them in the head and then looked towards Marlin and me. “Two still had a weak pulse. They’d have died in the next five or ten minutes, I just sped the process. We’ll dispose of the bodies so they aren’t found.” He nodded towards my hand. “You’ll want to get rid of your gun, though, just in case.”

I nodded. The bike shop had welding equipment, I’d melt it down tonight. I owned four identical Sig P938 handguns, and the police still thought they had ‘mine’, anyway.

“Let’s get you in the backseat of my car,” Marlin said, his arm around my back, his hand on my waist as he gently tugged me with him.

I finally lowered my weapon, but didn’t put it away. “Need to see if my purse made it into the van when they grabbed me. I need my phone.”

Marlin looked at someone, and he went to the van. “Don’t see it. You sure it’s in here?”

“No, but I was hoping.” I had them check for my shoes, too, but only the cheap flip-flops had made it, and they were no longer intact.

I kept my eyes on the other men as I walked across the pavement barefoot, towards the Lexus I was assuming belonged to Marlin. A lot of guns were still out, but none were pointed at me, now. “I’ll get in the back and duck down, but someone needs to let me use their phone.”

Marlin got in the driver’s side, someone else in the passenger side, and another in the seat beside me. Marlin handed me a phone and I asked, “This a burner?”


My dad kept an emergency burner number for people in an illegal crisis situation to contact him. I was assuming the Chattanooga chapter did as well, but I didn’t know the number, so I called my dad. Still, it was an open cell line and I had to be careful of what I said, just in case.

I didn’t identify myself or him, just said, “We have a major problem. I’m currently unhurt, and I’m with Marlin and some of his crew. They helped me out, and I’m assuming will take me wherever I tell them. I need to talk to Brain, does he have this kind of number? I need to tell Marlin where to take me.”

“Thank god you’re okay. Police know you’re missing, witnesses called it in to nine-one-one, and they have your purse. Give me a sec and I’ll get you an address.”

He came back to me faster than I’d expected, with an address in Fort Oglethorpe and instructions to stay hidden. “Do you feel safe with them?”

“Mostly. They rescued me. They’ll try to keep me safe.”

“Okay, Angel. I’ll be in Chattanooga as quick as I can get there.”

I didn’t bother asking him not to, I only said, “Drive safe, please. I love you.”

Although Marlin knew the street, he wasn’t sure about the particular address. However, he said we wouldn’t use the phone’s GPS unless we had to, and added, “We know a lot of the MC lives down there, so I assume we’ll have a welcoming party.”

Probably a good assumption, but I didn’t respond. As we left Rossville and made it into Fort Oglethorpe, I finally put my gun back into my belly band and looked at the man sitting beside me. “I’m Angelica. Thanks for having my back.”

“I’m Razor, you seem to know Marlin already, and Pit Bull’s up front with him.”

“So, Marlin, why do they get cool names, and you’re a fish?”

“My first kill was with a Marlin Rifle. Heard Bash call you Princess, but Dawg called you Tink. What’s your club name?”

“Only Bash gets away with calling me Princess. My club name in Chattanooga seems to be turning into Tink.” No way was I telling them I’m still Punkin’ in Atlanta.

“As in Tinkerbell?” Razor asked, beside me.

I was squatting in the floorboard and my legs were getting tired, so I adjusted my legs under me and sat on my knees. Not much better, but it would have to do.

“My dad taught me to fix bikes. I’m good at it.”

“He teach you to shoot, too?” This from Pit Bull.


We rode in silence a while, and I finally said, “They told me Dash okayed it. He has to die, too, Marlin.”

“He will.”

I sighed. “I get why you need to do it. You saved my ass, so I won’t argue the point, but when he’s dead you need to call me and tell me something about your grandmother’s flowers.”

I put my number into his phone, and as I handed it back to him, we drove off the pavement onto a rougher surface. Not gravel, maybe just a poorly paved road.

“You can sit up, now. Shouldn’t be any more traffic cams,” said Marlin.

“Thanks, but I’ll stay put until we get there.”

I had no way of knowing if they were taking me to the address or not, so I kept alert, just in case they were trying to get me to lower my guard.

When the tires crunched on gravel I finally moved to the seat, and saw the large panel truck our guys used, with a half-dozen RTMC members leaned against it, their arms crossed over their chests.

“Let me get out first, and I’ll stand in front of ya’ll until I’m sure they know you’re my rescuers and not my kidnappers.”

“Much appreciated,” said Pit Bull from the front seat, and I grinned at Razor before eyeing Marlin in the rear view mirror.

“We all need to be on the same page,” I told him. “The police are going to have questions for me — my dad said they found my purse on the ground.”

Silently, I reminded myself the men who’d abducted me were dead, and there’d be five
dead or missing men associated with my name. Didn’t matter they’d kidnapped me — we couldn’t tell the police what actually happened, and we’d have to be damned careful of the story we came up with.

Marlin pulled to a stop and Dawg stepped towards the car. I opened my door and stood as I told the RTMC members, “These are the good guys, today at least. They helped keep me safe. I’m assuming you brought the truck so we can talk? Form a game plan? They’re going to need to be in on it.”

Dawg pulled me into his embrace and I wrapped my arms around his neck as I whispered, “I shot the five men who abducted me, killed three. One of Marlin’s men finished off the other two for me.”

I knew all the wolves would hear, and I saw Brain stiffen before he nodded towards the car. “Everyone out. Leave your electronics in the car, we’ll talk in the back of the truck.”

No one got out, and I said, “Promise them safe passage for the night, Brain. They’re way outnumbered and you have to know they’re gonna be jumpy.”

Brain dipped his chin and looked to the car. “I’ll guarantee all of your safety while we’re here.”

The men got out of the car, and Dawg stiffened as Pit Bull got out. His scent gave his rage away, and I smelled fear off Brain as he stepped to us and said, “I just guaranteed their safety, Dawg. I know you want to, but you can’t.”

“You said he left town,” Dawg said, his eyes shooting daggers at Marlin.

“He did, but I asked him to come back to help with my coup. I trust him with my back, need him right now.”

I’d swiveled around so I was at Dawg’s right side, our arms around either other’s waists, and I could feel him practically vibrating with fury. I knew Dawg had been shot by a Disciple and had nearly died, but I was under the impression the man who shot him would never shoot anyone again. Maybe Pit Bull was just there, or part of it, and hadn’t actually pulled the trigger?

“You took care of Tink, and Brain promised you safety,” Dawg said, his wolf barely below the surface. “I’ll give you a pass tonight, but no guarantees about what happens if I see you again.”

Pit Bull gave him a chin lift, and I asked Dawg, “Where’s Bash? Does he know what’s going on?”

“He, Duke, and the rest of the guys were watching the game in the RTMC bar when the call came in. They stayed there, though they aren’t watching the game anymore, they’re making phone calls and looking at maps, but the point is they’re on camera with the game in the background, so they have an alibi for the evening,” Brain answered. “It’ll look like they’re having a pow-wow, while they try to figure out where to look for you. The guys here were in the clubhouse, and we snuck out in the back of the truck. Speaking of which, let’s move this party into the truck.”

One of our guys stepped onto the bottom step and I felt the energy of an EMP.

I looked at Marlin and said, “They’re serious about leaving your electronics behind.”

He nodded, tossed his phone into a dash compartment, and closed his door as he asked, “Thought you were with Bash?”

“Yeah, I am. Grew up in the club. I’m close to a lot of the guys.”

That wasn’t the reason I was close to Dawg, but Marlin didn’t need to know the specifics, and humans can’t smell a lie. I was getting better at not giving away a lie by scent, though, and I thought I pulled this one off. I looked at Dawg in question, and his grin told me I’d succeeded. Go me — my first trial in a real life situation.

The guys had brought folding chairs and had them set up inside the truck, so we sat in the relative comfort of a room on wheels, complete with air conditioning. If anyone outside were trying to listen in, I knew Brain had made sure they wouldn’t hear. I also knew everyone had been hit with the short range EMP when they climbed the steps into the truck, so no one was recording the conversation. Except perhaps Brain.

Brain came in last, and leaned against a wall instead of sitting. “Angelica tells the story, beginning to end. Any Disciples want to add something, you wait until she’s finished.”

“Bash and my dad both know I’m with you and okay?” I asked Brain, again.

“Yeah. I let Bash know as soon as I put eyes on you. He’ll let your dad know.”

I nodded and told my story. I smelled the rage on my guys when I mentioned the plans to rape me, but I kept going, putting as many details into the story as I could remember.

BOOK: Bash, Volume III
6.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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