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Chapter 9


Mackenzie pushed her cat back and let her human form take shape. “You did not just roar at me Conner Rochon,” she screamed.

The mountain of a bear stood on his hind feet and growled, at almost seven and a half feet, he was impressive. Then the bear shrunk before her eyes as a blast of sparks swirled and Conner was standing in front of her, huffing, scowling, and looking pissed off.

“I’ll sure as hell yell at you! What the fuck do you think you are doing out here in the woods? You don’t know this area. We have a psycho out to hurt our families and you go gallivanting off on your own,” he continued to yell, taking a step closer to her.

“I was just fine on my own! I’m a grown woman and in case you forgot, I’m a fucking cougar! I can defend myself against a measly human with a grudge. Why are you even out here? Shouldn’t you be home, being single, watching football, or scratching some random body part,” she snipped, taking a step towards him. Two could play this game.

“I’m out here looking for you! When your brother couldn’t find you, he said you probably went for a run. I came out here to find you and bring you home.”

“Well, as you can see, I was just fine and clearly don’t need any help from you!” She screamed back at him, standing on her tippy toes to get close to him.

Conner realized how close they were and took a step back. He also realized that they were both standing naked in the woods yelling at each other.

“Fuck me,” he said, running his hand through his hair in frustration.

“Gladly, bend over,” she shot back.

Raising his eyebrows at the crass come back he couldn’t help but laugh. “You talk to your mother with that mouth?”

“Yup, and she hates it as much as you do I bet,” she said, putting her hands on her hips. It was then that she realized she was naked. Being naked wasn’t a big deal around your pack or clan. It was part of life and a general sense of don’t see, don’t tell was the custom. Standing naked in front of your mate was a totally different kettle of fish.

Mackenzie took the opportunity to take in Conner Rochon. Over six feet tall, he was broad. Wide shoulders with a perfectly carved chest. Tight abs that tapered his waist down to a narrow V that aimed perfectly at his rigid erection. Good to know he liked her, she thought.

Conner saw her taking him in and he took the chance to look his fill too. Starting at the bottom he worked his way up a pair of firm tanned legs, she had thick rounded thighs. Her waist was tiny above her heavy hips and a pair of perky full breasts pointed straight towards him with dark rose-colored nipples, budded and tight, he couldn’t help but lick his lips.

Noticing he was quietly assessing her, she saw him lick his lips and her pussy flexed at the sight. She could feel her need building. Her mate was standing naked in front of her, his cock hard and looking so damn perfect she wanted to lick her lips too. She gave in and did.

Conner groaned, as her sweet arousal filled the air between them. Her looking at his dick and licking her lips was the last straw.

Closing the space between them, he wrapped his hands around her neck, pushing one up into her hair. He grabbed a handful of her curls and gripped them tight. He heard a purring sound from her throat. Fuck him.

“No biting, you hear me?” He growled, his bear so close to the surface his eyes were shining in the darkness.

Looking up at him, her eyes reflected in the light, telling him her cat was right there too. “No biting,” she whispered. She needed her mate and she’d take what she could get.

Conner took her acceptance of the terms, sealing them in a fiery kiss. Her mouth opened under his, Kenzi’s tongue meeting his to finally taste her mate. Mackenzie grabbed the sides of Conner’s waist and pulled him closer so their hips met. His cock trapped between them, hard and pulsing. Conner growled into her mouth.

His bear was clamoring to seal their union, he wanted more of her. Wanted her taste, her smell, and most importantly her blood. Conner was going to do everything possible to deny him that. Sex was one thing, mating was another.

Mackenzie’s animal was yowling in her head, straining to touch as much skin as she could. It wanted Conner’s scent imprinted on her fur.

“Lay down for me,” Conner said, breathing heavily. He didn’t want to take his time, he didn’t want to think this through too far. He just needed to taste her.

Mackenzie slowly knelt in front of him, keeping her glowing eyes trained on him. As she made it to the ground, she could see his straining erection bobbing next to her face. She reached out and with a long wet swipe licked him from root to tip.

A resonating rumble echoed through the forest as Conner let his head drop back at the electric contact of her tongue along his cock. It was a fucking tease, and he loved it.

“How do you want me?” Mackenzie purred at him. She liked seeing that she could get his fur in a bunch so easily.

“On your back, legs spread. Show me,” he ordered.

God, she fucking loved strong men. Nothing her kitty liked better than to hiss back at someone trying to dominate her. Her cat was sly, it knew how to play the game. Appear to acquiesce just to gain the upper hand.

Mackenzie lay back on the soft mossy ground, she kept her knees tight together until she had Conner’s eyes back on hers. They had started trailing her from the toe up, looking for something sweet. She denied him a bit longer.

She cocked her head to the side as she slowly, ever so slowly, spread her legs apart. She dared him with her eyes to not look down. Not break the emotional contact of their eyes seeing nothing but each other.

Conner took the challenge, he stared deep into his mate’s eyes. The world grew smaller as he stared at her. His focus was a pinpoint, he could see through her, to her cat, to their goddamn future. Cubs or kittens, a family, a life.

He wanted to look down, see that sweet wet core she had opened to the coolness of the night. Her delicious aroma wafting up to him, making him want to purr like a damn cat. But he didn’t lose her eyes as he knelt between her legs. He put his hands on the ground under her bent legs, kept looking at her and then took one long slow lick up the middle of her dripping pussy.

That’s all it took. Her taste couldn’t even be described; it was the most delicate flavor to ever cross his tongue. He let his head drop to her belly as he shook it back and forth. He was so screwed.

Looking back up to his mate, she gave him a wicked smile. She knew, she had him. But he also knew that there was no way he was going down without a fight. Deciding to play her game, he gave her a wink and dropped his eyes down to the treat in front of him.

Using his thumbs, he spread her lips wide so he could kiss her. Letting his tongue rim the sweet opening to her, then dipping his tongue inside. Just a bit, not enough, before retreating.

Mackenzie growled, demanding more without saying it. He repeated his slow tonguing, a little deeper this time, using his nose to press against her swollen clit. He pulled back and latched onto that tight bud and sucked it into his mouth. Mackenzie bucked her hips off the ground.

Damn, that was the spot, she thought. She wanted more, wanted him to move faster. She also knew the more she demanded the slower he would go. This game had clear rules and she wanted to come. She’d get there faster if he thought he was winning.

Conner liked the growl, wanted to hear it again, so he ran his finger up through her pussy, back and forth before plunging it into her. He sucked hard on the bud in his mouth at the same time. He got his growl.

He continued delving into her as he lapped at her sweetness. Adding another finger, he kept his pace even, he wanted it to build. He wanted her to fall over the edge for him, he wanted it on his tongue as she fell.

“You have something for me, Kenzi?”

“Wha…what do you want,” she panted.

“I want what you have. I want to see you come, I want it in my mouth and on my tongue. I want your sweet cream just for me.”

Mackenzie allowed herself complete freedom to feel. She took every spark, every shock and channeled it towards her goal. She reached up for her nipples and pinched both of the taut crowns between her fingers. The extra stimulation shot down to her already throbbing clit.

Conner glanced up to see her cupping and squeezing her breasts and he growled into her core. The vibration adding to the building climax.

“Thatta girl, you want more don’t you? What if I don’t give it to you? What if we stop right now,” he taunted.

“I’ll always want more. I’ll always want you. Inside me, under me, in me,” she promised.

This earned her another growl that was clearly frustrated. He broke eye contact and continued building her higher. He didn’t want to look up at her, he wanted to keep his eyes focused on anything else. But the pull was too much, his gaze darted back up to her.

Mackenzie looked down, catching Conner’s eyes as she felt her core start to tighten. Conner felt her wrap tight around his fingers and he pulled hard on her clit, sucking it back into his mouth, scoring it with his teeth.

Mackenzie kept her eyes open as the first tidal wave of pleasure coursed through her. She bucked her hips up greedily as the immense painful bliss contracted her body off the forest floor and she yowled into the night.

She came hard, her pussy gushing arousal into Conner’s mouth that he savored. It was the best meal he’d ever had. He kissed and nuzzled her down as the spasms started to subside. Mackenzie let her eyes fall shut as the tremors continued slowing to a warm buzzing inside her. She let her hand wander down to Conner’s head, cupping the side of it and running her thumb down his jaw.

Conner liked the touch, a little too much actually. He leaned back on his knees and grabbed both sides of her hips. He performed an amazing maneuver, flipping her over onto her stomach and pulling her hips up into the air, her sweet rounded ass right in his face.

He couldn’t resist and ran his tongue up between her cheeks. Licking her from pussy to back. He looked down and took in the glistening exposed pussy. Conner couldn’t even let himself consider having this available to him every day. It would mean he accepted his life, accepted his bear and the decisions the fates had made for him. Pushing it aside he focused on what he could have right now.

“No bites,” he said, fitting the tip of his cock against her slickness. He rubbed the crown up and down, wetting the tip, teasing her.

“No bites,” she agreed.

Conner took her at her word and plunged into her to the hilt, his cock brushing the entrance of her womb.

Mackenzie arched her back against the deep penetration. He didn’t play around, her Conner. He took what he wanted, she liked that.

The tight scorching heat wrapped around his dick was excruciatingly perfect. He’d never felt anything like it. She was hot and fisting so hard around his cock, he was afraid to move.

Mackenzie made the choice for him when she rocked back against his hips.

“You need something kitten?” He pulled back so just the tip of his cock was resting at her opening.

Mackenzie looked over her shoulder and purred, a sound forming from deep in her core that vibrated through her body. This shot right down the end of his dick and had Conner gripping her hips tighter. He could feel his claws start to grow as they dug into her fleshy sides.

The sharp pain of his claws was too good for Mackenzie, she let out another long purr.

“Fuck me, once isn’t going to be enough with you is it,” Conner said angrily.

“God I hope not,” Mackenzie answered.

Conner let himself sink back into her, savoring the moment before pulling back and setting a hard, steady rhythm. He didn’t even bother pulling his claws back. His bear was so damn happy that he wasn’t planning on coming out any further. Conner realized that he didn’t have to hide who he was. He didn’t have to pretend.

This truth had his hips thrusting faster into Mackenzie. She was pushing back on each thrust, rotating her hips in a way he wasn’t sure how her spine was doing it. It felt fucking amazing.

“Conner….” she moaned, dropping closer to the ground so her chest was resting flat. This pivoted her hips higher, letting him go even deeper inside her.

Reaching between her legs, Mackenzie pinched her clit between her fingers, then started rubbing furiously. She wanted to come again and knew it was going to surpass the last one.

“That’s right, come for me again Kenzi. Squeeze my cock tight. I’m gonna fill you so deep with cum. You’re mine. MINE!” He could hear the words roaring out of him, even though he was trying to keep them back. He didn’t want to make any promises, but his bear wanted his intentions declared.

“Please Conner, please,” she mewled, rubbing her clit faster as the first spasm coursed through her pussy. The walls clamped down around Conner’s cock, dragging across it as he retreated.

“That’s right, show me how you come for me,” he ordered. He pulled her back harder against him and he could feel the tingle start in his spine. Needing her to come first, he reached around her and brushed her hand away. His thumb flicked fast over her clit, giving her the rough pressure she needed to come screaming his name into the woods. Her body bucking under him as she screamed until her voice was hoarse.

BOOK: Bear With Me
6.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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