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Mackenzie dug her hands into the dirt as she held on as wave after wave crashed over her. It was beyond anything she’d ever experienced. She saw colors, fireworks, a fucking brass band. It was off the charts.

Before she was even finished she heard a loud growl followed by, “Kenzi!” as Conner’s first jet of hot cum coated the insides of her still throbbing pussy.

Conner dropped his head back to the sky as he jerked spurt after spurt of his sticky cum into her, marking her as his. The pleasure he felt was more than any other experience he’d ever had before. His body kept pumping his seed into her, sealing them together. He knew, deep down, he knew this was the best he was ever going to get.

Finally, after the last drop had been rung out of him, Conner let his head drop to Kenzi’s back. He lay there, breathing in deep gulps of air, trying to slow his racing heart. His racing head, he could do nothing about.

His bear wanted to cuddle. He wanted Conner to wrap her in his arms and lay on the ground all night. Soaking her in. He couldn’t let that happen.

Resisting the urge to grab her into his arms, he pulled himself out of her clutching body and stood. Fuck him, she looked so beautiful in the moonlight. Soft glowing skin, his cum dripping out of her. If he could freeze this moment he would.

The cold air hit her back as Conner stood. Mackenzie turned to look back over her shoulder and tried to decipher the look on his face. It was happy, sad, angry, blissful, everything running over his features.

But she could still feel him pulling away. Not physically, no, emotionally. The brief encounter was clearly over and she felt it.

Mackenzie didn’t want to wait for him to speak. She was afraid of what he might say. So she beat him to the punch.

“Thanks, I’m gonna go run and clean off in the lake.”

Shaking himself out of his pity party, Conner barked out, “Didn’t we talk about you not running off alone? It’s not safe.”

“I’m running behind the cabins down to the lake on Cage’s side. And besides, this was just sex, right? No biting, remember? I don’t belong to you. I’m free to do what I want. You want to change that, you know the choice you have to make,” she said, turning and letting her cat shift out and took off at a run before he had a chance to respond.

Watching her cat run away, his bear was chuffing at him to follow her. Chase her down, make her listen to reason. But he knew he wasn’t good enough for her. Couldn’t give her what she deserved. Even if it was all he seemed to want now. One taste, one tiny taste and he was lost.


Chapter 10


The following morning, Conner woke more conflicted than ever. His bear was so loud, there was no way for Conner to drown him out. He wanted his mate and wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Deciding that maybe if he just was near her, it would quiet the bossy bear, he dressed and headed over to his parents’ cabin.

He walked in and found his mom in the kitchen alone.

“Where is everyone?”

“Your dad and Dax headed out to the camp early this morning,” his mom answered, not looking up at him.

He waited for her to fill him on the rest of the houseguests’ whereabouts. When she didn’t, he sat down on the bar stool at the counter and waited.

She finally looked up. “Have you eaten?”

“That’s it? Have I eaten? No mom, haven’t had breakfast yet. Where is everyone else,” he pressed.

“Well, Wyatt drove Jinger to work and he was planning to head straight out to the cut. Sophie is in the mess hall as usual,” she said, moving back to the stove. She cracked some eggs into a skillet and turned to open the fridge.

“Mom,” he called out.

“Yes, dear?” she replied, her head still in the fridge.

“Where is she,” he pushed.

“Who, dear?”

“You know who, mom. Where is she?”

“I’m guessing you mean the mate you don’t want? That
?” Connie replied, standing up to glare at him.

Shit, his mom mad at him was not a good thing. His mom had tricks that would put a medieval torturer to shame. She didn’t need knives to cut deep.

“Yes, is

“No,” she said, turning back to the stove.

Dropping his head to the counter, he started banging it on the surface. “Mom, seriously, I need to talk to her.”

“Well, she didn’t stay here last night, so her exact whereabouts are a mystery to me.”

Lifting his head off the counter he shouted, “What the fuck do you mean she didn’t stay here last night?”

His mother slowly turned around to face him, her bear shining brightly in her eyes. “Conner Leslie Rochon, did you just swear at me?”

Fuck him. “Mom I’m sorry, this isn’t easy on me. Believe me I wish it was, but I’m trying to figure this out.”

Looking at him and seeing the tired circles under his eyes, his mother decided to take pity on him. “She said she couldn’t stay here last night, it was too close to your cabin and it upset her cat. Your dad and Dax drove her to the motel and checked her in for the night.”

Starting to jump out of his seat, his mom grabbed his hand. “Sit, eat, calm down, and then go to her.”

His mom was always right. Returning to his seat he let out a long sigh.

“Mom, sorry about earlier,” he finally said, chagrined at cursing at his mom.

“I know sweetie, you boys can’t think straight when your pricks are involved,” she muttered, flipping the eggs in the frying pan.

Conner let his head drop back to the counter. His mom, never a dull moment.

* * * * *

After breakfast, Conner forced himself to drive the speed limit to the motel. It was mid-morning and he hoped Mackenzie hadn’t decided to leave. Parking in front of the room number his mom gave him, he took another moment.

What the hell did he want? Was he here to just check on her safety? Yes, that was high up there he thought. He wasn’t there to confess his undying love for her. That thought had his bear growling at him. Conner knew what his animal’s feelings were on the subject. They were overwhelming and shockingly simple.

Get her, keep her, fuck her, love her.

If only it were that simple. What the hell was he doing there? She was going to be pissed he tracked her down again. Without a solution to their situation, he was just tormenting them both. He also couldn’t deny that being away from her was physically painful. His body felt lethargic and sore just in its need for her. His dick hadn’t relaxed after last night either. He’d had a semi-woody since he came last night. Like his cock was preparing for the unlikely possibility his mate was laying somewhere naked, waiting for him.

That thought brought back memories of his mate lying on the ground, spread before him. God, she was beautiful. Perfect, every fucking inch of her. Why again couldn’t he have her? Oh, yeah right, he didn’t like being a shifter and she clearly did. Who would want to be mated to some asshole that was pathetic enough to spend his days whining he didn’t like who he was ‘deep inside’. It was like the first chapter of a self-help book for lonely losers.

His bear was clearly on the deal with your shit, get the girl, and make everyone happy mental track. Conner couldn’t fault him, it did sound easy. Accept what the fates had decreed, everyone else had managed it. Just fucking let it go.

Shaking his head to himself, he realized he couldn’t. There was still something holding him back. Something about his bear that didn’t fit with him. Relying on his animal’s instincts, his strength, made him feel less than a man.

Looking down at the bulge in his pants, he offered out loud, “Thanks, I hear your vote.” His voice was tinged with sarcasm.

Sighing, he made a choice and got out of his Jeep. Walking up to the door, he knocked twice and called out, “Kenzi, it’s me.” He assumed she could figure out who it was.

Conner could hear rustling coming from inside the room. Then the door cracked open, Mackenzie stood peeking around. She looked him up and down, then sighed and stepped back, opening the door for him to enter.

Walking in, Conner saw the curtains were drawn, the TV was on, and the only light coming in was from the open bathroom door.

Turning to watch her close the door, he took in her pajama shorts and spaghetti strap tank top. The top was yellow and the shorts had daisies on them. He also noticed the bed was strewn with junk food wrappers. It looked like a teenage slumber party had just exploded.

Mackenzie walked in front of him and sat down on the edge of the bed. Crossing her arms over her chest, she looked at him and waited.

Conner had no clue what he was doing there, or what he was supposed to say. He put his hands on his hips and dropped his head to stare at his boots, hoping inspiration would come.

Mackenzie gave him a few minutes then decided she’d waited long enough.

“Did you come here to bond with me?”

“No,” he answered, a little too quickly for her taste.

“Did you come here to talk?”

“Don’t know what to say,” he answered honestly.

“Did you come here to take me out to lunch?”

“Hadn’t really thought of that.”

She continued to look at him. Breathing out a tired sounding sigh, she stood up and pulled her tank over her head, letting her breasts bounce as she freed them. She shucked off her shorts and walked over to the desk near the wall. She leaned over and spread her legs wide. Looking over her shoulder she said, “Just make it fast, my favorite movie starts in half an hour,” then turned back to look at the wall.

Conner’s heart had stopped the minute she pulled off her top. Then his brain froze as her shorts dropped, exposing her completely shaved pussy. That was new, he could have sworn last night it was at least a landing strip of hair. Now she was bent over, her sweet scent filling the room. He could see the moisture coating her labia from where he stood. She was ready for him, but she didn’t look happy about it.

What the fuck was he supposed to do? Take her up on her offer or deny the explosive pleasure that was waiting for him if he just took the two steps towards her.

He ran through her list of questions from a minute ago and they still weren’t viable options for him. So his horny bear and throbbing cock, made the decision for him.

Closing the distance, he pulled off his coat and threw it to the bed. He was wearing his usual shirt and jeans for work, it took him a second to rip his shirt off next.

Conner took one hand and starting at the back of her neck, skimmed it down her spine. The soft skin tickled under his fingertips until he reached the top of her ass. Bending over he placed his mouth where his fingers had stopped and ran his tongue back up the length of her spine to her neck. Not being able to resist, he gave her neck a quick nip. Not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to have his bear roaring and her cat hissing in response.

Flicking the buttons open on his jeans, he freed his erection and grabbed his thick length in his hand. Fitting the tip between her soaked pussy lips, he ran it up and down as he continued his hot open mouthed kisses to her neck.

“Tick tock, bear” she reminded.

For some reason, that really pissed him off.

Finding her opening, he entered her slowly, inch by inch. Tormenting her for the way she tormented him.

It took everything he had, to resist slamming into her. Once he was deep inside, he stilled. Reaching for her hands that were on the table, he grabbed them one by one and put them on the wall above her head. This position arched her back more and put her off balance. It was as physical as it was metaphorical for him. He needed to feel he had the upper hand here. Clearly he didn’t and swore his bear was laughing at him.

Tuning him out, Conner growled next to Kenzi’s ear, “Keep them there,” and finished his order with a long lick to her ear before returning to her neck.

He was playing with fire being so close to her neck. The smooth spot where her neck met her shoulder would look so perfect with his mark on her.

Pushing that thought as far back as he could, he straightened, grabbed her hips and slid back out of her clenching sheath.

No more words passed between them as Conner set the pace. Last night was symbolic, their first time together. The first time their animals had met.

Today was about dominance. Conner let his animal creep to the surface as he thrust hard back inside her.

Kenzi growled and hissed, arching to force him deeper. Conner wrapped an arm around her waist and the other up under her arm to grab her shoulder, pinning her to him.

He pounded into her, jack hammering hard enough that the desk that was screwed to the wall still thumped against it.

Kenzi must have liked it as she yowled. Conner hoped the room next door was empty or they’d have the manager knocking.

Mackenzie was angry, horny and hungry. It was never a good combo for her. She was pissed Conner had showed up, invading her little sanctuary. She was wallowing in snack cakes and chips before he arrived. The minute she smelled him on the other side of the door, her pussy grew wet. Her cat had started howling in her head and she had no choice but to let him in.

Honestly, his cock driving into her was even better than a snack cake. So she was only mad at herself for being such a floozy. Although, she mentally patted herself on the back for the bold move of stripping down and flashing her ass at him. Take that you pain in the ass bear, she thought.

Almost as if he heard her, his grip around her body tightened. She felt his hand slide from around her waist down to the front of her mound. His fingers zeroed in on her clit and started rubbing it furiously.

“Find it, Kenzi,” he ordered into her ear, his hot breath washing over her. She could hear how close his bear was to the surface and it only turned her on more.

She wanted this hard and fast, so she rotated her hips to bring him deeper into her each time.

“Good girl, so sweet, so fucking tight,” he said, grinding into her ass.

It was fucked up, but him calling her good girl just shot her over the top. Her body bucked into his as she exploded around him. The walls of her pussy clamping down, squeezing his dick to extend the blissful pleasure coursing through her. She let her head drop back to his shoulder as she cried out his name, “Conner!”

She heard him growl in response, his hips jerking behind her as he came, jetting his cum into her. He slipped a bit and wrapped his mouth around the end of her shoulder and bit down just enough to lock her in place without breaking the skin.

Conner couldn’t believe the ecstasy that was throbbing through him. Each spurt of cum rocketed out of him, like it was trying to reach her secret depths. His DNA searching for a prize that Conner wasn’t willing to acknowledge yet.

As he felt the last shudder rack his body, he slowly released her shoulder and relaxed his arms. He stood and slipped out of her dripping core, he’d never come as much as he had in the last twenty-four hours. It was record-setting his twisted little brain thought.

Buttoning up his pants, he waited for Mackenzie to turn around to him.

She finally dropped her arms and stood back from the desk. With her back to him she said, “Lock the door on your way out.”

Conner watched as she headed towards the bathroom and entered, closing the door behind her.

Never having looked at him.

Fuck, that hurt. That hurt in a way that Conner wasn’t sure how to process. His bear was whimpering in his head. He had gone from feeling like the king of the mountain to feeling like scum. She’d gotten hers, it wasn’t like he’d just got his rocks off and left her wanting. Right?

BOOK: Bear With Me
5.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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