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“Marisol died.”

Natalie stepped back. Her jaw dropped. “Oh my God . . . I . . . I’m sorry I . . .” She pressed her fingers to her lips and shook her head. “I’m such a bitch. Oh, Beck, I—”

“How would you know? It was my last mission, the details . . . I can’t remember what happened. I can’t remember how it happened. All I remember is her screaming and gunshots and then me waking up six weeks later. The reports say she’s dead. Her brother and I were the only two who made it out alive. And nobody seems to know where the hell he is.”

“I’m . . . I’m sorry.”

Beck nodded. His lips formed a thin line. “It was nearly a year ago, Natalie. I can’t remember. I did love her and I will probably always care for her.” Beck walked toward her. He understood Natalie’s need, he understood the vulnerability that he saw in her eyes. He understood. He wasn’t upset or mad. She’d been honest with him, she’d wanted and deserved an answer.

“I am involved with you now.” He reached out and grasped her arms. He held her gaze. “I care about you. You know that, right? You don’t have any doubts?”

“I know that.”

He pulled her into his arms and he pressed his lips to her forehead. He wanted to believe that Natalie felt secure in his arms, but she was tense, and he could see the shadow of doubt in her blue eyes.


Chapter Fifteen


For the next four weeks, they didn’t pretend like nothing was happening between them, but they were discreet. There were two rooms in the house that belonged to them: Natalie’s bedroom and bath. No cameras. No microphones.

Beck did his job. He went with Natalie to her table reads, her costume fittings, her rehearsals. He even shadowed her at her meetings with the producers and director. Faithful protector, his eyes always on their surroundings, always looking, always sensing until his relief detail arrived at ten p.m. each night. He met them in the foyer, debriefed, and then he disappeared into Natalie’s bedroom.

All nights but one, Jax patrolled the house and the perimeter. Hudson had arrived one night two weeks ago for night relief. Beck wasn’t hiding his relationship with Natalie, but he hadn’t informed Remi either.

This thing with Natalie was a relationship. When you slept with a woman every night for going on two months, you had a relationship. His heart told him that he was in much deeper than he wanted to admit.

“We have more surveillance.” Remi plopped a folder onto the kitchen island. Natalie was in the workout room with her trainer. “We need to review and we also need to start prepping for the premiere. It’s the most public event she’s done since the threats began.” Remi flipped open the folder. “The photos show a thirty-foot perimeter.”

Beck turned over the first photo, a shot of him beside Natalie opening the SUV door. He flipped through, his gaze scanning the pictures. Each photo of him and Natalie. He was always within arm’s reach. Most time her head was tilted down and Beck scanned around them searching, always searching, for a threat.

“We aren’t seeing Mr. Hoodie anymore.” Remi pulled a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

“He’s either grown bored or—”

“More cautious.” Remi twisted the cap. “Either way he’s backed away from Natalie. Which is good and bad. Makes him harder to track. The threat is still out there and we’re unsure if he’s found another target or he’s simply waiting for his opportunity.”

Beck looked at the final picture. His gut tightened. Much too familiar, much too close.

“This picture threw everyone at Greystone.”

The backyard. Beside the pool, a figure in the shadows just at the edge of the circle of light created by the motion detector lights.

Beck leaned forward, his gaze sliding over the photo. “How could anyone get into the yard without the sirens sounding?”

“That’s the night your report indicated you went to Natalie’s mom’s house.”

Heat pulsed through Beck.

“The house was empty for a number of hours.” Remi’s eyes locked with Beck. “We think whoever that is may have known the security code.”

“What the hell?”

“We’ve changed it since, but the original numbers? They were Natalie’s birthdate.”


“Slipped past the installation crew and our guys. No one checked.”

Beck should have checked. He should have known that the numbers matched Natalie’s birthday, he should have been doing an outdoor perimeter check.

“What time?” Beck asked.

“Around eleven. Just before Jax arrived. There was some down time that night? Right? Perimeters weren’t noted like they usually are.”

Beck nodded. This was the moment to discuss him and Natalie. To tell Remi about what was going on, to be completely transparent and professional and—

“Estrella wants to see you.” Remi gathered up the photos and returned them to the folder. “She’s calling you in to Greystone. Jax, Hudson, and I will be here. It’ll take three of us to replace you.” Remi’s gaze narrowed. “You’ve gotten to know Natalie very well. You can anticipate her every move.”

Beck’s jaw tightened. Was Remi fishing? What did he know? Why did Estrella need him at Greystone? These were questions Beck wouldn’t ask, not yet.

“I can tell Natalie or you can. Tomorrow, nine a.m., Estrella wants you at Greystone for at least a day.”

“At least? Am I going for twenty-four hours or longer?”

His belly tightened. He’d become accustomed to Natalie. She was beginning to feel like home, a feeling Beck hadn’t experienced since before he entered the Corps, since before his mother died . . . since before when he had memories and a life that didn’t include black box ops and secrets, and random visions that fogged his brain. He was starting to need Natalie as much as she needed him.

“As far as I know it’s only for a day, but Estrella may want something more from you.” Remi leveled his best operative stare onto Beck. “Anything you want to tell me before you come in?”

Deep breath.

Remi’s gaze swept over Beck’s face. “Okay, then save it for Estrella.”

Beck nodded. He’d do just that. What would Estrella think about him falling for Natalie? About how his personal feelings could put Natalie in jeopardy, about—

“Beck?” Natalie called as she bounced into the kitchen, her hair in a ponytail, sweat dripping down her neck and pooling between her breasts. The giant smile directed at Beck slid from her lips when her gaze landed on Remi. “Hey Remi.” She pulled a prepped stainless steel water bottle from the refrigerator. “What’re you doing here?”

“Surveillance update. Your hoodie guy hasn’t been making an appearance as of late. He’s either found another target or waiting for a better opportunity to get close.”

Natalie shivered. The flush drained from her face. Not exactly how Beck would have told Natalie, if he’d told her at all.

Beck’s stomach clutched. Shit. Natalie needed to know the risk, but Beck wouldn’t have wanted to tell her. His gaze locked with Remi and then bounced toward Natalie. He wanted to protect her from details, to soften the blow. Doing so could be a horrible error. An error one committed when dealing with someone you loved. Beck’s gaze slid back to Remi, who lifted a brow.

“Nine a.m. tomorrow?” Beck asked.

Remi nodded.

Beck didn’t want to go in to Greystone, but he needed to. He’d tell Estrella and let the chips fall.

“I’ll be here by eight. Jax will take tonight.”

Natalie’s eyes held questions.

“Miss Warner.” Remi turned and walked from the kitchen with the folder filled with pictures in his hand.

Once Natalie heard the front door open and close, she turned to Beck, her eyes narrowed. “What’s tomorrow?”

“I’m going to Greystone.”

“How long?”

“At least twenty-four hours, maybe longer.”

Her head jerked back as though his words had hit her. “They’re pulling you without asking me?”

“This is a security matter. You’ll have Hudson, Jax, and Remi—”

“I don’t want Hudson and Jax and Remi,” Natalie interrupted. She moved closer to him, too close. Her brow furrowed and her lips tightened. She lowered her voice. “I want you.”

The muscles in his body tightened. His cock hardened. His response to her body was instant.

He kept his hands at his sides and fought the urge to reach out and pull her body to him. “They’re great agents. You’ll be safe.”

“They’re not you,” she whispered. “This isn’t about safety or security—this is about us.” She placed her water bottle on the counter. “I want us to be together. Isn’t it time we tell them?” Her hip brushed his body. “I want you here. I need you in my life.”

Beck’s heart stutter-stepped.
Need was dangerous and powerful. He felt the same sort of pull toward Natalie. He needed her like his lungs needed oxygen. He wanted to scoop her up into his arms, pull her close, kiss her, hold her, and press his body to hers.

She lifted her eyebrow. “I’m going to take a shower.” She tilted her head. Unspoken words danced across the expression on her face. “Before I do, I need some
getting a box down in my room.”

There was no box. There were also no cameras in Natalie’s room or bathroom. The only private place they could escape to together. Bold. Brazen. They hadn’t been fooling around during the daytime. Too dangerous, too obvious. They only indulged their need for each other once darkness fell.

“Will you help me—” Her mouth curled into a wicked smile. “—with my

He could barely answer without laughing. “I’ll help you with your

Beck followed Natalie up the stairs and into her room. Sparks flew between them as though she were flint and he a hammer. In her bathroom she flipped on the showerheads and turned to him. Slowly and deliberately she peeled her sports bra over her flesh. Her pert nipples that tasted like spun sugar popped out of the fabric. Heat simmered between them, building into a fire. She bent forward and took off her tiny shorts.

Oh God yes.

She stood naked before him. Her body ready for him.

She pulled his shirt over his head and then stripped him of his jeans. Naked, she pressed her body to his and his mouth took her lips in a greedy and hot kiss. Natalie opened the glass door to the marble shower, and together they walked under the four showerheads that pelted them with hot beads of water.

“Don’t leave me.” Her hand grasped his cock. “Don’t go to Greystone.”

His belly tightened and pleasure rolled through him. She knelt in front of him and her tongue flicked out, licking over the round tip. She parted her lips and pulled him into her mouth.

His knees nearly buckled from the pleasure, and he leaned over her and pressed his palms to the cool marble of the shower wall. Natalie slid her mouth to the base of his shaft. He placed one hand on her thick black hair, now damp with moisture. Her lips trailed up from the base to the tip of his shaft and then plunged back down, suctioning him with her lips.

Heat built in his balls. She pulled her head back, sucking hard and fast, and then plunged forward. Natalie slid her hands between his legs and cupped his balls. A firm squeeze with her hands and she sucked harder and moved faster, her mouth becoming more insistent as his desire built. Her tongue circled the tip of his cock. Faster and faster she slid down to the base and then back up, her hands squeezing and stroking as her mouth sucked.

“Baby, please.” He grasped her shoulders, trying to pull her up to him. His come was hot and ready to explode from his cock. Natalie brushed him away and continued to suck. Fuck. His control disappeared. His back tightened and a tingle threaded up his legs. His balls drew closer to his body. Her mouth pulled harder and faster and her hand grasped his cock. Heat ripped from his balls, down his shaft, and exploded into Natalie’s mouth, her lips and tongue milking and stroking, and she was swallowing around his flesh. Drawing out every bit of come from his body.

His muscles tightened. A roar ripped from his throat and out his mouth. Both palms pressed to the cool marble. His head dropped forward. Water pelted him. He couldn’t move. Her mouth slowly released him with a final stroke of her tongue over the head of his cock. A tremble ripped through his body.

She looked up at him and a small smile curled around her lips. The heat, the wet, the steam—fuck, but he wanted her. He pulled her to standing and pressed his mouth to hers, the salty taste of his own come on her lips. In an instant he was hard again. He pressed his fingertip to her clit and her body melted in his arms. Her head fell back and pants of air came from her mouth as he circled his finger over her swollen nub.

“Please, I want you, please, Beck.”

He turned her toward the shower wall and pressed her palms to the wall. His arm snaked around her waist and one hand reached between her legs and continued to rub her clit. His knee opened her legs. The head of his cock pressed to the edge of her folds. That thick, lush ass undulating against his hard cock.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he whispered in her ear. “I’m going to fuck you until you yell my name.”

“Yes,” she moaned.

He edged the head of his cock into the tight ring of muscles.

A long moan escaped her mouth.

He pressed upward, his cock nudging deeper into her folds, the ring of muscle slipping over the head while his finger continued to massage her clit. Beck’s lips against the back of her neck and pussy tightened around his shaft.

“You have the best ass.” He smacked the taut, round flesh now pressed against his belly.

“Fuck yes, Beck, oh my God, fuck yes.” The sound of her voice, a plea, a need, a want. Her body tightened around his shaft and his throbbing cock pulsed deep inside her.

“Please, oh my God, Beck, please.”

“Louder.” His voice a rough whisper in her ear.

“Please!” she wailed.

With the sound of Natalie’s voice, he thrust up hard and fast, his cock throbbing deep inside her body. Forward and back, flesh slapping against flesh.

His head fell forward and her head fell back, her lips now close to his ear. “Oh, my God, Beck, I love you.”

His come burst from his balls and shot deep into her, and his ears rang with the promise of Natalie’s words.

BOOK: Beck: Hollywood Hitman
3.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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