Bed and Breakfast [Bloodkin 1] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)

BOOK: Bed and Breakfast [Bloodkin 1] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)
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Bloodkin 1

Bed and Breakfast

Marlais "Moss" Hayden is a young man struggling to survive after being sent away by his impoverished family. A want ad falls into his hands, advertising a position for "bed and breakfast." When he looks into it, Moss realizes the job is to provide sex and blood to kin lord Vane Bloodmoor.

In his capacity as a kin lord, Vane works to control the bloodkin from killing humans during feeding. His life's motto is to always keep control and not lose himself to his instincts. But Moss awakens unfamiliar feelings inside Vane. Intrigued, he offers Moss a job as a secretary and blood donor. Moss is unable to refuse or the resist the bloodkin's allure.

But there are more powerful forces at work. Vane and Moss soon find themselves thrust in a political plot that threatens to destabilize the world order as they know it. Faced with impossible odds, can the fragile bond survive?

Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.

Alternative (M/M or F/F), BDSM, Vampires/Werewolves

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Bloodkin 1






Scarlet Hyacinth











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Bloodkin 1



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Bloodkin. A race of mystery and paradoxes, spawning that empire that engulfed everything it touched, out of the pure primal need to feed. Some called them monsters. Others were fascinated by them. But as a general rule, everyone agreed that they were dangerous, predators who just looked like people.

From their capital city of Tachaka, the bloodkin spread out, invading every corner of the main continent. The only ones who could have stopped them were the elves. But there was too much history between the two species, too much conflict and potential for war.

With no real protection in front of the seduction of the bloodkin, the humans became trapped, the perfect prey. Other species fought back, holding their own against the gradual invasion of the bloodkin, but the hearts of men were too easily seduced by the power, wealth, and beauty of the kin.

Doubtlessly, they might have all been turned into blood slaves, perhaps even wiped out completely after a few generations. To prevent needless killing, the Kin Lords appeared, highly respected bloodkin nobles who were tasked with making sure everyone from their race respected the most important law of all, the Bloodkin Covenant.

A tenuous balance was created, with the humans starting to get more and more accustomed with the bloodkin’s presence in their world. Entire industries spawned for the pure purpose of providing certain services to the Kin Lords. In the meantime, the elves became more and more isolated, hiding in their secret homeland of Manturanael, anticipating and fearing the inevitable.

Unfortunately, they were proven to be correct. In spite of the efforts of the Kin Lords, no one could control the instincts of a species forever.

But unbeknownst to anyone, bloodkin weren’t simply a race of predators. They had hearts and souls, although many times, they didn’t even acknowledge it.

In the wake of increasingly chaotic political developments, the select few who opened up to these emotions became victims of their own feelings. Were they going to be able to protect themselves and their chosen life partners? Only time would tell.

Chapter One


“But, Duncan, are you sure there is no other way?”

“We can’t afford another mouth to feed, Olivia. The boy will be fine with my brother.”

Moss listened to his parents talk and tears welled up in his eyes. He blinked them away hastily, forcing himself to look calm and cheerful. His two siblings were already giving him concerned looks. He didn’t need to add another burden to their young lives. “Moss, what’s wrong?” his sister, Josephine, asked. By her side, their youngest brother, Lamar, gave Moss a wide-eyed look.

“Nothing at all,” Moss answered. He ruffled Jo’s blonde hair, smiling down at his siblings. If his leaving meant they would get a good life and education, he’d gladly do it.

Of course, he had his doubts about the truth of his own words. Once, his parents had once been well-off. His mother’s family had provided her with a generous dowry, and his father had always worked to improve their status in society and have them live good lives. But their happiness ended one day, when the strangers began popping up all over the place, taking over everything in their little town, Elmya.

At first, his family had resisted the assault, but in the end, they’d fallen as well. Somehow, his father had ended up gambling their home and most of their fortune away. Now, their financial situation had become poor at best, and Moss had known he’d be the first one to go. By miracle, they’d managed to keep a property where they now lived, a small cabin once belonging to Moss’s late grandparents. Still, they were in deep debt, and the situation only grew worse with each passing day.

He supposed he should feel thankful. His uncle owned a prosperous business at the other side of the Great Waters, and Moss had always wanted to travel and see the world. It’d work out just fine.

Still, hearing his mother cry in the other room broke his heart, just like the thought of leaving his family behind.

“Are you really going to leave?” Lamar asked in a small voice. They must’ve heard the conversation as well, not that it had been very hard, given the volume of his parents’ voices and the size of the cabin.

Moss hated the pain in his brother’s voice. Lam and Jo were too young for this. They should be playing and enjoying their childhood, not worrying about their daily bread. As their little arms wrapped around him, Moss whispered, “It’s okay. Uncle will take care of me, and I’ll come back to visit.”

Quiet sniffles sounded in his ears. “I don’t want you to go,” Jo sobbed.

Moss didn’t want to go either, but he didn’t say it. Instead, he just held his crying siblings, comforting them the only way he could.

He didn’t know how long they just sat there. Behind him, the door opened, and Moss at last broke the embrace. He got up and faced his father. Duncan’s stern gaze ironically gave him hope. Perhaps his father had learned his lesson and he would take care of Jo and Lam once Moss left.

“I take it you heard,” Duncan said.

Moss just nodded, but his siblings shot forward. “Papa,” Jo said, “we want Moss to stay. Please let him stay.”

Duncan’s eyes went to his younger children, and in his tense stance, Moss saw sheer heartbreak. “Jo, it’s for the best,” he piped in. “This way, I’ll get to travel, just like I always wanted, and learn more things.”

He didn’t say his apprenticeship with his uncle Douglas would most likely take away all his chances of becoming what he’d always wanted. He dreamed of becoming a scholar, maybe a secretary of an important lord, or even better, a librarian. He loved books and paradoxically, both numbers and sweet stories of fantasy entertained his childhood. He lost all that once his parents fell into ruin, taking away with them his carefree dreams and laughter.

At most, his uncle could give him a position as a worker or a clerk. Merchants like Douglas didn’t need bookish folk, as they rarely, if ever, trusted their accounting to someone else. From what little Moss remembered of Douglas, the man held no love for scholars.

But Jo and Lam seemed a bit encouraged by Moss’s words, and for that, Moss felt thankful.

He caught a grateful look from his father and nodded in acknowledgement. Truth be told, he didn’t blame Duncan for what happened. Many had fallen prey to the strangers. Dark and powerful, they took hold of hearts and minds. Respectable men abandoned their families, seduced by the alluring silhouettes of the women. Some even fell into the embrace of their own gender. Not even the young people had been spared. Many of Moss’s friends now spent their days in sexual frenzy.

BOOK: Bed and Breakfast [Bloodkin 1] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)
3.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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