Bella (A Sagatori family saga-A Mafia Romance Book 5)

BOOK: Bella (A Sagatori family saga-A Mafia Romance Book 5)
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Bella Volume 5 A Sagatori family saga by Kimberly Blalock

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Our family waited for Jax and me in the living room.

I sighed, not wanting to deal with anyone— let alone our family—right then.

“What’s wrong?” Jax reached from behind, pulling me into an embrace. “You’re the most beautiful woman in the world,” he said, nuzzling into my ear, knowing exactly how to calm me.

I smiled, unable to resist the upward curve of my glossed lips. Jax made me feel more loved since he came back than I’ve ever felt before.

“I’m fine, ready to be with our family for an amazing dinner, of course.” I was lying. A ping of guilt washed over my conscience, knowing that I didn’t want to waste Jax’s and my precious time with them.

“I’d rather be doing something more private with my wife, alone. But they’re waiting for their queen.” His hands slid across my body. “You ready to announce the pregnancy?” His hold became protective against my tummy. The protectiveness made me feel special and loved. I’d always wanted to be in the position of the men; respected. But when Jax was gone all I wanted was for
to protect me. Funny how things change when you fall in love.

I drew in a deep breath, relaxing into his hold. I leaned my head back so that his mouth was just at the nape of my neck. “Mmhmm.” I smiled when his lips rested against my heated flesh.

“After dinner, I’ll show you how much I love you.” His head rose as he looked into my eyes and a beautiful cocky grin stared back at me. His expression showed so much of his brilliant confidence and power I loved so much.

I remembered a time when I hated that grin and now, now I can’t get enough of it. “Again?” I smiled up at him.

Jax was being strong, and he was, but he’d been hurt badly. Most of his injuries were healing because he was strong, stronger than most. When he woke up, he walked around the house like a sponge; God that was so hard to watch. And even though he’d been unyielding with his workouts and therapy, I wondered if he’d been hiding his weakness from everyone. I saw past it, however, I knew his recovery would be a difficult one. And because he’d been so relentless, he’d gotten stronger day by day.  I guess I worried he’d been hiding his progress or rather any possible lack thereof from me.

“Let's get this over with—” he reached for my hand giving an apologetic grin. “—so that I can get you back into bed.” He winked.

Jax held my hand firmly as we walked through the corridor that led us into the living room—the heart of the penthouse.

Alessandra, Mr. and Mrs. Moretti, Adam, Chase, Emily, Tony, Sal, and Dominic waited, talking amongst themselves. There was also a new face among our group, Wyatt, but he was here to guard us, specifically Jax.

“Look who the cat dragged in,” Adam laughed. I knew what that comment had meant. He was the least respectful of the three Moretti brothers.

I shook my head, already wanting to slap him in his spiteful mouth. “You are aware I know the innuendo in that comment, right?” There was something about Adam I simply didn’t like. I wished I had answers to the unknowing of what it was about him that didn’t set right with me. I’d kept that to myself, of course. I kept most things to myself not wanting to cause Jax any unneeded stress. With the Bratva still out there, everywhere, I couldn’t risk it. He needed to be focused.

Adam leaned forward palming his brandy glass. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he slurred and followed with a wink.

Mr. Moretti, Jax’s father, stood and raised his arms toward Jax preventing Adam from speaking further. He leaned in for a manly embrace and a pat on the back. Jax never let go of the grip he held on my hand while he greeted the entire family. I stood next to him, watching their smiling faces as they bullshit about how they knew he’d wake up. They all doubted that he’d make it. But now they claimed the opposite, and this infuriated me.

“Isabella, is everything alright?” Mrs. Moretti asked.

My cheeks tightened the longer I stood in her narrowed stare. “I’m fine.” I gave a dutiful smile. After all, it wasn’t her that I was upset with; it was his brother— the arrogant asshole, Adam—whom I wanted to smack the shit out of.

My eyes roamed the space seeing the family as they began gathering around the dining table, smiling faces all around. Jax waited for everyone to pass then pulled me along in the direction of the large oval mahogany table.

“Sit,” he offered as he pulled out my chair for me. Once I’d sat, he pressed a kiss to the top of my head before taking the seat next to mine at the head of the table.

“You look good, son,” Mr. Moretti spoke. I hadn’t spent much time with Jax’s father; he was a fairly quiet man, only speaking when he deemed it appropriate. He hadn’t said one word to me directly in the short time that I’d known him. I was certain he didn’t approve of me and the outburst I’d had in the hospital, but that was his opinion. Whatever they were, they were his, and I didn’t need his approval.

Jax nodded his head. “I am good. Better than good, actually.” A smile lifted at Jax’s lips the moment his eyes slid to mine causing my heart to skip a beat. 

“What’s so good about all the shit you’ve been through?” Adam snorted.

Mrs. Moretti spoke quickly in Italian while lurching forward into the table. “Adamo Moretti!”

My eyes widened as I watched Jax’s mother getting onto her son for the first time. “Adamo?” I whispered to Jax, giggling into my water glass.

“Sorry, Momma,” Adam batted his eyes at her. Did everyone fall for that? He had her wrapped around his finger.

“Mammoni.” I pressed the cotton napkin to my lips and coughed.

Jax’s fingers tightened around my thigh, but before I had the chance to turn to him several eyes landed on me. Each person at the table looked appalled that I’d said it, but I hadn’t said anything that wasn’t true.

“Isabella, Adamo is a good boy,” she laid her hand on top of his and smiled sweetly.

My mouth opened as I watched Adam’s cocky grin wash over his face. I knew what I should say, but once again I couldn’t help myself. I knew it would end with a scolding. “Please don’t tell me your momma still irons your underwear?”

Emily erupted into a fit of laughter spitting the water she’d just taken a drink of across the table, Dominic being the unintended target. I also began to laugh while holding my mouth. I tried to fight against it but couldn’t. After a few minutes of laughing so hard we could barely breathe, I was finally able to draw in some air. When I looked up from my lap everyone at the table including Jax stared at Emily and me with disgust, which quickly turned my heated face, pale and cold. Once Emily had quit laughing she too sat pale as a ghost.

“If you two have had enough,” Mrs. Moretti folded her unused napkin tossing it in front of her on the table.

I cleared my throat. “Sorry,” I apologized, folding my hands in my lap letting my head fall there as well; feeling as though I’d just been scolded by my parents.

Jax’s eyes that had fallen to mine were paralyzed there, watching me carefully. His posture casually rested into the high back dining chair. When his eyes turned from mine they focused on Adam harshly but only a moment. I caught the change, but I wasn’t sure anyone else had. Was he angry with Adam? I watched his eyes hard and strained turn soft and beautiful as he relaxed his hand against the flesh of my thigh.

Everyone that sat at the table continued after another moment of silence. Quietly under the table, Jax’s hand focused on me. His fingers traced the outline of my panties through the silk of my red dress. Lightly skimming the fabric with his warm fingers causing me to relax into his touch. The fabric of my dress was thin enough to feel every move of his large fingers as he came closer to my heated arousal. My eyes blinked into his. Would he do this here, in front of his entire family? The cocky curve of his lip answered the question I had considered. He would, in fact, do this right here right now.

The others at the table chatted and laughed all while Jax continued on his quest. The soft touch of his fingers skimmed over my clit hidden behind the silk of my dress causing me to jut forward with a harsh gasp. My mouth closed quickly and my eyes drifted across the table surveying the group that sat only feet from us. Not seeing that anyone had noticed, I turned back toward Jax. He leaned to the right of his chair in just a way that wasn’t obvious of what he was doing. The curve of his mouth and the way his tongue swept his lips had me wanting him so badly.

Jax had everything a woman could want from a man and then some. Lust in the way he watched me, charisma in the way he charmed me, and confidence in the way he touched me. His strength as he sat with his muscles protruding through his white dress shirt and the ripple of his arms when he adjusted his position or picked up his wine glass drove me insane. His eyes curved into a smoldering of a stare, waiting for me to react to his touch. He was playing a naughty game.

“Bella,” a voice called.

I drew in a sharp breath, fighting the gasps that desperately wanted to escape through the pleasure he was giving me. I turned my head toward the voice that called my name and lifted my brows.

“Jax said you had a surprise,” Mr. Moretti asked as he set his wine glass in front of him.

I had no idea that I’d be put on the spot at dinner, and what the hell was he announcing that for? I turned toward the troublemaker himself. “Care to elaborate for our guests?” I shot him a raised brow.

His expression was nothing less than confident: tongue crossing his lip, dark hair hanging just above his eyes, and strong jaw covered with a perfect amount of dark stubble. “I thought you’d like to share.” His brow rose with the smirk of his lips.

“That was very generous of you,” I answered sarcastically. “I thought perhaps we’d tell them together?” I questioned.

“Oh for the love of God will you just tell us already?” Tony laughed.

“Bella and I are having a baby,” Jax announced.

Silence followed before Tony’s eyes moved to Emily; Emily’s followed to Mrs. Moretti, and both Adam and Chase hadn’t seem fazed in the slightest. “Why does it feel like this isn’t new information?” I narrowed my eyes between Emily and Mrs. Moretti.

Emily coughed and readjusted the napkin that sat on her lap while Mrs. Moretti entangled her fingers in front of her on the table. I turned to Jax seeing a smile as he watched the other two troublemakers looking as if they had just been scolded.

“Because it’s not,” Tony said as he watched Emily stir in her seat.

“I don’t know why you bother to tell her anything; hell, she probably knew before you did,” Adam snorted.

“Honestly, do you ever quit with the jokes?” she said on an eye roll.

“Oh please, save the arguments, it doesn’t matter—” I turned to Jax pulling a smile to my lips “— What does matter is that Jax is here and a precious baby is growing inside of my belly as we speak.” I reached my hand toward Jax.

“That’s exactly right! No need for blame here,” Emily nodded as if I didn’t know it was her that spilled the information.

“Oh please, I know it was you.” I glared.

“She can’t help herself, Bella, she’s a rat,” Chase laughed.

Jax’s laugh mimicked Chase’s; a strong bobbing chuckle from his chest. I watched the happiness wash over his face causing my heart to fill with joy. His hands swept across his jaw with relaxed motion. His hand stilled on my thigh before he squeezed the tips of his fingers into my flesh protectively. I was his and he was mine. I knew that— I felt that— but there was an undeniable fear that grew each day into the pit of my stomach that something bad was about to happen.

“Bella, this is the most glorious news! I can’t tell you how truly excited we are about a baby!” Mrs. Moretti clapped her hands together unable to contain her excitement. “When is the baby’s due date?”

All of the men at the table were excited as well, each of them jumping up from the table to congratulate Jax.

“New Year’s Eve.”

“There is so much to plan! Emily and I will get started on a baby shower.”

“Oh, yeah that will be so much fun,” Emily said, not looking too interested in joining Mrs. Moretti with the task.

“Thank you, that’s very kind of you.” I smiled. I wanted to cry—probably because of heightened hormones, but also because my mother wouldn’t be here to help plan such a beautiful event.

BOOK: Bella (A Sagatori family saga-A Mafia Romance Book 5)
5.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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