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BOOK: Bella (A Sagatori family saga-A Mafia Romance Book 5)
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Bella ignored him and headed up the stairs to our room.

Tony, Dominic, and Sal stood in the entryway. I slipped off my jacket. “If she ever—” I loosened my tie. “— leaves this house,” I pulled my gun from its holster, “— alone,” I cocked the gun, “— Again,” I aimed it toward Dominic, “— I’ll kill each one of you, one by one.” I released the gun, “— Have I made myself clear?” They each nodded. “Good, I’m glad we understand each other. ‘Cause when I got to her some Russian fuck was escorting her outside.”

“Who was it? Anyone we know?” Sal asked.

I shook my head, “I’ve never seen him before, but Wyatt is taking care of it. Go give him a hand, will ya?” I said with annoyance before he quickly nodded and disappeared out the door. “As for you two worthless fucks, Bella loves you so I won't cut your dicks off just yet, but let me assure you I won’t hesitate the next time.” I disappeared into my office.

Now that Bella was safe there was another matter, a ghost I needed to see about.


Two weeks later

I wrapped my arms around my chest as I watched out the window of the bedroom suite. My emotions had been all over the place today. I would deliver our baby in a few short months and yet my parents wouldn’t be here to see Ennio. They wouldn’t hold him or me. I was an adult and didn’t need my parents there to coddle me, but I wanted them to. I missed my father’s protectiveness and my mother’s softness. Jax filled a great deal of my emptiness, but there would always be a place in my heart for them.

Ennio kicked my tummy as I smoothed my hand in a repetitious circle causing the sadness in my chest to flee followed with a smile. “Mommy can’t wait to see you.” I released a relaxed breath.

Jax had been gone for only two hours for New York and yet it felt as if it’d been a week already. The more he traveled, the more restless I became. Expecting a call from him every few hours wasn’t rational, but I hadn’t been rational since his attempted murder. I worried every second that something horrible was coming. The Bratva had made it clear they’d kill anyone Jax cared about, and that caused me to become a prisoner inside of my own home. Normally I would’ve left and demanded that I’d do what the hell I wanted, but I had Ennio to think about now.

Today, however, I needed to meet with Megan Busto concerning the cancer gala. She said she wanted me to be apart of the next event, but since I was trapped in the penthouse until further notice and Ennio was expected to arrive so close to the gala’s date, I volunteered to do the simple tasks, things that wouldn’t mean I’d have to leave the penthouse. Megan said she’d be bringing someone new on board to help as well. I felt a bit guilty that I wouldn’t be able to help to the extent that I’d wanted to, but it was simply out of my hands and left me with very few options at that point.

She and her friend were due to arrive any time for lunch. I was required to make excuse after excuse as to why I needed to stay home and why we’d need to meet here. This likely caused suspicion being as my name was Moretti and Jax had been a local on the news the last few weeks, but I was proud to be his wife. My reasoning was that I was on strict orders from my doctor to stay home. It seemed to be an effective excuse and was not questioned like I feared it would be.

“Isabella?” I heard Alessandra call on the intercom.


“Lunch is prepared and your guests are due any moment.”

“Thank you,” I sighed into the wall beside me.

I slipped on my flats I’d chosen because of the swollen feet I’d had the last few days, and left the room heading for the stairs. Tony stood on the last stair, leaning on the wall with a phone to his ear.

I flashed a raised eyebrow his way as I passed and stepped down onto the floor. I felt him follow close behind me. “Was that Jax?” I asked without looking behind me.

“No,” he answered.

Once we were at the entrance of the kitchen I saw Dominic sitting at the table. I’d decided I didn’t want them hovering over me when the ladies arrived.

“I’m glad you’re both here,” I began.

“Of course, you are.” Dominic scrunched his brows together forcing a cocky grin.

“Yeah yeah, I have a few ladies arriving any minute, and I’d really like for them not to see that I have two guards following me around like puppy dogs.”

“I’m seriously offended.” Dominic feigned offense holding his hand to his chest.

“You want us to leave or something?” Tony asked. “Cause we can’t leave,” he said with certainty.

I shook my head. “No, of course not. I was just thinking you could hang out in Jax’s office for an hour or so?”

“Leave the poor girl to her friends,” Alessandra interjected.

The two shrugged.

“Yeah, that’s cool we can do that,” Tony agreed after Alessandra handed him a plate of her delicious Cannoli. “An hour?” His eyes watched the plate with hunger.

“Yes,” I laughed.

The doorbell rang, and Dominic opened the cabinet that hid behind a print of the ocean seeing who was at the door.

“I asked that they were sent up.”

Tony’s eyes glared down at me. “Bella, don’t do that again.”

“It’s fine.” I waved a hand at him.

His hand tugged on my arm as I crossed the threshold from the kitchen on my way to answer the door. “It’s not fine! You have no idea what is going on right now, what kind of danger you’re not only putting yourself in but Alessandra! And all you continue to do is make one stupid mistake after the other like a child.”

My eyes slid to Alessandra who stood behind the counter with a towel clutched in her tiny hands. I tucked my head down shamelessly as what he said sank in.

Tony released my arm and sighed, “Look, I get that you want a life and friends and all that other shit chicks—” he cleared his throat, “—ladies, what ladies want, but you are not negotiating your safety and that,
need to get.”

I couldn’t see my face or the expression I held on my ice-cold cheeks, but I imagined my eyes were wide and my mouth gaped open.

“Look, Bella, you need to be more responsible right now. For all we know the Bratva could be on the other side of that door. We know they want to hurt Jax and his family, and what better way to do that than hurting his unborn son? Don’t you remember what they’ve already done and tried to do since then? You can't possibly be this naive.”

I hadn’t realized the velocity of this situation until then. I hadn’t realized that at any moment even in my own home my son could be harmed because of who his father was. Why hadn’t that really stuck with me? Maybe I was acting like a child. The doorbell rang again just as I sank into the chair at the table.

“I’ll get it,” Tony spoke.

“Isabella, this life—” Alessandra pressed her hand along my cheek, “—It’s tough, but you’re the toughest girl I know.”

I could’ve put her in harms way and yet she still believed in me. “I’m sorry.”

“Ah, we’ll have none of that.”

Dominic watched me from the other side of the table, and I could see he felt bad for what had been said, but in all honesty it wasn’t what was said that upset me; it was what could’ve happened. Tony was right, after all; I hadn’t been thinking clearly, and I needed to make sure that I didn’t put my family at risk ever again.

I stood, rubbed my belly, and nodded to Dominic and then Alessandra before leaving the kitchen to see about my guests.

“Tony, thank you.”  This thank you was about more than helping my guests inside; it was about being the voice of reason when my other half couldn’t be here to keep me focused. The only things that mattered in my life were my husband and those that waited for me in the kitchen, and of course, my baby boy tucked safely inside of my belly. I was as stubborn as they came and needed a good kick in the ass every once in a while, especially when it came to keeping my family safe.

Tony didn’t smile or try to apologize. I knew he wouldn’t, and I didn’t need him too. He walked past me with only a glare.

I swept my hands over my cheeks, pulling a smile from nowhere and a deep breath from the bottom of the hole I just climbed out of to greet my guests. Meghan stood staring at the photographs of Jax and me while another woman stood next to her, her back to me. Long blonde hair tucked to the side, long legs, and pristine attire in the form of a Christian Dior dress.

“Hello, ladies, welcome to my home.”

Megan quickly turned to greet me while ushering her friend to turn around as well.

“It’s been too long.” Megan reached in for a hug. “This is Sarah Smith, she’s recently moved here as well and is eager to get involved.” Sarah smiled, her long blonde hair cascading down her shoulder.

“This is a beautiful home, Bella.”

“Thank you so much.” I smiled.

“Bella is due to have a baby in a few months so her physician has ordered her to stay home. She’ll be helping out with tasks she can complete here.”

Sarah and Megan smiled.

“Shall we begin with lunch?” I offered my hand toward the dining room.

Once we were seated at the table, the two women looked around, investigating each piece of artwork that held a spot on the walls. Mesmerized as I had once been.

“Are these originals?” Sarah asked.

“Some, so what is on the agenda?” I asked as Tony entered with a bottle of wine for our guests. I eyed him curiously wondering where Alessandra was, but of course, he didn’t seem to notice. After pouring a glass of water for me, he disappeared from the dining room.

Megan began telling of her plans for this year’s gala theme, which would be Moroccan.

“You and your husband must be very excited about the baby,” Sarah sipped on her wine. She hadn’t touched her lunch and with the figure of a nail, I imagined she didn’t eat much of anything ever.

“Oh yes, he is definitely going to be spoiled rotten,” I giggled.

“Babies tend to have that effect don’t they?”

“Yes, they certainly do. Do you have children, Sarah?” I asked seeing that she wore a wedding ring large enough to float her across the Chicago River.

“No, I’m afraid I lost my child early on in my pregnancy a year ago.”

My heart sank for her, as I was simply unable to imagine how devastated she must have been and how difficult— I was certain— it was seeing another pregnant woman. “I’m so sorry for your loss,” I breathed.

“Thank you. I appreciate that, Bella. She would’ve been the princess her father deserved.” Her eyes hardened at the mention of her husband.

Wanting to lighten the mood, I turned the attention toward Megan. “I’m so glad that you were both able to meet for lunch today. I hope that it wasn’t an inconvenience for you.” I smiled.

“Not at all, it was simply a matter of having the driver drive and me walk to the elevator,” she laughed.

“Good, I’m glad. I will be on rest until further notice, so any meetings that we have will need to be here, but I offer food and wine.” I smiled.

“Well, in that case, I say let’s have every meeting here,” Sarah said as the two laughed.

“I need to get going. My driver is waiting to take me to another commitment,” Sarah declared.

“Yes, of course—” I offered, “—I’ll see you out.”

Megan looked at the Cartier watch on her wrist. “I must be going as well. Bella, thank you for all of your help with the gala. I’ll call you in a few days and we can catch up.”

“Of course,” I smiled as I rose from my chair.

The two stood, gathered their belongings, and walked toward the front door.

“Bella, would you mind if I used the restroom before I go?”

“Oh— Oh my gosh the door to our guest bathroom is broken. I keep meaning to call someone about that.” She began to shift her stance. “Please use the restroom upstairs in the room to the right.” I gestured with my hand to the stairs.

“Oh thank you so much.”

“Bella, as always it was a pleasure.” Megan said as her phone rang taking her attention away. “Duty calls.” She rolled her eyes. “If you’ll excuse me.”

“Of course, we’ll talk soon.” I closed the door behind her.

I’d been waiting for Sarah for several long minutes when she finally descended the staircase. “Thank you again for lunch, Bella. I look forward to seeing you again and maybe even meeting your husband.”

“Of course, yes.” I smiled.

“Is he here now? I’m sure my husband would love meeting him as well.”

“No, he’s away on business, but I’d love to plan something.”

“Perfect, we’ll set something up soon.” She smiled and exited the door.

I walked to Jax’s office where Tony and Dominic had been during my lunch. “You can come out now.”

“Thank God! You have no idea what it’s like being stuck in a room with this guy.” Dominic threw some playing cards at Tony.

“Did you and your BFF’s have fun?” Dominic teased.

“A blast, and they’re not my BFF’s; it’s for charity.”

“Helping people and all that shit.” He nodded.

“Yeah, and all that shit.” They were so clueless.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of phone calls for the gala that I’d committed myself to. I signed up to speak with caterers and a few members of Chicago’s elite. I donated the food for the gala. When I finished with that I reached out to the mayor, inquiring about a sponsorship from him personally or his office. He seemed to approve of last year's gala and since our goal this year was to have everything donated so that all of the profit made could go to the Cancer research, I needed to make good on my part. I considered it a huge responsibility and one of the most important roles of organizing such a large event.

BOOK: Bella (A Sagatori family saga-A Mafia Romance Book 5)
4.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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