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I tapped my
finger on the flimsy wood desk as my professor droned on about
something regarding physics. I swear physics was created by the
devil. I had been a straight A student through my high school and
college careers and physics was the first class I received a B in.
Needless to say, I was mortified. I couldn't believe I had received
a B but there it was, clear as day, a permanent mark on my once
perfect record. I couldn't figure out why physics had ruined me
because really, in the scheme of things, it wasn't that hard. I
think it's having to derive my own equations and make shit up that
got me. I can follow an equation that's given to me but once I'm
asked to create my own, I'm lost. How the hell does one just
magically come up with their own equation and it's just magically

Finally, he ended
lecture and I packed my things up, heading for the door without
ever looking over my shoulder.

"Elizabeth?" My
professor called.

I cringed, just
wanting to leave, "Yes?"

"Do you have a
minute? I just wanted to discuss your last test."


"Of course. Was
it bad?"

"Oh, no. Quite
the opposite, actually. You were the only one to receive an

stayed locked in my apartment with almost no contact, werewolf or
human, and studied for weeks.

"Really?" I asked
with a light smile.

He nodded, "Keep
turning in work like this and your A is guaranteed."

My smile widened
a bit as I nodded in acceptance, "Thanks."

He started to
walk away, silently dismissing me so I hurried off home.


I didn't
necessarily mind living in pack territory but I hated being around
all the unmated men. They were constantly trying to date any
available female which, I was unfortunate enough to be part of.
Finding a true mate these days was rare because of the sheer size
of the world population so most had resorted to finding someone
they love enough to marry. Once every five years the royals held a
gathering of all packs to make it easier to find one's mate but it
was really meant for older weres that were holding out for their
mate to come along. I was only twenty two so I wasn't really
eligible to go to the gatherings. I mean, I could have gone if I
wanted but I wasn't ranked and I wasn't older so I really had no
business there. Alphas and Betas often went because it was frowned
upon if they didn't find their true mate. I didn't have any sort of
valuable bloodline, thank God.

I tossed my
backpack on the small microfiber couch in my living room and headed
back to my room to change. I loved running every day after school
and before I started my homework; it was a release from the
monotony of my day.

Grabbing my
phone, I shoved in my earbuds and went out the front door. I
couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather to jog in; the air
was crisp and slightly overcast, I could feel the moisture from an
impending rain. I loved the rain and the cold. I loved curling up
on the couch with a Disney movie and a mug of hot tea. However, as
long as I was in school, I would never have a day like that to
myself. I really shouldn't even allow for the few miles I jog but I
needed something.

I decided I would
need Starbucks to stay awake for my long night of studying so I
changed my usual route to head towards the only coffee shop in a
ten mile radius.

As I jogged along
the quiet streets, I noticed the trees and their scarcity of
leaves. I couldn't wait for winter to be here so this semester
would finally be over.

"Lizzy!" I heard
my name yelled from across the street.

I stopped to
smile at my ridiculous best friend as he waved his arms repeatedly
to get my attention. Adrian and I had been friends since we were
little. Hell, I had been there when he found his mate, Liam. I was
the first one he came out to and he was the first man I lived with.
Adrian moved in with me when his family couldn't accept his
lifestyle choice though I thought it was ridiculous. Clearly, he
couldn't help who his mate was and he had been gay long before Liam
ever came around despite the fact his family accused Liam of
turning him gay.

"Hey," I said as
I crossed the street to him.

"Where are you
going," he asked, knowing I wasn't on my usual path.

"Coffee. I have a
lot of studying."

He nodded in
acceptance then instantly perked up, "Did you see the delicious
Alpha that's in town?!"

I laughed, "No. I
didn't know there was one visiting."

He nodded
eagerly, "Mhm. YUM. And his Beta is to die for," he said

I laughed, "I'll
keep that in mind."

"Hey, Liam," I

He partially
waved at me before putting his hand on Adrian's shoulder, "Come on.
We're gonna be late."

"Sorry, Lizzy,
we're seeing a movie. I'll see you at home."

I walked down a
couple more shops to God's gift to humanity, Starbucks.

I simply ordered
a tall black coffee and sat at a small table facing outside. I
simply enjoyed people watching when I could- which wasn't often. I
shouldn't even be doing it now but I felt like being

walked by with their parents, occasionally stopping in for hot
chocolate or a quick treat, couples walked hand in hand smiling and
laughing. My interest was instantly peaked when I noticed an
unfamiliar yet obscenely attractive man coming towards the
building. I tried not to stare but I couldn't help myself. This
must have been either the Alpha or Beta Adrian was talking about. I
couldn't deny, Adrian was understating the magnificence of this
man. His hair was short and dirty blonde, his perfect cheekbones
led to a strong jaw lightly covered in sexy stubble, his eyes a
deep hazel, and his body was typical of a high ranked wolf- over
six feet with enough muscle to make me feel insignificant in the
best way. I could only imagine what was under that gray shirt and
black leather jacket.

In all my
gawking, I forgot I was seated at a window and that he could see me
practically drooling over him. My fears were confirmed when he
raised a perfect eyebrow and a smug grin played on his beautiful,
full lips. I instantly dropped my blue eyes to my coffee and prayed
he kept walking. I couldn't have been any more disrespectful! I had
openly examined every visible inch of this man when I knew he held
one of the two highest ranks possible. I should have instantly
bowed my head in submission but I was careless enough to let my
mind get carried away. If he was cruel enough, he could demand my
Alpha punish me or even have me excommunicated. How could I have
been so stupid? I was around attractive men constantly and I never
gave them the time of day so why did he hold my attention? Whatever
the reason, I faced consequences for my actions. I only prayed that
he kept walking and brushed me off. But, as my luck would have it,
he appeared to be heading inside. Fear of the unknown coursed
through my body, causing me to tap on the lid of my coffee in

I was so done. My
Alpha already thought I was strange because I refused to be with
anyone. I was practically a spinster being twenty two and not
promised to anyone or dating anyone. This would just be the push
needed to kick me out of the pack.

I felt him walk
up behind me but I wouldn't make the same mistake twice. I kept my
eyes glued to the brown table and laced my fingers together in my
lap. Hopefully he would just go away and forget my disrespectful

"Excuse me," he

Jesus, his voice
was even attractive, rich, deep, full of power and authority and he
had only said two words! I knew he wasn't an Alpha because I hadn't
seen the mark on his neck but I damn sure knew he was the

"Yes, Beta?" I
mumbled, awaiting some form of punishment for the

"What's your
name," he asked curiously.

Bishop," I said calmly.

"Like the

I bit my lip, "I
was named after her."

"It's a nice
name," he commented.

Was he just being
nice before delivering my punishment?

"Thank you," I
said a little confused.


I sat awkwardly
for a moment still unsure of why he was meticulously examining

"May I sit

I was completely
caught off guard by his request but nodded regardless. I wasn't
sure why he would want to sit next to me but I wasn't about to
disrespect him again.

"Give me your

I hesitated but
did as he requested and placed my ivory hand in his large, sun
kissed hand. I couldn't deny the instant connection I felt with him
and judging by his light smile, he felt it too.

"Just as I
thought," he said, "Are you seeing anyone?"

I shook my head,
still too shocked to verbally respond.

"Keep it that
way. You are mine. No other man is allowed to touch you unless he
wants to lose his hands."

I instantly
pulled my hand away and slipped it back under the table. I knew
mates were rare but I also knew Alphas and Betas were supposed to
find their true mates. I had no choice in this; once a Beta found
his mate, they were supposed to be together. I didn't necessarily
mind but I would have to leave my pack, my life, school, and Adrian
to go to his pack. I was expected to marry and pop out kids and
give up any personal dreams to raise a family.

"I don't know
your name," I said quietly, still not meeting his eyes.

"Titus Collins,
Beta of the Thunder Pack."

Everything about
his name and title sounded strong just like him. I wondered if he
was like my Beta, a power-starved wolf always jealous of the Alpha.
I didn't get that feel from Titus though. The way he said his name
and position was with pride; he seemed perfectly content with his
title as he should be.

"You will need to
meet my Alpha," he prompted.

"You don't know
anything about me," I retorted.

"I intend to
change that when you come back with me next week."

I laughed out of
shock, "I have a life here. You can't just uproot me without a
little consultation."

He frowned, "Yes
I can."

I shook my head a
little and got up to leave. As I left the coffee shop, I heard him
follow me out but I kept walking. I wasn't going to live a life
under a man's control even if he was my true mate.

"Elizabeth," he
said firmly but I kept moving.

"Elizabeth," my
Alpha greeted, stopping me dead in my tracks.


"You wouldn't
happen to be disrespecting a visiting Beta, would you?"

My words caught
in my throat because that's exactly what I was doing but if I
admitted that, he would turn me rouge.

"No, Alex, I was
being rude," Titus responded, "But, she is my mate."

Titus reached
around me and placed my coffee in my hand. I took it without

"This girl?"
Alpha asked as if he didn't believe it.

"Yes," Titus

"Are you

"Positive. She
will eventually come back to my territory," he said, emphasizing
the eventually part.

So I had gotten
my way. Apparently all I had to do was give him the cold shoulder
and he let me do what I want. Perhaps this could be better than I

"Good luck with
that," Alex said as he patted Titus on his muscular


Titus followed me
back to my apartment though I hadn't said a single word to him the
entire time. I think he found my stubborn silence amusing even if I
wasn't aiming for amusement.

"Do you not
understand what is going on?" He asked.

I turned to him
and scoffed. Did he think I was an idiot? Granted, I hadn't exactly
portrayed intelligence in his presence but he didn't have to assume
I was below average.

BOOK: Beta
5.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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