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Beyond A Wicked Kiss

BOOK: Beyond A Wicked Kiss
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Beyond a Wicked Kiss

The Compass Club Series

Book Four


Jo Goodman

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"Witty dialogue and clever plotting."

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For my thithter Yvonne, who puts up with me even when I'm being pithy.

Author's Note

Dear Reader,

The Compass Club stories all begin at Hambrick Hall, an exclusive, though entirely fictional, school in London. The four boys who make up the total membership of the club remain fast friends into adulthood. Like all friends, they connect and collide and go their separate ways, coming together again when the need is there.

The adventures of Northam, Southerton, Eastlyn, and Westphal do not happen one after another, but more or less at the same time. (How convenient, uncomplicated, and boring life would be if my friends would put their lives on hold until I get through
crisis!) The books are independent of one another, yet you might experience a sense of
deja vu
as you read certain scenes. That's because there are some events that are played out again, though from a slightly different direction. Sometimes it's North's, sometimes South's, sometimes... well, you get the idea.

All the best,



The following timeline is offered to help interested readers put the adventures of the Compass in chronological order. To make certain no important plot points are revealed, the timeline is limited primarily to those instances when the club connects and reconnects.

June 1818:

North, South, East, and West picnic at the Battenburn Estate.

North makes the acquaintance of Lady Elizabeth Penrose.

East first hears the gossip that he is engaged to Lady Sophia Colley.

July 1818:

The Compass Club attends a wedding at the Battenburn Estate.

East wrestles with the consequences of his rumored engagement.

Aug. 1818:

The Compass Club is part of the crush at Lord Helmsley's salon.

South asks East to lend him his box at the Drury Lane Theatre.

Sep. 1818:

East travels to Tremont Park for business, returns to London for pleasure.

South, East, West, and North disrupt the comedy at the Drury Lane.

South makes amends to the crowd's favorite actress, Miss India Parr.

Oct. 1818:

South escorts North's wife to the gala at Lady Calumet's, while East and West keep North company at home.

Nov. 1818:

South's journey to Ambermede is aborted, his companion goes on without him.

North, South, and East join West at their club to console him upon learning his father has died and that he is named heir to the Westphal title and fortune.

West is surprised by Miss Ashby upon leaving the club.

Following the services for West's father, the Compass Club retires to West's home, where they individually seek Colonel John Blackwood's counsel.

BOOK: Beyond A Wicked Kiss
2.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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