Bill and the Spaceship! (Bill in Space (Erotic Fantasy)) (8 page)

BOOK: Bill and the Spaceship! (Bill in Space (Erotic Fantasy))

They had a good time relaxing though, while the ships were
being repaired.  He was still in awe of all four of the women he was
falling for.  He hoped that would never change.  The five of them
visited a few bars on planet and did some drinking.  One night he
convinced Ariella to waste the energy to create a pool table, balls and some
cue sticks.

They all had fun with that once he got done explaining the
game.  Even Larissa loved the challenge of it.  In her case
competitive spirit was an understatement.  Slowly over the next few days
the ships got fixed, thanks to the precise nature of the damage Ariella
caused.  Most of the Elvii were happy to stay though not in a combative

They did volunteer to man the engine rooms and maintain the
ships.  Anise had Orlii on the bridge and weapons controls to handle that
aspect of the missions.  When things started wrapping up with the repairs
they went ahead of the other ships.  They approached the outer edge of the
system cloaked to get a good look and plan their next move.

Bill sighed.  It could be worse, a lot worse.  He
saw they had gotten more ships, but just enough to bring their numbers to
thirty.  He also knew they couldn’t count on Ariella tipping the odds so
much like the last battle.  He was as close to sure they would adjust their
tactics as he could be without having been in the room to hear their plan.

To his and everyone else’s surprise it was Gwen who came up
with a plan this time.

Gwen said, “Why don’t we pull a hit and run raid.  Fly
in fast and hard, double up on their ships and take out five.  Then
run.  Hopefully some pursue.  We can stop and confront the ones who
do then go back to the planet to clean up.  If they don’t pursue… 
Well I am not sure at that point.”

He watched as Larissa pulled Gwen into a long passionate
kiss.  When she broke it she glared at everyone as if daring them to
comment.  No one as much as cracked a smile.

He said, “Missiles.”

Ariella grinned but the rest of them didn’t get it.

He said, “Missiles are like toys for Ariella.  Have the
9 ships launch missiles, she can make sure they get where they need to
be.  As opposed to hoping they evade the countermeasures.  If they
don’t follow after Gwen’s hit and run we can take out a lot more that
way.  When the smoke clears we can decide if we will run or stay to finish

Ariella said, “I like it, both Gwen’s plan and Bill’s follow

They all agreed so they finalized the plans.



Bill sat in the chair and watched the screens.  The
familiar nervous feeling resurged but he outwardly acted confident.  Ironically
in this company outward appearance didn’t mean all that much.  They all
knew how much he cared about them and worried for them in the coming battle.

He watched as his beautiful Ariella went to her knees as the
battle started.  She was distracting as hell but he managed to keep an eye
out.  Her warm mouth relaxed him as the battle progressed.

They moved in fast and took down five ships quickly as
planned.  One of the light cruisers however was too slow to retreat and
caught in crossfire between two enemy ships.  There was a bright flash of
light and they were gone. 

Their now nine ships raced away but none followed. 
They knew the last twenty five would be on alert now and aware of a similar

So they went back in and shot the missiles from a distance. 
The enemy launched countermeasures but he watched as Ariella guided the
missiles through them, keeping them on target.  That’s when all the
missiles started detonating, one after the other.  He looked down at
Ariella in confusion.  The answer came from the ship as Ariella’s mouth
was… Full.

Ariella said, “It must be the other Dravii, the
traitor.  I wasn’t ready for interference.”

Bill said brokenly, fighting his distraction, “We need to
retreat.  Rethink our approach.”

He watched as the nine ships remaining left for base. 
He would have punched the arms of the chair in frustration, if he hadn’t been
busy filling Ariella’s throat with his seed, his thoughts scattered as his body
was overcome with pleasure…


Tiffani found herself staring at Bill again.  They were
gathered for another planning session, they weren’t sure how to proceed
yet.  She loved to watch him.  She remembered the first time he saw
her and she saw him.  She was so scared and his eyes were filled with
attraction and lust, though she couldn’t read him at the time, it was

She could still read his lust and attraction, but there was
so much more in his mind.  She truly hoped they would all stay together,
she had never been this happy in her life.  She dreaded the upcoming
change, if her people and the Elvii didn’t need her to lead them she would
gratefully give up the responsibility and spend her life with these beings
exploring the universe.

She knew the Dravii were first and foremost explorers. 
Their sense of justice and their wisdom was what caused them to step forward
and try to intervene in the past.  But it was initially the heart of
exploration that caused them to take the form of a ship and run about the
universe.  She knew they would stay with her, at first.  But for how
long before Ariella gave in to the lust for exploration? 

The thought of being without Bill caused her heart to
constrict, she loved him very much.

She knew she had changed as well by her time here.  She
was hardly ever tempted to be a bitch anymore, even when frightened.  Bill
made her feel safe in a way that she has never felt before.

It randomly occurred to her that maybe there wasn’t a
solution to their issue and they needed to go back to basics.

Tiffani said thoughtfully, “We don’t have enough, that’s why
we can’t come up with a plan.  We need more ships.  There are ship
yards all over the Empire, usually guarded by two to four ships.  Why
don’t we hit a couple, get our numbers up a bit?”

Larissa said, “I agree, they seem to have adjusted for our
tactics that makes Ariella a tipping point on the odds.  We need to be
more evenly matched.”

She looked around and no one disagreed.  They finalized
plans to take two shipyards, any more than that and the numbers at Angillia
could go alarmingly high.  She honestly wondered why they weren’t
already.  Her father must be underestimating them. 


Bill hates feeling insecure but he can’t help but wonder
what will happen when Tiffani takes the throne.  Things will change but
how much?  Will she still want him?  Why would a stunningly beautiful
sexy gorgeous golden goddess want a construction worker from a back water
planet anyway?  He knows he is being hard on himself, he can see the love
in her eyes when they make love.

He doesn’t get it but he stops dwelling on it so much. 

After the planning session he heads off to his bed.  He
is a little wiped out after the day.  He strips down, gets in bed and
closes his eyes.  He starts to drift off when the door chimes.  He
was naked in bed but figured it was one of his four…  Mates? 

He said, “Come in.”

He sat up holding the covers around his waist when he sees
Anise and Sylvia walk in, and they didn’t look happy.  He was surprised
when they got close, surrounding him from either side on the bed.

Anise said demandingly, “Why are you ignoring us after you
saved us and protected us?  We know it was you that demanded we be saved
when our ship was hit.  Then you protected our honor at a bar and we know
you can’t keep your eyes off us.”

Sylvia said, “Are we not good enough for you?”

His mind rebelled in confusion.  Huh?  He also
noticed they look a bit upset, sad even.

He said, “I’m confused, not good enough?  And yes I
care for you.  I would not see either of you hurt.”

Sylvia said, “And we care for you too, why haven’t you shown
it?  Why do you avoid us?”

He panicked a bit in his head, and then tried to explain, “I
didn’t know, things work differently on my world.  I am having a hard
enough time coming to terms with having four women being okay.  It just
didn’t occur to me despite my obvious attraction.  I am sure you noticed.”

Sylvia looked confused.  “What does that have to do
with anything?  What you feel for or do with us has no bearing on what you
feel for Ariella, Gwen, Larissa or Tiffani.”

He shook his head, “It’s a cultural thing, just trust me
that my lack of actions were in spite of how I feel.”

He dropped the sheet and kissed Anise, and then he kissed
Sylvia.  He knew this would be different.  They were younger Dravii,
no doubt unable to join the crew, but still a part of them.  Two more
gorgeous beautiful woman that were too good for him.  He wondered for a
minute if he hit his head falling in the cave and this was all a fevered
fantasy dream. 

They laughed at his thought.

Anise said softly, “You have no idea of your true
value.  Being humble is good, but it can also be annoying.  Like
right now.”

He moaned as she pulled him into a long hot tongue wrestling
kiss.  He felt her body flow and shape itself, her lips becoming more full
and pliant as they moved with his.  When he broke the kiss with Anise he
was looking at an exotic Latina, from one of his naughtier fantasies. 

She was stunning with her dark skin, clear complexion. 
She had bright green eyes and dark flowing hair.  Her D sized breasts were
perfect and when he ran his hand down her back he could feel her sexy tight
bubble butt.

He turned and looked at Sylvia and she was just as exotic to
him.  A beautiful Eurasian looked back at him with a light complexion,
long raven hair and liquid brown eyes.  She was petite but curvy and the B
cups she sported looked perfect on her body.

Sylvia said sultrily, “Being with Dravii has its
advantages.  We thought we would indulge your fantasies a little bit.”

She slowly spun around, giving him a view of her long hair
running down to the top of her cute tight ass, “You like?”

He was speechless.  He just nodded, letting them read
his awe, lust, amazement and deep affection for them.  He knew any attempt
to voice his feelings or appreciation for their beauty and what they meant to
him would fall far short of the reality.  His bared emotions however told
them exactly how he felt.

He watched as they crawled into bed and looked up from his
hardened cock, both on their hands and knees.  They both licked his length
from either side while staring up at him.  One with wide eyes and an
innocent face that caused his cock to jump, the other with a sultry fuck me
look that made promises of untold pleasure.  He watched as they made love
to his cock with their lips, tongues and throats. 

His blissful moans filled the room as they both licked his
tool at the same time.  Then one would engulf his cock in their hot mouth
while the other sucked in his balls before switching back.  Sylvia crawled
up his body and claimed a hot kiss.  He sighed into her mouth in pleasure
as he felt his cock wrapped in Anise’s D cups.  She milked him between her
warm soft breasts and kept claiming the precum off his cock head with her wet
tongue before spitting down into her cleavage for lubrication.

Then Anise took his cock in her mouth and did something he
couldn’t explain.  He moaned in pleasure as it felt like his manhood was
surrounded by a whirlpool of saliva.  He couldn’t stop his body from
thrusting up and filling Anise’s tight throat with his sensitive tip.  His
kiss with Sylvia turned hungry and he caressed down her body until he cupped
her tight little pussy with his hand.  He felt her moan in his mouth as he
teased her moist silken folds with one bent finger.

He slipped a finger up inside her, her wet tightness
accepting him easily then hugging him hard.

He said, “I need to taste you.”  He was desperate for

She smiled at him shyly, her innocent eyes locked on his as
she sexily crooned, “Do you want me to sit on your face so you can tongue my
sweet innocent little pussy?”

He groaned as his cock jumped in Anise’s mouth.  Sylvia
was playing out his fantasy perfectly.  He had no idea at all how he deserved
it, but he sure as shit wasn’t going to argue.

He begged, “Yes Sylvia, I need to taste your sex, invade
your hot swollen pussy with my stiff tongue.”

He moaned when she smiled with the perfect combination of
innocence and lust before getting on her knees.  He groaned when she
teased him, ever so slowly lowering her silken folds onto his face.  He
didn’t think about warnings, they could read him after all.  But he took
them all by surprise, including himself. 

When he took his first lick of Sylvia’s warm swollen sex he
was overcome by the taste and all the pleasurable feelings of his body.

He said muffled by Sylvia’s silken folds, “OH god I’m
cumming,” just as his load was surging through his hard cock.

He pumped up between Anise’s soft breasts and shot a rope of
cum on her face, the next few spurts landed on her breasts.  He moaned in
pleasure and continued licking slowly along Silvia’s labia.  He
occasionally flicked his tongue under her hood, striking her swollen clit which
drew pants and gasps of pleasure from her hot little body.

He stayed hard after his intense orgasm and he felt the sexy
Latina crawl up his body and claim his length with her sex.  It felt like
heaven as he slid into her heat, her core hugging and conforming to his
length.  He moaned into Sylvia’s pussy causing vibrations on her
sex.  His cock twitched at the sound of her pleasured gasp as she arched
her back and ground into his face.  He felt her soak his face with her
essence and he moaned as some ran into his mouth as she reached her height.

Anise started to breathe faster as she ground into his
center, hitting all the right spots as she controlled their movement. 

He couldn’t see but felt them lean forward and heard
kissing, then licking and sucking.

Sylvia said as she wantonly grinded against his face, “Mmm,
your batter tastes so good.  I want more.”

He started thumbing her clit while licking deep inside
her.  He was completely over come with lust as he thought of Sylvia
licking his cum off of Anise’s tits.  He wished he could have seen
it.  His body started to thrust up into Anise’s pleasure box as he tongued
the beautiful woman above him.

Anise cried out, “Oh yes Bill, fuck me that is so good.”

He felt her pussy tighten around his cock and milk him for
his baby batter, but he was in control having cum once already.  He did
moan in pleasure though, causing more vibrations against Sylvia’s trembling
core, throwing her into another wild orgasm. 

Anise continued to bounce and buck on his cock hard and fast
as he drank his reward from Sylvia’s hot center.  He felt his nuts tighten
and legs go numb as he joined her every bounce with a violent up thrust. 
Maybe he wasn’t in control…

“Oh god, I’m cumming again!”  His voice was muffled by
Sylvia’s swollen folds.

Anise said softly in a sexy voice, “Cum in me Bill, I want
to feel you fill me.”

He let go of his tattered control and started shooting his
load up inside Anise.  He felt them both cum again with a loud
gasps.  He loved the feeling of their nectar flowing over both his face
and cock.  He was overwhelmed by their wet heat and the scent of their sex
as they drenched his face, neck, cock, balls and thighs.

Anise said softly when she could breathe, “Holy shit.”

Sylvia said panting, “Wow, that was…  Unreal.”

He was deeply sated and feeling great.  “You can say
that again.”

Anise giggled.  “No, the sex was great too, amazing
even.  But what was unreal is we got some of that…  Energy.  You
are bonded to Ariella, but since we were in direct contact...  And umm, it’s
more energy than I’ve ever held.”

Sylvia crawled off over to the side and kissed Anise. 
“You have what I want.”

Anise lay down next to Bill and purred, “Come get it,” as
she spread her legs.

Bill watched as Sylvia started to suck, lick and swallow his
cock juice out of Anise’s sex.  It didn’t take long at all for him to
recover for a third round watching that.  Plus, he hadn’t got his cock in
Sylvia’s tight little pussy yet.  He crawled up behind her and buried
himself deep inside of her in one smooth forceful stroke.  He locked eyes
with Anise and watched her orgasm from Sylvia’s tongue as he stroked into
Sylvia’s tight wet hot pussy.

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