Bill and the Spaceship! (Bill in Space (Erotic Fantasy))

BOOK: Bill and the Spaceship! (Bill in Space (Erotic Fantasy))

Bill and the

Bill in Space (Erotic

By D. R. Rosier


Copyright 2013.  This is a work of fiction. 
Names, Characters, Places and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events, locales or
persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental.  All rights
reserved.  No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner
whatsoever without permission.


Dedication: To those who encouraged me to write and publish.




Pain.  She roars out in pain but in the darkness of
space, no one can hear her outcry. 

Her crew was dead or dying.  Betrayed by one of their
own, she and her sister ships were ambushed.

In desperation she turns to an uncharted galaxy and engages
her shadow drive.  She exists in multiple dimensions now, more vulnerable
to the plasma weapons fire but now cloaked and shooting away from the fight at
many times the speed of light.  She knows they won’t follow.  She
hopes more of her sisters will escape, she doesn’t have enough power for an
active scan to reach back the unfathomable light years away to make sure

Her more localized scans within this new galaxy return a
life bearing planet.  They are primitive, barely learning to work with
metals and living in primitive structures.  She heads for that planet, she
doesn’t have much choice.  If she uses much more power she will die in the
cold reaches of space.

She flies in and hits the ground, too hard, and is buried
under rock.  She no longer has the power to phase or make the
surface.  She scans for power sources, only finding geothermal she

The ship can’t handle geothermal energy efficiently at all.

It will take thousands of years for her to recover using
that power source.  She starts absorbing the energy and hopes some of her
sisters survived.  As she falls into torpor she knows it will be a long
time before she finds out…



Two thousand years later…

Bill pops open a beer and take a sip.  Warm, but better
than nothing.  It’s been slow doing construction lately, so he is on a
spelunking trip in West Virginia with Tom and Carl.  Tom is his boss, Carl
is…  Well he’s Carl.  They aren’t going down until the morning, so he
feels good about tossing a few back.  Caving isn’t for the faint of heart,
and not for a loner.  Shit, damn cell phone is ringing.  He can’t
even get peace in the middle of nowhere anymore.


“Bill!  It’s Sally.  You asshole!  We were
supposed to go out this weekend!  With Anthony and Tara…”

Crap, never can catch a break.  It was all the boss
man’s idea, but Sally doesn’t ever cut him slack.  All she does is
bitch.  He knows she is not at all like most women, most do nag a bit, but
that’s normal.  Not her though.  He would find himself a new woman
but she has an amazingly large rack…  He realizes he stopped paying

“Damn it BILL!  Are you listening to me?!”

“Sally, I’m out here with the boss.”  He continued in a
wheedling tone, “I’ll take you out when I get back, just a couple a days’

Sally growled at him, “Don’t you baby me you asshole!”

“Alright baby, I won’t I promise.”

He wasn’t sure what she said next…  Well, she just hung
up on him.  Dang it.  He figures it will be alright, he can make it
up to her when he gets home tomorrow night.  Maybe…

He shrugs and gets himself another lukewarm beer and drinks
it down. 

“Tom!  You sure we gonna be the first ones down there?”
Bill asked skeptically.

Tom says, “You bet!  There was a cave in, opened a new
tunnel!  Wussy government types put it off limits for a while.  Said
it was unstable or some such horse shit.”

“Awesome!” he always wanted to find something new. 
Greedy ass government probably just wants a crack at what’s down there first he

After a couple of more beers he turned in for the night, got
to be alert in those caves come morning.


Damn sun is bright.  Bill got his equipment set
up.  Flashlight, ropes, pitons, a hammer and a harness.  Not to
mention food and water just in case.  They went down into the caves.
 It was a little tricky there for a second.  He had to kind of push
off the wall and release the rope to land in the middle on solid ground. 
Nasty crevasse.  

He was relieved they made it down without trouble. 
Bill took the lead into the new tunnel with Tom and Carl behind him.  They
were sort of walking along a two foot wide ledge in a skinny cavern, a nice
size crevasse right next to them keeping their steps lively.

That’s when that dumb shit Carl decides to panic and screams
like a little girl.  Bill isn’t the brightest bulb, but unstable cavern
plus scream equals bad.  Dumb shit.  That’s when the cave decided to
answer with a rumble.  Bill nailed in a piton quick, hooked a rope and
hugged the wall hoping it was stable.  When the cave calmed itself he took
a look around. 

He saw Tom was about 30 feet back on the trail, they were
separated now, the ledge between them gone.  He frowned when he didn’t see
that dumb bastard Carl anywhere. 

Bill sighed, well shit.  He signaled to Tom, because he
wasn’t going to talk that loud, for Tom to go back.  He was stuck in here
and needed help, or another way out.  He thought Tom looked like he might
like to argue but Bill put a finger to his lips.  Another dumb ass move
isn’t going to help.  He waved Tom away and pointed the other way so Tom
would know he was going to look for another way out.

He decided maybe them government types weren’t so stupid.

Bill waited until Tom was gone before he unhooked
himself.  Bad enough he was in danger from what he was going have to
do.  He wanted to be tied to the wall in case Tom had done something to
set off the cavern again.

He slowly made his way along the cave wall, testing the
floor as he went.  The cave started to shake again so he nailed in a piton
and got his rope on there just before the floor disintegrated on him. 
Well shit.  He was hanging by the rope, and he could see the wall wasn’t
so solid.  It looked to be cracking around the piton.  So he started
going down, desperate to find a sound wall, unfortunately he found himself
hanging free.

Bill heard a crack from above but the piton held.  Bill
let the rope loosen up on his brake and started going down fairly fast, the
flashlight pointed down.  He was hoping he’d have time to cut some speed
when he saw the floor but he needed to get there fast.  He was fairly
freaking out, if he hadn’t gone right before they headed down he was sure his
jeans would be turning a different color.  He caught a sight a something,
crap.  Carl.  He pulled the rope tight behind him to brake when he
was about fifteen feet up.

The Piton broke from the wall a second later.  Dang
it.  His ankle twisted on him a bit when he landed, but he didn’t hear a
crack so thought it probably isn’t broken.  He hopped to the left quick
and covered his head.  He heard a loud ping as the piton hit the ground a
couple of feet away.  He gingerly put some weight on his hurt leg. 
It burned a bit, but he thought he could walk.

He took a steadying breath and limped over.  Well, Carl
didn’t make it.  He sighed and took a look around.  He was in an oval
chamber with one exit.  Couldn’t see the top at all, but he knew it was
about 45 feet based on how much rope he had left when he hit bottom.

He sat down and carefully checked his foot.  Seemed
like a light sprain, he’d be able to walk on it anyway.  Shit.  Sally
is going to kick his ass, if she even speaks to him.  He hopes so anyway,
if he gets out a here. 

He sat down on a fair size rock and ate some lunch, got a
drink of water too.  He sighed and looked around again for other exits.
 Nope, just the one short exit.  He braced himself and got up and
started limping to the exit, praying it isn’t a dead end.

He shined his flashlight down the exit.  It was only
about 4 feet high.  Well a crawl would help the ankle anyways.  He
got down on his knees.  When he started cautiously down the tunnel, he
realized it’s perfect.  Like it was made by something, unnatural.  No
bumpy or rocky walls, it was smooth, like marble.  He didn’t know what to
make of it, kind of gave him the shivers but he kept on with it. 

No going back, no point, nothing back there but the dead.

Bill was a mite nervous and went slow, felt like the mountain
might decide to drop on him, of course that’s just him acting as nervous as a
hare at a greyhound convention.  He froze.  He swore he saw a light
glow up ahead.  He looked with his flashlight, he could see at the end of
the tunnel another larger cave.  He popped his light off a second, and he
could see a light green sickly glow coming from the chamber ahead.

Maybe some weird glowing lichen?  He paused to take a
swallow of water and massage his ankle for a moment.  Then he moved on to
the end of the tunnel and poked his head out.  That’s when he saw what was
causing that glow.  He looked suspiciously at his canteen, wondering if
someone drugged it, then slowly looked back up.

It looked like something out of one of those science fiction
books.  It was fairly small though.  It was maybe 30 feet long, 15
feet high.  It looked aerodynamic, but without the wings, like just the
center of a plane.  It was also silver, and had a sickly green glow coming
right off it!

Bill was wondering if it was harmful.  He watched for a
while but it just sat there doing nothing.  He crawled the rest of the way
out of the tunnel and stood.  He took a walk around the chamber.  No
holes above or below, and there wasn’t another exit either.  He was at a
dead end.  As he walked around he had been looking at the silver green
glowing thing and he didn’t see any ports or portals.  It was a solid
piece of silver near as he could tell.

His stomach was nagging so he sat on a rock and had a half
sandwich.  He looked around and started wishing he had brought the damn
beer with him.  He knows it was stupid, but that object had him all
curious.  He was paranoid he was already turning green himself from
radiation or something.  But he just had to touch it, even if he knew he
was stupid for it.  He had come to the idea his only chance at life was
going back.  Maybe Tom would get some people to rescue him.

But he had to touch the dang thing first.  He isn’t a
coward but had never seen anything like it.

He got up and walked up to it slowly.  It didn’t do
anything when he got closer, and the light didn’t seem to be hurting him. 
At leastwise as far as he could tell it wasn’t.  He reached out and
touched it, expecting cold metal.  It felt to his hand to be soft, and
warm.  That’s when his hand sunk in a few inches.  Bill panicked and
tried to pull his hand out but it had a grip like a gator!

He did something really stupid then in his panic.  He
put his foot up against the wall to get leverage.  Course, his foot sunk
right into it when he pushed against it.  That’s when the sickly green
glow started to pulse a bit.  Grow brighter into a healthy lush
green.  That was the last thing he saw of the outside when he felt his arm
and leg tugged on.  He lost consciousness as his face began to sink into
this porous, silver colored, warm and soft metal contraption.



He woke up slowly, wondering how he was so hung over. 
Bill only brought that one case of beer for the weekend after all.  Caving
was serious business, don’t want to be drunk doing it.  That’s when it all
came rushing back.  He put his hand against the mattress…

Wait, mattress?  He was also naked as a newborn colt,
what the hell!?

He waited for his eyes to adjust.  It was hard to see
in here, wherever the hell he was.  He could hear a small beeping above
him, seemed to be some type of fancy monitor, like for a computer.  Could
he be in a hospital?  Rescued when he was passed out?

He heard a step to his right and turned his head.  What
he saw made him jump up, or it would have, if he wasn’t being held down. 
Problem was he couldn’t see anything holding him, just couldn’t move at

He looked again and cringed back into the mattress. 
Whatever the thing was it was a dark purple, had a recognizable face, but
otherwise was all tentacles.  It was holding some kind a device. 

He muttered, “Holy shit!  Those alien nutters had it
right and I’m gonna get anal probed!  Stay away from me!” 

He pissed himself and screamed like a little girl.  He admits
to himself he was properly terrified.  The thing in front of him was not
right looking.  The alien purple freaky thing held that device up against
his torso and he felt a sting, like it put something inside him! 

He wondered if he just became a host for some freaky alien
species.  Then he decided he isn’t reading any of that science fiction
crap any more.  This was bad enough for him without his imagination going
a hundred different ways.  He started to feel dizzy, and like someone was
drilling into his head.  Then he passed out again.


He woke up slowly…

His hangover was gone.  He felt really good too. 
He looked around.  The lights were now at a good level, comfortable for
his eyes.  He was still in the same place, and the same bed.  His
arms moved freely so he tried to sit up.  He wasn’t tied down any more

He got up and found his clothes on the next bed.  He
got dressed slowly, looking around for that purple thing.  He tip toed to
what looked like a door.  The room he was in was a good forty by thirty
feet, filled with other beds and blinking lights. 

When he approached the door swooshed open, without the sound
of course.  It made him jump but there was no one there, must be automatic
or some such.

He peeked out and saw a long hallway.  Good thirty
yards one way and twenty the other.  Wherever he was it seemed he was
moved from where he’d been.  He went right and started looking in doors,
searching for an exit. 

Some were bedrooms of a type.  At least they had beds
in them, with some type of contraptions inside.  He also found empty
rooms, one was huge, went as far as he could see.  Looked like a
warehouse, tall shelving running in aisles.

He went on finding more such places until he ran into a dead
end.  He turned around, trying to figure out where the exit was, and
headed the other direction.  He found more bedrooms with them weird things
attached to the beds until he got to the other end of the hall.  The door
swished open and he stepped inside.

It looked like some kind a control center.  There was a
big screen and some chairs.  There were all sorts of buttons and little
screens around the circumference of the room.  All of the screens and
lights were off.

The room was about thirty by twenty feet, oval in
shape.  So far he hasn’t seen anything that could be an exit and he looked
everywhere he could go.

He sighed and muttered out loud, “Where they hiding the dang
exit!?”  The first words said since he got up.

He jumped when a sexy female voice answered, “The exit is
not hidden darling.  It just isn’t a physical exit.”

“Who are you?!  What are you?! Let me out of here!”

She might sound sexy but he bet its one of those creepy
purple tentacle things.  He shivered in disgust.

She pouted, “Why honey, I am the ship.  You are the first
intelligent person to find me since I have been stuck on this planet.  The
last two thousand years spent alone with no one to…  Charge my systems or
keep me company.  My crew died when we were attacked, I’ve been stuck here

“What?  You are the ship?  Where is that purple
thing?  How do you know my language!  How do I get out of here?”

She crooned, “Sweetie you need to relax.  I won’t hurt
you.  I am the ship, the silver ship you found in the cave.  I know
it’s probably confusing.  I am bigger than I appeared on the
outside.  Just take a seat and relax, I’ll try to explain.”

Oh shit, he knew he never should have touched the outside of
that dang silver thing.  He grunted and sat down, he wasn’t going anywhere
without her letting him out.  He knew how to deal with a stubborn
female.  He walked to the middle of the room and sat down.  He
cringed a moment, half thinking the chair would grab him, but nothing happened.

He growled, “Explain.”

She purred, “My name is Ariella, or at least that is what I
choose to be called.  I am not what you think of as a computer, or an

“I am, the ship is, alive.  You are within me
now.  The purple thing was my avatar, she was retired.  Not at all
compatible for what is needed.  That’s why you woke up alone.  As to
how I am speaking English.  I am not.  That thing that was injected
into you was a translator…  Among other…  Enhancements.”

Enhancements?  Shit.  He decided that meant she
wants something from him.

He said, “Ariella huh?  Well Ari what do you want out
of me.  I’m guessing you aren’t just going to cut me loose are you?”

She avoided my question and said softly, “I bet you’re
hungry, want something to eat?”

She actually sounded concerned when she asked that, it was
all a bit creepy and too much for him.  But Bill was hungry, starving in

Suspiciously he answered, “I could use some food.”

A sandwich appeared on the arm of the chair.  He could
smell it.  Roast beef with cheddar.  Looked like fresh tomato and
lettuce with some mayo.  He loves him a roast beef sandwich but was wary
about how it just appeared.

Ariella, the ship, wheedled in that sexy voice, “I promise
it is what it appears to be, I would not have gone through such trouble for you
only to cause you harm.”

Bill warily sniffed at it.  It smelled so good he took
a large bite.  It was perfect.  The tomato was bursting with flavor
and the lettuce crisp.  The roast beef melted on his tongue.  He was
almost sad when he finished eating it down.

“You didn’t answer my question Ariella.”

She sighed plaintively, “I need help.  I need your help
to get back into space where I belong.”

Shit, he felt the urging to help her.  He was not sure
if it was him just not liking seeing a female in distress or the incredibly
sexy voice which was turning him on despite the creepy factor.  What the
hell does he know about a dang spaceship anyway?  Especially a live
one!  What could he do to help?

He said, “What can I do to help you?  I don’t know
nothing about space or technology crap.”

She said suggestively, “I need you to charge my... 
Systems.  I could show you the universe you know.  A ship is nothing
without a crew.”

That sounds absolutely nuts.  His VCR blinks 12 for
goodness sake.  He couldn’t figure out why she would want him. 

He sighed, “And how do I do that?  Charge your systems
I mean.”

A sultry voice answered him from behind by the door, “Oh
honey, I think you will figure it out.”

It was that same voice but instead of coming from everywhere
it was a single direction.  He turned and saw a young beautiful

“Who are you?!”

She was about 5’9”.  She had straight long black hair
down to her ass.  Soft green eyes and a light olive skin tone.  She
had an absolutely gorgeous face.  A petite nose and full pouty lips. 
Her tits must have been a double D size and looked amazing on her hourglass
body.  To him she was dang near perfect looking, which made him
suspicious.  Shouldn’t she be more alien looking?

She smiled at him sheepishly and said, “I am Ariella, the
new avatar for the ship.  I admit I cheated a bit when I created this
body.  I read your mind when you were unconscious to come up with these,”
she ran her hands sexily against her body, “specifications.”

His cock twitched.

His mouth was a bit dry when he said, “You done a real good
job ma’am.”

Bill watched as she sauntered up to him, he swallowed. 
He couldn’t figure out if he wanted to stare at her beautiful face, her tits,
or those long sexy legs.  He was surprised when she started kissing
him.  He loved the feel of her soft and pliant lips on his.  When he
took in her scent his cock hardened the rest of the way. 

He was so horny all the sudden but still confused and scared
as well, so he pushed her back gently breaking their kiss.

“What is this about?  I mean you are amazing but… 
I thought you wanted my help with charging something or other?  What is
this about, the kissing and sexy new body I mean?”

Every instinct in him wanted to bend her over the nearest console
and then get started fucking her every different way he could reckon until he
passed out.  But there was a part of him really freaked out and not
understanding.  This just didn’t make sense.  A ship that was
alive?  An avatar?  Needing my help charging her systems? 
Wanting a crew?  He doesn’t know the first thing about anything technical.

She sighed and confirmed she could read my mind by saying,
“I am alive Bill.  There are no electrical systems, or conduits, or fancy
electronics like on your science fiction shows or books.  If I am damaged
I repair myself, just like if you cut your hand it would heal.  I
am…  Organic.  The only electronics are these screens so my crew can
translate the readings and scans my body picks up.”

She pondered for a moment then said, “There is no way at all
you could conceive of how I gain energy to move through the universe.  The
explanations would be above your head I am afraid.  You aren’t stupid, you
just don’t have the knowledge right now to comprehend it.”

He felt a little insulted at that, but he knew she spoke
nothing but truth.  Heck, he wouldn’t cotton on if it was a warp drive or
a metal ship like in those sci-fi stories.

His lust surged when she gave him a fuck me look that caused
his cock to jump and said, “Best way I can explain it is when I say I have a
sex drive, it has multiple connotations.  Although I can work with more
forms of energy than that, it is the most potent.”

Wait a minute.  All she needs from him to recharge and
get back into space is a good fucking?

She nodded at his thought and smiled, “That’s what all
the…  Contraptions in the bedrooms are for.  Servicing my crew gives
me energy to move my body among the universes.”

Damn!  He never thought reality would be so much better
than fiction!

“Do we need to go somewhere specific baby?” he asked.

This ship was clearly a damsel in distress.  He almost
snorted at the thought, like he was doing her a favor?  Her scent
continued to work on him and he was harder than steel, it was starting to hurt
in its confinement.  It also felt…  Bigger?  Is that what she
had meant by enhancements?  He was already packing an above average eight
inches.  He felt at least a couple more now pressed against his body.

She shook her head and looked frustrated for a moment.

She said softly, “Sorry, I just don’t know how to explain it
to you, suffice it to say my body and the ship are intimately connected. 
Plus, even if you were with someone else, the ship is now connected to you
through the implant.  Any… activity on your part, would provide energy.”

He nodded.  “So let me get this straight, my only job
as the crew is to give you energy by fucking?  And you will show me the
universe and aliens and shit?  Is it dangerous?”

She kissed him tenderly, as if he was her lover.

She said, “Yes, that is what it is to be my crew.  And
more, I have been alone for too long and need the company besides.  And
yes to everything else, including the danger.  But I can minimize that if
you listen to me.”

This was a big deal.  He would be saying goodbye to
earth, although he didn’t have much holding him down either.  He was
pretty sure Sally had actually broken up with him last night.  He had been
trying not to think of that though.

It was also getting downright uncomfortable around Ariella,
he could barely think.  She was designed for him specifically.  Her
looks, scent, voice and sultry demeanor were all driving him nuts. 

She did it to get him to help her, became everything he
could want in a woman, and so much more than he ever thought he would get.

Oh, he did okay woman wise, but it isn’t every day he gets
offered the universe with the most beautiful woman he ever met, or should he
say ever imagined!  He took her hand and planned to take her to a bed, but
one appeared right on the bridge!  He pulled her in for a kiss and felt
her undoing his clothes and he removed hers in return. 

He almost blew early when they finally got naked.  Her
body was toned but soft.  Her skin was like yielding silk under his rough
hands.  She was absolutely perfect, at least to him. 

He picked her up and carried her to the bed. 

Bill felt her wrap her legs around him and grind her hot
pussy along his now ten inches, coating the bottom of his hard cock with her
juice.  He gasped at her warm heat running up his pole and kissed her hard
while squeezing her ass.  He held her tight and ground back against her.

Ariella said sultrily with a tinge of desperation, “Oh god,
we can explore and go slow later, fuck me now, make me yours.”

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