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Authors: Emilia Beaumont

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Billionaire Stepbrother: Winter (Our Forbidden Year Book 3)

BOOK: Billionaire Stepbrother: Winter (Our Forbidden Year Book 3)
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Billionaire Stepbrother:

Our Forbidden Year - Part 3

Emilia Beaumont

Chapter One

ineteen. She’s only nineteen. I must be out of my goddamn mind.

I closed my eyes. I had to have her; there were no two ways about it. I tried to be sensible, to be logical, but our situation required me to abandon her and give her up. Yet for all my strength, I couldn’t stay away, couldn’t resist. Heaven knows I tried. All the hours I spent distracting myself, and what good did it do? It brought me full–circle, right back to her.

I should have tried harder. Should have listened to my head and not my heart.

Aimee shuffled beneath the covers beside me, dreaming, and the bed gave out a tiny squeak. I couldn’t stop looking at her and I would gladly have forgone sleep just to keep watching.

Her pale back was pressed up against me as we lay spooning on our sides; the curve of her behind was nestled into my naked lap.

I knew full well that I shouldn’t have come here again, yet each night, I returned. Overpowered by my own emotions. But when I looked at her, listening to her soft inhales and whispering exhales that tickled the hairs on my arm, I couldn’t force myself to leave.

I traced a finger along her side; Aimee moaned in her sleep as the trail of my fingertips dipped at her waist. God, how I wanted to take her right then. To stay locked away with her and forget everything and everyone.

My cock burrowed between her silky cheeks, and I felt myself stiffen as I ran a hand over her warm, practically glowing skin. The heat from her peach of a bum burned against me, and my heart thudded loud in my ears.

This girl, no… this woman, I corrected myself, would be the undoing of me. Even while she’s asleep, she has the utmost control over me.

My tongue ran the length of my bottom lip. I wanted to drag my tongue over every one of her visible and hidden surfaces, tasting her again. My pulse quickened at the thought and urged me to have her. The span of my hand encompassed her soft belly, and I drew her near. My hips moved automatically, causing a wave of pressure to build in me as my cock brushed up against her. I moved my foot, then my leg, in between hers, opening her up wide, giving me full access as I kissed a trail from her vulnerable neck to down her shoulder blades.

Aimee moaned again, which made me want her even more. Her head started to lift from the pillow, and her eyes flickered as the last remnants of sleep drifted from her mind.

“Don’t wake up,” I whispered.

“Mmm,” she replied.

With my leg propping hers open like a butterfly, her creamy centre exposed, I eased my hand over her bum from behind and gave it a squeeze before dipping a finger slowly between her wet lips. I groaned with pleasure at how wet she was for me, and it took all my willpower not to thrust myself deep into her right away, forgoing any semblance of foreplay.

I breathed deeply and tried to focus my mind.

Aimee didn’t help when her arm reached around and stroked my side. Her hand reached in between us and grazed my swollen shaft. Colours danced in front of my eyes; I was ready to explode.

“I have a better idea,” I said as I captured her arm and eased it behind her back, stopping her from cutting what I had planned for her short. “Give me your other arm, too,” I whispered into her ear, licking the tip of her earlobe.

Still barely awake, Aimee obeyed and moved her right arm from under the pillow and tucked it between her side and the mattress, then behind her.

I held her arms in a crisscrossed position at the wrist, using only one hand just above the base of her spine to keep her pinned. What I wouldn’t have given for some ropes or ties right then. I wanted to keep her still, at my mercy, while I pleasured her to the brink of ecstasy.

My other hand continued to tease her sodden folds, occasionally circling her hardening little nub. She whimpered as I took my finger away.

“Oh, don’t stop,” Aimee gasped as she wriggled her body back towards my finger.

“Stay still. If you don’t, you get nothing,” I said soothingly but with a hint of steely authority.

She instantly stopped squirming.

I swept my digit along her inner thigh, getting higher with each stroke. Her moans got loader, more impatient as she awoke.

My grip on her wrists behind her doubled, ready for the moment when I would enter her, causing her to buck like a cowgirl.

She was so open and ready for me, but I restrained myself from plunging in head–first, prolonging the agony.

“You want this?” I asked as I circled around her pulsing opening.

“Yes,” she breathed.

I thrust my finger deep within her, in and out, slow, then fast. I held onto her, encouraging her to arch backwards, to show me her exposed tits. Hearing her cry with pleasure made my cock thicken and rise high. I was almost at the point where I couldn’t hold back any more. I ached to be within her.

I was about to make my move, edging the tip closer, the head of my cock about to slip inside her, when Aimee bolted upright, forcing me to let go of her.

“What time is it?” she squealed.

“Time for me to come in you,” I replied and moved my hands back towards her wetness.

“I’m serious, Lex.” She tried to reach over and grab her phone that lay silent on the bedside table. “What bloody time is it?” she repeated.

I raised my eyebrow and grinned. “I’ll never tell.”

Her arm claimed a pillow behind her, and in a flash she beat me over my head with it. For being so small, she’s surprisingly quick when she wants to be.

“Well, I’m definitely not telling you now.”

I managed to claim her weapon of choice and restrained her tight against me. Aimee squirmed, her body rubbing up against me, causing my hard cock to pulse in desperation, eager for release. Where’s some rope when you needed it? I thought.

Her hazel eyes glinted at me, and before she could utter another single syllable, I claimed her mouth for my own. Aimee’s eyelids fluttered shut, and she let out a deep, longing moan as I explored her mouth with my tongue.

Just when I thought she’d given in, Aimee pulled her head back, gasping. “You’re not going to distract me.”

I shrugged, unperturbed, and tried to kiss her again.

“You turned the alarm off again, didn’t you?” she accused, dodging my advances. “What time did you get in, anyway?”

“Late,” I replied.

This time I let her slip from my grasp, and she clambered over me to the table and reached for her quiet phone.

“Shit. Shit. Shit!”

Her cute bare butt was literally hovering near my face. Just a little nibble, I thought. I took a tiny bite, as if indulging in some ripe fruit, and I relished the taste of her. She cried out, and I gave her a passing spank as she scrambled off the bed. Her panic mode engaged.

Aimee launched into a frenzy, looking for clothes, smoothing down her ruffled hair. There go any thoughts of a wild morning, I thought.

I lay back, tucked my arms behind my head and watched the show before me as Aimee rushed around frantically. I tried hopelessly to forget my furious hard–on.

“How could you let me lie in?” she cursed from the bathroom. “You know I have a test this morning!”

“Just come back to bed. I’ll do that thing with my tongue you like.”

“Bugger, bugger, shit, shit.”

“Language, Aimee. Who knew you swore so much?” I scolded, trying to keep my face serious.

She stood in the doorway and pointed her toothbrush at me, her eyes wild with anger. “You! Just shut your face. You did this all on bloody purpose.”

“You’re cute when you’re mad, you know?” I said, unable to stop myself from provoking the fire.

An ankle–boot flew through the air and hit, with a clatter, against the wall on my left.

“You have crap aim, too,” I said, laughing.

“Shit,” she said again, as she stomped across the room to reclaim the boot. She tugged it onto her foot, hopping up and down to keep her balance so she didn’t fall over. I stifled a laugh, but it escaped anyway.

“You think this is funny, do you? At this rate I’m gonna fail… but that’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“Oh, Aimee. On the contrary, I want you to succeed, but you’ve said yourself that you don’t see the point of going to Uni, that you’re doing it only ‘cause you think it’s what you should be doing… what you mother wants you to do.”

She sighed. She knew I was right.

“It’s the last day of term, anyway. Come back to bed?”

Aimee shook her head. “I don’t have time for this. I’ll see you later.”

With a last look, she scooped up a tattered beige scarf, swirled it around her delicate neck and blew me a quick kiss before trotting out the door.

I glanced down at the rising tent pole beneath the covers. “Now what am I going to do about you?” I muttered.

Chapter Two

y desire for release didn’t diminish. I’d just have to settle for the next best thing, I thought. I pulled back the sheets to reveal my naked body and hopped out of bed; my cock bounced as I moved, and I gave it a gentle tug, urging patience. I wished Aimee had stayed. With a new plan in mind, I grabbed the nearest towel from the closet and headed towards the bathroom.

A tiny buzz reverberated against the wooden top of the bedside table. Aimee’s phone. Shit. She’d be furious when she got back, I thought, and knowing her, she had probably forgotten her keys, too.

I ignored the incessant buzzing for a moment but then thought better of it. I glanced at the screen, curious to know who was calling.

Loretta. Aimee’s mother. There was no way I was going to answer that call. For one thing, it would’ve been a total boner–killer.

Instead, I let the call go to voice mail and jumped into the shower.

As the water beat against my chest, I lazily dreamed of Aimee’s naked form, of her perfect tits that I would happily tease all day if she’d let me. Soap trickled down my body, and I took hold of my cock.

A hammering at the door broke my train of thought.

“For fuck’s sake, what now?” I muttered to myself.

BOOK: Billionaire Stepbrother: Winter (Our Forbidden Year Book 3)
8.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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