Black and Blue (Black and Blue Series)

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Khelsey Jackson






Published by

Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, LLC.

Algonquin, IL 6010




Black &Blue


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Published by

Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, LLC.

Algonquin, IL 60102


Edited by Elizabeth A. Lance

For Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing


Cover by

Khelsey Jackson









I want to dedicate this book to my first fan, Candice
Wardrip. Thank you for believing in me.











My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of Earth.


-Abraham Lincoln






Daniel looked around at everyone, and then paused when his eyes landed on Jacob Rich, his oldest and dearest friend. They had been through so much together and they were about to do something that would change the world as they knew it. They wanted a new world, one that would allow them to rule over the poor class and basically be their slaves. Daniel and Jacob came from a wealthy background; they had many followers who would back them.


Dan, are you sure you want to do this? You know that once it’s done there is no going back.” The plan was to kill the one person that was trying to stop them from rising up and controlling the country.


We don’t have any other choice, do we?” Daniel turned to face his friend. He wore his three piece black suit, with a deep rich green shirt underneath the black vest and jacket.


Jacob shook his head.
“No we don’t.”


didn’t miss the sadness in his voice as he reached down to pick up theMcMillan TAC
fifty, he’d used in the army a year ago as a trained sniper. He knew that the fifty caliber weapon would take care of what needed to be done.


The one person standing in the way of achieving their dream was
the President of the United States. President Miller still wanted to keep everything the same, except he wanted to take even more from the wealthy and give it to the poor.


Remember, you’ll have to be exactly six-hundred yards away from him and the secret service. After you shoot him, you have minimal time to get out. They’ll be looking for who did this,” Jacob said, and he nodded.


knew that he had just about three minutes before they pin pointed where he was. “I know, I’ll get out in the three minute window,” Daniel said as he walked out of his house with the black fifty caliber weapon in a black bag around his shoulder.


One hour later
Daniel was lying on his stomach with aposthe butt of his gun against his shoulder, looking out of the scope. Any minute now President Miller would be walking out of the restaurant. He knew he would have about a minute to break down his McMillan and get to his car after he made the shot.


He looked through his
scope and felt his heart race when the front doors of the restaurant opened and President Miller walked out. Miller waved at someone and Daniel took that as his opportunely to hit his target. He didn’t watch what happened next, he just quickly broke down his rifle and put it in his bag.


He ran to his car, opened the back door, shoved
his bag in and covered it up with the black blanket he’d set back there. He got in his car and slowly drove back to his house to where Jacob was waiting.


hen he got home he walked in to find Jacob next to the bar with a drink in his hand. He looked up at Daniel and raised his eyebrows.


It’s done,” he said and walked toward him. Jacob handed him a glass and Daniel drank it without second guessing what it was. He needed something strong to calm his raging nerves down.


Jacob glanced at him.
“I know. It was already on the news. Now it is your time to step up from Vice President and become President.”


Two years earlier
he’d run with Charlie Miller, hoping for the Presidential nomination, but he hadn’t been able to get the votes, so he’d settled for Vice President. Now that Miller was dead,
would be leading the country the way it
be run.


had promised some of the wealthiest people in America, people who wanted to be the select few, that the country would be split into two classes, Blacks and Blues. The Blacks would be the wealth and would rule over the Blues, the


He wanted to make sure that the
Blues couldn’t move up or become wealthy. He wanted to make sure that if someone was born a Blue, they would stay a Blue. The biggest obstacle to achieving two separated classes would be keeping them from intermarrying. He would have to make it a Federal Crime to socialize between the different classes with the harsh punishment of a death sentence, should it occur. And if you were born a Blue you would die a Blue along with your children.


step up. I’m expecting the phone call at any minute,” Daniel replied.


hat one phone call would set his plan in motion. As Vice President, he would take over from the now deceased President Miller and be in charge of the country. He’d already planned to end the war, but he would do what he promised. He would lead the country as he wanted, as the wealthy wanted. The lower class would work for
. The office phone rang, and Daniel knew it was the call that would make history. He looked across this office to his best friend and grinned. He grabbed the phone, took a deep breath and said, “Hello?”


“Sir, the President has been shot
. The surgeons don’t think he’ll make it through the night. You need to be ready to be sworn in.”


Daniel already knew
President Miller wouldn’t make it, and was most likely already dead. He should know, he was, after all, a perfect shot which was why he was chosen to make the assassination. “I saw the news, are you certain he won’t make it?” Daniel did his best to put as much empathy in his voice as he could, as Jacob rolled his eyes. He could hear a murmur of voices in the background.


The man on the phone sighed,
“Sir, he was shot in the head.”


Daniel smirked knowing he’d been the one to
do it, and he would be the one to tell the Country that their President was dead. He would be the one to tell the America citizens that the wealthy had won the war.


Chapter One


No B Club


Are you sure you want to go in there?” Emily asked in a nervous voice, looking at the red neon sign that flashed
No B Club
on the side of the large warehouse. “I mean, can’t we just go to Black Diamonds?”

No.” Jamie grinned as she pulled off her black leather bracelet and started toward the door. “I want to be here!”

After a short moment, Emily’s high-heeled footsteps closed in as
she, too, put her bracelet in her purse and joined her. Jamie knew her friend was scared about going into the
B Club
- the only place in town where Black and Blue bracelets could be together- and, though it wasn’t popular with the older generation and had a bad reputation with the law, Jamie had made up her mind. It was her eighteenth birthday, and even though
Black Diamonds
was only a few blocks from where they stood, the strictly Black-bracelet club wasn’t what she wanted, and neither the threat of rumors nor of the ominous broken windows would deter her.

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