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By the time I’m done there’s a camera in her bedroom, the bathroom, (I have no conscience), kitchen, and living room.  I glance at my watch and see I have just enough time to get back to the city on time.  I didn’t find anything that links her to her douchebag husband but I know I’ll be back and I feel content I can search the house again if I need to.  That fact sends a thrill through me.



The morning has flown by.  I’ve been so absorbed in the case and presentation I didn’t notice anything else.  Although, when Davis arrived I went to greet him in his office because I knew the drill.

“Good morning,” I couldn’t bring myself to call him Mr. Davis and he hadn’t told me to call him Miles.

“Good morning Gemma.  What did you think of the case?” he asked and his pleasantness took me a little by surprise. 

“The fact it’s a hostile take-over is a bit…invigorating,” I smiled.

He leaned his head back and laughed. Actually laughed.  “I know, that shit gets us off.”

I smiled again and felt my cheeks heat but I didn’t agree, not wanting to admit I felt the same thing.  I had to remind myself I’m only an assistant.

“Mr. Black wants you to present directly to him today.  I’m not surprised really.  He wants to see what you’ve got.”

My eyes widened a little remembering the intensity of his presence.  “Is that so?”

“Yes, right after lunch.  But if you have any questions, want to bounce anything off me, don’t hesitate.  We’re a team, all of us here.”

His offer touched me and surprised me.  This didn’t seem to be the same guy from yesterday.

“Thanks, I appreciate it.  But I think I need to do this on my own so Mr. Black can see what I do, and I can get a more honest idea of how he likes to play things.”

“Smart, but I knew that already,” Miles grinned. 

“Is there anything you’d like me to do, Mr. Davis?” I asked, happy at the newly relaxed vibe between us.

“Miles, Gemma.  And no, you’ve got your hands full, this is your initiation.  I think it’s safe to say we’re all watching to see how it goes.  I for one, am stoked,”
I had to stop myself from quirking a brow at him, “to see how you’ll handle it.  I gotta tell you, you have one hell of a reputation, aside from the Malcolm shit that got dumped on you.  I would be a fool not to admit I’m going to learn from you too.” 

His honest declaration humbled me and made my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

"Thanks Miles, you don’t know how much I appreciate that.”

“Alright, get the hell out of here and get to work.  You’ve got a big presentation and not much time.”  He booted up his computer as he shooed me out.

This time I laughed.  “Yes sir.”

That was three hours ago.  Simon told me I would be meeting with Mr. Black at one fifteen and that I have a quarter hour to present, the realization sends a nervous tremor through me. 
Don’t act like professional virgin, you’ve been doing this for years and you are one of the best in your field.  Obviously Black knows that or he wouldn’t have hired you.

All day my attention had been focused only on the arguments in front of me and in my head.  I was thankful Black had been out all morning saving me from distraction.  I instantly became aware of him when he returned, I could feel him.  His eyes were on me as he moved through the office.  The erotic heat that pulses from him is intimidating and breathtaking.  The man is a walking sex god.  I know he would fuck hard, rough, and mind-blowingly incredible with a focus that made my toes curl.  His gaze felt like a dark caress and did things to me, things I had no control over.  His lips curled in a wicked smirk like he knew me intimately, knew all my secrets, that I was laid bare in front of him.  He stripped me with that simple glance and I felt raw and naked right to my soul.

My stomach is instantly in knots and thoughts of eating disappear. 

Simon is by his side talking as they walk past everyone and into his private world and shut the door.  I can see inside and watch as he sits behind his desk.  There is something different about him from this morning.  I squint my eyes trying to figure it out. 
He left his jacket on.
  I’m sure that’s it as I remember him pacing earlier with his sleeves rolled up and his hair ruffled. 

I look back at my monitor and start to read from the top of the page, my head going back and forth from the notes on the pad next to me and the screen.  A little chime makes me jump as an instant message pops up on the right side of my computer screen.    

Are you ready for me Ms. Trudeau
Alexander Black

I blink, my fingers hovering over the keys. 

Alexander Black is IM’ing me!

Yes Mr. Black, I believe I’ll show you exactly what you want to see. 
Gemma Trudeau

Do you now, Ms. Trudeau?  Never assume, it’s a sign of weakness. 
Alexander Black

I’m not assuming, I’m confident. 
Gemma Trudeau

I’m sweating and my breathing is heavy as I fight to hold on to certainty and calm.

Then I look forward to seeing how you’ll perform in front of me, Ms.  Trudeau.
  Alexander Black

On my back, on all fours, kneeling in front of you, tied and bound…
the words and images flash in my mind before I can stop them, bringing a fresh wave of heat coursing through me.

“Fuck!” I mutter.

Don’t curse Ms. Trudeau, it doesn’t become you. 
Alexander Black

I jerk a stunned gaze at him.  He’s sitting back in his chair at his desk staring directly at me, his hand at his chin, fingers stroking it again.  I blink.  He smiles, but it isn’t a friendly or warm grin, but cold and hard, leering and intimidating, and it tells me this man should
be underestimated.   

He swivels his chair back to his desk and begins typing. The ping of the message alert draws my attention.

One hour Ms. Trudeau, you’ll have only fifteen minutes in front of me, don’t waste it
Alexander Blac

I swallow hard and almost choke on my dry mouth. Why do I suddenly feel aroused and scared at the same time?

The phone startles me a short time later.  “Miles Davis’ office, Gemma Trudeau speaking.” 

“Gemma, it’s Simon, five minutes until your appointment with Mr. Black.”

“Thank you Simon, I appreciate the heads up.”

“You’re welcome, I saw how engrossed you were.  This being your first appointment, I thought it would be helpful if I gave you a five minute warning,” he chuckles.

“You’re the best,” I smile.

“Yeah, I know, and you’ll be fine, you’re a confident, intelligent, strong woman.  Remember that.”

For some reason I have a feeling I’ll need to hold on to that little reminder when I face Black. 

“Thanks Simon, I’ll be right over.”

I click
as I hang up and turn to watch the pages spit out of the machine.

Five minutes later Simon is pulling the door closed to Alexander Black’s office behind me.  The glass is smoked to give us privacy.  He’s on the phone and doesn’t acknowledge my presence when I walk in.  Deciding the best tactic would be to play offensive, I walk to his desk, place the arguments I’d prepared down and sit in a chair across from him.  And wait.

“He’s rebutting the offer?  Is he out of his mind?  The company hasn’t operated beyond the red in years, it’s barely able to pay for itself.  What could he possibly think it has that would be attractive in a market it has no place in?  It’s outdated.”  A pause lapses as he listens to the caller and picks up my prospectus.  “You want to know what I think?  I think he believes that Black Inc.’s interest has to do in that company as it is, that we find it attractive.  Lower the offer, resubmit, and let me know.  Every time he refuses we’ll lower it again until he understands.  I don’t give a shit about that company.  Make him understand.”  Another pause.  “Are there any other negotiations on his table?”  He listens again.  “Get me answers.  And if there are, make them go away.  The next time you call me will be to tell me he accepted or the company ceases to exist.  Understand?”  He slams the phone down and continues to read my presentation. 

Ruthless.  Powerful.  Commanding. Slightly criminal even.

I sit perfectly still and force myself not to squirm in front of him.

…look forward to seeing how you’ll perform in front of me…
his words resonate in my mind.  Now I have the voice to place with it.  It floats through me like thick brandy, heating and seeping into every part of me. 

It seems like hours pass as the minutes tick by while I watch Black skim through my argument.  Finally, he places the papers back on his desk and turns his chair so his back is to me and he’s looking out the window.

“Tell me Ms. Trudeau, do the thoughts of predator, domination, taken illicit feelings of fear in you?”

I’m stunned…again.  It’s a moment before I can squeak out, “Excuse me?”

“The first thing you feel, the first thing that comes to mind, tell me.”  His words are so commanding I can’t help but blurt out.


“Good…does it excite you?”

I lick my lips and am so happy he can’t see me.

“Yes.”  I take a slow deep breath and can feel my now hardened nipples scrape against the fabric.

He turns slowly back to face me.  I can see the color of his eyes now, a crystal clear blue, so light they look like ice and their piercing force sends a shiver through me.  His gaze drops to my breasts, the pebbled points clearly visible through the thin layers of fabric.

He slowly stands as he unbuttons his jacket, then his vest, his eyes never leaving mine pinning me down.  He comes to stand behind me and my heart beat accelerates.  He smells divine, fresh, crisp, male, and a hint of muskiness.  He lowers his body so his face is so close to mine I can feel his warm breath and the soft scruff of his facial hair on my skin.  He raises his hands to grip the edge of his desk in front of me, his arms touching mine.  I’m captured. 

“There is a process of possession, Ms. Trudeau.  One doesn’t just claim and control, it must be given.  It must be seduced, earned, the submissive must feel with every fiber of their being that they must be owned, must be taken thoroughly and completely,” he says evenly, his mouth close to my ear.  “They must need to be claimed, knowing that only then they will find the ecstasy of freedom.”  His tone drops.  “Sweet release, Ms. Trudeau.” 

I squirm unconsciously in my seat, my heavy breathing pushing my breasts against the fabric, each scrape on my tight nipples pure torture.  The hem of my dress rises to show the top of the stocking and the clip of a garter.  I catch Black’s sharp intake of breath telling me he sees it too.

“Write it over.  Show me what it’s like to be seduced, Gemma,” he says deeply, his voice rough.              He moves to the windows and looks out at his city before him.  The absence of his body leaves me feeling empty and wanting.  He’s such overwhelming contained strength, power and control.  It’s scary and sensual.

“Is seduction your usual tactic Mr. Black?”

I hear a rumble from deep in his chest, almost like a chuckle.

“Always, Ms. Trudeau.  The secret is knowing how to seduce, what your prey thinks it wants, but knowing what they need.  They will give you anything when you can give them that.”

I sit staring at his back feeling completely unraveled and totally needing to be fucked.

I bet that man would know
what I need
how to give it to me.

Simon’s voice cuts through the erotic mood in Black’s office.

“Excuse Mr. Black, Mr. Wilcott is here.”

“Thank you Simon, Ms. Trudeau and I are finished.”

That’s my cue to leave, Black is finished with me.  I’m so far from finished it hurts.

“Thank you for your time and your information, I will have the revised arguments on your desk by the end of business today.”

“I have no doubt you will give me exactly what I want Gemma.”

“Yes sir,” shit!

“Simon has lunch waiting for you.  You have to take care of yourself Ms. Trudeau.”

How the hell did he know I didn’t have lunch?!

“What did I tell you about cursing Gemma?” his voice warning.

“Yes sir, I’ll leave you to your appointment.”

I leave his office quickly, afraid I’ll say something else stupid. 

What the hell happened to the intimidating lawyer I’ve been for the past decade and a half?  One sexy man and it all goes down the crapper.  And how the hell did he know I cursed again?

As I pass Simon, “Thanks for lunch,” the words come out a little choked.

“It’s on your desk Gemma.  Go take a break, you look flushed.”

And totally wet.



Fucking stockings

BOOK: Black Ink
6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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