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“Why not?  Does he seem like he’d be a bad lay?”

“Quite the opposite.  He looks like he’d devour me and I’d shamelessly beg him for more.”

“Oh girl, you are in so much trouble.  You are extremely sexy, beautiful, and smart as hell.  I bet he’s already imagined all the ways he’d like to screw your brains out, he’s a man.”

“He’s a hell of a lot more than just a man, he’s a beast, a primitive animal, and so damn good looking I can’t even look at him.”

“You are so going to fuck him, just make sure you tell me all the details when you do.  Grabbing quickies when I can now that kids are all over the place is not much fun.”

I laugh.  It’s been so long since I really laughed from down deep in my belly, it almost makes me cry.

“Listen,” I begin when I catch my breath.  “I’ve filled out divorce papers.  Do you think you could get them filed in the clerk of courts office when you send someone down there?  I hate to ask but now that I’m working, I don’t want to ask for the time off.”

“Shut up, of course I will, I almost filled some out for you myself but I didn’t want to push you.  Shove them in my mailbox on your way to the Path in the morning and I’ll take care of it.”

“I love you G, see you soon.”

“Oh no, girl, you don’t get off that easy.  Sunday dinner, four o’clock, gravy, meatballs, sausages, braciole’s.”

“Deal, I’ll bring the cannoli’s.”

“You are such a Godfather nerd,” Gina laughs.

“I can’t help it, you know I’ve always loved the bad boys.”

“Yeah I know, too bad their not good for our health.”

“Considering how things turned out with a straight boy, I’m beginning to think otherwise.”



On the fifth floor of the nineteen thirteen house I live in, dressed in only sweat pants, my gaze is riveted to the large computer monitor on the desk in my home office.  This is my private sanctuary, with my bedroom, office, workout room, and playroom.  The basement and lower levels are occupied by the Ramirez family and the rest of the staff.  But this area is my retreat where I do whatever the fuck I want.  Often times it’s to a female in the dark boudoir where I satisfy my twisted tastes.

My intention for watching Gemma is to see her in her own environment, hoping she’d expose her affiliation with Malcolm in his schemes and incriminate herself. 

I want revenge and I’ll get it any way I can.  

After I watched Gemma get out of the shower, her creamy white skin glistening and moist, I had to beat out some of my sexual need with a workout.  Tonight I have no doubt there will be more right here in front of the monitor watching her. 

She wasn’t the only one who’d been affected by the intense sexual energy that had charged between us, albeit fueled by the direction I’d pushed the business agenda today.

If I was going to break her, one way or another, she needed a harsh shove out of her comfort zone.  She’s wrapped up so tight, careful with her words, her movements, even her glances, a reserved persona she’d perfected over her career. 

I’d seen the casual, relaxed Gemma when she was talking to her friend Gina, (I made a mental note to find out who this Gina is), and she’d looked beautiful.  With me she was guarded, reserved, calculating even. 
Smart girl. 
Now I know why.  It’s funny the things one finds out when it’s thought no one is listening. 

She’d planned on using her position with my company to further her own career, or to re-establish it.  Which was precisely what I thought she’d do when I had it dangled in front of her, the perfect opportunity for her to clear her name and prove herself again as the masterful lawyer she is.  Or to tighten the noose around her neck. 

Although I couldn’t hear what Gina had said, she’d obviously made Gemma realize I’d hired her to keep an eye on her in order to determine her involvement, if any, with that slime ball husband of hers, (which is partially true).  Apparently soon to be ex-husband.

“Good, it’s about damn time you’re going to unload the piece of shit,” I murmur to her image on the screen. 

Remembering her words…
more than just a man, he’s a beast, a primitive animal, and so damn good looking I can’t even look at him. 

“You have no idea how primitive, my pet.”

Her eyes had widened with lust and her face had flushed, and those needy little nipples hardened when I mentioned how I would take her hard and rough, fuck her in that tight little ass of hers and mark that flawless pale skin with my teeth and hands. 

First, I’d have to get her to that point.  That little task is going to be quite enjoyable.   

She’s getting ready for bed.  My dick has been rock hard with anticipation.  She already stripped off her clothes and left them at the end of the bed.

“You have to stay out for a little while Kitty, I have to take care of myself first before I explode,” she tells her cat.

“Fuck,” I moan.

I knew this was coming, had no doubt, but now that its time, I’m sweating and my balls are pulled so tight under my throbbing shaft, I’m almost ready to come.

After putting the cat out, her luscious little body walks to the nightstand and pulls out her Prada pouch of toys.  I resist the urge to pull my dick out and pound out the waiting eruption barely held back.

I watch her remove all of her supplies then place them in an orderly fashion on the table top.  Her OCD makes me smirk. 

The only precision when you’re with me will be

Then uncapping the lube, she parts her legs and smooths the slick gel over her folds and her ass. 

“Fuck,” I grit out again.

Next she palms one vibrator and covers it with gel, then the other. 

“Yes,” the head of my cock is oozing pre-cum, imagining what she’s going to do with both of them.

When she picks up the clothes pins, my head falls back against the chair.  “
you’re going to put those clips on your perfect nipples.”

“Better not,” she murmurs, “I’ll come as soon as I touch my clit if I do.”

“Thank God,” I groan gutturally.

After all her supplies are ready, Gemma crawls to the center of her flower garden bed and lays on her back, baring her succulent body completely.  She slides her hands up her sides to cup her breasts.  Her fingers clasp her nipples and she begins to play.

“Oh, I cannot wait to suck those beautiful tits into my mouth and pull those nipples with my teeth,” I grit out.  “Twist them, baby, pull them, pinch them, feel it all the way down to your pussy.”

Her fingers are working the peaks, pulling, twisting, flicking them.  I hear her breathing get heavier and raspier as her back arches and her hips begin to squirm.  She bends her knees and lets them fall to the sides, opening her up to my view.

“Look at that hungry cunt, pet, she’s so needy.  Touch it Gemma, make it beg to be filled.”

Her hand slides down her stomach, over her bald mound to circle a finger around her clit.  With her other hand she reaches over and grabs the flesh colored vibrator.  Inserting only the head, her hips begin to move into it. 

“I would smack your clit for you, pet, it would make you scream with need.”

“Oh, Gooood,” she moans.

“Not yet, Gemma, you can’t come yet.  You need more.”

My fingers ache dying to slip inside her.  My hands clench needing to see their marks on her flesh.  My mouth waters yearning to taste her.  

“Show me, Gemma, show me some of your darkness.  I know it’s there pet, waiting to be set free.”

She sets the vibrator aside and reaches for the other, the bright pink one.  This one is not as long and thick as the other.

“Yes, pet, take what you need.”

I feel the darkness seeping through me, the need to claim, control…punish.  It flows through me in hot, thick, burning waves.  It has been my salvation, my destroyer, my conqueror.

She turns and gets up on her knees and faces the wall.  She grips the brass headrails with one hand as she slips the vibrator beneath her with the other…at the entrance of her ass.

“You’re such a good girl.  Slow, let me see it slip in that tight ass inch by inch.”

She lowers her body down to the bed with her ass in the air.

It’s such a beautiful sight, Gemma naked and spread open, preparing to get fucked in the ass.

Her free hand reaches beneath her to work her clit.  I can almost feel that swollen little nub on my tongue.  My teeth clench from the emptiness.


I can see her tight hole opening above the head of the vibrator.  Its slips past the crown then the shaft slides in. 

I’m riveted, consumed by the vision in front of me, lost in nothing but the pleasure this woman is giving herself.  She slips it in and out, her body still, taking the fake phallus, but wanting a man.  Me.  I know her mind is filled with me, wondering how my cock would feel slipping into her tightness, how my mouth would feel branding her skin with my tongue.  I’d made sure I left my mark on her psyche, burning her with it.

“Soon, pet, very soon.”

Gemma pulls the vibrator from her ass and switches it for the other.  I know she hasn’t come yet.  She shifts to her back and opens her legs.  Then she starts to fuck herself with deep rhythmic thrusts with one hand as the other rubs her clit. 

I can see frustration flash across her face.

“You need more, pet, I know.  But come.”

With determination on her lust hungry face, she works herself.  I can almost feel her tight pussy clamp down on my cock, ready to explode. 

A long moan escapes her as she continues to thrust the plastic dick in and out, her fingers working her clit, her back arching off the bed.  She’s coming.  What delicious sounds she makes when she does.

“So good, pet, I’ll make you come again and again.” 

I slip the waistband down and palm my swollen shaft and grip it tightly to the point of pain.  In my mind Gemma’s arms are bound behind her back and her hot little mouth is sliding up and down my cock, sucking the cum from me.  The image makes me explode with one, two, three pumps. 

“She has made me want to come all day.  That was just a warm-up.”

As I watch her laying there, not entirely satisfied but at least having a release, I begin to rub my cock again nice and slow.  I suddenly realize she didn’t turn on the vibrators.

She wants to be fucked, needs to be fucked.  I wonder how long it’s been. 

Compassion for the woman ebbs into me.  A part of me wants to hold her, make her realize what an amazing, captivating woman she is.  The other part, the sadistic animal inside me wants to punish her until she breaks.

But what she needs, what she desperately craves, is to step into her darkness, embrace her carnal fantasies, indulge in the forbidden she’s kept locked up tight.  I can see it, the need obvious when she shoved that dildo up her ass.  Some pain with her pleasure.  The thought makes my darkness surge.

With my hand sliding up and down my cock, I’m enjoying the thoughts of all the things I’m going to do to Gemma Trudeau.










Taking the chance that Black would be in early again, I got my coffee and croissant to go at the coffee shop this morning.  The elevator doors slide open a little after eight.  I approach the outer doors of Black Inc. to see if they’re locked and as soon as my hand hits the knob the buzzer sounds to give me access.  When I walk in I spy Alexander in his throne room in much the same situation and state he was yesterday.  His intense savage beauty stuns me again as heat radiates throughout my body. 

Here we go again.

I drop my things off at my desk and use the restroom to freshen up.  When one faces battle, their war face must be properly in place.  Mine is red lipstick, black liner and a fresh application of powder to my face.  A slight ripple seeps through me.  The garters and stockings weren’t a bad idea either.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like how Black had reacted to them yesterday.

Taking my seat, I turn on my computer and open the coffee and breakfast while it’s powering up.  I open my emails, one from PR asking if everything is fine and should I have any questions don’t hesitate contacting them, and the other from Alexander Black.  It was written at ten forty last night.  Right when I’d climbed into bed to finally release the sexual tension that had built all day.


Ms. Trudeau,

Again, you did a very nice job on the case yesterday.

We’ll be submitting it today and should hear back from them by weeks end.

They’ll let us know if you succeeded in your seduction.

Today, I’ve given Davis a possible copyright infringement situation, a copy is attached.

Discuss it with him.

I know, not as exciting as seduction. 

It could excite you as much none the less.

Alexander Black




“Yes, Your Highness,” I mumble as my cheeks flame crimson in embarrassment.

No…there’s no possible way…he couldn’t know…what I was doing…when he wrote this

I can hear his murmured rumblings from my close proximity to his office as he talks on the phone.  The now familiar ding sounds as the IM pops up on my screen.

Did you have a good night? 
Alexander Black

Yeah, it was great after I finally got my divorce paperwork done and let my freak out to play, no thanks to you.

I did, thank you.  And you? 
Gemma Trudeau

I did.  I watched the most amazing woman perform. 
Alexander Black

“What the fuck?”  I spit my coffee out.

I jerk my head to glare at the man.

Tsk, tsk, Ms. Trudeau, not only did you make a mess, but cursing too? 
Alexander Black

“What an insufferable, narcissistic, ego maniac,” I say, stunned.

I choose not to reply.  It doesn’t warrant one.  And what do I say to that?  Besides, I have a mess to clean up.  Stupid glass desk.

I literally hate that man!



“Go ahead,” I bark, answering my cell phone.

“Nothing out of the ordinary, Mr. Black. Actually, she hasn’t had much activity at all.  The only communication she’s sent since her resume’ was submitted to Black Inc. was to Legal Zoom last night.”

My IT guy, Rashad, had gained access into Gemma’s email and files since we received her IP address when she forwarded her information for the position.  It was giving us the keys to her front door and saying, ‘Come on in.’ 

“How far back have you gone so far?” I ask looking at  the woman who now seemed to have become an enigma.

“About two years.”

“Anything suspicious?”

“Only some information she received about her parents death.”

“Who did it come from?”

“The officer who filed the police report.”

Is this another piece to the puzzle that is you, Ms. Trudeau?

“What about the husband?”

“That is a bit harder to access.  The Feds have got all his stuff locked up tight for evidence, I’m having to work around blocks and walls.  I’ll get in, it’s just going to take a little more time.”

Rashad is a boy wonder at technology. He loves computers more than he does women, I have no doubt he’ll succeed at whatever challenges he faces. 

“Alright, thanks Rashad.  Keep me up to date with whatever you find.”

“Will do boss.”



I avoided Alexander Black all week, only talking to him when absolutely necessary.  Fortunately, my immediate boss is Miles Davis, and that was turning out to be a pleasant surprise.  On Wednesday, he’d asked me to lunch and the invitation had made me feel like the new kid at school and this was the confrontation by the popular kid to see if I fit in.

“Sure, that would be nice,” I’d accepted the invitation with trepidation and a smile.

“Great, I made a reservation at Sergimmo Salumeria, it’s in Hell’s Kitchen.  Great little place, just out of the madness.  You’ll love it.  I’m guessing you like Italian, right?  Who doesn’t?”

His friendly forwardness continued to surprise me.  My natural instincts led me to follow his lead and see what he had planned.  As a lawyer, I knew motives always presented themselves eventually.

Apparently Miles was a regular at the little Italian restaurant because everyone knew him by name.  After we ordered, he made the first direct hit.

“So Gemma, what’s your deal?”

I quirked an eyebrow at him.  “Could you elaborate on the question?”  It was so loaded, I wasn’t touching it without further clarification.

“You are obviously too smart to be have been involved with your husband’s…”

“Soon to be ex,” I interjected.

“Bravo.  Your ex-husband’s bullshit.  So what the fuck, did you not have any clue?” he laid it out.

I took a deep breath deciding on how I was going to answer that. 

“To be honest, yes I did, so did my dad, but I didn’t
to know I guess.  So I pretended for a long time that I wasn’t suspicious, that my feelings were because of other things, not his business dealings.”  I wanted to be honest, but I didn’t know Miles and wasn’t going to pour out my shitty life in front of him. 

“Sucks to be you.”

I snorted my agreement and stopped myself from flipping him off.

“Well,” he continued, sitting back in his chair and clasping his fingers behind his head, regarding me.  “I must say, it’s brilliant you being at Black Inc. and all.  What better place for you to crush this whole situation other than working for the man Malcolm stole three million dollars from?  You couldn’t have negotiated a better deal if you tried.”

I winced under Miles’ words.

“I know, call it luck or fate, it doesn’t matter.  I am just extremely grateful.”

“You had nothing to do with it?” he asked, his analytical eyes studying me.

“No.” I replied flatly, knowing he meant Malcolm’s scheme.

After a moment, he lowered his hands to the table and began to drum them nodding his head to the tune his fingers were playing.

“I believe you,” he said simply.  The topic officially finished.

Holy shit, this guy switches gears so fast, he’s got to have ADHD.

“Thanks, I just hope Black does,” I muttered.

“Hah, you never know what’s going on inside that brilliant diabolical mind.”

“You’re not shitting,” I agreed.

“So tell me,” his tone dropped, “now that you’re a single woman, are you dating anyone?” he asked, moving closer.

You are
hitting on me!

“No, nor do I want to, I’ve got enough complications in my life.”

“Having a lover isn’t a complication,” he said quietly, his finger lightly stroked my arm, “but a distraction.  I love older women.”

“Dude, we are not doing this.  Thank you for the compliment, but it’s not happening.  With no one.  Period.”

He laughed and the mood returned to normal. 

“Let me know if you change your mind, you are hot!”

This never would happen if he worked for me.  What do men think, just because you work for them, sexual favors come with it?  But it’s been so long since I’ve heard that, it felt good.

“Thanks Miles,” I meant it.

“Do you think the company is going to budge on the take-over proposal you presented?”

Falling back into the topic of work, we got a lot more comfortable with each other, going back and forth with opinions and arguments.  It turned out to be a really good lunch.

When we returned to the office I didn’t think anything of it when Miles led me through with his hand on my back, the both of us relaxed and joking. 



I’d known Miles and Gemma had had lunch together, I was the one responsible for suggesting it in order to feel her out in a different environment.  But when I saw his hand on her, I wanted to cut it off.  Then rip his fucking head off his body and watch the blood gush from him.

It’s late Friday afternoon, and I’m well aware that everyone’s worked very hard this week and are ready to blow off some steam, but Miles asking Gemma if she “wants her world rocked” nearly made me blow a fucking gasket!  It took me an hour to calm down so I wouldn’t grab him by his puny little neck and slam his head into the wall until it was crushed. 

“Ms. Trudeau speaking,” she answers her phone.

“Dinner at six at Harry Cipriani’s,” I snap, the anger still lingering.

A very surprised, “Excuse me?”

“We are having dinner tonight at six o’clock at Harry Cipriani’s,” I state, clarifying my words.

I could hear her breathe in as she gathers her patience.  “What if I have plans?”

“You don’t.  Besides, it’s not a request.”  I’m an arrogant prick, and something other than coherent thought pushed me to make the demand.

“Do we have business to discuss that I’m not aware of?” she asks icily.

“Ms. Trudeau, you do realize you work for me as a legal assistant…”

“I’m completely aware of that, Mr. Black, I’m not an idiot.  I’m only trying to ascertain whether there is something I didn’t realize was critically pending.”

Good for you not taking my shit, but you’re still going to pay for it.

“Everything is critical.  The sooner you realize that, the easier things will be.  You’ll ride with me.”  And with that I hang up.



How the hell am I supposed to sit through dinner with
looking like

Today Alexander Black was true to his name, dressed completely in black.  He appeared sinister, dangerous, deadly even.  It made my heart pound and loins quiver.  Instead of the suit and tie, he’s got on black slightly fitted jeans that hint at his perfect ass and muscular legs, a black suit jacket, and a black silk jersey t-shirt (with nothing underneath).  The fabric of the shirt shows every ripple and contour of every muscle from his shoulders all the way down his abdomen and beyond.  His long feet in shiny Italian black leather shoes had my mind wondering if the myth was real. 

be so damn perfect, maybe he suffers from erectile dysfunction.

I giggle to myself at the thought of Alexander Black not being able to get it up.  An obvious very sad and extremely improbable situation.  Anyone who radiates such powerful sexual dominance like he does has no problems in the lower regions. 

Five o’clock came and went and I’m still sitting at my desk, refusing to glance at the beautiful bullying ogre in the glass throne room, pretending whatever I was working was en masse critical importance.   At five forty five he messages, and startles me.

We will be going down in five minutes. 
Alexander Black

I growl low in my throat.  I feel as if I’m being railroaded into something I know nothing about, something that leaves me almost breathless, but deep down I know I would take the path either way.  The discomfort is more for myself and my own inhibitions, my lifelong habit of following the safer road, staying in my self-imposed comfort zone.

When I exit the restroom after freshening up, Black is waiting for me.

“Shall we?” he asks tightly.

“I just need to grab my things,” I clip with a lift to my chin. 

We descend to the lobby in silence, the energy almost crackling between us.  I was determined not to say anything until I knew what this was all about.  This was his party, I was only along for the ride.

Good God, look at that thing!  It looks like a militia tank dressed up in an expensive tuxedo.

The black Hummer waiting for us at the curb is an in-your-face monstrosity that screams ‘Bring It!’ Alexander directs me to it with his hand on my lower back, not slowing his steps until I’m in it with him immediately behind me. 

BOOK: Black Ink
5.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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