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BOOK: Blood Wild: Paranormal MMF Menage Romance (Wolves on the Prowl Book 3)
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“You don’t want to want me,” she said, cupping his face and searching his gaze. “You feel this craving, this terrible hunger, and you do not want to deny yourself. You are tired, are you not? Of wanting so much? But I tell you, Cav, that you can resist me. Resist that urge to have what will surely end your self-respect.”

“Your French is showing,” he said. Then he blew out a breath. “That’s how you feel, isn’t it? About the hunt. You really don’t kill humans. Why do you resist, Adrianna?”

“Because I choose my humanity. I may not have wanted this life, but it is still mine, and I have choices. Just as you do, Cav.”

His mask slipped then, and she saw the pain and the doubt and the wonder. Even his psychic shields wavered, and she heard one thought:
She’s not like the rest

Mon amour
,” she whispered, and brought her lips to his.

She meant the kiss to be gentle, but Cav wouldn’t accept the kindness. He plundered her mouth, his tongue thrusting, his lips relentless. He shoved her dress up and worked off her panties.

He unzipped his pants, and wiggled them down just enough to free his cock. “Bite me,” he said. “Bite me while I fuck you.”

“I will,” she promised, “but not yet.” She flipped him easily, and he grunted as his backside hit the sand. Her gaze traveled his half-clothed form. He was quite handsome, and very toned. When he changed, he would stay just as he was now, young and beautiful and muscled.

She let her fingers dance along his bared skin. His pants had caught above the knees, and yes, he wore boxers. They were blue silk. Very nice.

She sat on his thighs and leaned down to suck the mushroomed head of his thick cock. He sucked in a sharp breath as he slipped his hands into her hair and pulled out the pins still clinging to the loosening strands. “Adrianna, don’t.”
I don’t deserve this

“I want to,” she said, wondering at the angst in his wayward thought. He was such a strange mix of emotions, but what did she expect of a dying man?

She sucked his cock into her mouth, tracing the bulging veins with the tip of her tongue. She cupped his balls, squeezing gently, and savored his shaft with long licks. She tormented him until she felt him tense, his stomach muscles quivering, his shaft so sensitized that it pulsed at the slightest touch.

She kissed her way up his chest, lingering on the rope of every muscle. She sucked on his nipples, biting the tiny nubs, smiling when he gasped. Only when he was quaking beneath her, his eyes glazed with need, did she lower her wet, swollen pussy onto his cock.

She squeezed his thick length within her, which filled her so well. She tossed off her dress and leaned forward to offer him her breasts. He cupped them, tweaking one aching peak as he sucked the other into his mouth. She began to move, rubbing her cunt against him as she increased the pace, building her orgasm.

“Bite me,” he said. “Please.”

“As if I would forget,” she gasped. Her breasts tingled from his touch, and she wanted more of him. More of this. She lay flush against him, her body still straining for its pleasure. Cav grasped her ass, and stroked into her, taking over the rhythm.

Her fangs descended, and as her new lover fucked her, she sank her teeth into the strong column of his neck. His blood filled her mouth. It had been a very long time since she’d tasted the warm, nourishing blood of a human straight from the source. Pleasure rushed through her, zapping all the way to her pussy.

Cav groaned, and she knew the erotic sensations of her feeding would make him orgasm. He increased his pace, frenzied, and bucked and rocked, and she took him, all of him, and sucked in his life essence and he exploded.

He shoved deeply within her, his cry echoing across the sand to join with the ocean’s music.

Then she went, too, all the way to the stars, and after an eternity of bliss, she collapsed against him.

“Oh, my God,” he said. “Oh, my God.”

She heard the thick satisfaction in his voice. Adrianna licked his wounds until she felt the blood lessening, and knew the skin was healing. She swiped the blood from her lips before sitting up, his softening cock still trapped within her.

He looked utterly shocked.

“It’s different, yes?” She tapped his ribs. “You see why some humans get addicted to the vampire’s bite.”

“Is it always that way?” he asked.

“Yes. Always more intense, always more satisfying. One of the few perks of vampirism.”

“Jesus.” He wiped his sweating brow. “It was fucking amazing.”

She grinned. “You want to do it again?”

Chapter Two

was within walking distance. They’d gotten hastily re-dressed, and now Adrianna pulled Cav along, trying to walk at a human’s hurried pace. As a vampire, she could’ve already raced home, dashed into the bedroom, and been naked and stretched out across the silk sheets.

A growl greeted them as Adrianna flung open the front door. She flipped on the lights and bent down to rub the massive wolf’s ears. “Rolf,” she said affectionately. “This is my new friend, Cav.”

The wolf’s ears went back and his black gaze went mean. He bared his teeth and grumbled a warning from the impressive maw.

“Oh, ssshh now,
mon ami
.” She kissed his nose, unaffected by his menacing stance. Carelessly, she drew Cav around the massive animal and led him into the living room. She pushed him onto the overstuffed brown couch.

The wolf wouldn’t stop posturing, or growling. Adrianna looked over her shoulder and glared at the beast.

Rolf barked, sounding pissed, and padded out of the room.

“He’s very sweet,” she said. “A good protector. You are the only one to have bested him and lived.”

“So far,” murmured Cav. He took Adrianna’s hand and pulled her onto the couch. His lips captured hers, his tongue slipping inside to duel with hers.

She melted into his arms and deepened their contact. Desire streaked through her, pooling wet and hot. Reaching between them, she stroked him through his pants. Then Adrianna kissed his jaw, dragging her lips down his neck then back up again. Her fingers curled under the edges of the tattered shirt, which she opened to reveal his delicious body.

With lips and tongue, Adrianna worked her way to his pectorals, taking a detour to one coin-sized areola and its tiny, hard peak. She tugged it between her teeth, flicking the tip rapidly. He groaned, his hands wrapping in her hair as she attacked his other nipple and gave it the same treatment.

“Adrianna,” he gasped.

Smiling, she moved further down his chest, exploring the muscled ridges of his stomach. He trembled under her touch, his body begging for more even though his lips were silent.

He wanted her.

She could feel the depth of his need. She didn’t need confirmation from his mind, which was locked tight against her. It was almost as if he strengthened his psychic shields, as if, perhaps, she was capable of making him lose control, too. That was a gratifying thought. It meant she was not the only one enraptured.

Slipping to the floor, she knelt between his legs. She undid his pants and reached through the gap in his boxers to grasp his thick, hard shaft. She swirled her tongue around the head, flicking the tiny bumps on the underside. The musky scent of his sex excited her. She went down on him all the way, sucking his cock to the base. His breathing went ragged and his thighs tensed.

Lust thickened her blood, made her cunt hotter, wetter. Adrianna gave him a down and dirty blow job, lubing his cock with her tongue as she went down on him again and again. He pumped into her mouth, his cock banging against the back of her throat, but she took him, took him all.

“Adrianna. God.” His fingers twisted in her hair, and she knew he was close to coming, so she released him.

“Not yet,” she said. Pre-come pearled the tip of his engorged cock. She licked it off. “Mmmm.”

“Bitch.” He swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing, his eyes glazed with passion.

“I have worse in mind for you,
mon amour

She stood up, taking off her dress and the thong. Then she turned and walked into the hallway, down to the bedroom.

the walls were painted a delicate green and all the furniture was oversized and dark wood. Adrianna faced the bed, waiting for her new lover.

She heard the slow cadence of his bare feet on the wood floor, and sensed his hesitation. If he changed his mind about becoming a vampire, she wasn’t sure now if she’d honor his choice. Why settle for a night of passion, when they could have several lifetimes?

She had never met a man who could engage her mind and her body so well. She did not know his thoughts and could not guess his secrets. That was rare. She had never known love or marriage, thanks to Pierre. And unlike most of the village girls who gave themselves on haystacks to men with bad breath and grubby hands, she’d refused such overtures.

Her virginity was another reason Pierre had changed her. First, so he could sip every drop of her pure blood. And second, so he could take her innocence, which he did as he slowly drained her to death.

I would stake him again
, she thought viciously.
It is too bad I could only kill him once

“Doesn’t much look like a vampire’s lair,” said Cav as he finally entered the room.

He stepped behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. He kneaded out the kinks, smoothed away tightness, and Adrianna felt her tension release. She sighed deeply and leaned into the massage. Slowly, Cav’s touches changed from comfort to seduction. His fingers stroked long lines down her back and up her arms. His warm breath stirred the hair at the nape of her neck.

His hands trailed up her ribcage, stopping under her breasts. She felt the barest touch of his fingers. She moaned. His lips found the curve of her neck, and his tongue traced a path to her ear. “What do you want, Adrianna?”

“To live again,” she answered, giving voice to useless yearning she kept tucked away. “Make me live again.”

Cav turned her to face him and lowered his mouth to hers. He stopped a breath away -- his tongue flicked out. He traced the inner curve of her lower lip. Oh, how she wanted him to plunder, to take. But he was gentle, coaxing… tormenting her.

She let him do as he wished while her desire blossomed like a fire flower, petals of heat and light curling through her. When he finally took her mouth, she melted into his embrace, and gave to him the same tender punishment he’d visited on her.

Cav pulled back, his heated gaze filled with a hunger that weakened her knees. He pressed his mouth to the hollow of her throat and tasted her. Then he nipped kisses up her neck.

Lust twisted inside her, consuming her, until all she could feel, all she could think was Cav. She grasped his cock, lightly stroking. He gathered her close, kissing her, touching her.

While her fingers danced along his shaft, he bent and took a nipple in his mouth, teasing it to hardness. She felt electrified, sensations rolling through her. Sensations that shouldn’t exist without working nerves or pulsing blood.

Holy God. He really was making her feel alive.

Cav lifted her and took her to the bed, laid her down and knelt between her thighs. He spread apart her cunt and licked the glistening flesh. She sucked in a startled breath, clutching at his hair.

Grasping her ass, he pulled her to his mouth… sucking… licking… kissing. Then he shoved his tongue into her pussy, and he thrust inside her over and over, until her cunt was soaked and tingling.

Adrianna squirmed and moaned, and damned near begged for the release he wouldn’t give her. No, he was too busy savoring her spice, bringing her to the brink without letting her fall over. It was delicious torment.

The same kind of torment she’d delivered to him not so long ago.

He withdrew from her, the bastard, dragging his lips over her stomach, between the valley of her breasts, along her throat. Her hands curled around his buttocks and she rubbed her slick cunt along his cock. Obviously, he was just as eager to mate as she was. He wasted no time fitting the head of his cock against her entrance.

His heartbeat went wild as he entered her slowly. She sighed in satisfaction as he stretched and filled her. She arched against him, offering her breasts. As he scraped her sensitive nipples with his teeth, he increased his pace.

She raked her nails down his back, felt the blood well under her fingers. Smelled the rusty delight of his essence. A different kind of lust rose inside her, the need for blood, and the need for satisfaction too long denied.

Adrianna wrapped her arms around Cav and rolled, easily landing him on his back. She carved his chest with her nails, and watched the tiny rivers of blood flow over the taut flesh. “So beautiful,” she said. Her eyes flicked to his.

He wasn’t afraid.

She leaned forward and licked the wounds. Every swipe of her tongue brought a mere taste of his blood. She wanted more.

Cav grabbed her hips and thrust up. She gasped, impaled all the way to her womb. She put her palms on his bloodied chest and rode him, squeezing his cock with her inner walls as he caught her rhythm. “Yes,” she cried. “Fuck me!”

The orgasm coiled tightly, and as the first wave of pleasure flooded, she lifted his right hand from her hip and bit into his wrist.

Her gaze melded to his. He was still thrusting, and her pleasure ebbed and flowed, contracting still as the blood flowed into her mouth.

“Oh, God. Adrianna!” Cav thrust hard and deep, his other hand clenching her thigh as his hot seed splashed inside her. His face went tight and his eyes rolled.

She feasted on him, and brought him to another orgasm. He cried out, his shaft throbbing with the dry release. Only then did Adrianna let go. She licked the wound until it started to heal. She laid his arm onto the bed and slid beside him. Her fingers smeared the drying blood on his chest.

“We should take a shower,” she said.

“You don’t like looking at your handiwork?”

Her gaze went to his. His tone was teasing, but his eyes held a different expression. She couldn’t pinpoint why he should feel guilty, though she might better understand his resentment. “I still have sand in uncomfortable places,” she said.

He chuckled and kissed her forehead. The gesture threw her off guard. It was affection, and she wasn’t sure he meant it. And confused about why she hoped he did.

* * *

Under the hot spray, Adrianna squeezed the lemongrass bath gel onto the loofa and washed Cav thoroughly from head to toe.

As she soaped his penis, she cupped his balls and lightly squeezed them. His gaze was enigmatic. She’d sensed a shift in his emotions, which seemed like determination coupled with fury.

Had Cav changed his mind? She was not sure she was strong enough, or unselfish enough, to watch him waste away and die. She would not abandon him, though he might try to leave her.

Whatever he was feeling, and why, didn’t prevent him from getting hard under her persistent ministrations. Cav turned toward the pulsating water and scrubbed off the soap. Then he backed Adrianna against the wall and pushed his cock into the wet vee of her thighs.

She cupped his face in her palms and kissed him. He jerked away, his jaw tight. “No. No more of that.”

“No more of what?”

The water beat down on them, as Cav lifted one of her legs and used his other hand to guide his cock into her pussy. Adrianna clutched his shoulders as he thrust hard and deep, grunting and groaning, his teeth clenched as he took her over and over.

This mating wasn’t gentle. It was carnal. Primal.

She felt the wild pulse of pleasure, and that insatiable need to taste him. She had denied herself a human blood source for too long. She was breaking her rules, overriding her principles to drink from him.

Her fangs extended, and she found herself angling toward his neck.

“Don’t fucking bite me,” he ground out. “Not ever again.”

Hurt slapped through her.

But Cav’s relentless fucking drove her past the hurt. She couldn’t resist the pleasure he offered. Again and again, he slammed into her. Her ass slapped against the tile and her moans mingled with his. He plunged deeply, his fingers jabbing into her thighs, his breath hot on her neck.

“You have the sweetest cunt I’ve ever tasted,” he whispered. “Like a fucking juicy peach.”

Bliss had already sparked inside her, and his words expanded the burn, made it bloom, and tingle.

“Adrianna,” he panted. “I’m going to come in your tight little vampire pussy.” She could hear his heartbeat raging out of control, feel the tightening of his scrotum as his cock seized. “Come on my cock, Adrianna. Come with me, baby.”

Her orgasm burst like the Fourth of July. He shoved her against the wall, groaning heavily as he came with her.

Adrianna was shell shocked. If Cav had not continued to hold her, she would have slid to the floor, boneless. She had never had such a fierce lover, someone who could be so gentle, and so raw. She hadn’t yet begun to tap all the possibilities with him.

“Let me give you the gift,” she said, her voice ragged. “Think of it, Cav. An eternity of this… all the pleasure you could want. We can go anywhere. Do anything.”

“No.” He withdrew from her, but kept her pinned to the wall by her shoulders. “I don’t want to be a vampire.”

Adrianna swallowed the knot in her throat. “But you said --”

“I wanted to fuck you, and I have. I’m disgusted with myself. I feel dirty. But you were worth it.” His grin held no humor. “I don’t want your gift, bitch. I’d rather die.”

Unshed tears clotted in Adrianna’s eyes. His blood had given her the ability to cry red droplets. “I should kill you.”

“Go ahead.”

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?” She chewed the inside of her mouth. “
. I will not be your instrument of destruction. Let the cancer eat at you until you wither away, Cav. Or be a man and take your own life.”

She could’ve easily shoved him through the glass shower door. Instead, she stepped around him and walked out, stopping long enough to grab a thick towel to wrap around her shivering form.

Adrianna hid in the kitchen, counting the minutes until he left. The front door slammed shut. Only then did she slide to her knees and let the bloody tears flow.

BOOK: Blood Wild: Paranormal MMF Menage Romance (Wolves on the Prowl Book 3)
9.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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