Blood Wild: Paranormal MMF Menage Romance (Wolves on the Prowl Book 3) (3 page)

BOOK: Blood Wild: Paranormal MMF Menage Romance (Wolves on the Prowl Book 3)
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Chapter Three

the bed in his crappy hotel and lit a cigarette. His hands shook so badly it took a couple of tries to get the flame steady enough to light the Marlboro.

Fucking Adrianna and her fucking moral code. That’s what he got for letting his dick choose the vampire. He had no excuse for not staking her in Chicago. He’d never let anything like feelings, or worse, pure dumb-ass lust, get in the way of his calling. Not until her.

His parents had been slayers. His friends were slayers. His only purpose in life was to kill bloodsucking bastards. He’d been trained, in body, in mind. He’d been told vampires were soulless, greedy power-mongers.

Adrianna shot that belief to shit.

How many vampires were like her? Was she an anomaly? Or were Queen Fiona and her bunch the only ones who deserved a sword in the neck?

He didn’t know anymore.

And he was sick about it.

So, he couldn’t kill Adrianna. And thanks to the cancer destroying him, he wouldn’t have enough time to find out the truth. Had he been blindly following the laws of the Guild? His psychic powers made him more valuable than other assassins. The Guild always gave him the hardest jobs because vamps couldn’t sense him and they couldn’t break into his mind and control him.

But Adrianna hadn’t needed access to his thoughts.

She’d found another way to reach him. To make him doubt himself. To make him want something else. With her.

“You’re still breathing.” The shadow keeping vigil in the corner finally detached itself from the wall.

Cav had known Kel was there, watching. It didn’t bode well when the Guild sent their best cleaner to give greetings. Cav didn’t fear death. It wasn’t like he had other options. Dead from cancer. Dead from a vampire. Dead from the gun Kel leveled at his head.

“She didn’t take the bait.” He drew hard on the cigarette, drawing the poison into his lungs. It felt good, that cloud of nicotine. He blew out, nearly smiling when the smoke shimmered around Kel’s face.

The man grimaced. “Filthy habit.”

“So’s killing people.”

“Vampires aren’t people.”

“I was talking about me, numb nuts.” He gauged the distance, maybe a foot and a half, between him and Kel. Kel was too good with his weapon. Cav would have a bullet in his brain before he’d gotten off the bed.

“Wouldn’t take the bait? Bullshit. Everyone knows the females are whores who’ll fuck you and suck you until you’re dead.” Something like regret flashed in Kel’s blue eyes. “You had a chance to do something good for the Guild. Why’d you blow it?”

I like her. I fucking like her, okay
? “Maybe I changed my mind. Maybe I don’t want to be some experiment.” Cav flipped the cigarette to the carpet and ground it out with his shoe. “You really think poisoning will kill them?”

“Lab boys sure as hell think so. What we needed was a successful field test. Think about it, Cav! If we get captured, we bite down on a little tooth capsule and let the poison kill every motherfucker who sticks their fangs in us.” He sighed. “No worries, bro. The vamps will still eat a fresh kill.”

Cav’s heart sunk to his toes. “You’re gonna shoot me and throw me on some vamp’s doorstep?”

“Yeah.” He shrugged. “You’re already poisoned, man. It’s a waste to just kill you and throw your ass in acid.”

The safety was already off.

Kel’s hand was steady.

And Cav was fucked.

He refused to close his eyes. He wanted to see it coming. He wanted to look in his murderer’s eyes as he took his last breath.

The door to the hotel flew off its hinges. Kel whirled around, and Cav rolled over the bed, falling to the floor on the other side. He peeked over the edge and watched Kel empty the Glock. The silencer did its job, but the bullets did not.

Adrianna was too fast. Even as Kel shot at the doorway, she was already behind him, her slim pale hands around his head.
. She snapped his neck. Kel dropped to the floor.

“Remind me never to piss you off,” said Cav as he rose to his feet.

“You already have,” she reminded him. She wore a white silk blouse tucked into a black mini-skirt, and black leather calf boots. Her blonde hair hung in soft waves around her heart-shaped face.

She was beautiful.

“I am not quite so angry anymore.”

Cav cleared his throat. Embarrassment crawled up his neck. “You heard.”

“You let your shields down.”

“I don’t need them for vermin.” He walked around the edge of the bed and looked down at Kel. His eyes were wide, sightless. “Prick.”

“You need new friends,” said Adrianna. Her gaze flicked to his. “You walked away. You hurt me. Because you knew if I drained you, the poison would kill me.”

“Vampires metabolize too fast. You can’t get drunk or high. You’re essentially dead, so diseased blood cannot infect you. You’re impervious to almost everything.” Cav looked away, unable to face the accusation gleaming in her eyes. “A large concentrated dose of the Guild’s poison will kill you, in the worst way. They dosed me with three times the normal amount. If you drain me, you’ll die.”

“And this terrible substance does not affect you?”

“Not like it will you. Silver burns you, right?”

Her expression turned to horror. “There is silver in the concoction?”

“Yeah.” Cav sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets. “This shit is already killing me, Adrianna. I’ve got less than six hours.”

“We must go.” She strutted to the door, and Cav’s gaze was drawn to her pert ass. She paused and looked over her shoulder. “You are dying, Cav Dixon. Do not waste time.”

“Baby, if your ass was the last sight I ever saw, I’d die a happy man.”

She rolled her eyes. “You will not die tonight,
mon amour
. But I am still not happy with you.”

“I’ll find a way to make it up to you,” he promised.

“Yes,” she said, tossing her hair. “You will.”

Chapter Four

?” Cav asked. “No. Hell, no.”

“Don’t be a pussy.” Adrianna was already naked and on the bed. Rolf lounged next to her. In his human form, Rolf was a big dude. Probably close to seven feet tall, Cav guessed, and as bulked with muscle as a WWF wrestler. He had slate gray eyes and short spiky hair. Cav was no slouch in the cock department, but Rolf’s was freaking enormous.

“That’s the problem,” he said. “I like pussy. Dicks are not my style.”

Adrianna sighed. “I explained this already. Rolf is different from other werewolves.”

“No shit.”

“I’m not referring to his preference for males. Werewolves are born, just like human children. Rolf is one of the very few wolves who can make others.”

“Fine. He can bite me. But he’s not having sex with me.”

“He utilizes sex magic,” said Adrianna in a tone that suggested she was losing patience. “Our lovemaking will strengthen the bite and give you a better chance of surviving the change. You will be immortal, and we can be together.”

“This fucking sucks,” said Cav as he took off his clothes. “I don’t know which would be worse -- croaking or letting Jumbo over there put his dick up my ass.”

“You might enjoy it,” offered Rolf in a rumbling voice. His gaze traveled over Cav’s naked form. “God knows I will.”

“I thought silver hurt wolves, too.”

“He just has to bite you, not suck your blood.” Adrianna patted the spot on the bed between her and Rolf. “No more waiting, Cav.”

Rolf wasted no time exploring the hard ridges of Cav’s bare chest. Cav flinched, sidling a glance at Adrianna. Her hands joined Rolf’s. Soft and feminine. Rugged and male.

The contrasts were surprisingly erotic. He closed his eyes and tried to relax, tried to enjoy the feel of being touched. When two mouths kissed his nipples, tongues flicking the tiny peaks, he moaned.

“He likes it.” Rolf sounded amused.

“Shut up, furball.”

Rolf’s laughter rolled over him and then the dog gripped Cav’s cock.

Cav’s eyes flew up and his mouth opened.

Adrianna kissed him. Probably to make sure his mouth was too occupied to insult the werewolf. His heart beat a rapid tattoo as his cock reacted to Rolf’s rough stroking. He was shocked because he was so not into dudes. But maybe a touch was a touch, a kiss a kiss, and a fuck… just a fuck.

Adrianna’s tenderness warred with Rolf’s brutality. Lust pulsed through Cav as white-hot as lightning. His cock hardened, his balls tightened.

Cav rolled onto his side, unsure if he was relieved or disappointed that he’d effectively removed Rolf from rubbing his shaft. He felt much better about nestling his cock against Adrianna’s slick pussy. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him tight against her. She sucked on his lower lip then chased kisses across his throat, licking his collarbone.

Rolf’s hands cupped his ass.

“Whoa. Hey.”

“Ssshh.” Adrianna kissed him, trying to distract him from what Rolf was doing. Only she didn’t quite succeed.

“Do not clench,” demanded Rolf. He put something metallic and cold into Cav’s anus and squeezed. Cool gel filled his ass.

Oh, crap. Cav clenched.

“You can do that after I’m inside you,” said Rolf. “You squeeze those ass muscles as tight as you want.”

“It’s not gonna fit,” whispered Cav. “Did you see that thing?”

“Pay attention to something else.” Adrianna’s lips twitched and he realized she was trying not to laugh.

“How would you like it?”

One golden eyebrow rose. “Why don’t you find out?”

Rolf handed him the lube. Adrianna rolled over and offered Cav her perfect, sweet ass. He parted her cheeks and squeezed the lube inside her. And when Rolf punctured him with one long, thick finger, circling and widening, he did the same to Adrianna.

She moaned.

And wiggled.

He nestled his chin on her shoulder and watched Adrianna pleasure herself. Maybe he was trying to distance himself from what Rolf was gonna do, which was pointless. Still, Adrianna offered a nice distraction. Her hands cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Cav went hot. One of her hands slid down her flat stomach to the blonde curls at the juncture of her thighs. He watched as she slid one finger into her pussy, and then two.

He followed her lead, inserting another finger into her ass.

Rolf did the same.

Cav hadn’t really done much anal play, and certainly not like this. Not with a man behind prepping to fuck his ass, and not with a woman in front of him, ready for him to do the same.

Adrianna moaned, working one plump breast and her pussy.

“Slow down,” he said. He was sweating, from anticipation or worry, he didn’t know.

“Get inside me,” said Adrianna, her voice reedy. “Fuck me.”

Rolf chose that moment to fit the tip of his cock against Cav’s puckered entrance. Cav sucked in a steadying breath, his fingers stilling within Adrianna.

“Push back,” said Rolf.

Cav did, as Rolf slowly inched his enormous length inside. It felt so full, so strange, and so… good. Rolf’s hand gripped Cav’s hip.

“Take her,” he said. “And we will begin.”

Cav removed his fingers and fit his cock against Adrianna’s tight bud. As he worked his shaft into her quivering channel, she pushed back, and soon he was fully seated.

Rolf started to move, and Cav pressed against Adrianna as Rolf thrust and thrust. Although it burned, the sensation of being fucked in the ass wasn’t entirely unpleasant. And when pleasure started to tremble in his cock, he caught Rolf’s rhythm and plunged into Adrianna.

“Yes,” she cried.

Cav lost himself in all the tumbling sensations. He was surprised at how quickly the orgasm built, at how much he enjoyed being sandwiched between two sensual people striving for his pleasure.

“I’m coming,” cried Adrianna. “Oh, yes. Yes!”

Her hand was pressed hard against her cunt, her body arching as she orgasmed, and her ass clenched him so hard, he came. Pleasure burst, hot and sweet as he filled Adrianna’s ass with his seed.

Rolf groaned as he shoved his thick cock deeply into Cav. The throbbing of the man’s cock as he came created even more pleasurable shivers for Cav. Cav saw that they were all glowing, as shiny as gold. Sparks snapped and sizzled around them.

Sex magic.

Then Rolf bit him on the shoulder.

The werewolf’s teeth were big and sharp.

Something metallic electrified him. Then he was falling into lava, burning, burning until his bones cracked and his flesh flaked and he crumbled into nothingness.

Chapter Five

from the liquid black. He broke the surface of consciousness, but he felt fuzzy and weak. He couldn’t open his eyes. He was lying on something soft, surrounded by its comfort. Adrianna’s bed. He sensed someone else in the room. No, two people. Restless. One pacing, one shifting from foot to foot.

What had happened to him?

“He has not stirred in two days.” Adrianna’s sweet, French-tinged voice was filled with worry. For him?

“He’s alive,” said Rolf. “If the poison did not kill him, then the bite was effective. He’s immortal, just as you wanted.”

“Thank you,” said Adrianna, though Cav recognized the uncertainty edging her tone. “Your debt is paid,
mon ami

“You know the debt never kept me here. He’s a good protector, and now that he is werewolf, he’s even better. You no longer need me.”


“It’s time for me to go, we both know it.” He paused. “I’ll return when he’s ready to do his first shift. I don’t think it’ll take him long to get used to his new life.”

On the third night, Cav woke up.

Adrianna, who was leaning over to straighten the covers around him, fell onto the bed and rained kisses on his face and neck. “How do you feel?”

“Like I could eat a whole cow. Raw.”

She grinned. “My beautiful werewolf.”

“My gorgeous vampire.”

They kissed, slowly, sweetly, because now, Adrianna LaBelle and Cav Dixon had all the time in the world.

To dream.

To adventure.

To love.

BOOK: Blood Wild: Paranormal MMF Menage Romance (Wolves on the Prowl Book 3)
7.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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