Blyssfully Undone: The Blyss Trilogy - book 3

BOOK: Blyssfully Undone: The Blyss Trilogy - book 3
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Wished For You by KD Robichaux


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Blyssfully Undone
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Kayla Robichaux has edited an untold amount of books that have gone on to become best sellers. I firmly believe it is because of her special touch that I, too, became an Amazon Best Seller. She should be in an Editors Hall of Fame somewhere. She deserves recognition for her abilities and intellect.

At the end of
Blyssfully Undone
, as a special treat to you, she has allowed me to share with you the first chapter of her first book,
Wished For You

If you don’t know Kayla, you should take the time to do so. She has been around quite a long time and when the internet was brand new, she was the first to create a Bibliophile. Kayla’s Bibliophile, a special place she nurtured and grew to bring readers of romance together in one place. To know Kayla is to know a great person. There is nothing but unconditional love in her soul and she always gives it with a warm-hearted smile. When I read
Wished For You
, I read it with a silly grin on my face, because I could picture Kayla doing all of those free spirited, and silly antics.

She has such a zest and love for life and she always has a way to make you feel special. I am more than blessed to not only have her in my life, but am able to call her a true friend for life. I hold will always hold her in the highest of regards.

If you have made it this far within the trilogy that means you are enjoying this adventure and you are dying to know how it all ends.

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I’m frozen and helpless while being pinned underneath Travis’ heavy bodyweight. All of this has unfolded so quickly. I don’t know what to think as he lies on top of me with an intruder at his back. I’m astounded over the fact Travis did indeed risk it all for me, and is still risking it all by shielding me with his body from the imminent and immediate danger in the room.

It dawns on me he must have been under some serious stress over the past few weeks. He’s been shouldering the responsibility and impending ramifications all by himself for breaking me out of the facility. Not only did he get me out of there, but he also nursed me back to health and took care of me…damn good care of me.

He knew this day was coming, and even took steps to prepare me for this very moment, and I understand now why he was being so dogmatic about repetition and practicing until I could load a gun blindfolded, needing me to be able to defend myself. All of his training will be in vain if I lack the courage now to help him fight. The way he’s fought for me all this time, and wanting to protect me, he was right to bring me here. I can see it now. If I would’ve gone to the police not knowing who I was, I would’ve been broadcasting my whereabouts right to Nick and his men.

My veins pulsate in my neck as my adrenaline continues to spike off the charts. There is no way in hell I’m going to be able to calm myself down. My blood pumps through each vein like a set of bass drums as I try in vain to force my heartbeat to slow. Travis firmly squeezes my wrists, which are hidden underneath the pillow, garnering my attention and pulling my mind back into the here and now.

He narrows his eyes on mine. I know that look. He’s silently telling me to pull my shit together. I steal a deep, silent breath and slowly let it out. Our fate, most likely, will rest in my hands. I close my eyes tightly and imperceptibly nod, agreeing to whatever it is he’s going to signal me to do for us to survive. Everything makes perfect sense now, from learning his special sign language, to how to handle a gun, to knowing about the bunker and what to do from there.

Travis wordlessly gains my attention again by tapping his forefinger on my wrist. I open my eyes to see him shift his eyes to the side, indicating I need to be ready to use the weapon I hold in my hand. I barely give him a wink using my right eye, letting him know I understand.

Even though I get the meaning of his signals, actually having the guts to follow through with the action he expects me to do is a whole different matter. I realize it’s going to be much more difficult to kill someone when I can see their chest rise and fall with each living breath. A profound, physiological process takes place in my brain, and I swallow hard against the lump in my throat at the thought of taking a life. It’s going to be all up to me to help him acquire the upper-hand, and I’m not sure if I’m capable of achieving such a feat. I mean, these men are accomplished criminals, and I’m just an innocent, inexperienced nobody caught in the crossfire.

The man behind him startles me as he pierces the air with strong promises of Travis’ demise. “Jackson, one wrong move from you, and you’ll meet your maker today, understand?”

BOOK: Blyssfully Undone: The Blyss Trilogy - book 3
7.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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