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Bought (His)

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DelVita C. Ahmed



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© 2013 by DelVita C. Ahmed


This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events, or locales, is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

**Adult Reading Material**



I feel myself waking up, but everything is black all around me, like my head is covered with a hood. I can see nothing, and I can only hear voices around me… men’s voices. It sounds as though I am being auctioned off to someone, but to who? All I know is that I was in bed sleeping one night, and the next thing I remember is being here, like this, in complete darkness. There is a draft; am I even dressed? There is a man with a kind, sweet voice talking now, and he makes the highest bid for me...
I guess I am going home with him. He can't be that nice if he is 'buying' a woman...or can he? I am wondering many things about this man. I can even smell his cologne. I can tell that he is royalty as his scent is very regal and beautiful. There is not another smell like his; I know this. I am being picked up and stood on my feet, and walked to somewhere, and I can tell that it is the wonderful-smelling man who 'bought' me that is leading me away with him...I wonder what is in his mind...
I am still wearing the hood, can't see a thing, but now I am being helped into a car...I am a little scared now, but a little anxious and excited as well. I should be scared to death, but he has not said anything to me to make me afraid. Well, he has not said one word to me, actually. I am slid over to the far side of the car, which I am guessing is a limo, because it feels roomy. The nice-smelling gentleman slides into the car on the seat next to me. This I know because I can feel his presence.
The car is driving away with us now. Why won't he remove this hood from my face and head? I would like to see him. Then, suddenly, I feel him touch my thigh, and slide his hand up ever so slowly, and I feel his lips close to my right ear, and I feel the warmth of his breath on my neck. Under the hood, I shudder with lust and passion, but why? I don't know this man! I close my eyes, and I say to him almost in a whisper, "Please...speak to me. Why this silence"? He pauses for a few seconds and then he says to me in a breathless, sexy whisper, "Because I know you want me to, and if I don't, you will desire me, even simply the sound of my voice. I have been reading what you write in your forum, and I had to have the woman responsible for those writings...I (kiss)...had (kiss) have (kiss)"
Now, I am shocked. I cannot make out this man's voice because he is whispering, but God, I wanted him so bad! My hands are tied in front of me though, so I can't remove this hood or touch him. Whatever I am wearing, I can feel it falling away from my shoulders, with some help, of course, from the lovely subtle, mysterious gentleman next to me. He is kissing my shoulders. (God! His lips are so soft). He is running his hand still further up my thigh, and then I feel him run his hand up between my legs...he takes his other hand and forces my legs apart, touching my wetness, even playing in it with his fingers, and I can feel him smiling, enjoying the hot, sticky, wet flood that he is causing. With one hand, he teases me, running his fingers along the lips of my pussy, careful to avoid the opening itself, but hinting at touching me…there. I bite my lip, trying to avoid moaning where he can hear me, but he picks up on this, and whispers, " won't work. Just let yourself go when I touch can't resist me." Whimpering, I say, "Ohhh... well, it depends on WHO you are...Who are you"?

I think you know...WHO I am", he says. Lightly fingering me, he plunges his finger into me, deep, and I scream, "Ohhhh, Michael!!!"

"I told you that you know WHO I am! Ye
s, it's me, baby. ‘Daddy’ is here to give you what you’ve been dying for, girl..." he whispers. He is twirling his finger around inside me, hitting all the right spots, and with his other hand, he is rubbing my clit. "Ohhh, yes, yes...Michael, please fuck me...please baby, fuck me...oooohhhh" I coo.
He says through gritted teeth, "You are my sex slave. I bought you. You are mine. You have to do what I tell you, just like I tell you. Understand"? He has one hand on my neck, and the other hand is busy finger-fucking me. Still, he removes the hood, and I see his beautiful face, but with a difference. Those innocent eyes are not present at this moment. Only there is lust and the look of a beast stalking his prey. I am scared, but effectively turned on. He still has one hand around my throat with the fingers of his other hand finger-fucking me into oblivion.
His shirt is open, and his pants are unzipped, and he is sweating, looking me directly in the eye, so close I can feel his breath on my face. He suddenly kisses me, and plunges his tongue deep into my mouth, sucking my tongue, and I feel my whole body shaking with pleasure. He pulls away, and takes the fingers from his other hand out of me, and starts licking my wetness off his fingers right there in front of my face. "Mmmmm, you taste so good...can't wait to fuck you..." he moans.
"Oh please, please, please fuck me...please"! I beg him, but he doesn't hear me. He just giggles to himself, and says, 'Oh, make no mistake, I AM going to fuck you, but I want you nice and hot for 'daddy' first..." He rips open my dress, and the buttons go flying in every direction. I didn't have on a bra, so my breasts were exposed in front of him. He grabs them together with both hands and starts licking, biting, and sucking my nipples. "Ohhhh, Michael, that feels so good..." I want to touch him but my hands are still tied up. He is licking my neck up and down, licking all over my chest, and I can feel the sweat dropping off his face onto my skin. I want to taste his sweat, and I try to touch my tongue to his shoulder, but he senses what I am about to do, and he moves away. He is licking my stomach, my belly button, my hips, and makes his way to my 'sweet spot'. He puts his nose in my pussy, and says, " smell so good...I wanna' fuck you with my tongue..."
He grabs my hips and ass, and buries his face in my pussy, licking and slurping away for a good ten to fifteen minutes, licking up and down and all around while moaning so seductively. He takes one hand and opens my pussy, and sticks out his tongue and plunges it into me, and it almost feels as though his tongue is vibrating inside me. "Yes! Oh yes! ‘daddy’, fuck me! Yes!" I am tossing my head from side to side, trying to endure this sweet punishment he is giving me, but for how long? we'll see...
He starts licking me from my pussy hole to my ass hole and then back up again, and I can't stand it anymore. I want him so bad! I am unable to be still, so he is holding my hips down in front of him. "Michael, please! please..please...fuck me...please!" He takes a hand and puts it over my mouth, and says, "Girl, hold on...I don't want you to cum yet, and I'm not fucking you will just have to wait. I am in charge here. Got it? just wait..."
Conveniently, there is a hook in the back of the limo, just behind my head where I was sitting, and he lifts my arms by the chain that holds them, and attaches it to that hook, so that now my arms are up over my head, and I am pretty much helpless (and loving it by the way). "Close your eyes" he says to me. So I do, and he begins slowly running his fingers up and down my body, touching me lightly. (His touch feels so good, and his hands feel like the only hands that should ever touch me.)
Between my legs, I can feel his hardness touching my inner thigh. He is only inches away from entering me, but I know he won't because he is rather enjoying this game. He KNOWS I want him inside me, and he is withholding the dick from me until HE wants to give it to me. This is so cruel! "Michael, I..." "Shhh, girl! If you ask me again, I will make you wait longer...just relax..." he says in a hushed tone. Now, he is running his tongue all over my body from my head to my feet, as slow as he can possibly move...
He knows I am about to scream, so he puts his middle finger in my mouth and says, "Suck on this, girl, while you wait...pretend it’s me, and you better do it right, or you won't get the 'real' thing". I do what he tells me to do. (He totally owns my ass and he knows it.) "That's enough, want it bad, don't you?" "Yes, Michael...yes...." I moan, deliriously. "I know you do, but I’m not givin’ it to ya yet! Just wait!" He bites the insides of my thighs now, looking up at me with a sexy ass smirk on his face. Before I know what was happening, he moves back, pulls me by my hips off the seat of the limo, and turns me around so that my ass is facing him. My hands are still tied and attached to that hook. He starts rubbing and squeezing my ass. "Girl, you got a big, round ass! I'm gonna' enjoy riding the hell outta’ this!" He smacks my ass, once on each side, and presses his dick onto my back side, making movements with his hips, grinding against me.
"Michael, please, baby...please fuck me!" I beg, urgently. "No! I told you. I'm in charge, baby...You just gotta’ wait...” he orders. I can feel the wetness dripping from me, running down my thighs. He slides one hand around in front of me, and rubs my hot, wet pussy, and with the other hand, he holds my ponytail. He starts biting and sucking on my neck, licking the back of it, even between my shoulder blades. I am on fire. I am in tears cause I want him so bad, especially since I can feel him on me. "So, girl. I heard that you call yourself 'that other bitch' 'daddy' WHY you're 'that other bitch'!" He grabs me and turns me back around, hands still tied, and pushes me back on the seat, gets between my legs, but only touches the opening of my pussy with the head of his 'magic stick'. (God, I am so frustrated!)
I think I can break this chain if I try really hard, and I will fucking rape him, putting me through this shit! Damn him! He says, "I am about to give you this dick, girl, and take it all, no crying, no pulling away." "Okay, ‘daddy’, just fuck me already! I can't take this anymore...I want it, I want that dick so bad, baby..." I moan, wantonly. Before I can finish my sentence, he thrusts into me so hard, I have to catch my breath. It is so hard and so thick and so long, I can feel it hitting my cervix. With one hand, he holds my shoulder, and with the other, he rubs my pussy from the front. He fucks me hard and fast, and my pussy is making wet, slippery, sucking noises. I am embarrassed, but he is loving it. He leans back so he can watch his dick going in and out of me, loving the view because he says, "Damn, I love watching my dick slide in and out of you; your ass is gorgeous! Totally fuckable...oh, baby." I turn to look at him, and he suddenly opens his eyes, and says, "Girl, did I say you can look at me? Did I even tell you to turn around?" "No, Michael..." I cower. "Then, keep your head down and face the front!" he orders.
He fucks me even harder now. Reaching around to the front of me, he covers my mouth, and just keeps fucking me, whispering dirty things in my ear like, "You nasty, huh, girl? You wanted this! Right? I read what you wrote! (thrust) you wanted this dick inside you! (thrust) I read your thoughts! You can't hide it (thrust) so just let me give it (thrust) to you!" he says through gritted teeth, sweat pouring from his face down his chest. "Ohhh, Michael...please no, baby. It more..." I moan. "No, I wanna inspire more stories...' he moans.
"Michael, I'm gonna’ cum...I'm cumming... baby...oh ohh" I moan, unable to contain myself any longer. "No, girl! Don't! Not yet! If you do, I will punish you more" he orders. Suddenly, I tighten my pussy around his throbbing member, and begin to move around on him, reversing his game on him, and he grabs my hips, pulling me back onto him really hard. Throwing his head back, he lets out something like a roar, and then starts moaning loudly. He is all up in me, and I just bit my bottom lip, trying hard to be very still and accommodate his massacre of ‘miss kitty’. "That isn’t fair! You made me cum first! He says, angrily. I can feel his hot, creamy cum shooting into me, and even running out of me, though he has not pulled out of me yet, and it runs all down the insides of my thighs. Just the thought of that makes me cum, too. "Oh, Michael....Oh...oh....mmmm.....ohh" I just slump over the seat face down, hands still bound, and he falls over my back on top of me, squeezing me tight.

am falling asleep, but he whispers to me, "This isn’t over yet, girl…not by a long shot. When we get home, I'm gonna' tap that ass again. No mercy. Since I bought you, your pussy is mine 24/7, whenever I want it, wherever I want it, and however I want it. NO exceptions. You hear me, girl?" he growls, his voice still full of lust and power. "Yes, daddy, I hear you...I belong to can do whatever you want to me...I'm yours, and if I don't listen, please spank me, daddy." I smirk. “Good! Then, we understand each other” he says, the finality of his words hitting me like a ton of bricks. I am his, and there is no hope of escape…ever, nor would I ever want to…escape.


BOOK: Bought (His)
7.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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