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Bound by Pleasure

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Bound by Pleasure


Lacey Wolfe

Chapter 1

Megan stared at the clock in the car. She was ten minutes early. Chewing on her bottom lip, she debated whether or not she should arrive early or on time. On time. If there was one thing she was pretty sure of, it was to do as he said.

This wasn’t completely new to Megan. The internet had supplied plenty of information in her research, along with her best friend who was involved in the lifestyle. In fact, it was Dawn who had gotten her this interview. Dawn had told her not many were willing to take on someone new, but Greg was.

The minutes seemed to tick by slowly. If they didn’t hurry up she worried she just might drive away. Sitting here gazing at his house and waiting was torture. Her life was falling apart all around her and this seemed like what she needed in order to get it back. Someone needed to take control of her. She had to learn to trust again. Hopefully, this was the right decision.

Her divorce had been final for a few months now, but her marriage had been over long before. Her ex had cheated on her and left her alone and bitter, telling her she cared more about her work than she did him. In all honesty, he was right. She loved her job. In her line of work she spent a lot of time alone, and John found someone who didn’t spend their days locked away in a room by themselves in front of a computer.

The clock showed she had a minute left. Turning off the car, she grabbed her purse. Megan quickly checked her makeup and hair in the rearview mirror. It was now or never. Taking a deep breath, she climbed out of her car and headed for the front door. The house was gorgeous and the yard was well taken care of. Once she made it up the stone walkway, she saw that the door was ajar. Strange.

She pushed it open and called out and was greeted by a deep voice that echoed from somewhere in the back. He directed her to go to his study which she would find to her left.

Well, she had made it this far, and he knew she was here—there was no turning back now. Once again she took a deep breath, and she made her way to his study. The door was closed when she found it, so once inside the room she made sure to shut it back.

Megan couldn’t believe the sight of his office. It was in complete disarray. Not one bit of organization. There were half started paintings on canvases scattered here and there, and piles of paper stacked on the bookshelves and desk. Perhaps it was best to get out of there. She couldn’t understand why Dawn had recommended him. This was not what she’d expected at all.

Right as she was about to leave she heard the doorknob jiggle. Her eyes widened as she wondered what to do next. Should she meet him on her knees? Or simply take a seat in a chair since this was only an interview? She opted for the chair and sat just as he walked in.

It took every ounce of Megan’s self-control not to let her mouth drop open when she saw the man who presented himself in front of her. Once again, this was not what she had expected. In strutted a man in loose, ripped jeans and a baggy t-shirt. He had sandy brown hair that was long and tied back in a ponytail. His eyes were crystal blue. A gorgeous smile was plastered on his face as he took a seat directly in front of her on a bar stool.

“You must be Megan,” he said.

“I am.” She had no idea how to address him or what to say.

“I apologize for keeping you waiting.” He reached over and took a piece of paper from the pile on his desk. “I looked over your application, and I see that you only have a little experience in this lifestyle. Have you ever had a Master?”

“No,” she responded.

Greg’s eyes drifted up and down her body. If she wasn’t feeling self-conscious before, she definitely was now.

“Is something wrong?” he asked.

“No, why?”

“You have to be honest with me or else I won’t even consider you. Trust is very important in a relationship such as you’re wanting to enter into.”

Taking a deep breath, she blurted out, “To be frank, you’re not what I was expecting.”

He chuckled. “Continue.”

“You’re so laid back, your office is not organized, and well, as I said, you are not what I was at all expecting.”

“Tell me then, what were you expecting?”

“A businessman with a powerful job.”

Greg crossed his arms, and she worried he was about to throw her out. Instead he looked completely amused.

“You’re an author, correct?”

Megan nodded.

“And from what I see you’re a successful one at that. And you’ve even written a few erotic romances that deal with BDSM, right?”


“And have you always used the strong businessman?”

She nodded.

“Well, it isn’t always businessmen. That happens to be one of the biggest myths about this lifestyle.”

Now Megan was truly scared that she’d insulted him and he would order her to leave his house. It was obvious that she had her facts wrong, even with all the research she’d done. And damn Dawn for not telling her this to begin with.

“I like you,” he said. “You’re the first interview to really be honest with me.”

She wanted to smile, but she held onto her straight face.

“Tell me what experience you’ve had.”

This is when he was really going to laugh at her. “I have a friend who is in the lifestyle and she has shared a bit with me. And I’ve also done research since I’ve written about it. And I had a husband, who I’m no longer with, and we played around a little and did some light bondage from time to time. But he was always more concerned with his pleasure over mine.”

“So other than your research and a greedy ex, that’s all you know.”

Megan nodded, doing her best to stay calm.

“You do realize what you and your ex did is nothing like what you and I would do, right?”

She wasn’t sure actually. Her books had never been too hardcore. Her stories were on the light side of the genre. Often in her research when she saw images of people doing more hardcore acts, she’d close the internet browser and walk away. Now, however, she could be entering into deeper water and possibly experience the things that seemed too taboo.

“I do,” she finally said.

“I like you, and since you’ve been so honest with me and not tried to hide anything, I’d like to consider it.”

She grinned. There wasn’t anything that could hold her back.

“My life is disorganized, and as an artist I often get frustrated. But in the playroom, I want complete control. I need it since my life outside of it isn’t. Can you give up complete control and put your full trust in me?”

“I can.” She hoped.

“I’m not going to be gentle. From day one I’m going to be demanding, and you will be punished for any mistake you make, no matter how minor. Do you understand?”


Greg stood and she took the opportunity to let her eyes drift over his body. He was tall and lean, and she imagined that under his clothes he was sculpted. He shuffled a few things around on his desk and then took a seat again in front of her with a manila folder in hand.

“As I’ve stated, I like you. You’re honest, beautiful, and I feel a connection with you already. With that being said, I’d like to offer you the position of being my sub. Is that something you’d like?”

Megan looked around, noting that this man’s life appeared to be in as much disarray as hers, and yet when he spoke she had a sense of safeness. The way he smiled and looked at her made her feel like she could trust him, like he would never do anything that she didn’t want.

What the hell, why not? If this wasn’t for her, she could always end things. She wasn’t signing her life away.

“I would be honored,” she said.

Greg handed her the folder. “Inside you will find my medical records. I have a few sheets for you to fill out about your desires, fantasies, and limits. Please get this completed and faxed back to me in the next few days. I’ve also scheduled a doctor’s appointment for you. Are you already on birth control?”


“Good, then if your test results come back clean we can get started soon. How would you feel about this weekend?”

That was a week away. “Sounds good.”

“Great.” He smiled. “Inside you will also find a spare key to the house and a four number code which goes to the playroom. After I have your forms back, we will agree upon a time. I expect to find you in the playroom on time, completely naked, and on your knees with your hands behind your back or in your lap. And I do expect that on your first day.”

Megan nodded.

Greg stood and walked toward the door. “I have work to get back to. If for any reason you change your mind, please contact me and let me know. I won’t hold it against you.”

Megan pushed herself up from the chair and thanked him before leaving, with envelope in hand. As she made her way back to her car, she was scared shitless. What the hell had she just agreed upon? Could she really go through with this?

Chapter 2

Greg smiled as a fax came through early Monday morning. He had interviewed Megan on Saturday afternoon and it was only nine AM and she was already sending in her forms. The vibes he’d gotten from her were definitely right on. She came across as someone who did things when they needed to be done and always wanted to please. And he could not wait until she pleased him.

It had driven him crazy during the interview watching her trying to contain her excitement that he would even consider her. She bit her lip often and each time she did he wanted to know what they would feel like wrapped around his cock. She had big brown eyes that he could imagine staring up at him as she waited for his commands. Her blonde hair was shorter then he usually liked though. Typically he wanted long hair that he could wrap his fingers in and tug, but he could deal with her shorter hair. He could still yank it.

The fax machine quieted. Taking the papers from the tray, he took a seat in his office chair and looked them over. First he wanted to know what her limits were. Glancing through the list he saw she was open to almost anything. She didn’t want to do any exhibition, which was fine with him. He wasn’t into that either. He liked to keep his scenes private between him and his sub. The only time he ever visited the local BDSM clubs was when he was looking for a new sub. Otherwise he kept to himself.

Thankfully though, this time it was like Megan was just dropped into his lap.

He smiled when he saw she was willing to do anal. He’d had a sub in the past who didn’t allow it and he’d never fully felt the satisfaction he needed. That working relationship didn’t last long.

Her safe words were the typical ones—green, yellow, and red. Which was good. He hated when they had some crazy word.

Once she visited the doctor and he received her test results, they could start. He was anxious to begin. She was a lean girl with a decent size rack. Her hips were wide and her ass was round. He couldn’t wait to explore it and bring her the absolute pleasure she deserved.

He snickered when he remembered reading one of her erotic romance books on his ereader last night. She had an imagination all right. There were a few scenes she had written that he decided he’d like to try. Nothing he read was too hardcore. He didn’t consider himself to be either, but he also wasn’t easy going. But he’d explained that to her. When he stepped into his playroom he didn’t want to waste time teaching her. She was to be in her role and do it right. He didn’t like to give punishment, but he did it if he had to.

He hoped she’d read over some of the packets he provided. There were links to sites that he thought would be helpful to her.

Sitting back in the chair, he stared at his latest painting. It was giving him a hard time, and he needed to feel some sort of control. He hoped like hell Megan was clean and they could start this weekend. Then it dawned on him that neither of them left their homes for work, so perhaps they could have days during the week too. This might just work out. Now if only that damn painting would.

Megan sat in her living room with her black cat sitting in her lap as she watched graphic videos on her computer. Greg had given her some sites and one of them dealt with orgasm control. That was the one thing she had no idea about. How did these women just not release when they had to? Then again, could it really be that hard? Her ex hardly ever gave her any. Maybe something was wrong with her.

A knock sounded on the front door and Megan tossed the kitty from her lap and quickly slammed her laptop shut. Shit, she didn’t need anyone seeing what was on there. She was feeling so dirty, she wondered if she should slide the damn thing under the couch before answering. What if the computer malfunctioned and sound started to come through it?

Okay, she was being silly. That was not going to happen. Whoever was at the door knocked again and Megan realized she had better go answer it. During the time that she’d spent worrying about crazy computer malfunctions, she was being rude.

She opened the door, happy to see Dawn on the other side.

“What’s up, girl?” Dawn pushed her way inside.

Megan shut the door, feeling a little embarrassed about what was up.

“I haven’t heard from you all week. I’ve called and texted you. I know you get lost in book land but you know what I wanted and I know you were avoiding me,” Dawn said.

BOOK: Bound by Pleasure
6.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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