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That blistering kiss still unbroken, Vincent thrust harder, faster, desperate to get even closer to him. Deep, demanding strokes that soon had him drinking up Oliver’s shout of completion and following his lover over the edge.

* * *

The last flicker of flame from the fire in the hearth joined the glowing embers. Oliver did not need his spectacles to see the clock on the mantle to know dawn soon approached. He took a few more moments to simply soak up being with Vincent: the man’s strong arms wrapped around him, the rhythmic rise and fall of the broad chest beneath his cheek.

Sleep tugged heavily on his eyes, yet he refused to bow to it. Before Vincent had—well, passed out described it best—what had to have been a good couple of hours ago, Oliver had given him his word he would depart before dawn, before any servants started their day. If he followed his lover and succumbed to sleep, he highly doubted his ability to hold true to his word. No bother, though. He could sleep the morning away in his bed in the guest bedchamber.

A smile curved his mouth. A year and a half ago, he would have never dared to dream of being here with Vincent, in the man’s bed. Never even allowed himself to hope for a night like tonight where Vincent’s every touch, his every kiss, the way he had looked at Oliver had made him feel…
. Yet tonight was the first of many to come with a man who loved him as deeply and truly as Oliver loved him in return. A man who would love him forever.

A man who would have his hide, and rightly so, if his valet found his master’s guest snuggled up close to the man’s side.

He pressed a kiss to Vincent’s chest and reluctantly began to ease out of Vincent’s hold. The man’s arms tightened, stopping Oliver’s progress.

“It’s all right, Vincent,” Oliver whispered, braced above him. He couldn’t make out his features in the darkness, but he would bet the man’s eyes were open. “It will be dawn soon. I need to return to the guest bedchamber.”

Vincent let out a sleepy sigh. “All right.” He coasted his large hands down Oliver’s bare back, leaving a path of tingling skin in his wake, and briefly palmed Oliver’s arse before dropping his hands to the mattress.

Halfway across the room, Oliver remembered his clothes. Wouldn’t do at all to leave them behind. Shaking his head at himself, he turned back, snagged his trousers and shirt from the floor, and quickly tugged them on. The guest bedchamber was but a few paces from Vincent’s door; still, prudence and all.

Keeping his steps light and quiet, he crossed to the door and reached for the knob.

“Love you.” The murmured words brushed the back of his neck.

“I’m yours too.” With a smile on his lips, Oliver slipped out of the room.

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Ava March


Ava March writes Regency-set erotic romances. She has a daughter and is married to a wonderful man who doesn’t mind in the slightest that she spends her evenings writing naughty books.

Ava loves to hear from her readers. See what she’s been up to by visiting her on the Web at

BOOK: Bound Forever
7.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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