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Bradian Hunter Book 1

Chrysta Euria

Copyright @ 2014 Chrysta Euria

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About This Book

Chapter 1: New Opportunity

Chapter 2: The Interview

Chapter 3: The Interview (2)

Chapter 4: The Luck

Chapter 5: Lucky Streak

Chapter 6: Unpredictable

Chapter 7: Home

Chapter 8: Linda

Chapter 9: Visit

Chapter 10: Visit (2)

Chapter 11: Visit (3)

About This Book

When my husband cheated on my with his young college student, I was so depress that I couldn't even get out of my bed. Life, however, opened another door for me when I met the young and steamy billionaire Bradian Hunter. Even though our age and social status was completely different, it didn't prevent me from wanting him.

"Are you ready to come again?"

Of course I was more than ready.

This 9,000 words drive the readers to experience fresh love once again.

Chapter 1: New Opportunity

I became frustrated at the sight of myself when I couldn't even get out of my messy bed. The last few days had been disastrous. My husband for ten years, Mark, had cheated on me with his college student, Wendy. Of course, I knew that our marriage wasn't the best in the world, but still, for him to go around sleeping with other women. It just broke my heart into a million pieces, and the world just suddenly seemed so blurry.

I had always been a housewife, the one that took care of our kid, Jason, the greatest and cutest boy in the world. Yeah. Now what was I going to tell him? That his father was a cheating bastard that destroyed this household? That his father had decided to run away with his 19-year-old girlfriend instead of giving our marriage any consideration? How could I bring myself to break the news to my little angel Jason?

"Ring! Ring! Ring!"

I squirmed to the telephone while wondering who the hell it was that called so early in the morning. I was so depressed that even the phone felt like it weighted a thousand tons. "Ah, damn it."

I picked up my phone and swiped the screen. Oh great, it was Linda, my best friend since elementary school. She owned a marketing company and was married to a successful writer, Cane. Linda had moved to New York five years ago, but we still saw each other often since Linda traveled to California for business all the time.

"Hi Lin." Leaving the phone on my pillow, next to my ear, I put both of my hands on my stomach and stared at the white ceiling of our once-happy house.

"Get your ass up Jess. You are still laying on the bed, aren't you?" a commanding voice on the other line shouted. Ah, Jess, the mind reader that I often hated. How in the world was it that she always knew about what I was doing? I guess I was just way too responsive. Sigh. My fault.

"I'm up. I'm up." Grasping whatever strength I had left in me, I tried to pull myself up using the abdominal muscles that I hadn't exercised in all my life.

"So what's up?" Scratching my still-sleepy eyes, I asked in a yawning manner that I doubted she even heard it correctly.

"What do you mean 'What's up'? Don't you remember what today is? Come on, Jess. You need to prepare." Linda's voice was so loud that I needed to turn my head the other way. "Why was she getting so mad?" I thought about what I needed to do, well, not much since I hadn’t really done anything the last few days. Jason went on his field trip for the Fifth grade Camping week with his friends and teachers. He wasn't going to come home for another week! Meanwhile, the only thing that could make me get out of bed was the hunger that any normal human needed to face every day. Terrible.

"It's your first interview Jess. Oh my god, please don't be late. I and my husband's credibility is on the line here." Ah crap. I totally forgot. The interview that Jess' husband, Cane, sacrificed a huge favor to get for me. I hadn't worked for a quite some time now, however I couldn't take care of the little Jason if I had no income. Thanks to my cheating husband, he gave me enlightenment, and it was time for me to go back to work. To be honest, I was scared. I just wanted to stay on my bed and just...stared mindlessly to the ceiling. But it would be a bad idea to put off something that came out of generosity of my best girlfriend. The last time that I denied her "generosity"...ugh...I got goose bumps just thinking about it.

"Alright, I'm preparing now. I will call you after." I hung up the phone and placed it on my brown wood nightstand. Walking unsteadily to the bathroom, I reached out and opened the door. The mirror had always been my enemy in the morning, especially this morning. The cheating had had an even worse effect on my physical attributes. "I hate you Mark. I really do," I muttered to myself.


"This should look about right, right?" I spoke to my mirror self while wearing a V-neck, slim gray dress with a small tiny black belt. It was my favorite look and I wasn't going to allow time to let it go to waste. "Not bad for a 37 year old single mother, I guess."

Picking up my phone for the time and address, I turned off the light in the house and walked out. Climbing onto my 2000 Chevrolet truck, I turned on the ignition and drove out of my driveway. The interview was 20 minutes away, so it wasn't really that far. After five minutes, I had already gotten myself on the 405 freeway.

"Wow." Looking up at the huge glass building with the only a simple HB sign, I could only be in awe of its size and elegance; it was a true, simplistic modern skyscraper. HB was a magazine company that had risen to be the most popular magazine company in just a couple of years. It took the market by storm and crushed all of their competitors to pieces.

Even though I was wearing the best clothes that I had, it looked so bland now compared to others businessman and businesswomen coming in and out of the building. They were all so sophisticated. I looked down upon my thin portfolio and sighed. "Here we go."

Chapter 2: The Interview

Holding my breath, I walked through the glass door clumsily as my nervousness began to spread throughout my body. "It will be fine, Jess. Believe in yourself." I took a deep breath and stepped to the reception, where a gorgeous blond girl was answering the phone. She saw me, apologized politely and asked me to wait just a second.

"Ah, sorry about that ma'am. How can I help you?" the beautiful blond asked, in a very friendly manner. Her teeth were so white that I was wondering if it might have some negative effects on my eyes.

Taking a hold of myself, I went on, "Hi. I am looking for the interview room for the Editor position." It wasn't that I couldn't find it, but it would just be easier if the girl helped. I wasn't going to be looking for the room when it was almost time for the interview appointment.

"Welcome to HB ma'am. I hope that your interview will be successful. The interview room is located on the 23rd floor and in room 2341. You should be able to find it after turning left from the elevator."

I thanked the young gorgeous girl and got in the elevator. "Ah, youth. How nice." I was also a receptionist back in my twenties days as well. Unfortunately, I got fired from my job because I was supposedly "not a good socialist".

The elevator was huge and it was just so luxurious. All grey metal and glass. My mind began to wander about how the elevator worked or what it was made of.

"Ah, excuse me." A slender hand reached through the closing elevator door to stop it. For a fraction of a second, my mind imagined if the door was going to crush this person's hand or not. I didn't trust machines, especially the ones that could do serious damage. My heart skipped a beat as the thought soaked in the back of my head. Scary.

"Made it!"

"Thank god!" I thought to myself.

Slipping into the elevator was a tall, dark and short hair, blue eyes, with stubble beard young man. How could one person get such a good look! My heart began to race the moment I laid my eyes upon him. "Ah...the smell." His manly smell made my pheromone jumped and crashed in my body chaotically.

"What floor?" I was bright red and couldn't make eye contact with him at all. A man who was way younger than me. "Jess, gather yourself. Where is your confidence?" My inner voice yelled at me.

"Ah, top floor, please." The young elegant man said in his husky low voice with a sunshine smile on his face. Ah, I could just look at it all day.

"So what kind of business do you have in this building?" The young man tried to make small talk. With me! My blood beat inside my veins, and my mouth became dry as I could barely squeeze out any sound.

" interview." I tried once again. "I am here for an interview." Ah, damn it. Why was it that this man was making me all flushing and nervous?

"Really? Good luck." His blue eyes gazed upon my body. I felt as though he had inspected every nanometer on my body.

"Thank you. What about you?" The young man was beginning to open his luscious mouth to answer my question when the elevator's door opened. "Damn you, elevator."

"I have to go now. It was nice meeting you." I hurriedly escape the enclosed room because of the nervousness that I felt from him for sure wasn't going to help in my interview.

"Ah, wait up. Do you know where is the ..." he shouted out to me while looking at me running and amused. His voice trailed off in the distance so I couldn't hear the end of his sentence at all.

"The model apartment? I don't know I'm new here," I shouted back while still running awkwardly on my black high heels, the ones that I had not worn for a really long time. From the corner of my eyes, I swore that I could see his surprised face and an intrigued look. Ah crap. "Don't tell me that he wasn't a model." Well, aside from the model, he could be an artist, a photographer, a construction worker. Oh, yeah, construction worker. My mind began to fill in the images of him, topless, with sweats all over his oily body as he stood out in the sun, showing people how he used his muscles. Ah, I wanted it. I wanted it.

Walking through the hallway where many workers were anxiously walking in and out hurriedly, some were holding notes, papers, folders, and briefcases in their hands. It must be an intense workplace. The building interior looked very simple and modern. Each and every curve must have been designed by a very creative and talented designer. "This looks like a promising place." I hoped.

"Room 2341. Let's see...Ah, here it is." I found the glass room where in front of the door had the room number painted in grey as well as a sign made from wood saying, "Editors' Interviews." A lady inside dressed in a professional black suit opened the door for me. Her clothes looked expensive and she was incredibly beautiful.

"Excuse me ma'am. Are you here for an interview?" The blond girl smiled and asked me.

I nodded and she led me inside, to another room where dozens of youngsters were either sitting, standing up or pacing around anxiously. I didn't know that the job was so competitive. "Oh man, the chance of me getting this job is very slim." Great.

"May I know your name please?" The blond girl asked after I had gotten my ticket number at the front of the room.

"Jessica Meldia. Number 51." I smiled at her and said while she began to search on her iPad. Must be nice to have all this technology for her.

"Ok, I got it. Please wait here and we will call you." We both said good-bye politely and I found myself a seat to sit down. It was going to be a while.

"Hi, I'm Ana." The petite brunette girl beside me reached her hand out and introduced herself.

"Hello. I'm Jessica, how are you doing?" I greeted her back with a smile. She was cute, reminded me of Alexandra, my niece. She was fidgeting her hands on her lap.

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