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In and out he stroked, slowly, building up another wave of toe-curling pleasure. Undulating beneath him, she placed a foot on the table, needing him deeper. He lowered his mouth to hover a hairsbreadth over hers.

“Tight.” He thrust in with a single stroke. “Wet.” He withdrew at the same speed. “Hot.”

His mouth engulfed her as his tongue mimicked the action of his hips. In and out. She tightened her internal muscles. He rumbled deep in his chest and paused with only the head of his shaft in her, then with one swift flex, he buried himself to the hilt.

Her cry of passion was absorbed by him. He wound his hand in her hair and held her there as he increased the speed of his strokes.

Oh yeah. Just what the doctor ordered.




Kristopher “Wild” Wilder repositioned the body of the slumbering woman as he reached for the bottle of water perched on the bedside table. She lay curled into him, one lean leg of hers across one of his thicker thighs. Her arms were around him, holding him tight, even as she slept. Normally he hated being held like that but with Alyse it felt right.

Normally you’re gone by now or have had the woman leave,
his brain chimed in.

That was true. He wasn’t a man for the whole cuddling thing after. But this…felt different…felt, right.

As he drank he thought about her. Wow. Incredible. Amazing. It would be no hardship for him to go on and on. He checked the clock. Three-forty-two. They’d been asleep for almost a half hour. Before that, when they arrived at his room until then, sex. Slow. Fast. Gentle. Hard. All of it. And all over this room and bathroom. They had been insatiable. He’d not minded one bit.

This woman had woken a hunger within him. Even now, hours later, it hadn’t been quenched. What he didn’t understand was why it was more than just physical. Something else had passed between them. A connection. Bonding.

He drank some more and exchanged it for his phone as the item lit up and vibrated. Staring at the screen, he debated ignoring it. A decision solidified when she snuggled closer and whispered his name. He tossed his phone back where it had been and sank his hand into her hair, angling her head up for his kiss. So what if it had only been thirty minutes of sleep.

Alyse responded and soon nothing else mattered but the two of them and the heights of pleasure they could reach together.

It was after seven in the morning when Wild stepped from the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. He had plans. Wake her, take her to breakfast, then see how long their clothes stayed on. He grinned at his reflection. After scratching at the stubble on his face, he went to the door and opened it.

Empty. His room was empty.

No sleeping beauty lying on the white sheets waiting for him. No sign she had even been there. The bed was made and she, along with her clothing, were gone.

His phone vibrated again and he stomped over to it, angry she’d left him like this. “What?” he snapped as he took the call.

“Morning to you too, sunshine.”

“What do you want, Rhodi?”

His brother Rhodi, the one closest in age to him. There were four Wilder brothers. Adam, Derek, Rhodi, then him. Together they had a company called D.A.R.K. Cover, Inc. They were bodyguards and often did rescue missions.

In fact, that’s what he was doing down here. He’d just completed a mission and had returned the person home and took some—in his mind—well deserved time off. Apparently, someone else didn’t think so which was why his phone was ringing.

“Adam said you didn’t pick up when he called.”

“It was like a quarter to four in the morning. I was,” he gave a small grin, “sleeping.”

His brother snorted. “You know what time it was so you were awake. Who is she?”

She’s gone that’s who she is.
He ground his jaw, determined not to let his brother needle him. “What do you want, Rhodi?”

“Adam was worried.”

He scanned the room looking for his smokes then cursed, remembering he no longer had that habit. “I may be the youngest but I’m not a baby anymore. In fact, despite you trying to forget that fact, I’ve not been one for a good number of years.” He dropped the towel and went to his suitcase where he pulled out some clothes. “What is it? Not sure I can handle things on my own?”

“You know it’s not that, Wild. He’s just who he is. I need you to do something for me on your way back however.”

He put it on speaker phone and dressed. “Which is?”

“Stop by and see Mom.”

He stilled at that. “I don’t think that would be wise, Rhodi and you know it. I remind her to much of him.”

“She misses you, Kristopher. Go see her. And we expect you back in two days.” He hung up.

“Of course you do,” he muttered as he shook his head.

He’d not seen his mother except for family holidays in years. When their father died he’d overheard her crying in the bedroom and had gone in to offer some consoling. She’d pushed him away, saying he looked too much like his father. Her comment had sent him on a drinking binge for a few months before his brothers came and snapped some sense back into him. Now, he kept their interactions to a minimum because he had no wish to make things worse for her.

Wild finished packing and ensured his weapons were well secured before he lifted his bags and walked out of the room. After checking out, he caught a taxi to the airstrip and placed a call along the way. His pilot—one of the D.A.R.K. pilots actually—waited for him.

“Morning, sir.”

“Trey. Ready to get home?”

“Yes, sir.”

He patted the white-haired man on the shoulder as he passed him. “Still with the sir? After all these years?”

“Yes, sir. I would like to say however, it’s been a pleasure to have worked with the Wilder family for so long and I’m going to miss you.”

Wild stopped, set his bags down and turned back. “You’re done?”

“Yessir. This is my last flight for D.A.R.K.. My Millie’s been having a bit rougher time of it lately and I feel it best I stay with her.”

“Of course you should be with her.” Wild nodded. “I’m sorry about Millie.” He’d had the privilege of meeting her a time or two. “I’m going to miss you as well. Let’s get you home.”

“Very good, sir.”

Wild settled in and waited for them to be cleared for takeoff. Once airborne, he reclined in his seat and stared out the window. Alyse.
I should have gotten her last name or phone number. At least then I could have tracked her down.

The flight back to the airport D.A.R.K. utilized was uneventful. His brothers were there to meet them and at the hangar they all said their farewells to Trey with promises to check in on him and Millie. They also made him give his word if he needed
he would come to them.

Rhodi smacked Wild on the back as he tossed his stuff in the rear of his Audi SQ5. Closing the hatch and faced his brother.

“Good to have you back, bro. Any problems?” Rhodi crossed his arms.

Other than Alyse vanishing on me? Nope.
“Nope. Everything okay with Karen and Brayden?” When his brother nodded, he continued, “I’m out, gotta catch some sleep.”

“Don’t forget to stop by and see Mom.” A pointed look followed that directive.

He ran his tongue over his teeth and stared at his three siblings. All of them took after their mother with their black hair and dark blue eyes, so dark sometimes they appeared black. He was the odd man out, having taken after their old man with his lighter coloring.

“Tell her we’ll be by tomorrow to check on her,” Derek said.

Adam didn’t say anything just watched him. Wild didn’t respond, just climbed in his vehicle and drove away. He adjusted the heat. The winter was going to be brutal.

“Weather sure was hotter in Belize.” A wry grin teased his lips. “Even hotter after I hooked up with Alyse.”

The wind had sufficiently increased as he turned up the driveway to his mother’s house. He hated the sour knot which flowered in his stomach. Parking before the large ranch house, he drummed his fingers on the wheel and stared at the new scars on his hands.

“Buck up, boy,” he told himself, using words his father had always used on him.

Wild grabbed his tatty ball cap as he left the interior then shoved it on his head. After a few seconds, he reached in the backseat for his leather jacket. He shrugged into it as he cast a baleful gaze to the sky. He was well acquainted with the look of those clouds and the meaning they held. Snow.

He grunted and strode up the stone walkway to the front door. Wild grasped the knob, wiped his boots, then took a deep breath before typing the alarm code and letting himself in.

“Mom?” he called out.

“Kitchen,” she hollered back.

He closed the door and walked to the kitchen. She stood at the island chopping vegetables, a ceramic bowl beside her. Sarah Wilder still was a beauty. Her dark hair held no gray and she was fit courtesy of her active lifestyle. She lifted her head and gave him a smile.

“How was Belize?”

He approached her and placed a kiss on her cheek. “Warmer than here.”

She chuckled. “Montana’s not known for heat waves.” She paused in chopping the carrot and looked at him, so intently he struggled not to shift beneath the scrutiny. “You hurt any? Is that why you’re hanging out in my house with your jacket on?”

“No, ma’am. I’m fine. I just dropped in to say hi and let you know I was back. Derek said they’d be over tomorrow.”

“For breakfast and to check on me no doubt,” she said.

Wild kept quiet well aware a response wasn’t required of him. His siblings stopped by all the time to see her. He was the one who didn’t come by very much. He fought a yawn and rocked back on his heels.

“I have to go, Mom.” After another kiss, he walked away.

“Will you be here tomorrow?”

He was almost out of the room and turned back. She watched him with that unwavering gaze. “I don’t—”

She pointed the knife at him. “Seven o’clock. Don’t be late.”

“Yes, ma’am. Goodnight.” Hands in his pockets, he walked to the front door and looked over his shoulder at the living room. He could still feel his father here. Wild hated hurting her, but still, even he knew better than to go against her order.

He listened to music as he drove home. As he pulled in his driveway, he stared at his house, he’d been gone for a long time and it looked great. He typed in a code from his vehicle and the garage door slid up allowing him to drive in and park.

After it closed behind him, he climbed out and grabbed his bags from the back. Striding into his house, he turned on the kitchen light as he moved through it and the living room to reach his bedroom at the other end.

He dropped his bags then went back and shut off lights and set the alarms. Continuous yawns accompanied him through his shower and as he stumbled to his bed. He barely remembered to set his alarm before he succumbed to the lure of the sandman.

As it was, he was the last to arrive at his mother’s the next morning. He noticed all his brothers’ vehicles parked there and as he pulled in next to Adam’s Beemer, he again thought about Belize. Which of course led his mind to thoughts of Alyse.

“Get a hold of yourself, man, you don’t go to breakfast sporting wood.” He left his jacket in the SUV using the cold to smack some sense into him. Jogging up to the door, he wiped his boots then entered.

“Morning,” he called out.

“You’re almost late,” Rhodi replied.

“Almost isn’t late. I have two minutes to spare.” He headed to the kitchen where he smiled at the sight of the table set, laden with more food than people may think they could eat, but he knew him and his brothers. There wouldn’t be any left when they finished.

“Missed all the good discussion,” Derek said.

He kissed his mother and sat in his chair. “What’s that?” he asked, reaching for the carafe of coffee.

Adam put down the plate of bacon and all four boys stood as their mother walked to her seat, standing until she sat. “Trey’s replacement,” Adam said.

“Already have someone for that?” He set about loading his plate. There was nothing in the world like home cooking and he’d been gone for a while, so this was definitely something he’d missed and would be enjoying.

“We’ve been looking for months, Wild,” Rhodi informed him. “You’ve been gone.”

“I was surprised to see Trey there to pick me up, what happened to Eric?”

“He’s still with us,” Adam picked two fluffy biscuits from the basket and passed it along. “We just didn’t want to be down a pilot. And Trey said he would like to be the one to go get you for his last flight. Since we’ve known of his leaving we’d been searching for another so we can retain one for each of us, if they’re needed.”

“So what’s the new guy like?”

Derek grinned. “Five-seven, black hair, and a body like—”

“Derek!” his mother snapped. “I know I didn’t raise my boys to talk about women that way.”

“Yes, ma’am, sorry, Mom.”

As their mother rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath, she rose from the table. Derek looked at him and outlined a woman’s body. A woman with curves.

“She’s really nice,” he mouthed only to wince when their mother yanked his ear.

“You will respect women in this house, Derek Logan, or you can leave,” she said, no room for argument in her tone.

“Yes, ma’am.” Derek did his best to appear chastised as he rubbed his ear.

Wild rolled his own eyes and dug back into his food. Around him they talked about everything including why Rhodi’s wife wasn’t there, she was taking their son to the doctor. Once they’d demolished the large amount of food and had restored their mother’s kitchen to rights, all the brothers stood out by the gathered vehicles. The bitter wind bit at Wild’s skin as he listened to them converse.

Five minutes later he shook his head. “I’m going home. See you tomorrow.”

Adam said, “Sleep well. You’ll meet the new pilot tomorrow, be nice to her.”

“Who’s waiting for you,” Derek ribbed him. “The one you ignored Adam’s call for in Belize?”

He ignored one brother and focused on another for a moment. “Adam, as long as she can do her job, I’ll be nice. I’m sure Rhodi made sure and vetted her properly.”

BOOK: Breaking All the Rules
7.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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