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Brie's Tokyo Tryst (Submissive in Love, #1)

BOOK: Brie's Tokyo Tryst (Submissive in Love, #1)
Brie’s Tokyo Tryst

Submissive in Love

Red Phoenix

Brie’s Tokyo Tryst

Copyright © 2014 by Red Phoenix

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The Dream

His Reality

Unresolved Demons

Tono’s Secret

Paying her Debt

A New Kind of Kinbaku

The Kiss

A Touching Farewell


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The Dream

ono was laughing as he
bound her in rope, joyous laughter that made Brie smile. He ran his
hands over her skin, checking his knots before lifting her in the
air. Her stomach did a little flip, the way it always did when he
hoisted her upwards. She threw back her head, purring in sweet
pleasure—there was nothing like flying with Tono.

“Breathe with me, toriko.”

She turned towards his voice but, as she
matched her breath with his, she saw a change in him. The joy in
his eyes was replaced with profound pain and sorrow.


The air around them became dark and empty.
She found it difficult to breathe and struggled in her bonds.
Without speaking, he lowered her to the floor and began untying
her. Once she was free, he took the jute and cast it away. Tono
glanced at her once, then turned, walking into the darkness without
another word.

“Tono, come back!”

He ignored her, disappearing into the
smothering darkness, leaving Brie choking and gasping for air.

She woke up with a start and found herself
still struggling to breathe.

“What’s wrong, Brie?”

She couldn’t shake the feeling of
desperation. “Something’s wrong with Tono Nosaka, Sir.”

At his urging, she called Tono’s cell phone
in the morning and was surprised to hear a recording stating that
it was out of service. Her anxiety only increased.

“I’m sure everything is fine, Brie. I
suggest you find out where his next stop is on the tour and leave a
letter for him at the hotel he’s scheduled to stay at.”

Brie got the needed address and penned a
quick note.

Dear Tono,

I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. Is the tour a
success and everything you envisioned it to be?

I sincerely hope things are well. I had an upsetting
dream about you and just needed to check in.

Sending you thoughts of happiness and peace.



She folded the letter, slid it into an envelope and
lovingly placed a stamp on it before handing it to Sir. “Would you
like to read it before I lick the seal?”

“No, that is unnecessary. Although I will be
interested in his reply.”

She placed her letter on the pile of bills
that were going out that day and gave it one last caress before
returning to her desk. She missed the Asian Dom more than she would
ever have imagined. It was one thing to know he was on the other
side of town and there was a chance of running into him on occasion
at The Haven or the Training Center. Knowing he was on the other
side of the world was hard, but even more difficult was not knowing
how he was faring.

In her heart, despite Sir’s assurances, Brie
felt he was suffering and it deeply troubled her.

Breathe with me, toriko…

Unfortunately, Brie and Sir’s two-week trip to Italy
had been drastically cut short when issues stemming from legal
disputes with some of his older clients had sent them back home.
Sir was still dealing with the negative fallout to his business
caused by Brie’s controversial documentary. When Sir had left his
grandmother’s side that second visit, she’d cried hysterically,
convinced he’d never return. Brie felt miserable.

It didn’t seem fair that Sir or his family
should suffer for her career now that it had taken off. However,
she was thrilled that her film had been nominated for several
prestigious awards, and she’d already been on several talk shows
discussing it, as well as her personal experiences at the Training
Center. It seemed there was a real interest building in kink and
the D/s lifestyle.

While the spotlight was on her, Brie had
tried to use her newfound fame to secure support for her upcoming
documentary about Sir’s father, Alonzo Davis. Although there was
public interest in Sir as a Dominant, producers in the film
industry did not feel it would extend to his deceased father, even
though the man had been a renowned musical talent. Brie strongly
disagreed and remained steadfast in her vision for the project,
despite the lack of interest.

However, returning to the States and having
Sir busy concluding the last of the litigation left Brie sitting at
home alone, twiddling her thumbs. To pass the time, she researched
Alonzo Davis through old newspaper clippings, TV interviews and
musical recordings—not the stuff award-winning documentaries were
made of.

Sadly, all that extra time also gave her the
chance to worry about Tono. After weeks of silence, she’d tried to
hunt him down but had been shocked to find that all his Kinbaku
engagements had been postponed indefinitely. His last known
location was the hotel she’d sent the letter to, but after he’d
completed his final performance there, he’d disappeared. No one
knew where he’d gone after that.

Brie was beside herself, but Sir reassured
her, “When Nosaka wants to be found, he will contact you. Until
then, you must respect his need for privacy.”

It was nearly impossible not to obsess over
Tono’s silence, but thankfully Mr. Holloway provided a welcome
distraction when he asked for a meeting. “Miss Bennett, it appears
your film has struck a chord with the American public. We’ve
received numerous letters and emails from fans of the documentary
who are dying to know what’s become of Mary since the collaring
ceremony, and whether Tono and Faelan have secured permanent

Brie chuckled.

“Viewers are also demanding more footage of
Marquis and a session with Ms. Clark. It seems they’re curious
about her and want to see the Domme in action.”

a commanding presence,” Brie

“Is that a yes, then? You’ll do a

Brie hesitated. Although her documentary had
thrown her into the spotlight, it had also succeeded in labeling
her as a director of kink. It seemed that Hollywood proper did not
take her seriously, and the only interest in her had been for soft
porn gigs, which was so
the direction she wanted to go
in. Would doing a sequel only help cement that perception?

“Let me get back to you on that.”

Brie remained unsure about the sequel until
she received a heartfelt email from a fan:

Dear Brianna Bennett,

I can’t tell you how much you’ve inspired me. I’ve
been curious about the D/s lifestyle for years, but had no idea
what it was really like or even how to find out. I felt as if I
were with you as you discovered your strengths and limitations at
the Submissive Training Center.

To be honest, watching your film made me long to
experience the lifestyle myself. The men I’ve been attracted to all
my life were bossy but showed none of the respect like the men in
your documentary. I realize now I want more than a dominant male; I
want a man who prides himself on being a Dominant. I want to share
that journey of discovery with someone worthy and “gift” my loyalty
and submission to him.

I would never have had that life-changing revelation
if it hadn’t been for your film. Thank you, Miss Bennett, a hundred
times over.

Bless you for your courage in sharing your personal
journey, as well as facing those who would attack you and your
Master for it. I hope someday D/s couples will be as socially
acceptable as vanilla couples. Trust me, your film has helped to
move public opinion in the right direction.

I will try to be as brave as you as I embark on my
own journey.

Thank you again,


Lucy’s email was not the first Brie had
received—she’d gotten numerous messages and letters from people
who’d enjoyed the film—but Lucy’s open and honest email struck a
chord in Brie. Despite the public discussions on the subject, there
was still so much misinformation and prejudice concerning the BDSM
community. Lucy’s hope for the future set a fire under Brie,
kindling her interest in the new project.

Now that she’d graduated from the Submissive
Training Center, however, the challenge would be to structure the
storyline. The second film would prove far more difficult than the
first, especially with many of the major players having moved out
of the LA area. After careful consideration and much
soul-searching, she submitted a proposal to Mr. Holloway with Sir’s
blessing. She anxiously awaited his approval; if Holloway liked the
direction Brie wanted to take, she would have an exciting year
ahead involving
of travel.

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