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Chapter Fourteen


I can feel the warmth of the fire on my back as I run. The screams are coming from all directions, and I’m afraid I am the one that caused it. I am running so fast that I keep running into tree branches, scraping my face. I can feel the warmth of blood flowing from the cuts, but I try to ignore it. I try to run faster from the burning city, but I have no shoes on and I am stepping on rocks and sticks. My feet were killing me and I can tell they are bleeding as well. I hear a high pitch laughing, and I know it’s Amelia. I am terrified; I knew she wanted to kill me, and I knew what she was capable of. My own mother wanted to end my life. Suddenly, I trip on a tree stump and roll down a hill. Rolling through leaves and falling tree branches, I knew I was going to be injured. When I stop, the pain in my left ankle is so intense that I want to scream, but I hold it in so she won’t find me. I notice a small cave to my right and crawl for it. When I am safely inside, I hear voices.

“She went this way, Enoch. We need to find her. Her Highness will kill us if we don’t.”

“Well, Murtin, I’m not a werewolf; I can’t just smell for her.”

“Let’s keep looking; she couldn’t have gone far.”

I place my hand over my mouth so no one c
an hear me breathing. Then I hear footsteps coming toward me. My heart speeds up, and I feel like I’m about to die.

“Cordelia? Darling, is that you? I promise I won’t hurt you.” A tall muscular man walks toward me. He is dressed in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. He has dark brown hair, and I feel a strange sense of familiarity. As the moon shines down on him, I scrounge up my face, trying to remember why he seems so familiar.


“Cordelia Rose Cassen.” I gasp at the use of my full name. He obviously knows me, but how? “Don’t be scared; I’m Dean, your father.” I start to cry. This is my father, right here in front of me. He sits down and takes me into his arms. “Shh, sweet girl, I’m here. You can trust me. But listen, we don’t have time. I could only enter your dreams for a moment. Your mother will find out and come after me.”

“Daddy,” I exclaim, feeling a sudden connection to this man; like I am a little girl asking my father to kiss a boo-boo, “please don’t go. I’m so scared, lost, and broken. I have no idea what is going on with me.”

“Baby girl, listen, you need to tap into your angel powers. I thought you would have by now, but looks like you can only tap into your witch powers. You are the only hope to end The Old Ones and Amelia. You, my dear, are the one The Prophet speaks of. Talk to Cameron and Kaleigh; they will tell you all.” The he is cut off and blasted ten feet back by some magical force.

I look around to see Amelia standing behind me. “I see you are trying to get to Cordelia.” She looks at me. “Sweetheart, you are not the one. I am, and I will run this country as I see fit. You will die, right here and right now.” She walks over to me and puts her hands around my neck and starts to squeeze. The last thing I remember is screaming out for my father.

I wake up with Cameron standing over, me holding me down. I am screaming out in pain.

“Delia, Babe, calm down. I’m here; I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“Dad! Where is my father?  What’s going on?” I try to sit up, but I can’t.

He sidesteps my question. “Stay right here; your face is bleeding. I need to get the first aid kit.” He walks out and I lay there thinking of my father and how I hate that that was a dream. Cameron comes back in with the kit, and looks at me with a puzzled expression.

“What, Cam? What is it?”

“Well, I don’t need this anymore. Looks like you can heal yourself.” The pain starts to go away and I am able to sit up.

“Please tell me what that was all about, Delia. We are here to help you.”

I start to tell him about the dream. He is in shock about what I had experienced. “My father told me you and Kaleigh can help me. Is it true that I am the one this prophet speaks about?”

He pulls me into a tight hug. “That’s what we are trying to figure out. The prophet states that the female must be of two magical creatures. So far, we have only seen your witch side, but…”

He is cut off when I scream and fall from his grasp.
I hit the floor with great force. The pain in my back is unbearable. It feels like a knife is cutting me alive. Cameron tries to help me, but I tell him to back away. I hear other voices, but my vision has gone black. I try to claw at my back to rid myself of whatever creature is attacking me. Then it feels like something is crawling out of my skin; like it is eating its way out. The pain is so bad that I pass out.

I don’t know how long I am out, but I wake up with Kaleigh, Cameron, and a strange guy in the room. I feel pressure on my shoulder blades. I sit up slow and look at them.

Kaleigh came to sit by me. “Cordelia, are you okay? You will not believe what just happened to you.”

“What happened? That was the worst pain I have ever had.” Cameron holds out his hand, and I take it and try to stand up. But something seems very heavy on my back and is hindering me. That’s when I see it in the mirror; the large purple wings flapping behind me. They are beautiful, and I slowly walk to the mirror in amazement.
Oh my goddess
, I think. “Does this mean my father was correct; I am the one The Prophet speaks off?”

The strange guy spoke up. “This is a miracle! Cordelia, you
the one that will save us all.” I look at him strange and he chuckles. “By the way, I’m Kale; a white angel.” He studies my wings. “I’ve never seen plain colored wings. They are usually white, black, or black and color.”

Something felt off about this guy, but I wasn’t sure what it was; maybe just my ignorant paranoia. “Thank you,” I say. “What does this mean; that even in the magical community I’m a freak?”

“No no; you’re a miracle. I must tell the others.” Kale seems a little too eager to spread the word about me.

He starts for the door, but Cameron grabs his arm. “This stays between us. Do you hear me, Kale? We need to figure this out before announcing it to the world.”

“Can I have a minute alone with Cameron, please?” I ask.

Kaleigh nods. “Of course. We understand this is a lot for you. When you are ready to talk, we will be in the kitchen.” She takes Kale’s hand, and they left the room. Cameron walks over and shuts the door.

“Umm, Cameron, how do I make these go away? I like them and all, but I would love to sit down on the bed.” He chuckles, walking toward me. He takes my hands and looks in my eyes.

“Close your eyes and concentrate on retracting them back into your shoulder blades.  Breathe in and out; count to ten in your head.”              I did, and when I opened my eyes the wings had disappeared. “Cam, will that hurt like that all the time?”

“No; it’s only the first time. I must say, they are gorgeous wings just,” he raises my face up toward his, “like you.”

I feel my cheeks pink. “Stop, you are making me blush.”

He grabs my hand, and we sit on the bed together. “Cordelia, I am so sorry for the way I have treated you. I am so in love with you; so much so that it hurts. When I saw you on the ground in pain, my heart ripped in half knowing I couldn’t take that pain away. Please say you forgive me. Tell me you love me, too.”              I place my hands on both sides of his face. “Cameron, I’ve loved you since the first day I saw you. I knew there was something different about you. I was a different person when we first met, but with everything that has happened I can’t be that weak girl. I talked to my father tonight in my dreams, and I was never happier than when I was in his arms,” I bent down and leaned my cheek against his chest, “until now.” I stop talking   press my lips against his and let go of all of my worry. I let go of my uncle who abused me, the people who bullied me at school; all of it, except the boy whom I loved and who was currently kissing me back.

It is the best first kiss ever; not that I have anything to compare it to. But the feeling that waves through me excites me and calms me all at once. Here, with this boy who holds my heart, I feel free and special. I can’t be happier. When we pull back, he sits there holding me in his arms.

I am tired from today’s events, but I have to ask Cameron something. “Cam, what’s the deal with Kale? I got a bad vibe from him. He seemed too eager to have me tell the world that I am a mutant freak.”

He laughs. “Baby, that’s Kaleigh’s love. He is okay; he just wants this curse broken as much as we do, so he can be with my sister. And you are not a freak at all.” He smiles down at me. “You are mine; forever.” I smile and cuddle up to him, and then fall blissfully asleep.

Chapter Fifteen


Kale and I walk out of the room and head to the kitchen. I grab a couple cans of soda pop out of the refrigerator and toss him one.

“I can’t believe I just witnessed that, Kaleigh. I can’t wait for the whole country to know about Cordelia.”              He sounds a bit too enthusiastic for my taste. I sigh. “Kale, I don’t think we should tell anyone about her right now. With The Old Ones and her mother after her, it could be dangerous. They all want her dead, and she is scared to death. That poor girl has been bullied at school, and her uncle was beating her in the back for years.” I stop when a thought comes to me. “Wait a second; she only got hit on her shoulder blades. I wonder if her uncle was trying to hide the truth from her. “

Kale walks over and takes my hands. “Kaleigh, let’s not talk about that; let’s get a little frisky!”

“Umm… Kale, this isn’t the time to get frisky. We have a serious problem on our hands, or do you not care what happens to that girl?”

He’s acting a little strange, and I don’t like it. He doesn’t seem himself. He throws up his arms. “I come all this way to see you, and what do I get in return? A cold shoulder. Stop thinking about that freak, and worry about our future.”             

“Woah there, boy. What has gotten into you? You’re the one acting selfish, and you are staring to piss me off. Did you just call Cordelia a freak?”

He picks up his soda and throws it across the room. Then he comes over to me and smiles. “You see, Kaleigh, I have tricked you. I don’t love you or care for you at all. Leaving you was the best decision of my life. Your parents where wrong in helping Dean hide his daughter from Amelia. Amelia deserves to run the country. She is who I bow to.”

The door flies open and a gust of wind blows in, almost knocking me over, followed by a tornado of leaves. There stood Amelia, grinning from ear to ear.

“Well done, Kale; you are truly my right hand man.” She walks over to him and they start to kiss. My stomach feels so sick. I want to lose all the contents in my stomach. I am devastated, and I feel so betrayed.

“Now, my sweet Kale, where is my daughter? We need to take her back to Ithaca for the ritual. I need to take in all her powers before the full moon tomorrow night.”

I step in front of them. “You will not take her! She doesn’t deserve this. Kale, if you have any heart left you’ll help me stop her.”

Amelia slaps me across my face. “You, Kaleigh, will not stop me from taking my daughter.”

“Watch me, bitch!” I blast her with my ball of light. It’s supposed to stun her, but, of course, she threw up her force field—chicken—and my light came back and stunned me.

“You are such an amateur; you will never be able to take me on. You will die trying.” I fall to the ground in a lot of pain. Blood is pouring out of my head. I want to scream out for Cam, but I can’t. I just lay there, not knowing if they will kill my brother or Cordelia. I’m a failure; I let everyone down, including my parents who died protecting what was good. The pain is finally too much to handle, so I let go and the room goes black.

My eyes fly open, and I am not in the cabin. It is so bright, too bright, that my eyes hurt. I sit up and look around, realizing I am in my home in Ithaca; my parents’ home. I miss it here. I am in my old bedroom. My bed is so comfortable; the quilt a light purple color that matched the walls.

“My sweet angel is finally awake,” a voice says and startles me. “How are you, Kaleigh?”

I want to cry when I realize who is speaking. I can’t believe that my mother, Luna, is sitting in front of me. She is so beautiful; long blonde hair, like mine, and beautiful blue eyes. She is wearing a long, white dress that fits her like a second skin. I jump up and give her a big hug.

“Mother! I have missed you so much. Wait, I thought you had died? Am I dead?”

She chuckles. “No, Sweetheart; you are dreaming. I’ve been watching over you and your brother for years.”              I start to cry. “Mom, why did you choose to help Dean hide Cordelia? I never got a chance to ask you.”

She stands up to walk to the window to look out over the White City. “I had to do this for the greater good. For a future that is great for my children. You see, my powers are to see the future, and I foresaw that Amelia and Dean’s daughter was who the prophet of the coven spoke of. She will make new laws and make this country a better place to live. She will end all rivalry between the different magical creatures. She can lift your curse, but to do all of this Dean and Amelia both have to die. Yes, Dean also, because he broke a lot of people’s trust. The person that has to do this is Cordelia.”

I gasp. “Mother, she is not strong enough to kill them. Not only magically, but personally as well; they are her parents. She will need our help.”

“No, you are not to step in on this. You could die, and I will not accept that.”

“Mom, I don’t care if I die. I was betrayed by my one true love. I am so empty inside. You cannot stand here and tell me what to do. I will join in on the battle. I’m pretty sure that Cam will also.”

“Well then, you must deliver a message to Cordelia. Tell her she has the power to see into the past and future, and she must tap into it to save you all.”


Kaleigh! Please wake up,” I hear Cam whisper. “Please; I can’t lose you, too.”

My eyes snap open. “Where is she; where is Cordelia? Oh. My. God. Cam, your head. What the hell happened?”

He let out a groan. “Kale is a dead man. I hate that bastard. Amelia and he walked in, blasting away. They almost burned down the cottage. Kale tackled me and started punching me in the face. He used his new dark power to blind me, and when I was able to see again, Delia was gone. They took her, Kaleigh. I love this girl more than anything. We have to save her.”

I hug him. “I know we do. Amelia plans on doing a ritual to drain Cordelia of her powers. We have to get back to Ithaca, and we need to do it now.” A knock on the door makes us jump. I grab a knife and walk to the door, opening it slowly.

“Dean, I am so glad to see you!”

BOOK: Broken (Broken Wings)
9.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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