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Chapter Eighteen


The pain! Oh my goodness it’s ripping through my entire body. I don’t understand why I can’t heal myself. My head feels like it’s going to explode; my veins can feel the poison flowing through from the bites of the vampires, Zane and True. I heard Zane call her that, and I thought that was a weird name. She is beautiful: pale skin, long, red hair, and bright green eyes. She is tall for a girl; she could easily be mistaken for a supermodel.  Zane has bright red eyes, which makes him more frightening than his girlfriend. They are having a field day drinking my blood; it’s like they are drinking the finest wine.

I chuckle inwardly, because on the outside I am in too much pain.
Two weeks ago I never believed in witches, vampires, werewolves, angels, or fallen angels. Now, I am two of them, maybe three if I become a vampire. I never believed in anything; not God, or the devil. Not heaven or hell. I never even prayed in my life. I did believe in Gods and Goddesses, because I loved studying about mythology—Freya was always my favorite. I read about her when I went to the library.

aybe I should have believed in something, so they could hear my prayers now. I just want to pray that they will take me away
Take me somewhere out of this body. I don’t want to continue on; I just wish that this ritual would end soon and I would be dead. I wonder why I was put on this messed up Earth. Was I such a horrible person in my past lives? Did I murder someone, steal someone’s boyfriend? Better yet, was I a horrible mother like Amelia? These are questions I want answers for, but I know they will never be. I just hope, if I am reborn again, I will be happy and loved. Or am I just cursed like Kaleigh and Cameron; doomed to forever be alone?

My death is slowly approaching, and I am welcoming it with open arms. I will welcome Death like he’s my best friend. I want to hug Death and thank him for taking me away, because it will mean no more pain and loss. Maybe Death will take me to that field I had imagined and I can dance free in the sunlight, smell the flowers, and most importantly be happy. Maybe I will beg Death to take me there. Hell, he can join me and dance in the sunlight—unless sunlight would kill him. Can Death die? I shake my head at the silly thoughts running through it; what a thing to think when I am laying in wait for my own mother to murder me. I know Cameron will not join me, but maybe one day. And that day my life will be complete. I do have a request for Death, if he takes requests. I want him to make my bullies and all the people who have hurt me pay. Make their lives a living Hell. Let fire rain on their parade. I think I can make a deal with Death. After all, what is he going to do if I don’t keep my end of said deal? Kill me?

Then I start to think about my mother
, Lillian. Maybe Death was kind to her. She was never mean to me, just really depressed. I would be too if I were married to a bastard like that. I would have been hooked on Prozac and Xanax. I do remember her being nice to me when I was little before her depression kicked in.

I was sitting in the backyard; I was about 6 years old. I didn’t have any toys to play with
, so I took two flowers and began to play with them as if they were alive. I was so happy to have those flowers, and then my father came out and started yelling at me. He snatched the flowers out of my hands and ripped them apart.

“Cordelia Rose
, you are not allowed to be out here playing! Get inside and clean the kitchen.”

“Yes sir.”

“I want this house spotless when I get home from work! Do you hear me?” I nodded and headed inside to clean. I was washing the dishes and thinking about the life of those 2 flowers I was just playing with. Tearing filled my eyes. Why can’t I play like other kids my age? I secretly wished for better parents. When I was done cleaning the kitchen, I started to head to my bedroom, but Lillian stopped me.

Cordelia, Sweetie, come here!”

I ran to where my mother was sitting in the living room. She was sitting on the couch,
and I noticed that she looked so sad. She was a beautiful woman, with long brown hair and big brown eyes. She was short and very skinny; almost too skinny.

, I have a big secret for you, but you cannot tell your father. Can you do that, Sweet heart?”

I started to get butterflies in my belly. “I promise I will not.”

“Wait right here; I will be back.” She got up and walked away. She returned with a box. She motioned for me to join her on the floor. She opened the box and it was filled with dolls and puzzles.

“These are my old toys
. Your father does not know anything about these.”

I was so happy
to have real toys. We sat there for hours, playing with them. Then something horrible had happened. My father returned home early. He walked into the house and paused when he saw us sitting on the floor playing. I was told to go to my bedroom and I was to not leave it at all. I heard them arguing. I think he hurt my mother. I heard her crying, and after that day I only saw my mom once a week. She had gotten so bad. She stayed in her room, and then she was put on medication. I miss that day; I miss her so much. She may not have been my biological mother, but she was my real mother; she was the one who nurtured and cared for me… unlike Amelia.

Returning to the present day, my heart
is breaking for her. To be honest, I am so glad she is in a better place, but I hate that it was Amelia who had killed her.

“Reminiscing about Lillian I see. She was so fun to kill. I’m glad she gave you my message. I didn’t like the fact that she was so kind to you. Now
, it’s time to kill your bodyguard, Cameron. You see, while he was on his way here he was lost in his thoughts and didn’t see Kale. So he was easy to capture. Now all that is left is to get Dean and Kaleigh.”

“Please don’t hurt them. They have done

She start
s to choke me and I see stars. “
; they have. It was their parents who helped Dean hide you.” She releases me and stands up straight. “Damn white angels,” she mumbles under her breath.

“But they aren’t white angels.”

“They are children of white angels.” The door opens and a girl with gorgeous red hair that just kisses her chin walks in.

“Your highness
, he is locked up. I don’t think he loves me anymore. Do you think we can mix up a love potion to make him love me?”

, we have no time right now to worry about love potions; we need to get ready for the ritual.”

, will this girl die tonight then? Cameron can move on from her then?”

; she will die Monday, on her 18
birthday and the holiday of Samhain. Now, come; we need to have a council meeting.”

They both le
ave the alter room and leave me with the vampires. Did I hear my mother call the girl Anna? Why does that name sound familiar? Then it hits me; that was the name of the young girl Cameron had been meant to protect before me. Did that mean that that Cameron was locked away somewhere and unable to save me?
, I think sarcastically. Death might as well take me now. 

Chapter Nineteen


I finally make it to the White City. I can’t find Cameron or Dean and I am starting to get really worried about them. I reach the center of town and something seems off. I look around and see that parts of the city are burned and smoke raises in the air. I start to walk around to see if anyone needs help. I run into the fairy king and queen, Lerza and Betrica.

“What in goddess’ name happened to the city?”

Betrica starts to cry. “It was the evil witch. She has been going around saying the country will soon be hers and mumbling something about a ritual and a sacrifice. Who is she going to kill? She has kidnapped a couple of the fairies, but we don’t know why.

“You remember her daughter that had died at birth? Well, that was a lie. Dean wanted to keep her safe, so he sent her away. The Old Ones found out she was alive and told Amelia. Have you heard about the prophet?” They both nod their heads. “Well, Cordelia is the one the prophet speaks of. She is a mutant from two different magical creatures and has powers of a witch and an angel. She is the one that will protect us all. Save us. I need to get to the Dark City and save her. Have you seen Dean or Cameron?”

They look at each other, and Lerza then speaks up. “Honey, we heard that Kale attacked him in midair and took him to the Black Castle.” I try to hide my emotions, but find it hard when I realize that my brother could already be dead.

Betrica clears her throat and steps close to me. “
There is something else you should know.”

Like what? What could be worse than Cameron possibly being dead? “Yes?”

“Anna is working with Amelia, and she wants Cameron to love her.”

My mouth fl
ies open. How can this be true? I watched her die in Cameron’s arms. I take off running toward the Dark City. I don’t want to take a chance of being seen, so I retract my wings and slink in the shadows. I am so shocked right now. It was bad enough that Kale was in on this, but Anna too? How could two perfectly sweet beings become so evil? I gave Kale my heart and almost lost my virginity to him. How could I be so stupid?  How could I really think he had changed his mind after the hateful words that he had said to me? I stop to take a break and to reminisce on that horrible day when someone passes my hiding spot.

I was so scared after The Old Ones had transformed Cameron and me into fallen angels. The process hadn’t hurt—all they did was say a little chant and my wings instantly changed, but we were forced to leave our home and go live in the Fallen City. It was so nice there, because we got both night and day, unlike in White City where it was daylight all the time, but it was awkward to live somewhere new.

I heard Cameron crying
as we sat there, afraid of our futures. He was so upset about our parents dying. I knew the truth, but I couldn’t tell him. He just thought they broke some stupid law of the Coven, but it was so much more. I decided to leave him to himself to grieve and took a walk. I needed to see my boyfriend, to see where we stood on our relationship. I hoped he could look past the curse that was placed above my head. Being a fallen angel, we were now cursed for eternity. We were never going to get married or start a family. This was particularly hard on me, because I wanted to start a family with Kale soon.

“Kaleigh, we need to have a talk,” Kale said as he was standing at the entrance of my new home.

I walked toward him, and he backed away. “Would you like to come in, Kale?

“I don’t think that’s the best idea. You see,” he briefly paused, “now that you are an abomination to the White Angels, I don’t think we should see each other anymore. You’re cursed now, and I can’t be with some
like you.”

Thing! Did he really just call me a
? “Kale, I love you with my whole heart. We can make this work.”

I started to cry, and he laughed at me. “Really; are you that dumb? Let me speak slower for you. We. Will.
Be. Together. Now, please pretend we never happened.”

“How can you be so harsh? We had it all; we were the power couple!”

“Kaleigh, please stop acting like a spoil brat and get over me. I need to get back to my people. Because you’re bad juju is interfering with my mood.”

He turned to walk away, and I fell to the ground and started to sob. How could he be so mean to me? We were going to get married and have babies. For one split moment, I was mad at my parents. If they would have just followed the laws this would never have happened.

I can’t believe I fell for that, let him into my home when he was clearly working for Amelia. Oh, how I want to kick his selfish ass. Then I hear an explosion, and the impact throws me back onto my back. It came from the Black Castle. I take off running toward it.
Please let Cameron be okay,
I pray to whoever would listen as I rush forward
He’s all I have left. I need him right now.
When I get close enough I see a person standing in the shadows, and slip into attack mode.

But, before I can strike, the person speaks and relief washes over me. “Kaleigh, is that you?” Dean asks.

“Dean? Was that you setting off that explosion?”

“Yes; I need to draw them out of the castle. We need to get to Cordelia.”

“Kale has Cameron in there, as well.”

He looks over at me. “We will get him out of there safely.”

“Dean, it’s two of us and about fifty of them; we can’t do this alone. This will turn into a war.”

“Well, you have all of us.”

Dean and I turn to see we
aren’t alone; White Angels, fairies, and even some white witches stand behind us like an army; our army.

“Hello Dean,” a stunning woman with long, green hair and purple eyes says. “We are here to save what belongs to you.” She looks like a fairy, and I wonder if she truly is one. “No, dear Kaleigh,” she continues as she looks at me. “I am Arabella, a white witch with the power over all things that grow.” She walks over and kisses me on both cheeks. 

“Hello Arabella,” I say in response. “Y’all don’t have to help. I will feel horrible if any of you die because of us.”

“Don’t be ridicules, sweet child,” one of the men says, moving closer. “Dean is my brother, and as such I will be there to help rescue my niece.”

Dean looks surprised. “Daniel, you will help as well?”

“We will all help, because we do not wish for Amelia to rule Ithaca. Cordelia is our true ruler.”

“Thank you, all, for your help. Cordelia is not the only one involved in this that I care for; my brother is in danger as well.” I smile and gesture for everyone to follow. “Let’s go.”

We all start to walk
toward the Black Castle; not knowing who will live and who will die. I do know that this will turn into a huge battle against good and evil, and I truly hope good wins this time. I look around at these brave creatures as they joke and laugh with one another. It makes me feel good and optimistic. I felt like this is a sign from my parents, telling me that everything will be okay. Ithaca will be saved.

I want to kill Amelia and The Old Ones, b
ut deep down, I want to kill Kale more. Cordelia may have to be the one to kill the evil witch and our rulers, but Kale is
kill. I will have my revenge. I will not let anyone else battle him. I will be the one to end him. I will rip out his wings and shove them down his throat.
will be the ultimate revenge.

BOOK: Broken (Broken Wings)
13.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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