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Without abandoning my mouth, he puts his hands on my ass and lifts me up. I moan my appreciation as I wrap my legs around him and rub against his erection.  Even through my underwear and his clothes, it makes me hotter than ever.


Hands still splayed on my ass, he pulls me harder in to his erection and grinds in to me.  It is like heaven and hell, all that the same time.  I can only whimper as I spasm on top of him. 


He repeats the motion several times, and each time my heart beats faster and my sex pulses harder. 

Pulling my mouth from his, I rip the first few buttons of his shirt.  Grabbing his head, I pull it back so that I can have access to his neck.  Every time he rubs against my panties, I nibble and suck a spot on his neck.


“Fuck, baby.  Fuck!  God Sabrina...  I miss you so much.  I can’t wait.  I can’t.”


Growling, I bite his neck, and then lick it again.  I feel him start to move, and within seconds we are across the room. 


Dropping down on the couch, he frees his erection from his pants then lifts me up so that my knees are on either side of his legs.  Pushing my thong aside, he places his cock at my incredibly wet entrance and stills.


My eyes snap open to see what’s causing the delay, only to find him staring at me.  “Rina, look at me.  I need to see your eyes.”


I nod my head in understanding and lock eyes with him as he fills me in one hard thrust. It feels like all of the air left my body when he surged in to me.


I quiver and shake on top of him, struggling to adjust to the invasion.   The feeling of fullness is overwhelming and it takes effort not to close my eyes and revel in the sensation. The added intensity of looking in to his eyes is almost too much.


Dante arches his back too, but manages to maintain eye contact.  “Fuck baby.  There’s this feeling I get when I slip inside you.  For that first second, it feels like everything stops.  Everything.  My heart, my breathing, my brain…it all stops, like everything is suspended. It’s the best and most intense feeling I’ve ever had in my life.  I don’t even have anything to compare it to.  What is this?”


I wiggle on top of him, trying hard to ease the growing insanity that is taking over my core.  “I don’t know, but I feel the same way when you push in to me.  It’s… like a vacuum.  I lose space and time for a second.  And then, it’s overwhelmingly loud and hot and desperate, all at the same time.”


Nodding at me he smiles.  “Yes, that’s it.  That’s it exactly.  It’s like the world stops spinning and then bam! I’m hammered with sensation. I've never felt anything like it.  It's so strange.”  I gasp as he thrusts up with that last sentence. 


Sitting up straight so that we are nose to nose, he whips my shirt over my head, throwing it across the room.  The feeling of the central air on my overheated and super sensitized nipples is almost my undoing. 


Wrapping my arms around his neck, I savor the feeling of him deep inside of me. Bringing my head forward, I start licking and nipping at his lips in time with his gentle thrusts.


Within minutes, the need to cum overwhelms me.  I’m on fire inside, and I need some relief before I lose my mind. Arching, I place my hands behind my back on his knees, giving him a better view of my jiggling breasts as I ride him. 


The sight definitely turns him on even more, and he grips my hips harder, lifting me up and down faster and faster.  The friction so hot, so intense, it’s all I can do not to scream.


“Do you feel that Sabrina?  Can you feel what you’re doing to me?  My dick craves the inside of you.”


His hands are like steel bars on my hips now, the frantic pace so fucking hard and fast, it’s a wonder we don’t catch on fire. 


“Cum on me Sabrina. Cum for me.  I want to watch.”


That’s all it takes to throw me over the edge.  I explode with an explosion of moans, shaking and shivering as he continues thrusting inside of me.


I’m gasping for air, seeing stars and riding my way through it… I needed this so bad, but FUCK its overwhelming.


His breath is choppy at best, trickles of sweat running down his face, eyes wide with pure unadulterated lust.


His thrusting slows to a stop as my orgasm comes to an end.  Lifting me off of his lap, he sets about taking his clothes off. 


Once he’s naked, Dante lifts me back in to his arms and sinks his cock back in to me as he walks us down the hall toward my room.


I’m so ready to go again, that first orgasm barely slaking the need that is rolling through my body. 


Stepping in to my bedroom, he closes the door behind us, then turns and presses me up against the wall next to the door as he starts thrusting again.


I love this position, my legs wrapped around his waist, hand clasped behind his shoulders.  I love being closer than close, my breasts rubbing against his chest with each up and down movement.  There is nowhere to go when he’s in me like this, and I revel in it.


Slipping one hand down between my slick folds, he finds my clit and starts to rub my juices all over it.  The feeling of my nipples rubbing against his chest, his fingers on my clit and his rock hard cock sliding in and out of me sends me headfirst in to another explosive orgasm.  With a loud shout he follows me in to the abyss, filling me with his hot seed.


When we can breath
, he walks me across the room and lays me down on my bed.  I groan when he slips from me.  After kissing the tip of my nose, he wanders in to the bathroom.


Fuck, he takes my breath away.  I’m hot, frustrated and anxious. I close my eyes and groan, trying to catch my breath.


I need to pull myself together.  In reality, nothing has changed.  We’re still stuck in the same spot, really.  I love him, but he can’t commit.


He wants me very much.  That much is obvious.  But he’s too trapped in his box, too scared to change.  He needs to want to change, and I don’t see that happening.


Now that I’ve been enlightened by Damien, I understand what Dante’s issues are.  But the fact is that I can’t make it okay for Dante to run from me and then come back to me again and again because he can’t stay away. 


I’m not going to accept being the little woman who accepts the lack of any real commitment. I actually feel a bit ashamed of myself, like I’ve been having an affair with a married man.


I haven’t been able to tell my friends about this or, more importantly, my sister.  I realize now that I’ve been avoiding spending too much time with Brooke lately.  She’s smart, and she would have figured out that I’m hiding something.


Shit.  I now realize that I’m going to have to do some serious thinking about how to handle this.


Coming back in from the bathroom, Dante gives me a smile as he sits on the bed next to me.  The hair on the back of my neck stands straight up when I see that the smile doesn’t reach his eyes.


Just as I feared, he’s mentally running away again. 


“Sabrina.  I’m sorry about all this.  I know I’m acting like an asshole and sending mixed signals.  I don’t want to, but I can’t seem to help it.  I'm so weak where you're concerned.”


I nod at him and shrug, the lump in my throat leaving me unable to speak. 


“I think you know… well, I think you know this can’t change anything.  I genuinely care about you Rina.  But this is all I’ve got to offer.”


As he speaks, I fortify myself, my decision firming up in my mind.


“I know Dante.  I knew when you sat down on the bed that you were struggling.  This has to be the end of the road for me.  I need you to get dressed and leave.  This can never happen again.”


With each word, I can see the wind being knocked out of him.  I almost hate him in that moment, for being such a coward that he can’t see what he’s denying us both.


Nodding stiffly, he stands and makes his way down the hall.  Grabbing my robe from the bathroom, I follow a moment later, giving him enough time to finish dressing.


I find him standing in the living room looking uncomfortable and confused.  When he opens his mouth to speak, I raise my hand and shush him.


“Here’s the deal.  You’re leaving now.  We’re never talking about any of this again.  Not ever.  I need space from you.  I won’t be coming in for at least the next two weeks.  If I think I can deal with working with you, I’ll come back.  If not, I will let you know so you can look for a new assistant.”


His jaw is all but on the floor, his eyes wide with shock.  He looks completely caught off guard.  Good lord.  Did he really think I was going to come back to work on Monday and play this off again?  What an idiot.


“I hope your silence is an indicator that you understand, although at this point, I honestly don’t care.”

Walking to the door, I open it wide, gesturing for him to leave.


Coming across the room, he walks as though it’s the green mile.  When he gets to where I’m standing, he stops. 


For a moment, my heart softens.  I see the little boy inside of him, wanting so desperately to take a chance.  I stare at him, hoping against hope that he will realize that it’s okay to take a leap of faith.


Unfortunately, the terrified man in him wins, as usual.  “I guess if that’s what you need to do Sabrina, I have no choice but to accept it.  Let me know, one way or the other.”


As he walks out, it’s all I can do not to slam the door after him.  Locking up after him, I make my way back down the hall to my room.


The air is scented with the smell of sex, and it makes me nauseous.  I don’t need the reminder of what just happened in here.  Grabbing my favorite pillow, I make me way down the hall and curl up in Brooke’s bedroom.


I didn’t expect to fall asleep, but my mind blessedly shut down.  Within minutes I am dead to the worl





I wake up just after ten, the light coming through Brooke’s blinds.  She doesn’t like black out blinds like I do.  It’s a little disorienting to wake up to so much light and I take a few minutes to lay there.


I’m just getting ready to get up when I hear the front door open.  “Sabrina?  You awake?”


Sitting up I yell down the hall, “Brooke, I’m awake and in your room.”


Entering the bedroom, she raises an eyebrow at me.  I know she’s wondering why I slept in her bed.

“Brooke.  We need to talk.  Sit down.”


Sitting down next to me, she stares at me anxiously and waits for me to speak.  Before I can talk myself out of doing it I blurt, “I’ve been having an affair with Dante.”

BOOK: Broken Hart (The Hart Family)
11.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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