Broken (The Chances Series Book 2)

BOOK: Broken (The Chances Series Book 2)
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Book 2

The Chances series



Amanda O’Lone




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Amanda O’lone

64 VT RT 5a

West Burke, VT 05871







I fuck.  I don’t do relationships.  You just end up getting fucked over so what’s the point.  I’m quite content fucking a different chick every night of the week.  No strings attached.  I rarely have repeats and if I do there are
a few in between.  I have a construction business with my best friend from college.  For some reason Brody thinks I needed help in the office and had to hire a secretary.  I’ll admit it, I was stressed.  I wasn’t able to balance out the billing and other paperwork and all of the consultation meetings with clients anymore.  We were getting more and more jobs now.  So I hired a girl.  She lasted a day thanks to Brody falling in love with her and taking her away.  It turned out she was his soul mate.  6 weeks later they married.  I fucking envy that man.  She also became his on-site office manager so he could be in the field building.  So I hired the next girl in line.  Jasmine Reynolds.   When she walked into the office the day she had her interview I knew I was fucked.  I wanted to hire her on the spot.  Anything just to have her here.  To see her again.  Damn she was gorgeous.  And I had to make her mine.  That is why I hired Annie.  I refused to fall down that rabbit hole again.  But Brody fucked that all up for me when he told me to hire her.  So I call and she accepts immediately.  Just fucking great.  She will be starting the following Monday and I am going to have to find a way to get my shit together and find a way to have as little contact as possible.

Monday morning I wake with my usual hard on, but this one had her name written all over it.  Since last night I haven’t been able to get her out of my mind.  I already jerked off to her twice last night before finally falling asleep and of course she takes over my dreams.  What the fuck.  I don’t obsess over women.  I can have any one I want, but I don’t want anyone except her and its fucking pissing me off.  I get up and get in the shower, jerk off once again to her sexy as fuck body.  The girl has got big beautiful tits, a nice round ass I want to spank and fuck so bad.  She has luscious sexy curves.  Her lips, shit her lips will look fucking beautiful sucking my cock.  She has gorgeous blue eyes and long blonde hair that I can’t wait to grip onto while fucking the shit out of her.  With that last thought for the one millionth time since I laid eyes on her I come.  “FFUUCCKKK!” Son of a bitch, I need to get my dick out of my ass and go get a piece of ass.  I finish the shower, get dressed and ready to leave for work.  My plan is to avoid her as much as possible.  I know it’s not the best of plans but it’s what I could come up with.  I get to the office 10 minutes to eight and she is already standing outside the door.  Fuck! So much for getting in before her.  I slow down and take in the sight of her.  She is wearing a black skirt, mid-thigh length with a little flow to it, but also shows her curves.  Damn she has got some sexy curves.  Her top is peach color tank top that buttons and the first couple are undone and shows off some cleavage.  Cleavage that I would love to slide my cock through.  And speaking of my cock it starts to stir, son of a bitch.  I’m not going to make it through the day.  I reach the door and she comes up to me all professional, she sticks her hand out for a handshake.  Ok, I’ll humor her.  I grasp her hand and shake.

“I wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you Mr. Simmons.”  I look at her and then down to our hands that are still shaking.  I feel a shock and pull back. I look back up to her and she has a nervous smile on her beautiful face.  Say something to her you shithead.

“Oh, well you are welcome Ms. Reynolds, we are glad you were able to accept the position on such short notice.” I smile back at her.  “So since you are early, could you run to the coffee shop down the street and get me a Grande coffee with a shot of caramel, two cream and a shot of espresso, please.”

“Sure Mr. Simmons.”  I had some money and take her coat for her and we part ways.  I get into the office and her scent hits me.  I lift her coat up a little and inhale, Fuck!  She smells delicious.  Jasmine and lavender.  Shit, shit, SHIT! I put her coat down.  I can’t do this.  My dick is rock hard again and hurts like a fucker.  Fuck this!  I go to my desk and call Brody.

“Hey asshole, I want my secretary back.  You can have Jasmine.”

“Whit, why?”  He asks.

“Dude, she’s aarrggh because I said so that’s why.”

“Eric, ye are noo huving ma girl back.  Quit yer complaining and deal wi whit ever hang up ye huv. Noow I huv tae go, I wiz in the middle of someone.”  I hear Annie getting after him for that comment. 

“Thanks for nothing fucker.”

“Aye, cheers mate.” And he hangs up.

“Mr. Simmons?”  She asks at the door.  I freeze.  Fuck how much did she hear.  I turn in the chair and she is there with my coffee.

“What.” I ask with attitude.  Oh great you ass, piss her off why don’t you.

“Here’s your coffee.”  She places it on the desk and just stands there.  What is she waiting on?  You, you fucker!

“Thanks.  So this is what I need you to do today.”  I hand her the large stack of files Annie didn’t get to thanks to Brody kidnapping her after her working for the morning yesterday. “They need to be filed over there.  Then there are bills that need to be printed off and mailed.”  I go to the computer and show her where they are and show her what ones to start with.  “Then just answer calls as they come in.  Here is my schedule.  It’s pretty straight forward.  Only schedule two appointments a day.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon.  If anyone cancels or reschedules just email it to me.  I’ll be in my office trying to come up with a better ad for papers and shit.

“An Ad?  I use to dabble a little in advertising in college.  If you want any help or someone to bounce Ideas off from just let me know.”  And I’m rock hard again.  Fucking A.  Bounce ideas off.  Not what kind of bouncing I would love her to do.  I want her tits bouncing while she’s riding my dick. 

“Umm yea sure, thanks.”  I quickly walk to my office.  I sit in my chair and unbutton my pants.  Son of a bitch.  I haven’t been this hard just from being around a girl since I was a teen.  I take a sip of the coffee and she forgot the cream.  “Ugh! Fuck.”  She looks at me and frowns.  Shit.  I am just fucking up everywhere with her.  Ok Eric, focus.  Yea like that’s going to fucking happen when all I can think about are her bouncing tits and her bouncing on my cock.  “SHIT!”  She looks at me again.  “Hey, Jasmine?  Could you do the Ad too, I just had something come up.”  Like my cock.

“Yea no problem.”

“Thanks.”  And I just sit there acting like I had something more important to do.  I need to get this girl out of my head, both heads!  A couple hours later Annie comes in and gives me shit for being a prick to Jasmine.  But like the sweet girl she is, she stays and help Jasmine because I can’t be around her without getting hard.  The rest of the week goes the same.  And I am so fucking sexually frustrated it’s pissing me off.  I haven’t had a dry spell since college and this one is by fucking choice.  I can’t get Jasmine out of the thoughts and dreams.  I can’t even get hard for anyone else to get fucking laid.  Friday night and it’s Mine and Brody’s night out, thank fuck because I and determined to fuck tonight.  I get to the bar first and head to out booth.  5 minutes later in walks Brody and- what the fuck, he brought his girl to guys’ night! He is fucking pussy whipped.

“Hi guys.”  I say slugging down my beer.

“Hey Eric, How was your day today?”  I ask.

“Oh, just lovely.  Jasmine was late, she fucked up my coffee again, she forgot to let me know that one of the appointments rescheduled so I wasted three hours of my day in travel.  I really think she needs to leave.  I gave her a chance, it’s just not working.”

“Why do you have her getting your coffee?  You never asked me to do that.”

“Annie, really?  You’re my best friend’s girl, I wouldn’t dare piss him off.  Do you know how angry a Scotsman can get?”  I smirk at Brody.

“Well, you aren’t going to fire her.  I like her and we are beginning to be friends and she is the only female I have been able to talk to in a week.  You are not getting rid of her.”

“Can’t you get her number and do what chicks do on your own time?”

“No, I can’t just do that.  I mean I have it, but I want her working at the office.  I’m not going to be the only female around a bunch pig headed baboons all day.”  They star mumbling mushy shit and then starts making out.

“Oh come on you two, Brody, why did you bring your woman, you have now ruined guys’ night.”  Brody gives me the finger.

“Git tae fuck.  By the end of the night ye’ll huv some woman heided hame wi ye and warming yer bed.”  I shrug and smirk hoping to hell Brody was right.

“Yea but that is later, I haven’t had enough to drink yet to sit here while you two suck face and grope each other.”

“Stert drinking mate.”  And Brody starts sucking face with Annie again.  I groan and hit my head on the table.  I NEED TO GET A WOMAN!  Then there is a soft clearing of a throat.  I look and it’s Jasmine.  WHAT THE FUCK!

“What are you doing here?”  I ask.  Yea that was rude you jack ass.

“Ummm, Annie invited me.”  She says glaring at me.

“JAZZY!! You made it!”  Annie jumps and gives her a hug.  They whisper for a couple of minutes and then sit.  Jasmine takes the seat next to me, and I have to slide all the way over as I can from her.  Otherwise I will be all over her.  She is fucking sexy as hell in the little black dress and she smell incredible as always, and my dick is knocking at my zipper to get out and pound deep into her pussy.  I flag down the waitress. I order another beer.  Brody orders a beer and sex on the beach for Annie.

“What would you like Jasmine?”  I ask her.

“I’ll have sex on the beach too.” She answers and I swear my dick grew another inch.  It is fucking throbbing and painful.  I groan and grip fists so tight that they are turning white.  I reach down to try and adjust myself so it’s not so painful, but no such luck.  We all chat and have a few drinks before Annie asks Jazzy if she wanted to dance.  She nods yes.  The get up and walk to the dance floor.  Fuck, jasmine swings her hips as she is walking.  I need to fuck now!

“Dude, why did you bring chicks?”  I can’t stop watching Jasmine.  If she fucks like she dances, I wouldn’t last 5 minutes.  She is hot.

“Because of thit.”  He looks at Annie shaking her ass for him, teasing him.  He gets up and walks over to her and dances with her.  And I’m fucking left here with a massive hard on. I need to grow some balls to hook up with Jasmine and fuck her out of my system.









Chapter 1


The alarm goes off at 6am.  I am so not ready to get up and face Eric today.  The weekend was a blast.  We had Annie and Brody’s wedding.  The four of us as well as Kevin and Dean all got a little shit faced Saturday night.  I really like everyone in my new found group of friends.  Even though I moved here eight months ago, I had yet to find a group of friends.  I technically have my roommate and a couple of her friends, but there is really no connection there.  Annie and I connected instantly the first day we met and have been pretty much inseparable since.  But now she is on her honeymoon and I can’t call her to tell her how much of an ass Eric has been to me.  And I know she is right, he does like me.  I have seen it in his eyes many times.  I have also seen it in his pants too.  From what I can see, mmmhmmm he is packing.  The man is sex on a stick.  He is gorgeous.  Tall, 6’3” and built, really built with Jet black hair and baby blue eyes.  The sexual tension between us is so damn suffocating.  I really wish I didn’t work for him.  Then I could have made my move on him.  But then again if I didn’t work for him I know I wouldn’t see him again.   My alarm goes off again and I get up this time.  I make my way to the bathroom and get ready for my shower.  Once I’m done and dressed, I head to the kitchen and make a pot of coffee.  I grab an apple and my travel mug of coffee and head off to another day of hell at work. 

I arrive at 7:45am and Eric is already in.  I pull my key out to unlock the door and noticed that this time he left it unlocked.  Brody ended up giving me my own key because Eric would lock the door behind him when he arrived in the mornings or if he decided to be a huge ass would show up late and I would be standing out here waiting.   Huh, what changed?  Why leave the door unlocked? I walk in and Eric is sitting at my desk. 

“Good morning Ms. Reynolds.”  He is smiling.  Ok?  Why is he using Ms. Reynolds instead of Jasmine?

BOOK: Broken (The Chances Series Book 2)
8.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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