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Chapter Eight







Finishing my jog with a cloudy head, I swing by the library to pick up some things I left with Becca at her work study. When I arrive she's beaming with a happiness that surprises me.


"Soooo, you excited?" she asks and I have no idea what she's talking about. Having just put Beau behind me, there is literally nothing exciting going on in my life. "Didn't you see the press release?"  Becca waves me over and shows me her computer and the email all of the students got this morning. Honestly she has to be the only one who reads these things.


"Coach Steele to be Honored by Board at Reception" the headline reads and I still don't see anything special until I read the part about the school celebrating "Coach Steele and Family". Since Mom died, I was his only family and he hadn't mentioned this at all.


"It won't be a big, long thing," Dad assures me as I call him from just outside the library. "And it wouldn't be such a bad thing for you to show the school board some thanks for your free education."


The anger I feel is hard to contain but I keep it together as to not make a scene. "You couldn't have told me about this before? I mean, this is tonight, I don't have anything to wear."


"We've both been so busy I guess it slipped my mind. I apologize."


This is very typical of my father, absent minded without any concern for those who he is putting out. Just as I'm about to hang up in defeat, he adds another twist of the knife.


"I'm sorry I've been so protective of you," he tells me. "Tonight you can meet the whole team."


We hang up with me agreeing to be there as I try to wrap my head around the fact that, after having just dismissing Beau, I was now going to have to spend the evening with him.


"So exciting!" Becca continues when I return from my call. My lack of enthusiasm doesn't damper hers so that gives me an idea.


"You're coming with me," I inform her, completely making her day.




To show appreciation, Becca agrees to drive us to the banquet hall for the dinner. Since my house is empty of the father I rarely see, we have the whole place to get ready.


"I think that guy Beau likes you," Becca informs me as we both inspect our chosen clothes for any signs of wrinkles. My eyes roll in her direction and she picks up on my annoyance. "I don't know, it's just the way he was looking at you the day I saw you on campus..."


"Yeah well you should bring your theory up to my father tonight. He'd love to hear it..."


Becca keeps beating the dead horse. "Oh c'mon, you're telling me that if you weren't specifically forbidden from seeing him, you wouldn't jump all over him?"


Becca and I are silent for a minute pondering just how hot that sounds.


"No way," I break the silence. "You told me yourself what a man-whore he is." We laugh and I hope the issue is put to bed.


"But what a damn fine man-whore he is," she giggles.


Becca strips right in front of me to pull her standard black cocktail dress over her body and I use her distraction in order to get mine on without her judging me. It's a little short but tasteful. It's also a little tighter than hers, something she notices after pulling her dress into place.


"Whoa Quinn. Whoa. That'll certainly make a statement."


Becca appears at my side and pulls the hem down a little, shifting the dress while examining me from all angles to check out if anything is out of place.


"Yeah, you definitely can't wear panties with this," she informs me. Before I can even respond, Becca's hands fly up the tiny bit of fabric covering my ass and she actually pulls my panties down for me. I step out of them with a raised eyebrow, Becca throws them on my bed without even acknowledging that our friendship has just been elevated to the next level. I give her the same line though it's not exactly true, I just didn't want to be the only one without underwear on. Without hesitation Becca pulls hers off and the two of us prepare to head to my father's special banquet with a dirty, little secret.


Probably due to the confidence from going 'commando', Becca and I enter my father's banquet with heads held high, as if this were a party just for us. That illusion is dashed as soon as we get inside and not one person turns our way. The players know better than to mingle with us, heeding dad's warnings, and the college board members couldn't care less. Father is too busy to even say hello, as is his way. When I turn to Becca to apologize for the less than warm reception, I find that she's already found the alcohol. She's returning to me with two fists filled with flutes of champagne and I can't think of a good reason not to join her. While I casually sip, Becca finishes hers in one gulp as she looks around the room with wide eyes.


"So many cute boys," she says as though she's somehow surprised by the fact. My disapproving look is not lost on her. I can't blame her, the boys are all dressed nice with blazers and ties, looking like the upstanding citizens I know for sure that they are not. "What?" she asks, "There's no rule about me and these guys getting together. Something about an athlete's body just makes my panties fall off."


"If you were wearing any..." I remind her and Becca agrees with a laugh. As she scans the room to find her next victim, I try to silently figure out the earliest point in which we can leave. While I'm sad to waste how damned good I look, there's nothing but trouble for me in this room. I figure I can take off once my father gives his speech, the one I already know where he'll forget to even mention me.


Becca scans the room and is excited by each boy she spies while I have my eyes trained on only one. No matter where I look, I somehow always manage to focus on Beau. He's the center of attention, numerous adults drape their arms around him and speak loudly to those gathered around. Everyone wants a piece of him and I'd be lying to say I didn't also. He's too busy and popular to even notice I'm there and though it burns me to think it, I wish he'd come talk to me.


My father is supposed to be the man of the hour so he's being pulled in all directions but I see him physically drag Beau with him from conversation to conversation. For as long as he has him, Beau is my father's pride and joy. Though I feel a little sympathy for Beau for the way my father is smothering him, I'm not willing to fall on the sword for him. He's a big boy and can take care of himself.


"Quinn, Quinn!" Becca calls out from a short distance away. She must have wandered as I studied the room. She standing with two very cute guys and waves me over. It's as if she forgot about my father's mandate and how badly this event would end if he saw me flirting with his players.


"It's ok," Becca whispers when she has to come over to get me, "They work for the school, they're not ballplayers."


Without any other reason to protest, I give in and join Becca in a small circle with these two men. Brent and Tom seem quite nice, cute even, the kind of vanilla guys I'm supposed to meet in college.


"And what do you want to do, Quinn?" Tom asks me.


"Accounting. I want to do accounting," I don't make much of an attempt to sound convincing but Tom appears very interested in my revelation.


"She's a wonderful singer too!" Becca throws in and I try to shush her. Tom doesn't even notice.


"Well, be sure to let me know if you're looking for an internship. At  Loubin and Loubin, we're always looking for some good number crunchers!" Tom laughs after he speaks and I die inside realizing that this is my future. Locking down an internship is the first step in ensuring a good start on a career path but I'm not ready, at least not now. I laugh along with Tom and gently touch his arm, keeping him interested in me for the internship for when I finally come to my senses.


When I touch Tom, I feel nothing, like I had touched a chair or another piece of furniture. What I do notice though is that I now have Beau's attention. A buzz runs through my body as I feel him seething as he watches me with another man. My laughter increases as does my kind touches all over Tom's body, all to drive Beau crazy. I don't even know what Tom is talking about but you'll be damned sure I let out a chuckle each time he finishes a sentence. This guy thinks he's killing, that he's completely wooed me. While I should feel a little bad, the rise I know I'm getting out of Beau makes it all worth it. Becca breaks up our fun by asking if I want to join her in the bathroom and I agree.


"That guy Brent is sooooo boring, I had to get out. What's the other guy like?" she asks.


"Same," I tell her with indifference as we walk down the red velvet lined steps to the lower level. She's surprised.


"Oh, looked like you were enjoying yourself," she tells me and I just shrug my shoulders. When we arrive at the bathroom I let Becca know that I don't actually need to go and that I'll wait outside for her. The moment she slips behind the door, I feel a hand grab my elbow and lead me in a different direction. My feet have no choice but to follow and when I look up, I see it is Beau guiding me down the hall. He looks pissed or maybe just concerned and he pulls me into the first door he finds, unfortunately a small, poorly lit closet.


"You have to help me. Your father won't leave me alone," he says as our bodies have no choice but to be mashed up against each other. His heat blankets me and his body begs me to embrace. We're drawn to each other, our lower halves making contact under the guise of having nowhere else to go. He leans into me as he speaks, the power of his manhood making my knees weak.


"What do you want me to do? He doesn't even know I'm here," I tell him.


"Well, make him notice you. Go talk to him so I can get away from him."


"I'm not sacrificing myself for you. If I mess up this dinner, it's all I'll hear about forever," I insist and am telling the complete truth. Beau doesn't appear satisfied but I don't have any other answers. Even in the dim light I can see a gleam in his eyes and began to get nervous.


"What if I made it worth your while?" he asks and presses more of himself into me. My body screams for him as I feel all of him in between my parting legs. His stiff bulge hits the right spot to melt me right there and I struggle to speak.


"Beau..." I say and the words flow out like velvet. His big, strong hands find my sides and guide me up and down his covered cock and I can feel myself getting wetter with each pulse of my body. "Beau..." I say again as he moves hair off of my tilted neck and teases my skin with little kisses, right below my ear. "Beau," I purr when his arms draw me in even closer, enveloping my back and bringing my chest to his. I can't believe I'm struggling to make the decision between hiking up my dress and inviting him in or pushing him away.


"Not now, not like this," I tell him as his mouth is attached to my neck and causing something big to stir within me. He pretends he doesn't hear me and continues to lay kisses on my neck. That's enough to force my decision; I won't be ignored, at least not by him. My hands find his chest and give a hearty shove but not before indulging in a grope of the muscles that lay beneath his shirt. Beau follows my demand and backs off, his hands up in the air as if he's confused.


"I thought we had a deal," I remind him. “You're supposed to be a good player and win for my dad so he gets off my back. So far it's not working.”


"Yeah well, you're supposed to help me get your dad off my back too," he says.


"He'll leave you alone, I promise," I fib, for all I know, my father will never leave his best pitcher alone. “Just go to all the practices and win the games and maybe,” I try to entice Beau with the promise of something we both know I'm not going to give him.


“I'll win, don't you worry about that,” he says  before brushing by me and out of the closet. Once I emerge, I find Becca waiting there for me, having witnessed who left the closet right before me.


"Not a word," I tell her and she looks so pleased with herself I worry she might explode.


Becca keeps to the promise I forced on her and doesn't say anything about what she witnessed, about who she saw me with, but I can feel her giddiness. I know she won't believe the restraint I showed so I don't even try to tell her. Like a good friend she stays quiet as we return to the party, slipping back in unnoticed. When I scan the room I can't help but locate Beau, of course he's surrounded and of course my father has him on a tight leash. I feel for him but it's not like I would know what that was like, my father has never shown me that kind of attention. Beau looks trapped and annoyed so I finally give in and decide to attempt to help him in some way, even if I'm not convinced it will work.

BOOK: Bush League: New Adult Sports Romance
7.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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