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Jonah’s hand skimmed his thighs as he unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. Aldrin’s impatience grew to explosive proportions while he waited for the feel of Jonah’s body in his.

As Jonah undressed Aldrin slowly, worshipfully, his hands began a lust-arousing exploration of his silky smooth flesh. Aldrin’s heart danced with excitement. He could feel Jonah’s breath become rapid with each layer of clothes he took off.

Jonah finished taking off Aldrin’s clothes and then pulled his own clothes off. When their bodies finally pressed together, skin against hot skin, Jonah stared down at him. Aldrin would have gladly given the man his soul in that moment. Jonah looked at Aldrin as if he truly mattered.

His gaze seemed riveted on Aldrin’s face, then moved over his body slowly. Aldrin felt an excited thrill zip through him at the heat he could see building in Jonah’s eyes.

He swallowed hard when he felt a hard cock press against his abdomen. Aldrin was afraid to move a muscle. His heart was beating out of his chest as he waited. The man was strong, reassuring, and exuded masculinity, something Aldrin had always craved.

His breath froze in his lungs when Jonah’s hand skimmed up his body. His fingers made circular motions on his hips and then continued their trek up his side.

Jonah’s fingers ghosted over Aldrin’s face. Aldrin groaned when Jonah’s lips softly kissed behind his ear and then trailed down his neck. The hot breath blowing across his flesh was spicy, masculine, and welcoming.

One of Jonah’s hands pushed under Aldrin, pulling him closer as his tongue pushed between Aldrin’s lips, wanting entrance. Aldrin opened, tasting man and desire as Jonah’s tongue swept through his mouth, making him want things he had only dreamed of in the past.

“Aldrin,” Jonah moaned as he broke the kiss and then slowly pushed himself down Aldrin’s body until his lips hovered over Aldrin’s hard cock. Aldrin hissed when Jonah took his shaft into his mouth. Aldrin cried out, unable to stop his incredibly fast orgasm. Aldrin had wanted it to last, but his body was too amped up, too excited to hold off.

Jonah gave off a low growl as he drank Aldrin’s seed down his throat, licking him clean as he massaged Aldrin’s balls. He gave one long lick to Aldrin’s still-hard cock and then climbed back up his body.

“You taste so delicious, baby.” Jonah took Aldrin’s lips again, sharing the taste of his own body with him. Aldrin groaned. He wanted to do the same to the man, but he was afraid to ask. Aldrin reached up, circling his arms around Jonah’s neck, feeling how strong the man truly was by the broad shoulders he felt under his hands.

Jonah bent forward, lapping at one of his nipples, making it rock hard. Aldrin’s hips shot forward as Jonah reached a hand underneath Aldrin, playing at the opening to his entrance. Aldrin bit his bottom lip when Jonah’s spit-laden fingers breached him.

Had anything ever felt this wonderful?

Jonah’s hand slid down his thighs and then tucked neatly under his ass. His fingers massaged Aldrin’s butt, making Aldrin pant. He wanted. He wanted desperately. Jonah pushed Aldrin’s legs apart, situating his very large frame between Aldrin’s legs.

“P–please,” Aldrin begged, but Jonah acted as though he hadn’t heard Aldrin. It was maddening. His body shivered with his lover’s touch, his kiss, and his very presence. Aldrin wanted to sink inside of Jonah and never resurface.

He hissed when two more fingers entered him. Aldrin bit his bottom lip, pushing back as Jonah stretched him. It felt fantastic. Aldrin shuddered as Jonah grabbed his bottom, separating his mounds as if inspecting him before lining his cock up and slowly, too damn slowly, inching his way in.

Aldrin moaned as Jonah sank deeply into his body. His fingers dug into the dirt as the man began to thrust into him. It was raw, fast, and made Aldrin’s head swoon. He keened and mewled, begging his lover to take him harder. The pleasure was pure and explosive as their bodies found perfect harmony with one another.

It only took a minute before Aldrin cried out, his hole throbbing with his release as his seed spurted from his cock.

Jonah growled and fucked him harder, sweat trickling down his body. Jonah’s groan of release followed seconds later.

Aldrin fell back against the earth, his breathing labored. He lay drowned in a floodtide of the liberation of his mind and soul, listening to Jonah’s uneven breath. He didn’t protest the weight of Jonah’s body on his. He liked the feeling of the bigger man’s body against his.

“Are you warm yet?”

Aldrin smiled softly at the words w
hispered into his ear. He just laughed.

Jonah lifted his head to look down at Aldrin. “Well?”

Aldrin laughed again at the sheer joy of being in Jonah’s arms. “I’m good, Mountain Man.”

Jonah’s gaze was reverent, all the love he felt shining brightly in his gray eyes. “Yes, you are.”

Chapter Nine


Aldrin turned his head to hide his smile as Jonah fussed over him, making sure he was properly seat belted into the truck. The man had been fussing for the last five days. It was cute…and annoying. If Aldrin made even the slightest sound of discomfort, Jonah was right there.

“Are you sure you’re okay to go into town?” Jonah asked with a serious tone. “I can call the doctor and tell him you need another few days.”

“I’m fine, Jonah. I promise.” He, in fact, felt great. Several days of rest and relaxation, not to mention some really good sex, and Aldrin practically felt like a new man. He knew he needed to go to his follow up appointment with the doctor just to make sure he had healed properly, but what he really wanted to do was go into town and have dinner at the diner with Jonah.

“If you’re sure…”

“I’m sure, Jonah.”

When Jonah started to close the door, Aldrin cleared his throat. When the man paused, Aldrin tilted his face and pursed his lips expectantly. He smiled when Jonah chuckled and leaned in to kiss him. One way or the other, he would get this man used to being affectionate. Jonah had it in him. Aldrin had seen it in the little things Jonah did to make sure he was okay.

Aldrin waited patiently as Jonah closed the door and walked around to the other side of the truck. As soon as the man climbed in, Aldrin scooted as close as his seat belt would allow. He felt Jonah jump when he set his hand on the man’s thigh, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it used to be. Jonah was getting used to him.

Aldrin was bound and determined to drag Jonah into the living world. He adored Jonah, but he also knew the man needed more than him and his mountaintop. He needed friends. He needed to go hang with buddies. He needed to go into town for more than the Sunday Special.

“So, I was thinking,” Aldrin said once they got on the road.


Aldrin narrowed his eyes. “Funny man.”

Jonah chuckled, a sound Aldrin had come to crave.

“I was thinking…” Aldrin smirked when Jonah gave him an innocent eyed look. “I was thinking that we could go to the diner after my appointment and have dinner.”

“The diner?” Jonah got a sick grimace on his face. “But it’s not Sunday.”

“It doesn’t have to be.” Aldrin’s heart ached for the panic he could see rising in Jonah’s eyes. Maybe this was a bad idea. Jonah had to do these things on his own timetable, not Aldrin’s. “Never mind,” he said. “We can wait until Sunday.”

“No.” Jonah’s hands tightened on the steering wheel and Aldrin knew the man was fighting his panic. “We can stop for dinner at the diner after your appointment.”

Guilt swamped Aldrin. He couldn’t do this to Jonah, not even if he was trying to help the man out. “Jonah, maybe—”

“No.” There was a tight smile on Jonah’s face when he turned to look at Aldrin. “No, you’re right. I need to do this. If I don’t start facing some of my demons, I never will.”

Aldrin smiled back but it wobbled. “I’ll be right there with you and we can leave whenever you want. I promise.”

Despite the wariness in Jonah’s eyes, his smile became happier. “I’ll be okay, baby.”

Aldrin prayed that was true. If Jonah went off the deep end because Aldrin had fucked this up, Aldrin would never forgive himself.

“We’ll need to pick up groceries while we’re in town,” Jonah said. “We should also stop by the sheriff station and see if Sheriff Riley has learned anything about whoever attacked you.”

“I need to stop at my place and grab some clothes.”

There was a glimmer of hesitation in Jonah’s eyes. “We could just pack up your stuff and move you up the hill. It’ll take awhile for the house to be built once the architect gets done with the designs, but there’s no reason you can’t live in the cabin with me now. I mean, if you want to…”

Aldrin beamed. “We can pick up boxes at the grocery store. Whatever we can’t get today, we can grab on Sunday.”

Jonah’s eyes brightened and some of the guardedness began to fade from their smoky gray depths. “Yeah?”

“I still have to finish out my lease, but that’s only a couple of more months.”

“I’ll take care of your lease, baby.”

Aldrin’s eyebrows shot up. “Jonah, I can’t expect you to pay for my—”

“Are you mine?” Jonah asked with all seriousness.

“Yes,” Aldrin answered without hesitation.

“Am I yours?”


“Then do you agree that what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine?”

“Yes,” Aldrin said again as his mind twirled. Where was Jonah going with this?

“Then let me help you with the lease.”

Aldrin’s eyebrows shot up. That was it? That was the extent of Jonah’s explanation for this weird conversation? “Jonah—”


Aldrin sighed. “Fine, but we need to talk about this at some point, Jonah. You don’t have enough money to—”

“Actually, I do.”

Aldrin blinked in confusion. “Do what?”

Jonah shot him a look. “I do have enough money. A lot of it, in fact.”

“You have money?” The man certainly didn’t live like he had money. He didn’t live as if he was dirt-ass poor, but he wasn’t living in the lap of luxury either. Aldrin had just kind of assumed Jonah lived off his military benefits or something. He hadn’t thought to ask.

“Technically, yes, but it’s family money. As the last living Cade, everything came to me when my family died. It’s been sitting in a bank ever since my parents and grandfather died, just earning interest.”

Aldrin’s eyes narrowed. “Just how much money are we talking here?”


Aldrin’s jaw dropped. “Millions?” he gasped. “As in millions millions, the number that comes after hundreds of thousands?”

Jonah nodded. “Three hundred and forty two million dollars and change.”

Aldrin swallowed hard. “And change?”

Jonah shrugged. “I’m not sure exactly how much interest has accrued in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been kind of occupied with other things.”

“Holy shit!” Three hundred and forty two million dollars…and change. “Your parents were loaded.”

“Most if it was my great-grandfather’s,” Jonah said. “He was born back east, but came out this way during the California gold rush. After he hit it big, he came up this way and bought up all of the area for next to nothing, hundreds of thousands of acres. No one wanted it because it was so far from the big city and there was nothing here.”

“That’s changed,” Aldrin said, “and the big city isn’t that far away anymore.”

“It was back in the early 1800s. My grandfather told me that it used to take them a week to get through the mountains to the city, and back then, the city was nothing more than a mud hole with a port and a few buildings. It didn’t start to become a city until it became one of the main ports that fed the towns further on up the river.”

“Is that one of the things your great-grandfather helped with?”

Jonah nodded. “After he founded the area, my great-grandfather sold off bits and pieces of land to people, including the area where Cade Creek is located. He invested all of that money in different businesses and lived pretty frugally. The money just sat in the bank making more money.”

“Damn.” Aldrin felt as though his eyes were going to pop right out of his skull. Considering how much money his family had, Jonah seemed to live just as conservatively as his great-grandfather had.

“When my grandfather took over after my great-grandfather passed away, he stopped selling off the land so we could keep some of it in pristine condition, but he continued investing. The entire side of the mountain where the cabin is all of the way down to the bottom of the hill belongs to us.”


Jonah chuckled. “You already said that.”

“Yeah, but it bears repeating.” And then some.

“Most of the money is invested in corporations and such. My accountant, Yuval Zev, and my business manager, Charles Douglas, take care of all that for me. I meet with them once a quarter to go over everything, deciding if there are other businesses to invest in or which charity to donate to. I don’t really have that much to do with it all.”

“I think that’s a wise idea,” Aldrin replied. “I wouldn’t want to be responsible for that insane amount of money either.”

“Not even if it builds us the house of our dreams?”

It took Aldrin a moment to realize that the feeling he was having was anger. “That’s not a fair question, Jonah, and you know it.”

BOOK: Cade Creek 12 - Heart of a Mountain
9.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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