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Authors: Carolyn Keene

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California Schemin': Book One in the Malibu Mayhem Trilogy

BOOK: California Schemin': Book One in the Malibu Mayhem Trilogy
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Peril at the Beach




Bess and I whirled around to see George hopping up and down on one foot.

“George, what happened?” I asked.

George clutched her other ankle. “I stepped on something sharp. It went underneath my sandal and pricked the side of my foot.”

“Maybe a jellyfish stung you,” Bess said.

Bess could be right, I thought. But when I saw a stream of bright red blood beneath George’s ankle, I changed my mind.

“That’s no sting,” I decided.

“Well, it was either that soda can ring, broken glass,” George said, her face turning ghost white, “or…or…”

“Or what?” I asked.

“Or that hypodermic needle?” George gulped.

#1 Without a Trace

#2 A Race Against Time

#3 False Notes

#4 High Risk

#5 Lights, Camera…

#6 Action!

#7 The Stolen Relic

#8 The Scarlet Macaw Scandal

#9 Secret of the Spa

#10 Uncivil Acts

#11 Riverboat Ruse

#12 Stop the Clock

#13 Trade Wind Danger

#14 Bad Times, Big Crimes

#15 Framed

#16 Dangerous Plays

#17 En Garde

#18 Pit of Vipers

#19 The Orchid Thief

#20 Getting Burned

#21 Close Encounters

#22 Dressed to Steal

#23 Troubled Waters

#24 Murder on the Set

#25 Trails of Treachery

#26 Fishing for Clues

#27 Intruder

#28 Mardi Gras Masquerade

#29 The Stolen Bones

#30 Pageant Perfect Crime

#31 Perfect Cover

#32 Perfect Escape

#33 Secret Identity

#34 Identity Theft

#35 Identity Revealed

#36 Model Crime

#37 Model Menace

#38 Model Suspect

#39 Green-Eyed Monster

#40 Green with Envy

#41 Seeing Green

#42 Secret Sabotage

#43 Serial Sabotage

#44 Sabotage Surrender

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This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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The text of this book was set in Bembo.
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Chapter 1:
Sunset Shocker

Chapter 2:
Uninvited Guests

Chapter 3:
Shore Disaster

Chapter 4:
Toxic Trouble

Chapter 5:
Spa Secrets

Chapter 6:
Behind Closed Doors

Chapter 7:
Waves and Warnings

Chapter 8:
Mystery Cruise

Chapter 9:
Sisterly Suspects

Chapter 10:
Cult Crashers

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:
Identity Revealed

Chapter 13:
High-Sea Sleuths

Chapter 14:
Unspeakable Acts

Chapter 15:
Rescue and Revenge


irls,” I said, smiling between smoothie sips. “I don’t think we’re in River Heights anymore.” “For sure,” George said. She raised her own raspberry smoothie glass and toasted, “To Malachite Beach!”

“Playground of the rich and famous,” Bess piped up. “And now…us.”

Leaning forward, I clinked glasses with my BFFs, Bess Marvin and George Fayne. The three of us were lounging on a deck overlooking the most awesome moonlit beach we had ever seen in our lives.”

BOOK: California Schemin': Book One in the Malibu Mayhem Trilogy
12.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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