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Capricorn: Cursed
© 2016 by Sèphera Girón

Book One of the Witch Upon a Star Series


All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, without permission in writing from the publisher.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.


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Digital ISBN 9781626012547

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First Edition 2008 published by Ravenous Romance

Second Edition January 2016





Welcome to the
Witch Upon a Star
series, where anything can and does happen.

A few years ago, I wrote a couple of books about sexy witches casting spells for romance. These witches belong to a coven, ruled by a High Priestess named Lucy, in a little New England coastal town called Hermana. After I wrote and published the first few books, my real life took a bit of a turn, and so my lovely ladies and the remaining books were put aside for a few years. However, Lori Perkins, who has always championed these witches and this series, gave me a call in the fall and asked me to consider resurrecting my lovely ladies and their magical adventures for her new publishing company, Riverdale Avenue Books.

It wasn't too difficult to persuade me to revisit Hermana and Lucy and the witches. I'm thrilled to be working with Lori on this series, and I can't wait to see what my witches are going to do next!

Part of the fun of working on this series this time around includes the fact that the television shows
American Horror Story, Penny Dreadful, Bates Motel
Scream Queens
are hugely popular right now. I love these shows. They have a great knack for telling wild stories with sex, horror and comedy while everyone looks fabulous.

Why does this matter to an erotic writer?

Witch Upon a Star
series combines love, lust, horror, passion, comedy and life in much the same way these favorite shows of mine do. People who enjoy watching these shows will understand this series. Even if readers don't watch TV, they will enjoy this series. Each book contains a complete story, a complete roller-coaster ride that follows a birthday girl and her quest for sex and love. A reader can pick up any book and enjoy a lusty magical adventure.

Witch Upon a Star
series is set in the fictional New England town, Hermana, Massachusetts that was founded by twin sisters who escaped the Salem witch trials in the 1700's.

The sisters' names were Sorona and Serephena. They both lived well into their 90's, sharing their holistic healing secrets and building up the mystical vibrations of the area. They married twin witches, Nigel and Nathaniel, who shared their voracious sexual appetites and magical healing abilities. Consequently, the foursome enjoyed a long line with many descendants who continued to grow the town and add to its magical and erotic qualities.

The town is rich in tradition and combines the beauty of both ocean and forest. Much like Cassadaga in Florida, Lily Dale in New York, or Sedona in Arizona, Hermana resonates with some sort of vibration that attracts spiritualists, occultists, ghost-hunters, witches and divination experts from all over the world.

The town is about 45 minutes from Boston, a few miles from a major highway, by way of a long, winding road that weaves through a forest, a meadow with a ring of trees, and then into the village. The road leads directly to the ocean, where there is a large, public beach. Some of the residents enjoy nude sunbathing, and in Hermana, anything goes. There are many funky little shops, several pubs, dance clubs, bed and breakfasts, a gym and library. The town is inhabited by people who believe in the power of the sisters and those who do not.

The biggest and most well-known landmark is a huge New England gothic-style house complete with turrets, which is where the sisters originally lived. Of course, it was just a shack when they first cobbled it together in the early founding days, but over the generations, wings, tunnels, wrought-iron fencing and lush gardens were added.

One of their descendants lives there now. Lucy, who is about 80, opens her doors now and again to the town for various celebrations. She has a core group comprised of 12 of the local ladies who meet with her monthly, if not more frequently, to discuss life and love, cast spells and welcome the various equinoxes. Guests are often welcome when there isn't a private ceremony and are allowed to bring questions to the witches.

People flock to Hermana for answers. Some find them. Some do not. Others go for the rumored hedonistic pleasures and usually find something to entertain and entice them.

Each month, the
Witch Upon a Star
series will focus on the romantic quest of a different lady connected to Hermana. January will tell the story of our Capricorn friend, Natasha.

The power of love and lust, magic and mysticism is at the heart of the town, which keeps beating as steadily as the waves that crash along the beach. Connections are made and lost.

Passion ebbs and flows. And still, the town continues to beguile the seekers, the wanderers and the lost to experience its hedonistic pleasures and unearth its darkest secrets.


Welcome to Hermana,


I hope you enjoy your stay.


Welcome to the first book in Witch Upon a Star!


Blessed Be!


Sèphera Girón

January 3, 2016




December 22–January 20


: Earth


Ruling Planet
: Saturn


The Goat


Primary Mode
: Sensation


Key Phrase
: I Master


Life Lesson
: We all have to die some day; first live.


Brown, orange, green, black, gray, indigo, violet


Diamond—enhances self-confidence, heightens ambition


Falcon's Eye—increases visionary powers, intuition

White Sapphire— promotes discipline


Famous Capricorns
: David Bowie, Edgar Allen Poe, Elvis Presley, Pitbull, Betty White, Ellen DeGeneres, Annie Lennox, Patti Smith, Pat Benatar, Michele Obama, Katie Couric, Martin Luther King Jr., Marlene Dietrich, Cary Grant, Henry Miller, Howard Stern, Isaac Asimov, J. D. Salinger, J. R. R. Tolkien, Jack London, Jim Carrey, Janis Joplin, Kid Rock, Marilyn Manson, Mary Tyler Moore, Mel Gibson, Muhammad Ali, Orlando Bloom, Rod Stewart, Rudyard Kipling, Susan Lucci, Ted Danson, Tia Carrere, Tiger Woods, Victor Borge, Woodrow Wilson


Earth Sign Buzzwords
: ambitious, practical, patient, nurturing, stable, reliable, hard-worker, practical, generous, classic, introverted, materialistic, calm, down-to-earth, feminine


Capricorn Traits
: Capricorn is represented by the goat that is always climbing to the top of the mountain and the fish that is intuitive. Capricorns can be dreamers with a mission, and they often get their tasks completed. Capricorns are known for having the driest wit in the zodiac. Sometimes people just don't get them. They are careful-minded people also known for their pessimism. They consider facts judiciously before taking action. They aren't afraid of hard work, which is a good thing since they can be materialistic and house-proud. Capricorns are rather secretive and shy. They are sensitive and have a fear of rejection, although they can be rather egotistical about their talents as well. Capricorns are horny goats whose sexual desires are often bubbling just below the surface.


Natasha's forecast:

Secrets are prominent and hold the key to an auspicious future. Listen to the messages that others are trying to tell you. Follow your instincts and go with your gut feelings. A mysterious stranger holds your fate in his hands. Don't be so reticent with your emotions. 





Chapter One


A new year brings new beginnings.


Plant Killer


It was a sunny day, which was rare during the gloomy New England winters. Rarer still was Natasha being awake on such a day. In fact, she had stayed up so late that it was nearly noon, long past her bedtime.

Natasha blocked out the light by drawing the heavy, velvet, burgundy curtains shut. She turned back to the living room, searching for any stray ray that may have slipped through the cracks. The flickering flames from several tall, tapered candles in wrought-iron candelabras now cast the only light. She returned to her plush velvet couch and goblet of cranberry juice to relax with her book.

Anyone looking in at her would see a tall, lanky woman with a long, pale face, a dark, penetrating stare and waist-length, black hair who was half-lying on the plush pillows. Natasha turned the pages of her book with long, delicate fingers and studied the words with intensity. But this was a facade; no one could really see the

The espionage novel she was reading wasn't catching her interest. Soon she was restlessly looking around the room. Tall piles of books teetering on wooden tables surrounding her. Hundreds more lined the heavy wooden shelves that sprawled along the walls. The room was large enough to house both her living room and dining room. A claw-foot wooden table held a bouquet of fake black roses and lace doilies on a black tablecloth. Although she hadn't had anyone over for dinner in months, she was always ready in case the opportunity arose.

Her mind drifted lazily to New Year's Eve with Gus. They had slipped away to one of the bedrooms to talk quietly, away from the raucous party. His voice was low and deep, soothing her in the darkness. His hand had cupped the curve of her face when he first pressed his lips against hers; his breath was hot and tasted of champagne. Hunger swelled in her, a hunger for more of his taste.

The kiss had been short and tentative. When he pulled back, she leaned into him, kissing him again. Their kisses grew deeper and longer, her tongue rooted out his. They fell onto the bed together.

How secure she had felt with his arms wrapped around her. His scent was still in her nostrils as she remembered the heady aroma of his cologne mixed with sweat. His broad, muscular chest was firm against hers as they rolled around in one of Lucy's private rooms. His lips had eagerly sought hers out as if he were as hungry for affection as she was. Their hands had roamed along each other's bodies, pressing and pulling at unfamiliar flesh. Their urgency had grown through their kisses, and their half-clothed bodies tangled around each other. As she considered whether she should unbutton his pants, the moment was suddenly over.

Someone burst into the room looking for coats, interrupting them long before anything meaningful could happen. The interruption had rendered them shy once more.

It was nearly dawn when Lucy's New Year's party broke up. Natasha had noticed the red fingers of the sun climbing up the horizon and realized it was time to leave. She had to leave. There was really no choice in the matter. Gus had gone off to socialize with friends once they returned from the bedroom, and though she glanced through the crowd, she hadn't noticed where he had ended up. Many of the party guests used the impending dawn as a reason to call it a night, a day, a year.

In the rush of people, Natasha never had a chance to say good-bye to him as she grabbed her violin case and set out for home.

BOOK: Capricorn Cursed
9.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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