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His lips felt heavenly on her. She shuddered with pleasure,
and just when she was growing dizzy and love-drunk from the kisses, he detached
his mouth from hers. She whimpered in disappointment, but he quickly apologized
with a grunted promise of more as he lifted her forward and maneuvered her so
that her bosom hovered just above his face. Nathan cupped her breasts firmly in
his big hands and gazed up at her, his expression sultry, before he lifted his
lips to her left nipple, taking it hungrily into his mouth. Her breath grew
heavy and his actions elicited soft, high-pitched groans from her as he suckled
her tit before moving his attention to her right one. He went back and forth
between her dangling mounds, lavishing both nipples with his tongue, marking
her curves with the caress of his fingers.

Sofia felt him poking against her bottom. Pulling her
breasts from his lips, she moved to straddle the rude intruder and leaned all
the way down on her elbows. Face-to-face, they stared at each other for a moment,
but the look in his eyes was so intense, Sofia squeezed hers closed. He was
pressing against her, hard and throbbing, and she moaned anxiously. God, she
wanted this man inside her so bad. She worked her hips, grinding her sex
against his, intentionally coating him with the heat and moisture of her
excitement, while she sucked on his lips and danced her tongue with his. He was
so hard, so thick, she could orgasm just like that if she continued humping
him. But when she lifted her lids, she encountered the desperation in Nathan’s
eyes, pleading with her to fuck him.

That was a plea Sofia was more than willing to comply with.

“I’m clean. Are you?”

“Yeah, I just tested a couple of weeks ago. It’s a Pride
requirement before every retreat.”

“Good,” she rasped. She raised her hips and poised her
entrance just over Nathan’s erection, but he suddenly grabbed her by the hips
to stop her, his face twisted in conflict.

“But I left my condoms back at the tent, and
you’re…ovulating.” His voice was low and strained.

Sofia knew that should have given her pause, but she wasn’t
deterred. Why didn’t that scare her?

“I don’t really care,” she confessed. “But we can stop. Do
you want to stop?”

He sucked in his bottom lip and pulled downward on her hips,
dragging her onto the tip of his penis. “Hell no.”

Even though she was sopping wet and hungry for him, Sofia
hadn’t been penetrated in over six months, and her body wasn’t opening easily.
She was so tight and he was so thick, she struggled to load him in past the

He gripped her by the waist and worked his hips to give her
assistance. He bobbed her up and down on his cock, taking her lower and making
her slicker with each bounce while ravishing the side of her neck with searing
kisses and nibbles. But his length surprised her—he seemed to go on and on, and
his girth was almost too much for Sofia to take.

After a few minutes of him prodding her, stretching her,
Sofia began whimpering quietly with each push. Nathan responded with a low,
charged grunt and gripped her waist tighter, and seemed to grow even more
erect. His eagerness coaxed more moisture from her sex, helping him to slip in
farther and with ease. When her body could fully oblige, she lifted up one last
time, almost completely withdrawing from him, then seated him fully. His cock
filled her to the brim and they both cried out.

“Shit,” he breathed, his eyes squeezed shut. “You’re so
fucking tight.”

“It’s been a while.” She whispered her admission as she
moved up and down upon him, adjusting her body to his, joining him fully. When
the pain gave way to full pleasure, she changed from humping to gyrating upon
him in a circular motion, stirring him inside her.

Nathan kept her anchored on top of him by holding on to her
waist, but from time to time his hands roamed; they caressed her thighs,
stroked her back and gripped her butt.

Sofia’s eyes watered a little at the sensation, it was so

With every groan or squeal that escaped her throat, Nathan
gave an answering one. Soon she was abandoning all inhibitions, vocally expressing
her pleasure in a passionate symphony with him, riding wild and loud.

Her climax came hard and fast, an explosion of quakes and
heated liquid, like a volcanic eruption. “Nathan,” she breathed his name and
collapsed upon his chest with him still inside her as her orgasm rolled on. She
buried her face into the crook of his neck as she rode through wave after wave
after wave of exquisite rapture. She continued to take him, until she fell into
a rapacious daze that made the world around them fade away—even Nathan became a
blur—and all that was left was her pleasure and the sound of their moans and
her inability to stop.

Chapter Seven


Her contractions clutched his cock intensely while she
rocked up and down, her soft hair rubbing against the underside of his chin as
she moaned deliciously into his neck. Nathan sucked in his lips and held his
breath, trying to hold back for as long as he could in an attempt to let her
finish completely. But Sofia’s orgasm went on and on, inflaming him to the point
that he was rolling his eyes upward in delirium and mewing like a tortured cat.

“Sofia, I’m gonna come,” he warned her, since he wasn’t
wearing a condom. The least he could do was
not to knock her up.
But she was in a trance and just kept going, sliding herself up and down on
him, towing him over the edge. He too was so caught up in the thick of it that
he almost missed the critical moment, but he gripped her hips and lifted her
fully off him just before he came. Crying out, he ejaculated in long, violent
spurts all over his belly. When he was done he released her and she collapsed
on top of him, still shuddering just as much as he was.

Hyperventilating, Nathan stared up at the sky while
recovering, his emotions and thoughts in a frenzy. “You’re an animal,” he said
once he finally caught his breath.

She looked down at him with a smirk. “Pun intended?”

They both laughed. He smiled at her, stroked her face. “How
are you feeling?”

“Cold,” she said, shivering. “Shall we go back to the tent

“Yeah, it’s getting dark and will only get colder. But we’re
all sticky. There’s a pond not too far westward. We can go get cleaned off

She wrinkled her nose at him. “I don’t know how I feel about
just jumping into some random body of water. I’d rather stay sticky until I can
get to a real bath or shower.”

He drew his head back in surprise. “Hmm, well I can’t. I’m a
Heh, now who was the prissy one?

“Why don’t you just shift and lick yourself clean?”

He gagged and eyeballed her hard. “Okay look, I’ve been
known to lap up a
of interesting shit with my tongue when in cat
form, but as a man I’m absolutely going to have to draw the line here.”

She cackled for a bit as she climbed off him and stood up.
“Then I’ll clean you. Just shift.”

He arched a brow. “You’ll what?”

In answer, she morphed into the cougar and rubbed herself
against his legs, purring and doing that smiling thing that cats do with their
eyes. He chuckled to himself and shifted as well. She nuzzled his nose tenderly
then began licking his furry face. Then she moved beside him, brushing her
thick, rough tongue along the side of his body.

Nathan froze at first, caught off guard. In the twenty years
of his knowledge of being a Werecat, he couldn’t recall a single instance where
he’d ever engaged in a tongue bath with someone else. It was simply not
something he’d ever been compelled to do. The feeling was odd, somehow both
invasive and intimate at the same time. Not a sexual intimacy, but more like a
closeness between compatible souls, and the highest symbolism of familiarity
and affection. After a minute or two, he found himself purring and lying on his
back upon the ground so she could access his underside. Sofia tenderly tongued
every strand of his fur clean, including between his legs. She even licked the
pads of his paws.

He thanked her by returning the favor, giving her a long,
languid tongue bath as well. When he was nearly done, he began to lick the fur
on her backside. Her tail came up and brushed briefly against his face, making
his whiskers twitch, and he swatted it away. It came back again, gently tapping
at him, taunting him, and then his attention was torn from bathing her backside
to mounting it. He shook his head and swatted her tail away again and tried to
focus, when Nathan found himself suddenly shifting back to human form. He stood
there and looked down at himself for a moment, flabbergasted, before he yelled
in frustration.

Sofia shifted back to human and stood up, her face twisted
with worry. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. I shifted again, against my will.”

“You did? Hmm.” She tilted her head to the side, studying
him. “Well, I guess I’ll ask you the same things you asked me. What were you
feeling at the time? Or thinking?”

“Nothing,” he grumbled, rolling his head around. “Except
that I didn’t want to get too worked up about having my tongue on you. It was
just a bath. I was trying to keep myself in check.”

Sofia laughed. “Maybe the shifting is your Cat’s way of
punishing you for trying to resist me.”

“Yeah, right,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “I doubt

“Race you back to the tent?” she said just before she
transformed to Cat again.

He snickered. “You’ll lose,” he said before he changed as

When they were about three quarters of the way there, Sofia
shifted into human form during mid-gait and turned to him, putting up her hand.
“Do me a favor and don’t change until we get there,” she said. “I feel kind of,
I don’t know, better now. Let’s see if I can make it all the rest of the way
back being in a different form than you this time, okay?”

He moved his head from side to side to convey his compliance
and slowed his pace to match hers.

They continued on, with her shivering in the chilly weather
but determined to master her Cat. It was amusing to watch her stroll through
the woods naked as day in human form, while he was in Cat mode. She seemed tall
from this perspective, yet especially fragile. Her round bottom jutted out
enticingly while she walked, the cheeks bouncing up and down with each step she
took. Nathan hungrily licked his nose and jaws, imagining her as a deer or

“I think I’m getting the hang of this shifting thing,” she
said after more than a half hour went by. “See? We’re almost there, and I
didn’t have to match you.”

But Nathan didn’t respond. He felt himself go into hunter
mode, and Sofia was his prey. She looked and smelled absolutely delectable in
more ways than one. His lips curled back in a reflexive snarl, displaying his
sharp teeth. He wanted to pounce on her, attack her flanks, jump on her back
and bite the back of her neck. But to subdue her for his pleasure, not for his
palate. He picked up his pace, decreasing the distance between them.

Damn, he wanted this woman completely. And all of him wanted
her. The man and the cat.

The shift was involuntary but it wasn’t exactly against his
will this time. When he found himself as a man, fully erect and his need
clawing at him, walking with purpose toward Sofia, he was quite aware that his
body, or perhaps even his soul, had changed to match her form because it wanted

“Maybe it’s your Cat’s way of punishing you for trying to
resist me,”
she’d said. The more he thought about it, the less absurd that
actually sounded.

But now that he’d had a taste of her, there was no more
holding himself back, and with her giving herself to him, he didn’t really see
a need to try to. And so now he was unconsciously shifting to match her,
instead of opposite her. Apparently he still was struggling to maintain
self-control, but he was beginning to suspect that would likely always be the
case for him when it came to Sofia Saldana.

Because the more of her he got, the more of her he wanted to

He stopped to pick up his pants and retrieved the condom
from the back pocket, ripped open the packet and slid it onto his already
hardened cock. She was bending over to pick up her dress when Nathan moved in
for the kill. He went right up to her and grabbed her by the hips and pressed
his erection against her ass. She yelped in surprise and turned to look up at
him with wide eyes. “What, are you ready for another round already?”

“Always ready for you.” He bent forward and kissed her back,
trailing his lips along her spine. She shuddered and sighed underneath him, and
he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her farther into him and holding her
still as he moved his mouth to the back of her neck.

He knew he’d found the money spot when she trembled just
from his breath. He moistened his lips with his tongue then rubbed them back
and forth against her skin, enjoying the warmth and vanilla scent of her,
before he turned it into a tongue kiss. Gently kneading her breasts in both his
hands, he alternated between kissing, sucking and nibbling at the back of her
neck while humping against her bottom. She pressed her ass against him in approval
and he responded by letting loose the animal within. Nathan bit down on the
back of her neck—not with enough force to break the skin but hard enough to
make her feel it, to make it known he was staking his claim, demanding her
submission. The twitching movements and mewing sounds she made in compliance
had him dripping with desire.

He slipped a hand between her legs to check if she was ready
and found that even her thighs were coated with her dew. He growled and sank
his teeth a little deeper into the back side of her neck again until she gasped
and arched her back away from him, but he gripped her ass cheeks and spread
them so that her sex was open. Aimed for entry, he pulled her onto him while
pushing his hips forward. A blissful groan slipped from his throat as he slid
all the way inside her.

Sofia gasped and buckled slightly underneath him, but he
braced her by the waist, holding her firmly against his pelvis. Nathan rocked her
back and forth on his sheathed dick, sliding slowly all the way and then
plunging himself back in hard and deep, brushing against her clit and stroking
that sensitive spot inside her at the same time. The heat and friction of his
penetration seared him as he rode her repeatedly, his balls tingling as they
slapped forward against her labia.

“Oh shit, Nathan!” she cried out, after just a few but
satisfying savory minutes, as her sex convulsed with her orgasm.

, he thought, feeling the rapid approach of his
own climax. He continued to thrust into her, increasing the speed and intensity
of each plunge until he reached the tipping point. The thought crossed his mind
of getting rid of the barrier between them, completely marking his territory by
releasing his seed inside her and having her carry his child, but only briefly.
He held on to logic and kept on the condom as he came, bucking hard.

As soon as he went limp and pulled out of her, Sofia went
limp too, and she crumpled to her knees, but Nathan caught her in his arms and
held her up, still wobbly and woozy from ecstasy himself.

“Are you okay?” he asked as she studied her, his voice gruff
with his release and his concern. “Did I hurt you?”

“No,” she laughed. “No. Not in a bad way at least. I’m just
completely spent. All the shape-shifting and walking and running and sexing…”
She trailed off as she closed her eyes and let her head fall back, a wide smile
on her face.

Nathan scooped her up into his arms, carried her into the
tent and laid her down. He unrolled and unzipped the sleeping bag and helped
her inside it. Then he squeezed into the bag with her, holding her close to
him. “I’m so sorry, babe, I wasn’t thinking. I should have slowed down.”

Sofia laughed softly. “And you called
an animal.”
She snuggled against him with her hand pressed tenderly against his chest, and
fell asleep soon after that.

He laid there with her in his arms and his lips pressed
against her forehead, staring at the shadows the blowing tree branches made
outside the tent. All of this was unprecedented. The loss of control—as if he
were a teenager again. The need to have her all to himself. The free frolicking
through the fields. The raging libido. The tantalizing tongue baths. He’d even
contemplated impregnating this woman. Was he…was he in love with her?

For a long while he stayed awake, holding her like that,
trying to comprehend the idea of meeting and falling in love with someone in
six days, and precisely how that might have happened. By the time he began to
drift off, the one thing he knew for certain was that now that he had her in
his arms, he never, ever wanted to let go.

BOOK: CatOutoftheBag
12.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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