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But what if she was just some random sexy-ass chick who
turned him on? It would be dangerous to have her—an attractive, defenseless and
solitary fertile female who smelled
like one of them—all alone on
a mountain full of wild and horny animals.

So Nathan chose his next words carefully. “I’ll be camping
with some associates. I’d invite you, but I don’t think it’s your kind of party.”

She narrowed her eyes. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

He put up his hands in mock defense. “Not trying to say you
don’t seem like a fun gal. It’s just that you’re very well put together,
whereas we’re a wild bunch who enjoy pissing in bushes and running through the
woods. Just doesn’t quite seem like your speed, you know?”

She laughed and nodded. “True, I don’t really do camping and
hiking and the like. I’m pretty much a city girl. But I wasn’t looking for an
invite. I don’t make a habit of meeting up with strangers. Normally I don’t
even talk to them.”

Just great, she’s the prissy, commitment kind. So not my
Yet he found himself smiling and holding out his hand anyway. “Then
allow me to introduce myself. Nathan Dawson.”

“Hello, Nathan. I’m Sofia Saldana.” The smile she gave him
as she shook his hand hinted at contained lust and promises of heated passion,
and he licked his lips as he once again imagined his dick trapped in the heat
and softness of her hand.

Calm down, Nathan
, he lectured himself. But his
imagination—and arousal—remained wild.

Chapter Two


The way his eyes burned as they scanned over her was sinful,
and the way her body clenched with desire whenever he looked at her was
shameful. Deliciously shameful.
Mmm, Nathan.
All he’d done was try to
comfort her during takeoff and shook her hand as he introduced himself, and
here Sofia was, ready to pounce on him. She slipped her hand out of his firm
grip and tried to turn her focus back to her book.

A couple of forced chapters later, she was acutely aware of
how close Nathan was. His hip was wedged against hers, and with every slight
bump of the plane his leg brushed against her bare knee. Why had she chosen to
wear a dress, again?

She briefly considered pulling the armrest down between
them, but when she glanced at the large, sweaty man at the end of the row who
Nathan seemed to be slowly migrating away from, she felt a twang of sympathy
and decided to leave it.

Again she tried to concentrate on the book for over an hour,
but the pages were nothing but a boring blur. Perhaps she should have brought
something spicier to read, she thought as she found herself drifting off to
sleep. She woke up abruptly hours later, shivering with cold, and quickly wiped
the drool off her mouth with the back of her hand.

Both of the men in her row were asleep. The man in the aisle
seat had his blower on full blast and was snoring heavily, his big belly moving
up and down, nearly blocking Sofia’s view of the people in the seats across
from them. Nathan had blanketed himself with his brown leather jacket. Sofia
reached down under the seat and grabbed her own wool coat to cover herself as

She watched Nathan in his sleep for a moment. His eyes were
still gorgeous under thick brows and lush lashes, but not as potent closed. His
mouth was slightly parted and his breath went in and out in quiet gusts of air.
Ripples of lust waved through her as she imagined pressing her mouth against
his, tasting his lips and tongue, his hands on her hips, gripping her waist,
her body poised on his lap with her sex pressed against his, grinding him until
they both cried out for more.

The man was seduction incarnate, even in his damn sleep. She
shook her head and turned to her side to lean against the window so she could
rest more comfortably. Soon after she got positioned and closed her eyes there
was a bit of turbulence and she slipped down in her seat closer to Nathan. At
the same time, his hand rolled under her coat and against the little bit of
exposed skin at the bottom of her thigh where her dress was slightly hiked up.

Sofia froze.

The backs of his knuckles were grazing the bare skin on her
leg, but her body was burning all over. She kept perfectly still, keeping her
eyes closed and barely taking a breath, not wanting to alert him and have him
move. She waited a bit, watching for signs and sounds of movement or
wakefulness. When a couple of minutes passed and she was confident he was still
asleep, Sofia dared to raise her skirt up even higher and then slowly
positioned herself so that the fleshier part of her thigh was underneath
Nathan’s long, warm fingers.

The feel of his hand on her body was electrifying. Who was
this man, and why did he affect her like this?

She imagined that hand, roaming inappropriately all over
her, right there. Just the thought sent a flood of moist excitement to her
core. What the hell was wrong with her? Here she was, writhing like a cat in
heat against some strange man! But the pull was so strong, her need was so
urgent. She lay there like that, the real touch of his skin on hers adding
layers of dimension to the fantasy in her mind.

His fingers twitched.

Sofia’s heart jumped but she remained still, continuing to
pretend to sleep. But Nathan brushed the side of his palm against the exposed
length of her thigh, back and forth slowly, underneath their coats. She turned
her head slightly, just enough to be able to get a good look at him through her
peripheral vision. His lids were still closed, almost as if he were asleep, but
she could see the slight movement of his eyes underneath. An even bigger
giveaway was his bottom lip, which was partially pulled in now as if he was
gently biting down on it.

Seeming to sense she was watching him, Nathan paused the
movement of his hand and waited for her reaction. Sofia hesitated. What kind of
woman would he think she was? She wasn’t even sure at this moment that
what kind of person she was. But her deliberation was brief. She shifted and
pulled her skirt up over her hips for easier access.

Sofia closed her eyes again and leaned her forehead against
the window as he moved even closer to her. The heat of his body upon hers had
her burning hot and she crossed her legs in an attempt to control the tingling.
He maneuvered himself so that he fell partially underneath her coat with her
and partially under his jacket. His thick, warm fingers rubbed up and down and
along her bare flesh, moving increasingly farther in toward the inside of her
thigh, testing her, waiting to see if and when she would stop him.

But how could she stop him? She wanted his touch so bad. Her
sex ached, her entire body throbbed for this man’s caress. She squeezed her
eyes tighter and slightly parted her thighs in consent, trying again to pretend
to sleep as he moved his hand between her thighs now and pressed against her
panties, stroking her lower lips through the cotton.

A sultry
escaped her throat as her panties grew
damp with her excitement. He replied by slipping two of his digits underneath
the satin fabric, making direct contact with her flesh and pushing through her
wet folds, stroking her, milking her for even more moisture.

There was no way she could pretend to sleep under Nathan’s
touch. Her mouth fell open in a pant as she blatantly humped against his hand,
urging him deeper inside and more firmly against her clit at the same time. She
grew dizzy, her senses overloaded by the strong scent of leather from his
jacket and the heated friction of a stranger’s movements inside her.

Is this really happening? Right here, right now?
couldn’t recall the last time she’d been so conflicted. This wasn’t the right
time or place. She wasn’t even sure this was the right person. But never mind
that someone walking by might notice them moving under the coats. Never mind
that she’d known this guy for only a couple of hours. Never mind that this was
hussy-like behavior, even for open-minded Sofia.

This felt right somehow—with him, right now.

Their movements were languorous, so as to not draw too much
attention from the other passengers, making the build to her orgasm slow but
steady and strong.

She silently mouthed his name when her
passion elevated to peak level. The orgasm rocketed through her entire body,
sending every nerve ending and all of her senses crash landing into a sea of
bliss and naughty deeds well done.

* * * * *

Nathan’s head was in a whirlwind. Here he was, on a plane,
knuckle-deep inside the gorgeous woman sitting beside him. A while ago he’d
drawn the conclusion that she was the stuffy, wine-and-dine-me type, but yet
here she was fucking his hand, an hour and a catnap after learning each other’s
names. With every thrust he made, her body responded with an answering hump and
soft, barely audible murmurs that only he could hear.

His dick was hard as rock and strained against his pants,
but he ignored it and concentrated on her pleasure. His fingers slipped in and
out of her, probing her depths, testing her waters. Her pheromones were on
high, and the aroma and energy of her arousal and excitement only fed his own.
She was so damn wet, so fucking hot, so eagerly pliant, he thought he might
erupt in his own pool of lust right then and there.

She came hard on his fingers. Her sex gripped at him, her
moisture trickling down his digits. He drew out her orgasm by continuing to
stroke her through it, watching out of the corners of his eyes as her entire
body convulsed underneath her jacket, her mouth open wide and her eyes shut tight.
Not until she began to whimper with sensitivity did he withdraw.

The moment he pulled his hand from under her jacket, he was
smacked with the scent of vanilla perfume and her natural, spicy fragrance.

Nathan licked his lips. He badly wanted to take his fingers
to his tongue, but he feared that if he got a taste, he would absolutely flip
out. He longed to have her
all the way
. He inhaled deeper to get an even
stronger whiff of her scent then forced himself to sit on his hands. His dick
twitched angrily in his pants.

Calm down, Nathan.
But no sooner had he had managed
to slow his pulse to a near-normal pace than she repositioned in her seat, and
he felt her hand slip under his jacket and across his thigh.

“I don’t normally behave like this,” she whispered in his
ear. The hunger in her raspy voice and the warm breath against his ear sent his
heart right back into a race. She cupped him in her hands through his pants,
massaging his erection, urging it right back to full height and beyond.

He glanced over at her. She was sitting upright in her seat,
looking away and off to the side inconspicuously. One would have thought she
was just sitting there, deep in thought. But her sneaky left hand was in his
lap, undoing his pants button and pulling down the zipper. From the way she was
sitting he couldn’t read her expression, because he could only see part of her
profile. But she was sitting so close to him, he could practically taste her

Freed from its denim prison, his member practically leapt
into her seeking hand. He
there were benefits to going without
underwear. Nathan drew an audible breath the moment she made contact with his
bare skin. She explored him with her fingers, sized him up from head to base,
learning him through touch. He threw his head back and held his breath when she
clutched him fully and began pumping her fist up and down his length with a
pressure that was smooth and gentle yet intense and demanding at the same time.

A low growl rumbled in his chest before he could stop it.
But that didn’t seem to scare Sofia at all—she grinned and increased the
intensity of her ministrations, allowing her fingers to flutter completely
around the head each time she reached the tip and was on her way back down,
sending shock waves of pleasure ripping through him.

His hips bucked against her hand, against his will.

He looked around to see if anyone was noticing this. The big
man next to him was asleep and the people on the other side of the row probably
couldn’t see past that guy’s belly. Not that Nathan really would have cared at
the moment if anyone

He faced forward again and closed his eyes, trying to
maintain some semblance of control as she handled him. But he could hardly take
it. She smelled so good. Her hands were like silk and her stroke was perfect.

It had been months since Nathan had taken a sexual partner,
months since he’d been able to fully let himself sexually go. He’d waited
patiently for this retreat in San Francisco, but now that wall he’d kept up all
this time was going to come crashing down slightly ahead of schedule. He’d kept
it bottled up for too long, and Sofia was too good. A low, deep rumbling began
from the back of his throat and spread down his chest, through his gut. Soon
his dick began to gently vibrate and a mental alarm went off.

He was fucking
. Shit, he was losing it!

“Excuse me,” he muttered at her as he quickly shoved himself
back into his pants, stood up and practically hopped over Big Guy and into the
aisle. He bolted to the bathroom at the back of the plane.

He’d barely slid the door shut behind him when he saw his
hands grow fur and morph into paws. He quickly latched the door and ripped off
his clothes before he fully lost the benefit of having opposable digits. Within
a quarter of a minute he was in full mountain lion form—four legs, high, pointy
ears, whiskers and all.

Nathan couldn’t believe it. Just a few more seconds and he
would have transformed right there in his seat, in front of her and all of the
passengers. When was the last time he’d lost control like that? Not since he
was a teenager, that’s when. He was thirty-four damn years old now. What the
hell was wrong with him?

When he was able to shake it off, he shape-shifted back to
human form, but was still quite tense. He couldn’t go back out there, not as
worked up as he was, and risk losing it again. He leaned forward in the tight,
malodorous bathroom, one hand pressed against the door to brace himself and the
other one handling his still-raging erection. He thought about Sofia’s orgasm
on his fingers, and imagined that it was his dick he was feeling her sex
clutch, as he jerked himself off. He came quickly, in violent spurts that shot
far enough to hit the door. Once he was done, he cleaned up and got dressed,
cursing himself for his folly as he made his way back to his seat.

Sofia looked as if she were asleep. For real this time.
Damn, how long had he been in there? He squeezed himself back between her and
Big Guy and tried to sleep off his embarrassment, but he ended up just lying
there with his eyes closed, his desire for the woman dozing next to him still
simmering just beneath the surface.

She didn’t open her eyes until the plane was landing, at
which point neither of them seemed able to make full eye contact with the
other. They waited there awkwardly as the people in front of them exited the
plane, until Big Guy got up and it was their turn to leave. Nathan pulled
Sofia’s bag from the overhead bin and handed it to her, for which she gave him
a soft smile and a thank-you, but nothing else. He let her out ahead of him,
grabbed his own bag and trudged along as well. He followed behind her all the
way until they reached the point where they seemed to be parting ways—she to
the exit to transportation and he to the baggage claim.

BOOK: CatOutoftheBag
10.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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