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“So, you are aroused, Miss Drax?”

“Yes, sir,” she sobbed loudly. Her breathing was very heavy now.

“Well, we can’t have you leaving my study in that state, can we?” I said as I walked round to the other side of my desk and opened a drawer. Chloe started to straighten so I quickly added, “Did I tell you to stand up, girl. Get back over.”

“Sorry sir and no, I don’t want to leave your study in this state.”

I walked back round to Chloe, the magic wand vibrator with the large, bulbous vibrating head, in my hand. I put the instrument right between Chloe’s wide open legs and pushed the head into her pussy, so the head massaged her clitoris. With the press of a button on the base, the wand came to life, sending powerful vibrations all the way into Chloe’s sensitive sex. Her clitoris was still sensitive from the earlier session and she was clearly aroused even before I started the vibrator. With one hand on her back to stop Chloe from standing up, I held the head of the vibrator firmly against her cunt. It wasn’t long before Chloe gasped as the waves of a little orgasm washed through her body. As the waves subsided I felt her try to stand up but held her down. I wasn’t finished with her yet, even though my cock was still spent from the earlier session.

I held the vibrator against her clitoris and pushing into her pussy lips for several minutes. The orgasms became quicker and more powerful as the minutes ticked by and Chloe was soon crying out from both the waves of pleasure and then the pain of more stimulation as her cunt was forced to react to the vibrator. Finally I felt her muscles tense as she reached a new, higher peak of arousal. Her pussy gushed almost clear liquid out over her panties as the vibrator brought her to an ejaculation. As it did so, I pushed the button on the vibrator. The humming sound died and I removed it from Chloe’s gaping sex lips.

“Okay, you can relax,” I said and Chloe fell in an exhausted heap on the floor.

With the cameras turned off and Chloe recovering from her marathon, I told her that she could now go and get showered and settle down for the night. She had three assignments to fulfil the next morning before I would take her back to her street corner. My aching cock twitched at the thought of another twelve hours ‘work’ with this incredible young woman.


BOOK: Chloe's Caning
10.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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