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Authors: Laisha Lax

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Claiming His Black Mate

BOOK: Claiming His Black Mate
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‘Claiming His Black Mate’ (BWWM Taboo Pregnancy Erotica, Shifter Werelion Alpha Paranormal Erotica)
Laisha Lax

‘Claiming His Black Mate’


By Laisha Lax



Copyright © 2014
Laisha Lax

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WARNING: This 6500 word story contains explicit descriptions of sex. Story contains a fetish some readers might not enjoy: BREEDING SEX WITH A WEREBEAR. All characters are adult. Reader discretion is advised. All characters are adult. Reader discretion is advised. Everybody is 18+.



This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.  The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.



Adult Reading Material


Pauline Rheinlander’s heart is broken after she found out that her fiancé was cheating on her, and besides sinking deeper into depression she is haunted by strange hallucinations. Her friend Julia recommends her to a psychiatrist who can help her to find a way out. The only trouble is, he is new in town and strange rumors of him being a werebear who sleeps with patients have followed him from his previous workplace.
After her first meeting with the handsome psychiatrist, she tells Julia that he is too attractive for her to continue with the therapy. Simply put, she wouldn't be able to work with someone who had become the object of her sexual desire. 
She goes back for a second session to tell him that she has to cancel the therapy, but the handsome psychiatrist has different plans for her. He also experienced a strong lust for her, intuitively feeling that she might be 

'the right one'

, and he decides to take a step towards making Pauline 

his mate

. She is not ready for a new man, yet she is intrigued by his approach…


‘Claiming His Black Mate’


The only source of light in Pauline Rheinlander’s living room emanated from a small night lamp, and in dimmed silence, tears fell from her face and soaked the cushion she was lying on.

She was expecting Julia, her best friend and prominent psychotherapist, to knock on her door. She needed somebody next to her, somebody who would shine bright like another night lamp across the room, in hopes of pulling her back from the bottom of the dark ocean. She was not drowning; she had already drowned.

Julia would usually knock once before coming into the apartment, but this time she just rushed in as she was in haste to provide a stronghold to her crushed friend. She sat down on the sofa and hushed Pauline, who was lying the curled up like a child. Half an hour later, after some chocolate and a few words of comfort, Pauline finally showed signs of life as she moved to sit upright next to Julie.

“It really happened? That jerk really did that?” Julia asked.

“Yes.” After a whole day, Pauline was finally able to restrain her sobbing as she spoke. “I had a feeling something was going on, but I couldn’t believe it when I found out.”

“Of course it’s shocking! After all, you believed he was the perfect guy for you.”

Pauline raised her thin eyebrows, slightly annoyed by being reminded of the illusions she had.

“But you know what darling?” Julia continued.“You can be lucky it happened now. I know you were already dreaming about having a family with him, but can you imagine if you found out that he’s an idiot who fools around with his secretary while you were at home with your kids? I’m glad you found out what kind of man he is; before you did anything serious with him.”

“Yeah, you’re right, just…I don’t know if I should stay there,” Pauline said as she swept away another tear from her cheek and took a breath in order to consolidate her thoughts. “I mean, he’s an editor of the sports news, and that’s the department right across from me. I can’t avoid him; he’s always coming into the ‘daily news’ department, and I have to check into his section once a day.”

She sighed and then continued. “But I took a week off, so I don’t have to worry about that now.”

“You’re a strong person, darling, you know that! I know that! You’ve always had that cute smile, even when times were tough. You will get through this,” Julia said, grabbing her around the shoulders.

“Had… I’ve always
that smile. But firstly, it’s not cute, it’s chubby; and secondly, I don’t know how I will wear it ever again!”

“One guy can take your smile away? Don’t be ridiculous! Sadness is natural, but it’s just a temporary state. You will move on.”

“It’s not just sadness…as you know, we broke up three days ago and I called you yesterday. I wasn’t able to call you before that because…”

Pauline hesitated to finish the sentence.


“I started to have some kind of hallucinations,” she said. “The night after we broke up, I dreamt of being attacked by some sort of animal, like bear or a bear. Actually, I was not attacked; he just stood there, motionless. But I felt as if I was being attacked. After I realized he wouldn’t hurt me, I felt a deep respect for him. We were just there standing there and staring into each other’s eyes, as we talked without using words. Problem is, when I woke up, he was still in my room. And he didn’t go away until I fell asleep. I‘ve seen him a few more times in the last two days, too. I saw him while I was awake.”

Her eyes filled with tears again as she continued. “I don’t want to lose my mind, but I have a feeling I might!”

Julia felt as if she could feel her friend’s pain. Yet, her psychotherapeutic experience had taught her not to fall too deeply in compassion. She knew that Pauline was probably compensating for her loss by falling into a fantasy, but there was not much that she could do in that moment except to be a shoulder to cry on.

“You know, that is not that unusual. Give yourself credit for going through all this stress.”

“I don’t know how I will continue. Up until you came, all I could do was lie down and sob. I was too afraid of going anywhere. And I can’t keep you here forever, just because I’m afraid. I need help…professional help. Is there somewhere I can go? I just don’t want to be alone. I don’t know what I’ll do if I see that animal again,” Pauline said before bursting into tears again.

“Yes, there is a great ‘burn-out’ clinic where you can spend a week to relax. I’ll organize it for you. Start packing your clothes; we’re going there tomorrow morning. And there’s one more thing,” Julia replied. “There is a specialist in manic-depression with transpersonal elements there. I can arrange for you to see him. He came into town a few months back, and I’ve heard good stories about him.”

“Oh, good stories?”

“He is a psychiatrist, but he is also very open to real therapeutic work. He won’t just fill you with pills. Only thing is, I’ve also heard weird rumors about him.”

“Like what?”

“Well, you won’t believe it… I don’t believe it.”

“Tell me!”

“Some people said he is a monster. Like... that he’s really a werebear. And, they also said he is known for having sexual relationships with his female patients.”

“And you’re sending me to a guy like that?” Pauline asked with a tinge of bitterness.

“Don’t worry, he’s not a monster! People always make up stories when somebody is doing a good job. I think plenty of other psychiatrists are just jealous of him. He’s a good-looking and very successful man. People love him, and as it always happens, some old grumpy docs didn’t like that. Also, he is seen as controversial because he takes a transpersonal approach to his therapies. I recalled he was in town when you mentioned hallucinations. I think sessions with him could be a great way for you to see that men are not monsters or animals who are preparing to attack you.”

“After that cheating asshole, I don’t like any of them,” she replied as she punched the tear-soaked pillow.

She sighed and hugged her friend tightly as a sign of appreciation. She was always there for her, and this time was no exception.


The next day, Pauline settled down in the clinic specialized for crisis situations. She felt safe and comfortable knowing that even if the hallucinations appeared again, there was a nurse who could spend time with her until the animal created by her imagination went away. She had ambiguous feelings when the flashbacks of the hunting images crossed her mind. On one side, she was terrified by the fact that they could jump out at anytime, beyond her control; and on another, she was fascinated with the source of her fears and the respect she felt they shared for each other while standing face to face, gazing into each other’s souls.

Her mind was also preoccupied with thoughts about the psychiatrist she was scheduled to visit that day.
Placing hopes in somebody is an act of trust. How much I can trust a psychiatrist with a ‘monster’ reputation?
She made it clear to herself that she wouldn’t let anybody treat her in a disrespectful way; even if that meant declining therapy that could help her overcome the insanity.

At around three o’clock, after Julia’s last words of support and a promise that she would pick her up in an hour, Pauline stood in front of Dr. Damian Lang’s practice.

“It’s time to ring and ask for help,” she murmured to herself.

His secretary opened the doors and welcomed Pauline.

“He’s expecting you, just knock once and go right in,” she said.



Pauline knocked, and then turned the doorknob with shaky hesitation.

“Yes? Don’t be afraid, come in. I won’t bite, I promise.” Dr. Lang said.

Pauline took a deep breath and walked into the room.

“Welcome, I am…”

The doctor didn’t finish his sentence as he stood up. For a brief second, he stood shocked by the first glance of his new patient.

“Damian,” he coughed in a weak attempt to justify his gaze, “Damian Lang.”

He stretched out his hand.

Pauline didn’t even notice his unnaturally-sustained greeting; mostly because she was also caught off-guard by his appearance. She had been expecting a grey-haired, wise-looking old man wearing thick glasses; but instead she had been welcomed by a young, tall and well-shaped man. His longer hair, the sharp, square lines of his masculine chin, and wide shoulders followed by an accentuated torso didn’t leave the impression of somebody who had spent half of his life behind colossal medical text books in order to become a doctor. She would expect to see that kind of a man on a billboard, showing off his mysterious brown-eyed appearance as a model for some expensive fashion brand.

“Hello Doctor Lang, I’m Pauline,” she said, loosely shaking his hand as if she was afraid to feel the strength of his handshake.

She sat on a long, bronze leather couch, across from the psychiatrist who sat in his black chair. After he explained the formalities regarding confidentiality and cost, he was curious to find out more about her.

“Julia told me about you. She just told me that you are in a clinic right now, and that you are going through a very hard time in your life. Would you tell me more about what happened?”

“I…I,” she hesitated to open up to him, yet there was no way out. “I found out that my fiancée was cheating on me with his secretary. Typical male scumbag, that’s what he is!”

A flood of tears nearly followed the angry crescendo of her voice, but she decided to restrain them; after all, she had been crying for three full days previously.

“And we work in the same place, on the same floor. I can’t…I don’t want to go back.”

Dr. Lang listened carefully. He nodded, waiting for her to continue. 

“And after that, I started to have some sort of hallucinations. I see an animal, a bear or something like that, from my dream in everyday life. Like a flashback, I see that creature just staring at me. I was terrified at first, and I still am, even though I know he won’t attack me. He’s some sort of intelligent animal, I had a feeling like we are communicating. But all in all, it’s driving me nuts, I know it’s not real, and I can’t live like that.”

Dr. Lang pretended he was writing something in a notebook in order to cover the rush of delight he felt when he heard her speak about the unnatural events. To him, that was confirmation that he didn’t feel attraction towards her only because of her curvy physical attributions. As a professional, he did his best to keep his sexuality aside.

“I understand. Firstly, I have to tell you that it’s just a way for your psyche to cope with the stress that was caused by the break up. Moreover, I believe that the animal is just a symbol of your, let’s call it ‘essence’, that is calling you to come back to yourself. Yet, it will take time and effort till we work through all of the accumulated emotions.”

“I understand, but you know, I feel like I’m drowning, like there is a stone in my chest that is pulling me down, all the way down to the bottom.”

“With everything you went through, you can be happy with yourself. You found the effort and the courage to find help. Many people never do that, and end up living with the stone till the end of their lives, never finding out who placed the stone there.”

Pauline was impressed not only by his words, but with the confidence that could be heard behind his words. He seemed like somebody who deserved to be trusted.

On top of that, there was another reaction she felt deep inside, and as he spoke, she felt a rush of warmth between her thighs. A smart, insightful man blessed with the musculature of a body-builder champion… she couldn’t feel much for him since her heart was covered with dark heavy emotions, but her body was unquestionably aroused. 

“Now, I would ask you to fill out a few tests. I just need them for scientific evaluation and diagnosis purposes. They are standard procedure, and you won’t have any problem solving them.”

Doctor Lang took out the papers and placed them in front of her as he kept pretending to write in his notebook, and he tried to catch a glimpse of Pauline as she focused on fulfilling her task. With every glance over her curvy body and long brunette hair, his adoration for her grew stronger.

Pauline leaned over the table while she crossed the little boxes in her test. Looking up at him through her eyelashes on occasion, she was also developing a fondness for the psychiatrist, and she couldn’t resist the urge to look at his six-pack that was apparent under his tight shirt.

In one brief moment, the desire in their eyes met halfway between them. In silence of the awkward situation, they both acted as if it didn’t happen. Yet, they were aware of the small thunderbolt they had exchanged while checking each other out. For Pauline, it was the first time she had felt alive in the last three days.


“Thank you for taking me in on such brief notice,” she said, handing over the finished tests.

“Tomorrow at the same time, we can start with therapy,” he replied.

They stood up and went towards the exit, and as she was leaving, he patted her back.

“Everything is going to be alright,” he said as he smiled.

This time she allowed herself to feel the strength of his hand. His soft but firm touch sent shivers through Pauline’s back and belly. She didn’t want to admit it after all the misery she had endured recently, but she was dying for a strong, warm hug.

BOOK: Claiming His Black Mate
3.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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