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He regarded her for a long moment and then grabbed the showerhead to rinse them both off. Perhaps she’d struck a nerve, maybe she’d inadvertently offended him — she had no way of knowing — but she did know that showering with Bronx had been quite awesome and something she would definitely like to do again, in spite of the fact that it was too small for anything truly to happen. It was…intimate.

Somehow, it’d felt natural, even sweet, like they were some happily married couple about to start their day, instead of the reality that they were practically strangers and, oh yeah, Bronx was the leader of a criminal street gang. She withheld a sigh but Bronx noticed her sudden change in mood and called her on it. “Look, I don’t know why anyone would turn you down for a date, if that’s what happened to make you insecure about yourself, but from what I can tell, you’re the real deal. A guy would be lucky to call you his.”

Oh, why did he have to be a criminal? Why couldn’t Bronx be someone she’d met on a blind date and they’d just really hit off and they were free to date some more? Why’d he have to crawl through her window? It was ridiculous to suffer the kind of feelings she was already having about the guy. It was beyond pathetic that she was so easily swayed by a pretty face, a rock-hard body and a great cock. But facts were facts, why fight it? She’d spent her entire life looking into windows from the outside, wishing her life was half as exciting as anyone else’s and she’d finally gotten her wish. It was her time now, which meant
stop being so cautious and timid about everything and grab life by the balls
! Or as luck would have it…grab Bronx by the balls and accept whatever he was offering.
Here goes nothing…
She smiled up at him with her most beguiling grin and said, “My next assignment isn’t due until tomorrow morning…would you like to spend the rest of the day completely obliterating my virginity?”

His answering grin bordered on predatory as he asked, “You sure about that? There’s no turning back if you say yes.”

“I don’t want to turn back. I want to go forward,” she replied with complete honesty. The time was past for regret about anything that’d happened with Bronx thus far and not that it didn’t have the potential of biting her in the ass later, but she was going to live in the moment and the moment was all about being naked with a guy she would dream about for the rest of her life. She shut off the water and, casting a coy look over her shoulder, stepped free of the shower, grabbing a towel as she went, saying, “We have a full pack of condoms…let’s see how quickly we can empty the box.”




Obliterating Delainey’s virginity had to be the most tantalizing offer he’d ever been given but his conscience — weak as it may be — realized she probably didn’t know what she was offering. “You’re cute, kid,” he told her, tweaking her exposed nipple and causing her to giggle. “But you should take it easy. Your first time shouldn’t be as rough as that, you know? Are you sore?”

She glanced at him shyly, nodding but protested, “Just a little. I promise, I’m fine.”

“Oh, you’re fine all right, but that’s not the point,” he said, his dick ready for action even though his brain tried to shut it down by picturing grannies and puppies and anything else he could possibly manufacture to calm the arousal rushing his veins. He’d fucked around with a lot of women — hell, more than he could possibly count or remember — but right now, all he saw was Delainey. Her skin, glistening from the shower where the towel had missed, her wet hair dragging along her collarbone, leaving a damp trail where his mouth wanted to follow — everything about her was inadvertently sexy. “Listen, I don’t want to hurt you. Your body needs to recover.”

At that her mouth firmed and he was drawn to that sensual pout, somehow knowing that she was about to become difficult and he was piqued by her innate fire and sass. “I never knew bad boys to be so sensitive,” she said, pulling her hair into a messy knot on top of her head. Great, he wanted to groan. Now she looked like something peeled from the pages of an art book, all milky curves and smoking sexuality. He was trying to do the right thing, damn it, and she was making it ten times harder! “Delainey—“

“Call me, Dee,” she instructed him with a sweet smile as she walked toward him.

“That’s what your friends call you,” he countered gruffly, suspicious of that mischievous glint in her eyes. “We’re not friends.”

She went to her knees before him, pinning him with an innocent look that killed him. “Then what are we?” And then that vixen opened her mouth and took his cock, her clever tongue darting and tasting, experimenting and his knees threatened to buckle.

“What are you doing?” he managed to ask, even as his hands went to her head, grasping it tenderly, rocking gently against her mouth. “Good God, woman…” It was the experimental little sucks and licks that were undoing him. There was nothing experienced about her and that in itself should’ve turned him off but no, not with Delainey. What is it about this woman that he found irresistible? “D-Dee…oh God…fuck yeah…Jesus…just like that…” He’d forgotten about his good intentions, forgotten about his attempt at being the good guy, and just lost himself to the pleasure of being sucked off by the hottest woman he’d ever laid eyes on. Sure, there would be repercussions but fuck that, he’d deal later. Now was all about the sweet, sinful bliss pooling in his balls and funneling down his shaft as she quickly learned what flipped his switch and embarrassingly sooner than usual, he blew his load straight down her lovely throat. “FUCKKKKKKK!” The word fell from his mouth in one long exhale as he expended himself like a bullet leaving the magazine of a gun. He stumbled back and landed on the bed with an oomph and she rocked back on her heels with a silly, pleased grin on her face. When he could speak again in more than one expletive at a time, he said with a hoarse grin, “Pretty proud of yourself?”

“Um…yeah. I’ve never done that before. Is it easy to make a man come?”

The fact that she turned to him with complete openness for answers about sex made his chest puff out a little. He liked being her source of knowledge. He stood and helped her from the floor, answering with a bit of honesty himself, “No,” he said. “I don’t usually blow a load like that with oral. You’re something special, Delainey.”

“I like that,” she said, grinning.

And I like you
. The sudden admission in his head didn’t sit right and made him uncomfortable. He grabbed her and bent to kiss her but she immediately stiffened and squeaked in alarm, causing him to stop to ask, “What’s wrong?”

“I need to go rinse my mouth,” she answered, a little embarrassed.

He laughed and pulled her in tight. Everything about her felt soft and right in his arms. “Don’t you dare,” he said with a growl, loving how she shivered at his dangerous tone. “I want to taste me on your tongue just how you tasted yourself on mine earlier.” And then he descended, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth, sweeping her opening —dominating and demanding — until she was melting butter at his touch and he knew right then and there, he should walk out that front door and never look back because he was poison to someone like Delainey. She was sweet, he was brutal; she was kind, he was vicious. He could bring nothing but pain and misery to a sweet girl like her.

But knowing and doing were separate things and Bronx also knew as he lead her to the bed, he was going to do the very thing she’d invited him to do even though his conscience had screamed at him not to.

He was going to spend the rest of the night completely obliterating what was left of Delainey’s virginity.

By the time he was finished, her V-card would be thoroughly and decisively


Ohhhh, that was kinky and…and…oh, so perrrrfect
! Delainey squealed as Bronx forcefully pushed her back to the bed. If it weren’t for the devilish smirk on his handsome face she might’ve been afraid. His touch wasn’t gentle — if anything, it was hard and possessive — and she thrilled at the hint of danger she openly courted with a man like Bronx.

“What are you going to do to me?” she managed to ask before he flipped her to her stomach, every muscle quivering with anticipation. Her breath bounced back at her from the comforter as she added, “I mean, that you haven’t already?”

The rumble of his amused laughter nearly made her turn until she was shocked by the sudden sting of his hand landing on her bare behind.
! And then he was at her ear, whispering, daring her to defy him by moving and she stilled, every muscle taut even as she pooled with warmth down in her lady parts. “You’re so naive, sweetness. You think sex is all about the in-and-out? It’s so much more than that, little girl. Your body craves dominance just as your mind balks at it.”

“W-what do you mean?” she dared to ask, sucking in a wild breath when his finger trailed the seam of her behind, pausing to gentle probe between the two halves. “What are you doing? No…I don’t want to do that…” it was a plea — a half-hearted plea at best because truth be told, she was curious but afraid of what that curiosity meant. Good girls didn’t allow men to put their — their cock — in
place. But what if it felt half as good as when Bronx skewered her with his lovely thing in her lady place? Sweat beaded her brow as she begged, “Please, Bronx…”

“Oh sweetheart, I love when you beg. So pretty, so sweet…but I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I don’t care what you want. If I want to fuck that luscious ass of yours, I’m going to do it. Every inch of your body belongs to me right now. Every soft, squeezable inch. You hear me?” He slapped her behind again, this time she cried out but her hips lifted as if wanting more.

Her cheeks burned in concert with the heat on her behind and she mewled in confusion. How could she enjoy that? Was she some kind of deviant? He chuckled, and the sound tickled her deep inside, as if he were strumming her G-spot with a finger or sliding that clever tongue of his around her hot, little pleasure button.

He knew how to make her squirm but how? How easily he found her weakness. Was she just another woman in a long line of them? Probably. But even knowing that…she couldn’t stop wanting him. No, in fact, she yearned for his touch unlike anything she’d ever experienced and it was both mortifying as it was fascinating and if she could pull back and watch from afar she’d likely find the whole situation riveting.

But she wasn’t watching from afar, she was here, now, quivering under his hot gaze, hoping desperately that he would push her beyond her own boundaries so that she could helplessly tumble into her own pleasure without worrying about her good girl status. She wanted to feel alive and Bronx, as crazy as it was, sparked something to life in her that she never knew existed.

Was this what the beginning of
felt like? This endless need to touch and be touched by a certain someone? To be so hopelessly craven in your need to feel them inside you? Good grief, she was there. Bronx was her new obsession and she needed him to do to her what she didn’t dare in her deepest fantasies because she wasn’t that kind of girl.

But that’s the thing…apparently, she was that kind of girl. Dirty — needy — perverted. All the things she’d been raised
to be.

And Bronx didn’t seem to mind at all. No…in fact, Bronx seemed to like that about her.

Bronx’ fingers were back between her slit, only this time he slid down to the wet folds, smearing the dewy moisture back and forth, slicking his fingers and pushing inside her drenched core. He wiggled his fingers and pushed harder, popping a cry from her mouth as his touch thrilled even as it hurt a little. But the pain melted as she lifted her hips and he pulled her to him so that her behind was practically in his face and she held her breath, wildly unsure of how flattering this angle was for her and scared that she looked like a beached whale floundering in a net. But he must’ve sensed her sudden anxiety because his touch gentled and where he’d slapped her behind, he brushed the sweetest, most tender kiss.

“Your ass is perfect,” he told her in an almost reluctantly reverent tone. “All soft flesh and tender skin, like a baby’s.” She shivered when he nipped at her skin, the subtle pinch of his teeth inciting a riot inside her body as his fingers slid between her folds to seek and find the swollen part of her that begged for his touch. “I’ve dreamed of a woman like you…all mine, in all ways.” That part shocked her but before she could react, he withdrew his fingers to part her cheeks, exposing her most inner part of herself. What was he going to do? She squirmed and he chuckled. “All pink and sweet…just begging to be taken. But first…” he paused and then the sudden soft wetness of his tongue rimming her rosebud stole her breath.

She gripped the comforter with a deep-throated groan, unable to believe how amazing it felt to be licked like that. An unladylike moan of pure pleasure came from her gut and she nearly dissolved in a boneless heap as the sensation of his wet, wiggling tongue wrenched cry after cry from her slack mouth.
OhmyGod, so, so good!
But after a moment, his tongue was replaced by the soft firm head of his cock and she stiffened, suddenly scared that he was going to split her in half with that giant cock of his.

“Wait! I’m not—“
! But the word was swallowed up by the sudden shock of being stretched by him as he slowly, steadily pushed himself against the tight ring of her sphincter.

“Relax,” he instructed her tightly. “Bear down and push against me, it’ll help.”

A moment of panic caused her to freeze until his voice, surprisingly sweet and gentle, calmed her and she let out a shaky breath as she arched her back. His surprised murmur of approval gave her the courage to do as he instructed and then he slid in, inch by inch until she was filled with the whole of him, stuffed to her lungs with Bronx. “There’s my girl,” he crooned to her, smoothing her behind with the flat of his palm as he thrust slowly inside her, giving her time to adjust. “That’s it. Just like a pro. Your ass was made for fucking, sweetheart.
, you’re so tight! Jesus, I don’t want to hurt you. I’ll try to go slow, baby doll. I’ll fucking try…”

BOOK: (Club Chrome MC 2) All Dogs Bite
6.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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