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Come Inside

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Cum Inside Me

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Tara Tilly

Copyright © 2014 Tara Tilly

All rights reserved.

This book is brought to you DRM-free. So please enjoy any way you wish.

This is a work of fiction brought to you straight from the filthy mind of the author. If you notice any similarities to real-life people, places or events, then I assure you it is entirely coincidental.

Furthermore, the story depicted here is intended for mature audiences. It most likely contains highly
graphic depictions of sex acts
between consenting adults meant to
titillate and excite
the reader. It should be noted that
all characters are 18 years or older
absolutely NOT blood related

This book is dedicated to my one and only love. I couldn’t have done it without you babe!

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Cum Inside Me

Chapter 1


“Oh, yeah, daddy. That feels so good. Mmm. Right there.” I brought my stepdad’s shirt up to my face, inhaling his scent, as I shoved two fingers in and out of my wet folds, fantasizing about what it would be like to be with my mother’s husband. His dark skin and ripped body turned me on like no other.



“Oh, shit.” I moaned and thrashed around on my pink sheets, nobody in the empty house to hear me. “Fuck me with your big, black cock, daddy.”



Ever since he’d moved in with us when I was fifteen I’d dreamed of being with him. But of course it never happened. Not for lack of trying on my part either. Since I turned eighteen I thought maybe there would be a chance but no matter how much I flirted–prancing around the house wearing barely anything, even flashing my pussy at him through the opening in my booty shorts several times, pretending it was an accident–he still wouldn’t give me the time of day.



So, lately I’d taken to stealing his used shirts so I could masturbate and smell him at the same time. It drove me wild.



My legs quivered as I my finger flicked over my swollen clit, circling the tight bundle of nerves before plunging three fingers into my tight pussy. I was so close. “Mmm, daddy, you feel so good.”



Then the doorbell rang, breaking my concentration. I lay there on the bed out of breath, my fingers wet with my fluids. Whoever it was would go away soon, I decided, and went back to fingering myself.



DING DONG! It came again, and I sighed, getting out of the bed, wiping my fingers off on his shirt then throwing on a pair of my pink cotton shorts and a white t-shirt. No bra, I decided. Maybe it was the UPS man. He was black too; not as attractive as my stepdad but I was so horny at that point I’d fuck anything.



When I opened the door, it wasn’t the delivery man at all. I did a double take, trying to figure out what was going on.



The man standing there looked almost exactly like my stepdad, but it definitely wasn’t him. This man was more built and had a shiny, bald head.



He smirked as his eyes ran down my body, then back up. “Hi, I’m Justin.” Sticking out his hand.



“I’m Chloe.” I put my hand out to his. His palm was rough and callused, like a man’s should be.



He squeezed onto my hand, looking me in the eye, then bent forward, kissing my fingers. The very fingers I’d had buried inside my twat just moments ago. “You smell good,” he said.



My face started to turn red, and I pulled my hand back. “Can I help you?” My brain was still trying to figure out why he looked so much like my stepdad.



“Maybe. I think my brother lives here. Terrance?”



Well, that made sense. They were brothers. “Yeah, he lives here.”



“Are you his wife?” He grinned, looking right at my tits. “He always had a thing for the white women.”



I knew he could see my nipples poking through the cotton material but I made no effort to hide them. “No, I’m his stepdaughter. He and my mom are at work.”



“Ohh. That makes sense. Well, shit. He didn’t tell you I was coming?”



I shook my head, mesmerized by his dark skin and thick muscles, my pussy still aching from being interrupted right before I was about to come.



“Hmm. Okay, well do you mind if I come in, use your phone so I can give him a call?” There was a small duffel bag at his feet that he picked up before he walked passed me inside the house, not even waiting for me to say it was okay.



As he passed me I caught a whiff of his scent, and I inhaled deeply. It was almost like my stepdad’s; but more manly, more raw.



I shut the door and checked out his ass as he walked into the living room. It was hard and tight in his pants, powerful.



He let his bag drop to the floor and looked around the living room, nodding his head. “Not bad,” he said. “Not bad. But anything’s better than where I’ve been the last seven years, you know what I’m saying?” He grinned, looking at my tits again.



I had no idea what he was saying, actually, and my eyes drifted down to his crotch. The outline of his cock was clearly visible there and my pussy tingled, dripping into my shorts as I looked at it.



He might have seen me staring at his dick, because he walked towards me slowly, saying. “You’re a damn fine white girl, you know that?”



All I could do was nod slowly. He was so close I could touch him.



“I been locked up a long time without a woman. It gets lonely in there you know?”



That broke me out of my trance. “Locked up?”



“Yeah, I was doing five to ten for armed robbery. Got out early for good behavior.” He ran his finger through my blonde hair, smiling.



I took a deep breath. “It must get lonely in there, huh?”



“That’s what I just said, girl.” Chuckling, running his rough hand down my face.



My lips parted and a small moan escaped my lips. I thought he was about to lean forward and kiss me when the phone range, interrupting us.



“I better get that,” I said.



I found the phone and answered it, it was my stepdad.



“Yeah, he just got here.” I told him, smiling at Justin, then handing him the phone.



“Hello?” he said, adjusting the bulge in his pants, looking at my tits again. “Shit, where else am I supposed to go, man? We’re family.”



As they talked, I took a deep breath then went and stood in front of him.



He was paying more attention to the phone than to me.



I reached down and grabbed the rod in his pants.



His eyes widened as I started to rub his cock. That got his attention, but he kept up the conversation with my stepdad. It sounded like Justin wasn’t actually supposed to be here at all.



I decided I might not get another chance at this and I should make the most of it. Getting down on my knees in front of him, I unzipped his pants then fumbled around inside until I found the meaty flesh of his throbbing cock. I pulled it out and wrapped my lips around it, looking up at him.



His mouth hung open, nostrils flaring. He weaved his fingers into my hair, gripping tight, then pushed my head down.



I let his cock drive deep into my throat, filling me up before pulling back and doing it again. My saliva dripped everywhere as I started to suck on my uncle’s huge dick.



“Don’t worry, man,” he said. “I’ll



I squeezed his hulking balls tight, interrupting him.



He sucked in air, then recomposed himself. “I’ll be on my best behavior. You don’t have to worry about me at all.” He hung up then looked down at me, grinning. “Damn, you a naughty little white girl, ain’t you?”



I would have answered him but his dick filled my mouth all the way up not leaving room for anything else. My head bobbed back and forth with his strong hand urging me deeper and deeper onto his thick shaft.



He pulled me off him, then gently tugged on my hair, pulling me up to standing.



Spit dripped down my chin as I stared into those dark and mysterious eyes. My pussy ached with desire.



“My brother told me not to talk to you. Can you believe that?”



I nodded my head.



“I don’t know why he has to be all uppity all the time.” As he spoke he stripped my shirt off over my head. “I mean when we were kids he was just as bad as I was.” Fondling my tits then pulling his own shirt off to reveal his hard, prison body.



He led me over to the couch by the arm, then let me fall down gently. “I’m a good guy. Everybody gets on the wrong side of the law at some point. It’s impossible not to with all the laws they have now.”



I nodded pulling my shorts down, spreading my legs to show him my tight cunt.



He stripped out his pants and stood there in front of me, hard and ready to go. “Fuck it,” he said. “Some people never change.”



Then he lowered himself down onto my waiting body, driving his huge dick into my wet pussy, fucking me hard and fast like a man that hadn’t been laid in seven years.



I held on to his back, doing my best to take him in. It was so fucking big; I felt like he was going to tear me in half. But it felt so good. My pussy clinched around him and soon my body quivered and shook, the orgasm exploding all around his black cock, the walls of my pussy tightening as the ecstasy washed through me.



He grunted and gave a couple more thrusts then pulled out fast and wrapped his large fist around his shaft, pumping ropes of hot white semen all over my tits and stomach.



I laid there, moaning, loving the feeling of his seed all over my body, reeling from the hardest orgasm I’d ever experienced.



When he finished, he said, “Well, I guess I better take a shower.”

Chapter 2


Justin was asleep on the couch and I was watching TV when my mom got home from work. She took one look at him, then at me, gave me a look I knew all too well; that look that said I know you’re up to something.



I ignored her look though, saying, “Hi mom,” keeping my voice low to not wake up Justin.



She scowled. “Don’t give me that innocent look. You know you’re not supposed to let strangers in the house.” She pointed at Justin, still snoring away, apparently oblivious.



“He’s not a stranger! And what am I five? Don’t talk to strangers? Give me a break. Besides, he’s family. He’s my uncle.”



“He’s a felon!” Her face turned a dark shade of red.



BOOK: Come Inside
2.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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