Commando Cowboys Captivate Their Lady [Wyoming Warriors 5] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Polyromance)

BOOK: Commando Cowboys Captivate Their Lady [Wyoming Warriors 5] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Polyromance)
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Wyoming Warriors 5

Commando Cowboys Captivate Their Lady

Caedmon Quinlain believes he and his cousin, Garth Sherwyn, have found their soul mate in Rae Stanton. She might also be the bridge to help their third tribe rejoin her tribes.

Hurt by her first love and confused by Cad's insistence that she is the one for him and his cousin, she runs away to Oregon. Her friend welcomes her. When Rae meets Garth in Oregon, warning bells go off, but her body is putty in his hands. She puts up a brave front, and tries to keep him at arm's length.

Cad and Garth are determined she'll marry them. But Garth is worried that when she finds out he's a shape-shifter, she'll reject him.

Meanwhile her brothers must decide whether the danger they all face is a good enough reason to trust and accept the third tribe. Especially when they want to move their tribe to the ranch in Wyoming.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among cousins.

Multiple Partners, Shape-shifter, Western/Cowboys

59,112 words



Wyoming Warriors 5






Paige Cameron










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Chapter One


Rae Stanton had been uneasy all morning. She paced her living room waiting for a call. When her psychic powers caused such distress it was always bad news. All morning she’d tried to meditate with no success. Her stomach was queasy, and she hadn’t been able to eat.

She glared at the phone.
Ring, damn it.

When her cell, in her pocket, played the familiar ringtone she jumped and grabbed it. Finally the waiting was over.

“Rae.” Mitch’s deep voice sounded in her ear.

“Who is? Who’s hurt?”


“I’ve been pacing all morning. I know something is wrong, just not what.”

“No one died, and no one’s sick. You can relax.”

“This feeling is never wrong. Why did you call?”

“Nate’s back.”

Rae’s head snapped back, and her heart went into overdrive. She’d waited years to hear those words.

“Nate is here at the ranch?”

“Yes. He wants to talk with you. I’d like you to come to my office first. He’ll join us after you and I discuss his visit.”

“You’re being mysterious. What’s wrong?”

“Get over here, Rae. I’m not going to talk any further on the phone.” He hung up.

She wanted to be excited. Nate was home. She’d waited, and he’d come back. But something wasn’t right. Until she knew what Mitch had to say she wouldn’t allow herself to get too excited. Still, deep inside her a glimmer of hope flickered.

Should she change? Earlier she’d dressed in jeans, a jade-colored shirt, and had styled her long black hair into a French braid. Later today she and her business partner, Cassie, who was also a friend, had planned to go to the city. They were looking for house furnishings for their new contract.

She glanced at herself in the mirror. There was no need to change. Mitch’s home was within easy walking distance. The walk would give her time to calm herself.

When she entered her brothers Mitch and Daren’s house, no one was in the great room. She turned left and went down the corridor to the office. The door had been left partially open.

Rae peeked in. “I’m here.”

“Come in.” Mitch stood and walked around his desk to hug her.

“Where’s Daren?” Rae asked.

“We thought it best I talk with you alone. Daren, Sara, and Nate are in the study. Sit down.” Mitch pointed to the lounge chairs to the side of his office. After Rae sat, he joined her in the opposite chair.

“This must be serious.”

“It is to you. We’ve all known you’ve been waiting patiently for Nate, even though from what he said he didn’t ask you to.” Mitch’s eyebrow raised.

“Not in so many words. But I knew he cared for me. It isn’t unusual for some of our men to leave for a while. Most of them come back and settle on the ranch. But why is Nate waiting in the study?”

“He has something to tell you. It’s his story. I insisted on talking with you first to give you a chance to prepare yourself. What he is going to tell you won’t make you happy.”

Rae stared at her brother. “Send him in. As I told you on the phone, I was picking up the vibes regarding bad news. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

Mitch nodded and left the room. Rae closed her eyes and tried to center herself. She slowed her breathing, cleared her mind, and let the golden light that warmed and settled her flow through her body. When Nate knocked on the door, she opened her eyes.

Nate stepped inside and shut the door. He hadn’t changed much, although his shoulders were broader, and his arms more muscled. Maturity showed both in his body and face. His golden-brown eyes were darker. His black hair had been cut short, military-style. He didn’t smile when he saw her. She sensed apprehension from his body language and the set of his mouth.

“Welcome home, Nate.” Rae forced herself to smile. She motioned to the chair where Mitch had sat. “Join me.”

He took quick steps to the seat and leaned back, putting his long legs out in front of him. His pose reminded her of her brother, Daren. Neither Daren nor Nate ever sat in a chair properly.

“Mitch said you had something to tell me. Are you back for good or stopping through?”

“Stopping through to see my family.”

“It’s been years.”

“Yes. My parents are getting older. I want to be in touch more often.”

“Why haven’t you come back sooner?” Rae felt the waves of frustration and irritability pouring off of him in her direction. “Why don’t you just say what you want to tell me?”

A half smile crossed his lips. “I forgot how good you are at reading people. I didn’t come home because at first I was busy with my career. I worked with some other guys in a security-for-hire firm. Then five years ago, I got married.”

The words hit her hard. She moved as though hit by a missile. Quickly, she regained her composure. He was looking away from her, thank goodness. He never saw her first reaction.

Nate faced her with an angry expression. “I told you not to wait. It’s not my fault you wasted all these years.”

Breathe deep. Be calm.
“I didn’t waste any years. I’ve been an integral part of my brothers’ assignments. I have a new business. Family and friends surround me. My life is full.”


Rae couldn’t resist the question. She tried to bite her lip and not ask, but it came out. “Do you have children?”

“A three-year-old son.” Now he smiled. “My wife and I met at a friend’s house and that was it. We’ve been together ever since.”

Her smile felt frozen in place. “That proves we weren’t meant for each other. But I wasn’t waiting for you. I’m searching for the man who will be the right husband for me. It takes some of us longer than others.”

Nate stood and looked down at her. “What are you, thirty-one? You’d better hurry before your biological clock runs out.”

She rose to face him. “You’ve forgotten our heritage. Because we age slowly, our women are fertile until they are in their late fifties. I have plenty of time. Now if you’ll excuse me I have an appointment with my business partner.” She walked around him and straight out the front door.

Once she was safely home, she shut and locked the entry behind her and sank to the floor. Tears ran down her face, and the pain in her chest erupted into a scream. “Damn him!”

He’d been married all this time and never sent word. His snide, cutting remark about her biological clock had sliced through her chest like a sharp knife. She wiped the tears off her eyelashes and cheeks and got up from the floor.

Because of his discomfort, he’d been arrogant and hostile. He was an ass and she was well rid of the silly dream she’d carried way too long. She’d wipe him out of her mind. But she knew it wouldn’t be easy or work right away. Still, she’d do it. She had to.


* * * *


“Where is she?” Mitch asked Nate.

“I don’t know. She left.”

“Is that the tone you took talking to her?”

“What about it?” Nate took a wide-legged stance in front of Mitch.

BOOK: Commando Cowboys Captivate Their Lady [Wyoming Warriors 5] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Polyromance)
11.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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