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Contingency Plan

BOOK: Contingency Plan
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Contingency Plan

Risqué Contracts 2


Fiona Davenport


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Contingency Plan


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About the Author

Contingency Plan
Risqué Contracts 2

career-ending shoulder injury left football star Brysen Mariano at loose ends. Nothing seems to spark his interest lately, not even a lucrative business opportunity and his upcoming move back to his hometown. Then he meets his smoking hot real estate agent and she has more than his spirits lifting.

Elisa Young made the colossal mistake of getting involved with a work colleague—a blunder she’s more than paying for since she’s stuck seeing her ex and his younger and brainless girlfriend on a regular basis. It’s enough to make her swear off men, leaving her without a date to bring to the mountain retreat she needs to attend for work. Her only option is to talk her baby sister into skipping the classes to hit the slopes and act as a buffer over the long weekend. Or she can take Brysen up on his offer to be her
contingency plan
and bring him along instead—a choice she’s certain will land her on her back...and not because she’s fallen off her skis.

Warning: This book has a former football star who's ready to score a wife off the field. It's a quick and dirty read with a trip to snow-tipped mountains, but don't worry, it'll heat up your Kindle.

**This is the second novella in the Risqué Contracts series, but each story can be read as a standalone and features a different couple.


This book is dedicated to readers who enjoy insta-love in smutty books as much as I do.

Chapter 1

y life had always been about adrenaline, the high of winning, of being a champion. The women, the parties, the fame—I lived a fantasy. So what the hell was I doing looking at a house in a suburb of upstate New York?

Climbing out of my Lamborghini, the one thing I’d kept from my old life, I winced at the twinge in my shoulder and remembered the answer to my question. I’d severely injured it during the final game of the playoffs, thus ending my career in professional football. I sighed and ignored the ache as I approached the modern structure in front of me. The house was exactly what I was looking for: eight thousand square feet with five bedrooms, six baths, an indoor pool, gym, and over two acres of land. It had everything, and for the four million dollar price tag, it fucking should.

After I’d been injured, I’d called up my best friend, Maddie, who had moved to this neighborhood about a year ago when her husband, Caleb, had surprised her with a house after he’d knocked her up but before he proposed. She’d given me the information for her realtor and told me to move out of my condo in the city, buy a house, and “settle my ass down”. I’d never been one to wallow in what could have been. I was already focused on the future, but my vision didn’t include being tied down with a wife and kids. However, the few times I’d seen Maddie and Caleb with their daughter, Sadie, I’d felt a thread of envy.

I’d joined a couple business ventures in the city, but was bored out of my mind, so I decided to take her advice. Maybe finding the right house, complete with a doting wife and baby, would assuage my restlessness. The thought almost had me laughing hysterically. I’m not sure I knew who I was at that moment, but it wasn’t the Brysen Mariano I’d been a year ago.

After seeing the house on the website, I immediately contacted the realtor and booked an appointment to walk through it. I hadn’t met her yet, but it didn’t matter much who showed me the house, as long as they were able to handle the sale. Another car was sitting inside one of the bays of the four-car garage, so I assumed she was already there.

Before I reached the first step, the door swung open and the gorgeous woman who greeted me struck me speechless. Her long, satiny hair was almost black, flowing down her back in waves. A pair of black-rimmed glasses perched on a cute nose sprinkled with light freckles surrounded dark, expressive eyes. Her lips, rose-colored, wide and full, inspired me to think of endless creative uses for them. She smiled and held out her hand. “Elisa Young. You must be Brysen Mariano.” Her voice was low and husky, the perfect pitch to scream my name. At that moment, I was immensely grateful to be wearing a loose pair of jeans.

Still unable to speak, I nodded and forced a smile on my face before taking her hand. A sizzle at the touch of our skin had both our eyes widening in shock. Elisa snatched her hand back and I had to fight the instinct to keep it firmly gripped in mine.

Suddenly, that image from before became real. The house was in front of me, the wife now had a face, and the baby...well, I’d get to that as soon as I had a ring on her elegant finger. I quickly gained my equilibrium and put my game face on.

“It’s great to finally meet you, Elisa.” Her name rolled off my tongue like smooth silk and I suppressed a gleeful smile when her beautiful brown eyes darkened a shade. “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.”

She inclined her head in acknowledgment and stepped back to allow me entrance. After closing the door, she led me into a circular reception area and living room, then down a hall to the kitchen. Her hips swayed seductively and I didn’t even try to pry my gaze away from her sweetly rounded ass. Maybe I’d ask for a second appointment so I’d have more time to enjoy the view.

She guided me through the entire house, pointing out amenities along the way, but I wasn’t really listening—I already knew this was the house we were going to live in, but I kept that little fact to myself for the time being. I did, however, take every opportunity to touch her, little brushes here and there, touching her hand to gain her attention, anything subtle. I was insanely jealous of the purple wrap dress she was wearing, wishing I were in its place.

When the tour ended and we were back in the kitchen, I could see she was rattled. Her cheeks flushed and she avoided meeting my gaze. The little devil inside me planning her downfall right into my arms grinned.

However, I was running out of time with her and as much as I wanted to bang her over the head and drag her back to my cave, I knew that wasn’t the smartest play. I needed another option, I needed—“I’m not quite sure this is the right house, do you have any similar properties you could show me?” High five to the little devil.

Elisa’s face didn’t hide her thoughts and I saw the surprise flit across it. Maddie must have told her I was pretty set on this property. Then her eyes crinkled at the corners, pleasure peeking out. She wanted to see more of me too. Perfect, because I wasn’t going to wait long to make her mine.


ver the next few weeks, Elisa showed me several properties. At each one, I found something that wasn’t quite right, which meant another appointment. I’d even managed to sneak in a lunch with her twice. She was genuine, honest, and open; things that were rare in the women I usually met. Except when I discreetly tried to learn about her relationship status. I was pretty sure she was single, though.

I graduated from small touches to placing my hand on her lower back as I guided her through the restaurant, kissing her cheek when we parted, and toying with her incredible hair whenever possible. It was thick and perfect for wrapping around my fist, pulling it back while I fucked her from behind. Images like that had me constantly adjusting myself when we were together.

One Thursday evening, I was in the midst of one of my fantasies, involving handcuffs and all manner of treats to lick off her body, when we were disturbed by the shrill ring of her cell phone. We’d just finished touring a home, so I encouraged her to take the call. I shamelessly eavesdropped and a plan began to formulate. There went that little devil again, his crafty grin spreading wide, knowing this was the opportunity I’d been looking for.

Chapter 2

knew I shouldn’t have taken my sister’s call while I was with a client, but time was tight for the favor I’d asked her for and we’d been playing phone tag for a couple days. Plus, it was Brysen. Between touring houses and business lunches, I’d come to think of him as more than just another person who might buy a house through me. I wasn’t sure how he’d managed it since I never mixed business and pleasure, but I’d reached the point where I allowed him more liberties than I let some other guys have on a first date. When he led me into a room with his hand on the small of my back, I tried to rationalize it as him being polite. Then he’d moved on to giving me a kiss on the cheek as a goodbye and I told myself he was being a gentleman. But when he started to toy with my hair on occasion? I hadn’t been able to come up with an excuse for that one yet, but I didn’t ask him to stop.

I’d lowered my guard with him and now I found myself in the mortifying position of begging my little sister to save me while he listened in. “You know I’d never ask you to skip class unless it was incredibly important, Charlotte. Please, please, please, tell me you’ll come with me this weekend.”

“And you know I’d drop almost anything to help you out, but the timing sucks hairy balls. I have a paper worth a quarter of my grade due on Tuesday in my Econ class. Skipping a couple days of class wouldn’t be a huge deal because I could tell my professors it’s a family thing and I’d even have our flight info to back it up, but the only way I’ll get this paper turned in on time is if I stayed locked up in the hotel room.”

“Crap,” I mumbled. “Which defeats the whole purpose. You wouldn’t be a good buffer between the dumbass, his Barbie doll, and me if you’re always in the room.”

“I’m so sorry, Sis. If I hadn’t put this paper off until the last minute, you know I’d be there in a heartbeat. I’d happily fly halfway around the world to give the dickless wonder a hard time.” There wasn’t the slightest hint of humor in her tone and I couldn’t help but think her idea of a hard time might have involved my ex falling off a mountain.

“It’ll be fine. Focus on getting your paper done and I’ll figure something out.” I was totally lying. I didn’t have another plan. But there wasn’t anything she could do about the situation and I didn’t want her worrying about it.

“I’m sure you will. You always do. Sorry, but I’ve gotta dash if I’m going to make it to my next class on time.” Her voice was breathless, most likely because she was literally running across campus that very second.

“Love you. Bye.” The beeping sound letting me know the call had ended was the only response. I chuckled lightly at how crazy her schedule had been since she was trying to graduate early. It wasn’t until I heard Brysen clear his throat that I remembered he was there. Double crap.

“Date fall through for this weekend?”

“Um, not exactly,” I mumbled, looking up. “It was my sister. I’d been hoping she’d come with me to a work retreat this weekend, but she can’t make it.”

The gleam in his eyes looked an awful lot like humor at my situation, but I had a funny feeling it was something entirely different. “You needed her there to run interference between you and an ex?”

I tried to figure out how to answer his question in a way that didn’t make me sound like a complete disaster. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one, so I went with the truth instead. “Yes, I called my baby sister and asked her to be my date because seeing him and the young blonde with fake boobs he replaced me with while we were still together is the last thing I want to do this weekend.”

“Fucking idiot,” he rasped. “He really is a dumbass if he had you and cheated.”

“Maybe I’m the dumbass for dating him in the first place.”

He shook his head while reaching for my hand. “He didn’t realize how lucky he was, but I’d be happy to help you demonstrate it up close and personal.”

BOOK: Contingency Plan
12.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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